Equality in Reproduction

Feminism is said to be about equality between the sexes.
While I don’t see feminists fighting equally on many issues (you can see my previous articles and follow my future articles to understand why), there is still one very important issue that is yet to be discussed. Men and women aren’t equal by nature. We are not equal by the most basic body function: reproduction.

Men and women aren’t equal by nature. We are not equal by the most basic body function: reproduction.

We can’t achieve equality of rights when we don’t have equal responsibility. It’s a bit like if you buy a house. Your tenants don’t have to pay your mortgage, but you have the right to renovate. Equal rights come from equal responsibility.
On the issue of reproduction, then, when considering rights, it is crucial to remember the differences between the sexes:
Men and women don’t have the same birth control options yet
Men’s only birth control options are condoms or a vasectomy. The problem with vasectomy is that it is not reliably reversible. It is comparable to a tubular ligation in women. Ie. it is invasive and considered permanent. The problem with condoms is that they are not an independent solution. If the woman lacks lubrication on her side of the condom, it can break and the man would be at risk, even if he used his method perfectly. So, even if this method is 98% effective when used perfectly, it needs perfect use from both partners. Therefore, perfect use is not achievable by the man alone. Women, on the other hand, have many safe and reliable options for birth control. They have IUDs, pills, rings, injections, patches… in addition to tubular ligation. These methods can provide 99.9% effectiveness with perfect use, and that can be achieved by the woman alone since these methods don’t require any input from a partner. Responsibility in the case of an unwanted pregnancy is therefore not equal because women can ensure perfect use by themselves. Perfect use – with very few exceptions due to birth control failing, not misuse. For women, the effectiveness of their birth control is in their hands and their hands alone. If you misuse your own birth control, it’s your responsibility. The problem is that men lack a safe, effective and reversible birth control option where use is entirely their responsibility. Men lack this option, yet are still held responsible when there’s an unwanted pregnancy.
Bodily autonomy
While women have the upper hand in birth control, it has been assumed that they don’t have the upper hand in the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy. In both abortion and pregnancy, it will be the woman who will experience the medical procedures, the body changes, the pains and the risks to her life. While the risk of life is significantly lower than it used to be, it is still a risk. A man will not experience any changes to his body. This does not mean he is not at risk of death from an unwanted pregnancy, however. If he is forced into fatherhood, he will be forced to provide for the child. He will need to work more hours, keep a job he doesn’t want, etc. This exposes him to greater risk of death in the workplace. The CDC data for 2013 puts the risk of pregnancy-related deaths for women in the US at 17.3 per 100,000 live births. This is slightly lower than the risk of death for taxi drivers and chauffeurs in the US for the same year at 19.7 deaths per 100,000 full-time workers. The annual rate for some male-dominated professions exceeds 100 deaths per 100,000 full-time workers. Men forced into fatherhood endure this annual risk for 18 years or more.
Nobody should be forced to endure pain, change their body or risk their life, be it at work or in a pregnancy. That is bodily autonomy.
Like marriage, parenthood should be something adults consent to. People have different situations in life and might not even be able to provide for themselves, much less for someone else.

Like marriage, parenthood should be something adults consent to.

The current situation and why it’s not right
Women have all the best birth control options and yet they are the only ones who can decide to say no to an unwanted pregnancy with abortion. Women can also stop their birth control and then force a man to pay for the resulting child. They can force a man to be a father, and then force him to support the resulting child for 18 years or more, which also supports her.
Solutions from the other side and why they don’t work
Some people want both parties to consent to an abortion. That means that if a man wants to keep the child, the mother would be forced to keep it. That goes against the right of bodily autonomy, forcing the woman to go through pain, change her body and risk her life, without her consent.
This also does nothing to address the ability of a woman to force a man into fatherhood without his consent.
Solutions that do work
To me, balancing the differences between the sexes regarding reproduction means taking into consideration the different rights and responsibilities: As women have better birth control options and the option to get an abortion, it’s important that women cannot force men into parenthood. If she misused her birth control, it shouldn’t be a man’s problem. If it’s an accident, she still has the option to abort. A man should therefore get the same right to say no to parenthood. That’s where legal paternal surrender (also known as financial abortion) comes into it. He would have the option to surrender his responsibility and rights to the child. To be fair, this solution requires 2 conditions:
  1. Women need to be advised of the man’s decision before 10 weeks. This provides her with the time to abort if she doesn’t want to be a single mother.
  2. Men would have to be advised of the pregnancy no later than 8 weeks, so they have time to decide too.
The cons and their solution
I will address the pro life position by keeping to the rights addressed in this article: Some women don’t want to abort, some men don’t want their unborn child to be aborted. In this case, the solution is a relationship contract between the parties where they both agree not to have an abortion or apply for legal paternal surrender. Relationship contracts could also be conditional on taking/using birth control if the parties so choose. That means that if a woman stops her birth control, the man’s responsibility for a resulting pregnancy is nullified.

