3 Reasons Why Women Should Not Vote

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The #WhyWomenShouldNotVote hashtag started as sort of a joke. I knew that feminists would show up, scream abuse, offer no arguments, then run away crying, because, well, that’s kind of what feminists do on Twitter. The tag was meant to spark a conversation about the differences in how men and women vote, and differences in voting priorities and preferences between the genders. I’m hardly the only person in the world to be interested in these differences: researchers noted that in the 1996 election, had only men voted, Robert Dole would have won the election by 31 states. Instead, Bill Clinton won. By 31 states.

Having thought about the issue, prompted by many thoughtful comments and ideas, particularly from this blog, I have come to the conclusion that the hashtag isn’t a joke at all.

Women should not vote.

Before I get to the three reasons that women should not vote, let’s tackle the issue of misogyny. Does thinking women should not vote mean that I hate women? Well, no. It doesn’t. We don’t let 17 year olds vote, either, and that’s not because we hate 17 year olds. It’s not even because we think that crossing the rubicon of one’s 18thbirthday automatically bestows some magical maturity and adult capacity that 17 year olds simply don’t have: it’s because 17 year olds can’t be drafted. The vote is intrinsically tied to the draft. I’ll explain in a moment why women can never be drafted, but the issue is ground zero in why women should not vote, and why denying women the vote has nothing to do with misogyny.

I won’t get away so easy with the other two reasons, but both of those reasons ultimately lead back to the draft, so I’m prepared to defend myself. Saying that women should not vote is not misogyny.

Here are my three reasons women should not vote:




The draft

Commenters have noted that there are many ways for women to serve that don’t involve combat, and women can and should be drafted into those positions. I’ve even suggested a birth draft myself! The problem with these suggestions is that the draft is specifically intended to address combat positions. The draft is intended to fill landing crafts with bodies and land them at Omaha and Utah. The draft fulfills the Army’s need for cannon-fodder. The D-Day landing changed the course of history, and let me be the last person on the Earth to say those men died in vain, but they were collected by force and sacrificed to save us all. Drafting women into non-combat positions does not fulfill the basic requirements of the draft, and the imposition of those requirements is why men are allowed to vote.

Let’s assume, however, that drafting women into combat proceeds, as fairness, justice and equality demand that it should. The military has thrown all combat positions open to women, and there is no justifiable reason women should not register for the draft. Women will likely go ahead and register, but they will neverbe drafted, as long as they can vote. If (when?) a situation arises that activates the draft, women will immediately begin to vote for political candidates that offer them the broadest exemptions.

It will begin with pregnant women. Exemptions will pass that exclude pregnant women. They will expand to include nursing mothers. They will expand to include mothers of young children. They will expand to include mothers of multiple children. They will expand to include single mothers. They will expand until effectively, no women can be drafted. Sure, you can require women to report for duty after x amount of time has passed but women won’t vote for those requirements. They will vote to defeat them. Initiating the draft will be great for the domestic birth rate, and will lead to healthier, happier children as draft dodging will require breast-feeding, but it means that women will never face a hail of bullets only a fraction of them are ever intended to survive.

Women will moot the draft for themselves, and in doing so, moot the justification for having the vote.

Men will continue to be the only ones who must pay for freedom and security with their blood. And to paraphrase Reynolds Holding, writing for Time magazine, on why felons can’t vote, “if you aren’t willing to die for your country, you can’t claim the right to send other people to die on your behalf.”

No draft = no vote.

Women should not vote, because they will never be subject, in any meaningful way, to the draft.


I posted this chart previously, and let’s now take a closer look at what its saying.


Government spending exploded at exactly the moment women’s suffrage occurred. Are the two things related? Many researchers say no, and posit a number of other explanations for why spending took off at precisely the moment women gained the right to vote (but not the obligation to die). An incredibly popular theory, still in use today, is Baumol’s model of unbalanced growth. Baumol theorizes that wage increases will always outstrip productivity, driving up the cost of any particular service. Productivity is always playing catch up to wage increases. Another theory is that interest groups and entrepreneurial politicians became more involved in pressuring governments to spend more (at the behest of whom, one wonders), and still others argued that society was just coming to understand that government services were a superior good.

All of these lovely ideas fall apart though, when one considers that government hasn’t always been growing and in fact, per capita government spending actually fell after WWI. You can see from the graph that government spending declined for four years in a row, before women were granted universal suffrage. 1920 happens, and wham! It takes women four years to vote spending up to the previous peak, and only 11 years to double per capita spending. What did women spend that money on? Two major initiatives supported by women: alimony laws that applied only to women, and could be enforced for the duration of a woman’s life, and Prohibition.

It’s almost funny, isn’t it? Give women power, and they take away men’s money, and their beer.

It’s like a bad sitcom. It’s also historical fact. That is what women did. And it’s what they will continue to do. In 2016, we are facing a Presidential candidate who is seriously advocating that college tuition should be ‘free’. And who are most college students? That’s right: women. They’re not populating STEM subjects (unless they involve taking care of babies or animals). They’re enrolled mostly in bullshit liberal arts degrees that provide them with no viable market skills, other than to work for the government, consuming even more resources.

Recall that women cannot be drafted. They do not think in terms of military sacrifice, because they will never vote for themselves to be sacrificed. When the money starts to run out, which department do you think women will vote to begin stripping resources from? Which department do they have the least stake in? The least ability to understand?

They will strip money from the Department of Defense.

Women will consume government resources until the state collapses. As long as women can vote, they will consume, whilst not producing those resources.

Women should not vote, because they will eventually cannibalize the military, leaving us all at the mercy of our enemies.


Women have an intense need to be seen as ‘nice’ and they have a strong collectivist bent, which is wonderful for family life, but catastrophic for national governance. We can see the effects of women wanting to be ‘nice’ in Europe. The demographics of modern Europe are downright terrifying. Ethnic European women refuse to have children, yet turn around and welcome in migrants with birth rates that will inevitably spell the end of ethnic Europeans.

This simply can’t happen. The European nuclear arsenal cannot fall into the hands of radical Islam. It’s a death sentence for all of us, and one being written by women. As long as women can vote, the great liberal civilizations built by men are going to fall. Individually, women are beginning to see the folly of their ways. The Austrian woman (herself a Serbian refugee) who told her son that Austria must take care of migrants is having some regrets after a migrant raped her son. Her ten year old son. She welcomed in the man who raped her son. Can we afford to wait for women to wake up, one by one? Are we willing to sacrifice our children to rapists while women contemplate whether being ‘nice’ is all it’s cracked up to be?

Recall again that women cannot be drafted. Blood and boots will be spilled to solve the refugee crisis. It is all but guaranteed, but it won’t be women’s blood, and it won’t be women’s feet in those boots, so why then should they get to decide how the future proceeds?

Women have had the vote in the West for almost 100 years, and all they have done is vote to destroy and destabilize the world men built for us, while protecting themselves from the blood consequences. They have voted selfishly, rapaciously, irrationally and quite possibly, irrevocably.

Women should not vote. That’s not misogyny.

It’s self-defence.

This article was written by: Janet Bloomfield. Please check out her blog at Judgy Bitch.


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      • It maybe your truth to be taken in by ideology but it ain’t mine. You perceive this as true because you are unable to separate manufactured ‘common sense truth’ from actual fact. You really need to learn how to critique and stop spouting such bias shit.

        • Calm down Susan. You are entitled to an opinion, though sometimes you should know where to place it. For example: here is not the place. You want be critiqued? Your argument is weak. “Bias shit” as you say describes your response better than Karin’s. She wasn’t insulting you, she was sharing her opinion.

          Ideology, by the way, describes religion and government and just about anything else. So don’t tell me you don’t want to be taken in by ideology.

          Also, what exactly are you critiquing? Please, spare us the “hippocrisy” as Karin says


          • First off, I find it offensive that you people treat women as birth-factories, as if their only purpose in life is to give children. NO. Also, women and men should both equally be taking care of their children. A working, voting woman is much more productive and contribute to society, as is a man. Working, educated, and voting parents can spark meaningful conversations with their children, which would lead to innovation. This article, with all due respect, is filled with stereotype and yes, “biased-shit,” as Susan said.

        • Either you’re against feminism or not. First wave feminism gave the women right to vote. So if you disagree with this article it only proves women aren’t against feminism. MGTOW have been saying this for years.

      • Holy shit! The levels of stupid and hate is astounding! People this stupid SHOULD NEVER be allowed to vote!

        • Well did you read it? There are actually some good points in there. It basically boils down to the fact that women vote to give themselves services that they don’t pay for. Flip that around and it means that they’re voting to force men to pay for services, under penalty of incarceration (tax evasion)… Don’t believe me? Take a look at the gender ‘taxation’ gap graphs: the average woman is only taxed positive between the age of 45 and 60 whereas men are tax positive from the age of 23 to 65.

          Of course, there’s no going back now. It would be nice not to have the word ‘patriarchy’ screamed in my ear, however.

          “Your rights are my responsibilities.” Dr. Jordan B Peterson

          • There is a TAXATION gap because there is a PAY gap. Men are taxed earlier because they are paid more from a younger age. Jesus Christ Abdul.

          • uhhhhhhh, okay? You’re aware that nearly no one thinks they are truly idiotic.

      • How is this the truth? Since when is war the only important thing? Should disabled people not have the right to vote? What about people who get skipped initially in the draft because they are studying? Does this mean all representatives should be required to have served in the military before even being considered for office?

        There is way more to the right to vote outside of the military. Unfortunately, as others have mentioned, Americans seem to think of nothing else, as if it is the be-all end-all of politics.

        Also, MEN decided women couldn’t be drafted, not women. Many men also believe a draft is stupid and should be stopped.

        Finally, just because you don’t like the way people vote, doesn’t mean it is okay to just find a reason to stop them voting. We aren’t really a free country if people don’t have the right to vote.

        • It is the alpha and omega of politics, it is an absolute rule without which there no political body to begin with. Because without a sovereign governing body with the military might to enforce it, absolutely nothing else matters at all in any way, not your economy or social issues or culture or laws. They will be determined by an outside group you will be subservient to.
          Without the men enforcing the social order there is NO society.
          But i wouldn’t lay all the blame on women, they have no way to enforce any of these insanities themselves it is weak willed men seeking acceptance that enforce them.
          Your argument is a perfect demonstration why women should not infact vote. But coming back to some ground state, neither should all men. It wasn’t women who gave themselves the vote after all.

        • The president is the commander in chief. The only power he has is to send troops to war or to veto things. People think the president has more power but he doesn’t. The person who is elected president has a bigger impact on men than women due to whether the voter believes in going to war or not. If there is a race and one candidate believes to go to war and the other doesn’t. Why should women have a say so in that matter? Women are not doing the fighting.

      • Yeah welcome to reality.Oh thats right liberals are victims and live in Disney world. Koumbayah…Remember God gave us all brains to use.


        • If women “mature” faster, they could NOT be equal to men. You just contradicted yourself in ALL CAPS to look extra clever.

          • That would mean no one is equal as everyone matures at a different rate. Your counter argument failed.

          • Edith –
            If you are using yourself as an example of why women shouldn’t have the vote I get your point. Fortunately there are many intelligent women and men that don’t agree with your views. The ignorant and bigoted may agree, but who wants to belong to that camp?

          • Everyone is different, that’s what makes the world interesting. They are simply saying that everyone should be *treated equal*. Both women and men work together to influence the world in great ways and they are both responsible for the not so great ways. It is not black and white, there is a whole gray area! I am a woman! I’m also a physicist! I am so happy that I have the right to vote and the opportunity to influence the world around me. If the U.S. needed to draft women, I woud gladly give my life to protect my country and my family and so would many other men and women! Thankfully there are so many men and women who currently serve in our country’s military so that I may use my degree and work to improve the equipment they use. Both men and women are smart and strong, and if we all just focused on using the resources we have (our men and women), we would be able to accomplish so much.

          • Thank God – that’s why nature made you the leaders.And real women who accept and actually enjoy their biological sexual assignment ,agree with you.From a Strong proud woman -at the feet of my King’s throne. worded for gen x to hopefully evolve.

        • I hope that every woman who agrees with this ridiculous argument henceforth declines to vote. Following your logic, how about we only allow active service members the vote? No green ID, no vote. But please, if you believe this garbage, stay as far away from the voting both as possible. I don’t want anyone who operates on this type of logic having anything to say about who our elected leaders are.

    • Shit is real, and so are the reasons for why women should not vote. Let me add another reason. A recent study showed that women are 30% less informed regarding politics/economics/world events (aka news) than men. This was actually higher for countries where women have equal opportunity (aka first world countries).
      There must have been more logical thinking back in the 1800s than we thought, as the black americans got the vote in 1870, and women, not until FIFTY years later in 1920!

    • Im a 4th grader boy who got bored and looked at this article, I think this is hilarious and it is funny how all the hoes are mad and the guys are defending XD

  1. As the door is already opened I suspect it is better to advocate true egalitarianism. That being such things as having a mandatory female draft and not allowing standards (physical or otherwise) to be lowered for women.

    A big part of the problem is simply that women feel entitled to privileges without corresponding responsibilities. If women are to have equal privileges they must have equal responsibilities and expectations.

    With relationships being theoretically monogomastic the concept of women being a finite biological reproductive resource is long outdated anyways. Men should no longer been seen as expendable in contrast to women.

    • you need to get laid .. even if we accepted this

      If you divide amount of a women life to procreate
      ———————————————- = a fucking big number ..
      amount of a man life to procreate

      if you use that number as a factor of “who you want to survive a war for your ethnicity to survive” .. then you’d be a fucking moron to draft ANY women ..

      • Are you a woman? You certainly write like one. Your “math” also makes no sense and is badly formatted.

        Civilizations have almost uniformly moved towards the high investment approach of child rearing that monogamy promotes. If you want single mothers on welfare being the norm then congrats! Idiots like you are paving the way to that being a statistical reality.

        • she… she is a woman, and if you seem to be rude about this article, then I suggest you don’t show hypocrisy. If you think think that women should vote, then don’t talk about stereotypes such as how women write.

          Please, also tell me exactly how her math is wrong.

          Ah yes, monogamy promoting that women, since they are natural child-rearers, should rear children and be protected because of this. Exactly how does a single mother on welfare correlate to any of this?

          • “David Hart” is not a name that implies a woman. That argumentative style is actually pretty typical of women despite David Hart coming off as a white knight.

            Single parent households; of which women show a disturbing over-representation due to initiating 70% of divorces and being rewarded custody of the child 90% of the time, are the single largest indicator of future family poverty and criminality of the maturing children. And welfare; and a growing reliance of it, is an obvious immediate strain on the entire society.

            Monogamy should NOT promote women (really, entitled girls) but FAMILY and CHILDREN. Seeing monogamy as an excuse for expanded personal entitlements rather than duty to family and children just shows how perverse many women can be. Lets not forget antiquated concepts like Alimony that overwhelmingly penalize men in these overwhelmingly female initiated divorces.

            Women are being coddled as little girls to the detriment of the entire society.

            Math formatting is terrible. Standard math format would be something like this:

            A = Variable A (Exp: # Females)
            B = Variable B (Exp: # Men)
            C = Variable C (Exp: # Children)

            A/B >= C

            It also starts with “…If you divide amount of a women life to procreate” in the numerator. Which is pretty dumb. 4/2 = 2. You are not “dividing” with 4 being in the numerator. That and the variables themselves make absolutely zero sense. So you have a “mathematical” statement that is badly formatted, verbally contradictory, and has nonsense variables and conclusions.

      • No, do not ever draft women, but realize that women will tend to vote for their own interests, which does not include making what often turns into the supreme sacrifice…

      • Nice, moving the goal post. I wonder if you’d say that back two thousand years ago when the men from the neighboring city-state were itching to raid your home, kill your men, rape and force you into marriage. Would you be advocating for the disbanding of military back then?

        Don’t you love how women scream about being kept out of the prestigious, well-paying leadership jobs? They cry, “discrimination!” Equal representation and equal pay!” So would that then apply to equal representation in the dirty, dangerous, unromantic jobs of forest firefighters, garbage men, crab boat fisherMEN? Why don’t I see you protesting to be allowed to have your fingers frozen off in the Canadian tar sands? You’d probably respond, “Tar sands oil extraction is exacerbating global warming!” Then I ask, “Then we’ll be expecting some long bicycle commutes from you from now on darling…”

        I swear, one of these days I’m gonna print a t-shirt that depicts a feminist sitting at home with a book on her lap, which she can’t read as a thunderstorm’s just caused a power outage. The header reads, “Where’s the Patriarchy when you need it?”

        • Women don’t really care about that as a totality. Yes a big majority of women don’t want that but when the choice is their entitlement and the society they live in, entitlement wins for the majority of them.
          They know that they will not be killed, prime example is when Berlin was taken the women wouldn’t flee or fight and when pressed why would just tell the white knight idiots the truth, they won’t be killed and when the invaders come they just spread their legs.
          Brutal but it has always been the truth.

  2. You basically say woman aren’t interested in war. I guess that’s true, even though I’m a man myself and I can’t tell how many women really think that way. But you practically say if only women ruled the world we wouldn’t have war no more. Let that sink in for a second. Who are the ones fighting? Who are the biggest leaders of physical fights right now? Men. Maybe we should give our wives more power.

    • Stefan…

      You say, “if women ruled the world we wouldn’t have war no more.”

      My response: Sweden has a government dominated by females – in fact, an all female government. Sweden has the highest rape crime statistics in the free world… murder is also rampant and Islamist enclaves are bursting at the seems.

      Your argument is feeble… grow a pair pal!

      • Sweden doesn’t have an all female government, not even close, and their rape rate is high because they count each rape between the same people as multiple rapes, instead of most places counting it only as one. So a husband raping his wife daily would commit 365 cases of rape a year. Also do you think that Canada and Australia have worse kidnapping problems than Colombia a they kidnapping rates are much higher? Again it’s because they count kidnapping differently and have higher rates of reporting kidnapping

        • Thank you, Steven. Also, the Swedes include offenses against women that are not considered rape in most other countries in the statistics, and the Swedish women actually dare report rape to the authorities, expecting to be taken seriously instead of humiliated in court and by their societies, which is what happens in a lot of places.
          On another note: If we consider the curve of spending, it also correlates very nicely indeed with the increased wealth that most of the Western world has enjoyed. So you could argue that more women in power has increased wealth … or you could argue that more wealth has led to more spending because we are able to. The thing is, you cannot really tell what is causing a correlation until you have studied the matter. False causality is a common mistake (and a common way to manipulate opinions).
          You come up with a load of arguments, all of them valid as opinions but they do not constitute facts. Please do not present them as such.

          • “The Swedes include offenses against women that are not considered rape in most other countries.”

            So what Abdul just said about a week before you:

            “They probably also count a wink or pat on the rear as rape.”

            So what exactly happens if a man pats a woman’s rear in Sweden?

            What if a man pats another man’s rear?

            Or what if a woman pats another woman’s rear?

            Can a woman sexually assault another woman?

  3. This crap that you spout doesn’t really even warrant a response. You insult everyone’s intelligence both man and woman.

    • well then why are you giving it a response?

      Also, how does this undermine anyone’s intelligence? Please, explain your ideas like a regular person instead of whining. Please, execute proper grammar by the way.

  4. I am a female anti feminist but never before have I seen so many words skilfully put together to create the biggest pile of shite written on the subject. You seriously need help. The world
    is too full of ‘intellectuals’ that get off on their own righteous indignation.

    • Again, how is this shite? If you truly believe that, then why are you telling me your ideas? If the author is wrong, then why in the world should I care what you say, Ingrid?

    • Drafting is wrong, we don’t have it in the UK. Another point, one man produces about 100 million sperm at each ejaculation, so that’s a bit of a shit argument. Also men wrote the script not women, they created gender roles because it suited them, it was a means of controlling women’s promiscuity and making sure that any children they raised were their own.

      • I like you. I don’t like what Karin says, and I really hate what the author of this is saying. I believe that men and women are equal (note that I say equal not same) and I believe drafting is wrong and women and men would be right to vote against it. Women and men need to now they can be whoever they want to be, without having this sexist bullshit shoved down their throats every day. Thank you Susan for stopping me from going and puking once I read this. It’s the 21st century for fuck’s sake! Also Karin? Once you learn how to debate with real arguments instead of insults… People might actually care what you say.

        • Sexist bullshit shoved down their throats? People came to this website of their own accord, Moxie. If you have a kink about wanting to be hurt, you can do that, but don’t talk bad about mine and others beliefs.

          Also, debating with real arguments? What’s yours? All around you see people talking about statistics in Scotland and such. Yet all you have is an agreement with Susan. And people care what others say. You seem to certainly care what Karin says.

      • What “scipt” are you talking about? There isn’t some piece of paper that everyone looks towards.

        And what do you mean about controlling a women’s promiscuity? Personally, I think caring for kids can lead to numerous affairs with teachers, administrators, and neighbors. Also, are you proposing that I should let my wife sleep with whoever she wants? That’s corrupt. If you have a terrible marriage and are looking elsewhere for happiness, fine. But don’t tell me to let my wife cheat on me.

  5. I am a woman who has served my country, i served in combat, i earned the right to live in America, I earned my freedom…screw you for wanting to discriminate agaist any woman or girl…IF IT WAS NOT FOR WOMEN THERE WOULD BE NO PEOPLE…NO UTERUS NO PEOPLE!!!

    • Your right to *vote* in America was not dependent on you enlisting. Your right to votes comes with no conditions, and that is due to your gender alone. You chose to enlist, and you earn respect from many for that, but Janet is talking about the draft in her article here. Men’s right to vote in the United States is dependent on them registering for selective service, (aka the draft)[https://www.thebalance.com/all-about-the-draft-3332963].

      I’m interested to know if the fact that you enlisted makes you eligible for the draft if it is re-enacted. It may do. If it does, then you’re not claiming the special privilege that most US women enjoy.

      Also, this is so obvious that it’s redundant, but NO FATHERS, NO PEOPLE, either. Let’s just stick to making valid points, please.

      Back on point, I’d like to hear what you think about this comment: “if you aren’t willing to die for your country, you can’t claim the right to send other people to die on your behalf.”

      It is discrimination for half of the population to be required to register for selective service in order to vote, get student loans, access employment and government programs, while the other half does not. Would you agree with this?


      • Most men I know are definitely not ready to die for their country. Or any other country. Or anything, in general. Some of them wouldn’t even die for their own children. From my perspective, there are some valid points in this article, but this is not one of them: “if you aren’t willing to die for your country, you can’t claim the right to send other people to die on your behalf.” And not because I think some people (men or women) have the right to send others to die on their behalf, cause I don’t. I think it’s more an issue of “human quality” than “man vs. woman quality”. Some people (men and women) are more duty-oriented than others. I wonder what the author thinks of men who invent diseases for themselves in order to avoid drafting. Should all men be denied the right to vote because of them or not? Of course, my opinion is based on my experiences and the people I know. Reality might be completely different.

        • are you for real? What kind of sophistry are you peddling? To say that because most people, men included are not eager to die in a war, does not negate the tremendous difference in the life and death, and other sacrifices made by men throughout history. Men will have to serve if drafted and have no legal deferment. They have no choice but to serve if drafted.. Many have served in the military and not died, and that can be a huge sacrifice… No rational person should want war, but inviting illiterate, incongruous, very low IQ migrants into a first world country is surely raising the risk of both war and civil war. By far the women face less risk if their country is ultimately overrun / sacked by migrants from failed states. What does this point have to do with voting? Well, the women who think emotionally with excessive compassion, are voting in much larger numbers for candidates that favor 3rd world immigration, refugee migration, etc.

    • When using the word “I,” it should be capitalized, “SSGT GUTHREY.” Also, why do you think that women should be viewed as only a uterus? I dislike you, you bigoted woman.

  6. If it were not for a woman YOU would not be here. Bottom line this is not a mans world, its a world we share yet the human male for some reason believes he has the right to use violence against women and girls.
    Funny thing is Christ the ultimate male figure shared all his confidences with Mary…Jesus did not treat women as subhuman, why should you?

    • That’s an awful load of internalised misogyny you have there, Mr Guthrie. It’s also outright sexist to claim that “the human male for some reason believes he has the right to use violence against women and girls.” This patently false, sexist comment is designed to dehumanise and demonise an entire half of all human beings.

      It was men who made and enforced laws against rape. Men ordered “women and children first”. Men fought and died in wars to protect women – sometimes with far too much zeal. After all, it was human males who lynched men on the mere accusation of sexual impropriety from a woman.

      For the record, I disagree with quite a few of Janet’s statements in this article, but her points are well-argued and she does a good job of raising awareness on some very valid and important issues. These are issues that absolutely must be discussed – and they will be, with or without your efforts to derail.

      If you have a comment to make, please direct it to this point: “if you aren’t willing to die for your country, you can’t claim the right to send other people to die on your behalf.”

      It is a comment I agree with, and yet I don’t wish to disenfranchise the disabled taxpayer. It is a nuanced topic that deserves genuine, considered thought.

    • Umm… don’t put your beliefs on me. Many Christians actually believe God is gender less, by the way.

      To be honest, I wouldn’t be here without a MAN either, so don’t tell me that.

      I don’t believe I’m abusing girls. In fact, I’m a woman myself. I’m just sharing my beliefs.

      Also, Guffthrey has you by the ear, no? Please stick up for yourself. I kind of have empathy for you now.

    • Please SSGT. Do not go biblical. According to the book you are referring to, the woman acted as the gateway for satan into the garden. Clearly this is still prevalent today.

  7. Women are hypergamous and will gravitate towards resources and security, and women will just as happily gain such from the state as from a man. The left know this perfectly well, and they play on it to attract women voters. I don’t think the left care about women per-se.

  8. Brilliant conclusion. With women’s suffrage came socialist policies that will ultimately bankrupt our country — financially and morally. Nations are built by men. Women help; they do not lead. Nations grow and thrive under a patriarchal — even an oppressive patriarchal culture. No nation has ever survived feminism and the consequences of its immoral ideology, which include disintegration of the family, the cornerstone of any nation. Women did not earn the right to vote; that “right” was given to them by men — morally deficient men.

  9. I strongly disagree. If you would please take into consideration that the government began spending so much money after 1920 due to the New deal programs. You based much of this on female stereotypes that we are all “nice” and that a woman does not take into consideration the lives lost in war. On the contrary, we know loss as the men who died on the shores of Normandy had mothers and sisters. I concede the fact that women cannot be drafted and therefore do not know the fear of being drafted but women contributed to the war efforts through supporting the homefront. No, women cannot be drafted but does that mean that we should not have a right to state our opinion in what laws the government does or does not pass or what politician comes into power or not?

  10. Historical facts win, women have been a part of military all over the world. Facts are that for the United States alone women have always served as nurses, supply personnel, doctors, mechanics, engineers etc.
    During WW2 over 500,000 women served in some capacity that involved hands on military and women were also taken as POW’s by both the Japanese and Germans. Female pilots were used to lure Japanese bomber planes to navel ships so they could be shot down. In the Vietnam, Korean, Civil, WW1 and other wars women have served with honor and lost their lives while doing so.
    Throughout history there have been endless numbers of women who have given their lives for their countries both in war and peaceful times. Stating that women should not have the right to vote or that females in general should be treated as second class citizens is beyond insane!
    Women and girls are the life blood of this world. Historically they have been forced to do far more with less in all ways and have been blamed for the damage males chose to inflict upon them.
    If the women who are supporting this degradation of women’s rights actually educated themselves about women’s history and their tremendous contributions throughout the world they would instead be proud of their gender and devote their time and energy to positivity of women and their accomplishments rather than the betrayal of their fellow human being…they should be ashamed!

    • SSGT. Guthrey’s husband – Here here, who are these idiots? I don’t think their crap even warrants a response, we are just wasting time on time on people stuck in the 19th century.

      • Suffrage was born in the 29th century

        Also, you still replied to a lot of those commments, hypocrite

  11. SSGT. Guthrey’s husband – Here here, who are these idiots? I don’t think their crap even warrants a response, we are just wasting time on time on people stuck in the 19th century.

  12. So, after that has been said, I am really curious about all of the women who are against having the right to vote. Do you guys vote or do you just skip out and stay at home writing articles like these?

  13. So, after all that has been said, I am really curious about all of the women who are against having the right to vote. Do you guys vote or do you just skip out and stay at home writing articles like these?

    • I vote, at least I can cancel out 1 socialist feminazi. However, I understand that democracy is merely mob rule; government is only violence. Patriarchy is good for society, and it makes me a better woman. I’ll fight for freedom and goodness. I’ll fight for men’s rights.

  14. Let me tell you that this is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Truly the best. You should be a comedian.

  15. Drafting and voting are both wrong. No one chooses where they are born, and no man OR woman should be willing to die for their country, only their friends and family. Large nations don’t work. Crowded cities don’t work. Hell, small families barely even work. Why would voting work?

    When only a few hundred people are in charge of many millions, the majority will always feel misrepresented. The rich people in charge WANT us to fight among ourselves, whether over sex, race, or made up party lines, to distract us from how corrupt and wasteful our globalized industrial society has become. We make more problems than we solve.

    Before you suggest I travel back in time to the 1800s, know that the roots of our “sexism” and “racism” reach back THOUSANDS of years. Xenophobia and gender roles are both older than the Bible. Don’t tell me to move to a different country either; industrial society has eyes everywhere, greedy fingers in all but the deepest jungles. There is nowhere safe from the men OR women of the human species.

    Do NOT vote, neither left nor right. Mind your own home and your own damn business. Do NOT join the military, not for any national government, and please dodge the draft if you can. You might be dodging a bullet. Stay at home, protect your family, and teach your children self-defense.

    I support our troops, because modern soldiers are all victims of corporate greed. I do NOT, however, support our military. Sorry if this offends anyone.

  16. You are so obviously American in your way of seeing life and society. Everything revolves around military, force, and violence. What about the economy, education, law, environment, industry and all other vital political activity?

    This is very obvious misogyny and it shows in your lack of creative thinking. IF women can’t put boots on the ground you can limit their opinions and vote on military politics. Why prevent them from having an opinion in literally all other aspects of political life?

    There are 12 countries in the world that don’t even have an official army. They don´t vote?

    Also, the assumption that women will avoid the draft is false. Legitimate feminists (not your facebook feminists) defend the idea of equality in the military. Another example is Israel where military service is obligatory for women. You also seem to forget that there are other aspects to war itself. If everyone drafted goes to war, who will stay in the country to actually keep it running? Who is going to take care of the kids? Or you just going to let 4 year olds taking care of themselves?. Who is gonna build your weapons and your uniforms? Who is gonna cook for the soldiers, run the communications and heal the wounds?

    And then again, you say that women don’t want to be drafted, well I have news for you. NOONE wants to be drafted.

    It worries me your entire way of seeing life. You see a future where war is still an intrinsic, unavoidable aspect of human activity and rather than trying to de-escalate any form of conflict you are thinking about accommodating this nasty phenomenon in our everyday life.

    There is not, and shouldn´t be, any form of link between voting and the draft.

    I’m just going to remind you that Donal Trump, Commander in Chief, who can not only vote, but actually send people to die, avoided the Draft 5 times, so fuck off Janet.

  17. The practical problem of taking away women’s right to vote is women equal 51% of voters so you would ask the majority to sacrifice there right to vote

  18. Have people already forgotten why we had a war for independence from the British? Does ‘No taxation without representation’ mean anything to anybody?

    Women pay taxes, therefore they need to be allowed to vote or else they will have no representation.

    Just because you don’t like the decisions they make doesn’t mean you can just make up reasons to not allow them to vote.

    • Women pay 25% of the taxes while taking over 65% of the payouts. So in essence women as a group don’t pay any taxes and are in fact PAID to not be taxed. Try again.

  19. Women don’t take responsibility. In Europe, most women wanted to take in ‘refugees’. They never thought about the consequences of their actions and they never analyzed anything. “Wir schaffen das.” Yeah right. Now they’re crying like little bitches because their safety is compromised.

    It’s easy for them. Women don’t build civilizations. They spread their legs for the most powerful and influencial men they can find. The ethnicity and background of these men is of minor concern.

    We need a severe economic crisis that will turn Europeans against these freeloading pseudo-refugees and cause most women to lose their jobs which forces them to take up a traditional role once more.

  20. 1. Even if, in the past, the vote was tied to the draft, history has shown when people are denied a right to vote, they are invariable treated with less importance than those who can and, in some cases, actively or effectively murdered by the state.

    2. Isn’t weird how, if the per capita increase in spending is leading to a “collapse” of the state, almost a century after Americans guaranteed ladies the right to vote, the American government is nowhere near collapse due to the spending. Instead, were it not for two tax cuts an a major ramp up in military spending over the last 20 years, America would be running a surplus. And you are worried about taking money away from the military, a military with a budget which is 48% of the world’s military budget? Give me a break.

    3. Ah, yes, the good ol’ xenophobic fear of losing “ethnic Europeans”. This argument is patently racist/bigoted to the point if you are still believing it, you are probably too stupid to listen to anything not already consistent with your myopic view.

    While I oppose feminism, these are three of the dumbest arguments I have ever seen.

    • 1- It isn’t in the past genius. I still had to sign up for Selective Service so that not only could I vote, but so I would also qualify for State and Federal grants, scholarships and jobs. You? Nothing you said negated the point being made.

      2- If the U.S. didn’t spend on military, which actually spends the vast majority of it’s time in the last 20 years doing humanitarian aid like road and bridge building although I’m sure that’s not what Rachel Maddow told you, what do you actually think the world would be like? Magically all the evils and tyrants and crap in the world would have just not existed if it wasn’t for that pesky U.S. military enforcing the global Pax Americana? You sound Canadian- i.e. to paraphrase, ‘It’s easy being the hippy free love country when you’ve got the Kevlar vest of America strapped around your asses daring the world to talk shit’.

      3- Ah yes the good old inability to see anything ethnic or racial without separating it from actual racism and bigotry. Try some basic education of what has happened and is happening in European countries that have simply thrown open their borders. Notice the crime rates and other skyrocketing statistics. Your lie that you “oppose feminism” is betrayed by your predictable shared tactics.

  21. 1)Well…the right to vote has little to do with military service unless you’re a blue-red-white p*ssing “patriot” who thinks anyone who has an attitude with police should be shot by a thousand bullets. The right to vote is a principal right of all adult citizens, regardless of eligiblity for draft. By that logic, deaf people shouldn’t be able to vote either. The draft is nearly useless anyway. Oh and, D-Day wasn’t the apocalyptic battle Hollywood shows it as. Barely a few thousand died compared to way more gruesome battles in which the Soviets had female soldiers.
    2)Government spending rising was rising in most countries in the 1920’s-including those who hadn’t given women the right to vote yet(Italy, Japan and France to name a few). Suggesting that female suffrage has anything to do with it is laughable, even if it rose in countries with female suffrage as correlation isn’t causation.
    3)That is YOUR political opinion. You’re basically saying women shouldn’t vote because most disagree with your stance on immigration. That is as petty as high school student representative elections.
    Tell you what, if you don’t want to vote, don’t vote. But don’t stop any eligible people from doing so.

    • “Well…the right to vote has little to do with military service ”

      -Except for the fact that they are intrinsically interwoven. It’s a requirement to sign up for Selective Service to qualify for the franchise as well as State and Federal grants, scholarships and jobs. The franchise has ALWAYS been tied to conscription in one form or another going back to Greece. This glaring reality that belies the very first “point” of your comment renders the rest of anything you have to say as a waste of space.

  22. Basically- every problem in the world is the fault of women. Men are not to blame in the slightest. As a woman I want to apologise for apparently destroying the world. Oh and as a European woman sorry for ‘refusing’ to have children and choosing to welcome refugees who are desperate for help and who have to come to Europe because God knows there wont be any mercy from Trump’s America.

    • Ah yes, as opposed to the never ending, omnipresent “men are to blame for everything” seen on EVERY media platform there is including the MSM? What you couldn’t stand there was a fraction of a percent of a platform somewhere that DIDN’T pander to your female ego? Suck it up buttercup. Please detail how oppressed you are and what things you want to bitch about. I never hear about that ad nauseum everywhere….

  23. A return to coverture law i.e. the closest that we have had to anthropological patriarchy in over a century, is a last resort for the non-feminist sector and its supporters (mostly on the Right.) I personally don’t think that it would work because the West has, since the 20th century, simply tasted too many fruits of modernity to forget it all

    * capitalism

    * secularism

    * post-modernism

    * globalisation

    * industrial, commercial and technological revolution

    * (in many cases) socialism and the welfare state

    All of this PLUS the sexual revolution and radical feminism.

    Patriarchy as we understand it does not return simply from taking away women’s voting rights. There has ceased to be a ‘mystical’ utilitarian foundation to justify the enforcement of functionalism, as we had when the predominant cultural foundation in America and Europe was Judeo-Christianity. Child-centric arguments utilising both evolutionary psychology and appeals to people’s innate emotional needs for belonging, tribalism-not to mention genetic prosperity-yes they have some power behind them. But you’ll have to address the popularity of Malthuseans before you succeed in propagating them.

    Reactionaries discussing this matter haven’t thought through how we get there without another trans-national political and economic crisis. If that happens it will NOT be something that us Internet activists are prepared for anyway.

    I prefer to look at a society where women are treated as citizens, with rights, AND duties/responsibilities, just as any other man holds. The duty need not be economically identical but if the draft is to remain it must be an equivalent sacrifice to that. If people wish to opt in to voluntary complimentary roles within this essentially egalitarian legal framework, then that’s their prerogative. As human rights advocates, our primary concern should be macro-structures, not micro-structures.

  24. As a twelve year old girl who was trying to look for a bbc article, this absolutely broke my heart. I want to be a defense barrister in the Supreme Criminal Court of England, then when I’m old enough, a judge. I just don’t understand why people are like this. Why shouldn’t women vote? I bet I could find a couple of reasons why men shouldn’t vote. I call myself a feminist, and this website scares me. In the times when women couldn’t vote, martial rape was legal. Victims of rape and domestic abuse were afraid to speak out. They still are now, but they face their fears and they do it. If you take away women’s vote, our society could relapse. Martial, or even nonmartial rape could be legalized, along with domestic abuse and sexual assault and harassment. Because that’s what happens when little things get normalized, big things come along too. Taking the vote away from women takes away our voices. Our opinions. Our basic human rights. We won’t be able to work anymore, violence will be tolerated. But I won’t let this happen. Because nevertheless, she persisted.

    • I could think of many reasons why NO ONE should vote.

      As a 12 year old girl, you clearly haven’t experienced life enough to understand how dangerous and unhealthy our legal system is for ALL of society. Men AND women. In the United Kingdom, and here in the United States, women now have MORE rights than men. That is NOT equality.

      Do you know what infant circumcision is? Genital mutilation? If not, I envy you; these are terrible practices that should be discouraged. P!ease do NOT look it up until you reach legal adulthood. If you understand what I’m saying, why is it okay to hurt little boys but NOT okay to hurt little girls? Do you think girls are inherently better people?

      A disclaimer: I do NOT say these things as a dirty old man. I’m a girl, like you, a biological female. And I’m not much older than you, only in my 20s. I considered myself a “feminist” when I was your age. But as I got a little older, and I actually talked to more men, I realized that they are now the oppressed sex. At least in Western nations like the US and UK.

      As for the right to vote, I firmly believe that voting is little more than political theater. Hopefully you’ll realize this after living through a few different presidencies. When I was 12, I would’ve voted for Barack Obama, but now I see him as no different from Donald Trump. The people who are REALLY in charge are unaffected by the vote. I would agree that men and women should both have equal voting rights, but I see voting as too trivial and pointless to even discuss.

      Likewise, I obviously don’t think voting should be tied to the draft because….voting is pointless political theater! And the draft or selective service is just plain wrong. Forcing anyone to serve in the military, man OR woman, is a form of slavery. If a cause is truly worth fighting for, a draft should NOT be necessary. Us poor people should never fight or die for the rich scumbags we call leaders.

      Sorry to offend or disturb you, but you should understand that Women Against Feminism discusses adult themes and difficult topics. Hopefully your parents understand this if they see your internet history. You’re still young, and I’m still young, but adulthood hits hard and fast. I sincerely hope you reconsider your values before you’re my age. If you truly believe in gender equality, you shouldn’t call yourself a feminist.

      • Hey, Edith Aint, can you please stop shooting down her opinions? You’re being a mean idiot. Also, when you said “If you truly believe in gender equality, you shouldn’t call yourself a feminist.” you were completely wrong. Calling yourself a feminist means that you think everyone is equal, not that one gender is better than the others

        Sincerly, your friend Sof

        • Sorry Sof, but if you or anyone is going to opine on an article, you are NOT entitled to only comments that agree with you. Grow the F up.
          “Calling yourself a feminist means that you think everyone is equal, not that one gender is better than the others”
          -except that you and only you in this case are wrong. No one cares anymore about you cowards pointing towards trite dictionary definitions. We judge you and all hateful feminists (i.e. all feminists) by your actions and the actions of the most powerful and influential among you.
          Sincerely, someone who isn’t so worried about getting into your venomous snatch that I’m going to pander to your bullshit ideology.

    • Because women like you are ruining western civilization honey and a thousand years from now people will know it was dumb women that destroyed a civilization built by men. You’re just a spoiled little brat sweetheart

  25. I am a Child who is a girl Are you telling me that I am not equal to my male peers because of my gender,
    If so, go back to the 1500’s where you belong!
    Also this was obviously written by a man, like all the history.

  26. I can’t believe this site exists, what the fuck! Clearly these women have been brain washed by fathers and husbands and are on desperate need of therapy. Get some self respect. Divorce your husband. Get your head checked. Maybe some Zoloft.

    • How blatantly misogynistic of you to assume that women can’t think for themselves. You really are a good little marching feminist aren’t you?

  27. Women should only be allowed to vote once they have signed up for the selective service just like men. Fair is fair! Equal rights and what not. Women only want the part of equal rights that benefit them.

  28. This is the most hilariously stupid thing I’ve read in ages.

    No, the ability to vote is not contingent on the draft. When the Constitution was drafted we didn’t even HAVE a federal army. While conscription was practiced in the Continental Army, that was disbanded before the creation of the Constitution and no federal army was re-established until years later. At no point in the drafting of said document was the right to vote based on the ability to serve in the armed forces, or were the two linked. Hell, the Founders didn’t even WANT a federal army. It’s the entire reason we have a Second Amendment; the founders believed that armed militia should serve as the only forces of the United States, not a federally funded body.

    The Selective Service Act didn’t even exist until 1940, 20 years after women were granted the vote.

    Misogynists rarely understand history.

    Never mind the ridiculous tripe about people not being able to vote if they don’t agree on your particular philosophy of governance or taxation.

    • “No, the ability to vote is not contingent on the draft.”
      -except it is and always has been contingent upon conscription in one form or another. Going back to ancient Greece the franchised was tied to service to the state, usually in the form of raising men for military purposes.

      “The Selective Service Act didn’t even exist until 1940, 20 years after women were granted the vote.”
      -and men were being drafted and dying in war long before that. They weren’t granted universal suffrage until After WWI in most cases. Wannabe intellectuals driven by their need to pander to ideologies rarely understand history or it’s context.

      “Never mind the ridiculous tripe about people not being able to vote if they don’t agree on your particular philosophy of governance or taxation.”
      -except that wasn’t the point was it? It’s okay, your lack of comprehension doesn’t mask your pathetic need to whack at straw man arguments.

  29. Just gotta say, recently rediscovered your site by being pinged to comments which werent mine, and I love your work! Have a good day and God bless!

  30. The female vote leads to the expansion of the nanny state.

    Woman has a strong need for security. The reason for this is that women, as the weaker sex, need security themselves and need security for their eventual children so that she can realize her nature as mother. Traditionally, and under natural conditions, this security is offered by the husband who provides material and physical security to his wife and their children as part of the realization of his nature as husband and father. (There is more to being husband and father than these, like the role of spiritual and moral authority, but I put those to one side for now.)

    Women are also have a strong orientation toward the private and domestic sphere while men tend toward the public sphere. (N.b., this does not mean men do not participate in the private sphere. Of course they do, as heads of their families, as husbands, as fathers. Women likewise are not isolated from the public sphere given the dependence of the private sphere on certain public goods.) By introducing the vote, women were thrust into the aggressive dynamics of the public sphere which require masculine endurance and courage. This resulted in the exposure of women to these masculine elements, which again, exposes them to the threats that the domestic life, guaranteed by male protection, protects women from. Men are subsequently crippled in this capacity to protect their wives because the state now has a right to block their attempts in the name of “equality”. The state becomes usurper and pretender. As a result, women now must look to the state for the security that their husbands once offered but no longer can guarantee. The state, having usurped that role, now takes the place of the husband. Now, just as wives have a marital debt to their husbands, so too husbands have a marital debt to their wives. The state, having become the surrogate husband, is now placed in the position of having to pay that debt. Thus women, through their participating in the political sphere, begin to vote for candidates that can play the role of the husband through the organs of the state. Financial security becomes the responsibility of the state. The result is that the domestic sphere is progressively expanded and subsumes the entirety of the state.

    Men, having been robbed of their masculinity, begin to lose interest in marriage, begin to live hedonistically, aimlessly, begin to regress and persist in a state of perpetual irresponsible and effeminate adolescence. With each additional encroachment into male affairs, the pressure for women to be masculine increases. However, female nature isn’t extinguished, only frustrated. Thus, the expansion of the state in the name of security continues. Women become increasingly miserable. Men grow increasingly disillusioned. The state begins to employ pornography to control men and sap them of their vitality, to stupefy them, and to destroy their ability to form healthy relationships with women. With the loosening of sexual mores, women more easily become targets of sex predators. Men are portrayed as essentially enemies of the female sex. The state uses the media to frighten women with imagined nefarious “toxic masculine” forces lurking in the shadows that only the state can protect them against.

    The totalitarian state thus multiplies its power through fear and disorder. We are wise to recall the four stages of the Soviet method of subversion: demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and normalization. The last, normalization, is a cynical term referring to the encroachment of the state as the antidote to crisis.

    So while the female vote may have seemed innocuous, it was indeed a fatal blow to the social order that began the long process of its unraveling, paving the way toward socialist totalitarianism. The state becomes the Hobbesian Leviathan and citizens are reduced to mere animals in a zoo. The communist revolution thus enters into maturity.

  31. women make emotional decisions..heart based. men make logical and reasoned decisions..they are critical thinkers. women want to take care of everybody whereas men think sensibly and long-term. women choose security over freedom. men choose freedom over security. women are dangerous. they will play mind games with men, the men react and hit them and then they cry victim. they are devious, manipulative and vicious control freaks.

    what is behind this whirled is female with a communist agenda. the false history of women’s suffrage gives women carte blanche to do anything. how could there have been women’s suffrage if there was Queen Victoria and Cleopatra amongst many others? they identified “victims” are all designed for the marxist script. the false history is also designed for the script

    when i was young in the 60s in Catholic School there was the song “a child is black, a child is white, together they learn to read and write. in the 70s there was the crying Indian in the commercial where he is staring at trash on the ground. fast forward to our current fascist climate we have Greta from Sweden “shame on you Western whities script” in connection with the corona scamdemic and staged non-organic riots (“bought and paid for”)

    the agenda IS marxist. the false history of black slavery, women’s suffrage and the holohaux is all designed for the communistic script. destroy the Western White Male.

    for the record, Christmas stands for CHRIST-MISS AS IN CHRISTINA TURNER – SWISS MISS. Tina Turner symbolizes the scriptwriter of this whirled. Turner as in Sa-turn as in SATAN. remember the song from ELO in the 1970s called “The Devil Woman”. Tina Turner lives now in SWITZERLAND. Christ is REALLY christina aka ISIS. SWISS MISS WANTS LIFE “BEYOND THUNDER-DOME” WHICH IS THIS WHIRLED

    this whole whirled is a scam and almost everything is a lie. the scriptwriter is a black female! the jewish “god” is a black female…


  32. Reasonable argument from the empirical facts. But the real reason why women should not vote is that first of all Democracy, as a form of government, is not Biblical. Secondly, the Bible does not allow women to occupy positions of rule, and voting does in effect give them that.

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