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    • Feminism is NOT against men .
      Feminism is NOT against Feminility.
      Feminism’s goal is NOT to make Female and Male equal.
      Feminism exists to help all women to have the SAME RIGHTS as men. Not for helping women to become men or live as men.
      Feminism has helped INDIVIDUALS (women AND men) to be , act , live , be respected as a HUMAN BEINGS not as a predefined social roles.
      Feminism fights all gender’s prejudices.
      Feminism is for the freedom (for women AND men) of being what they want instead of what society expect from them.
      Feminism exists because female exist.
      If you are a female and you call yourself a Non-Feminist you sound ILLOGICAL as it would sound a black person in south africa if he declares to be FOR apartheid, as an ebrew to be FOR shoah, as a child to be FOR pedophilia, as a slave to be FOR slavery.
      Women AGAINST Feminism are like writers AGAINST readers.
      Women AGAINST Feminism are like musicians AGAINST concerts.
      Women AGAINST Feminism are like mine workers AGAINST mine workers‘ Union.
      Women AGAINST Feminism are like Children AGAINST Unicef.
      Are you sure you are AGAINST feminism?

      • After giving this much thought and listening to all sides of for and against feminism I can absolutely say without a doubt that I am NOT nor will I ever call myself a feminist. I’ve been around long enough to see the true face of feminism and what it really means. Illogical? That’s your opinion and I respect your right to hold that opinion however I do not respect feminists as I’ve witnessed far to many women hiding behind their feminist agenda, using it to exploit, belittle and outright abuse men and the system we all live by, these women should be ashamed when they call themselves oppressed and completely ignore their very obvious privilege.

        • To say that you’ve been around long enough does not invalidate the feelings of your fellow women. Maybe women promoting feminism now are of a different generation and of a different privilege to yourself, I wouldn’t know. However to suggest that using the privilege that SOME women possess to further the rights of others is wrong is wrong in itself and should be frowned upon. Women do not have the right to remove themselves from a birth certificate, even if the child is placed up for adoption or given to the father to raise. Men have this choice. Feminism is not some “college movement” as so many people say. It is a movement that uses the realisation and utilisation of the privilege that we have to make a difference. Yes, there are biological differences between men and women, however this does not mean that we should not have the same rights. I would not call myself oppressed by males, I would call myself oppressed by the people who actively fight against the need for change, such as yourself. The problem for me lies in your inability to accept there is a problem worldwide just because it does not affect you, and label feminism as a radical movement. Feminism is not meant in radical terms, in the same way that there is a group in society that judges Muslims solely off of the actions of a few radicalised individuals. Whether you have been around 100 or 20 years, the fact stands that you are labeling the majority with the actions of a few and that as women, we can do better to support and love each other. I have been disgusted by some of the comment made on this site by women, and whilst I accept that some people have taken the face of feminism to promote values outside of the general consensus, I think to label the movement as a whole irrelevant and damaging fights against the exact thing that you are doing here now- expressing your opinion as a woman. I am a feminist through and through and will continue to campaign for the rights of both men and women in the true sense of equality.

          • Feminism is defined as “advocating women’s rights using gender equality”. When I say women’s rights it can mean anything a woman thinks she wants being a woman. Take abortion rights for example, It can be hurtful to men who desire to be fathers.
            Do feminists take that into account? No.
            They simply don’t care about men’s feelings and thoughts. Now you might argue that its the problem with current generation of feminists, and not a problem with feminism itself. Ok, so how is feminism going to think about issues concerning men? It can’t because feminism is something only women enjoy by its definition. It has no room for men. Nature exists in duality, elections-protons, hot-cold and male-female. Both male and female suffer from their own issues and in the long run male and female create an union to continue their species. So both sides must be looked upon. and wen u create feminism, an ideology which speaks for only one side by its own definition, you are obviously ignoring the other side which suffers from its own issues as well. Thats the problem with feminism and that’s exactly why I don’t consider myself a feminist. Your argument that feminism has done something good for men though it doesn’t intend to do, is like saying honey bees help humans get honey to consume, though bees don’t intend to provide honey for humans. Thats how your argument is. This is exactly why most westerners though support gender equality don’t want to be called as feminist, simply becoz it doesn’t include both genders to qualify as being equal. Now do you understand why a lot of women are against feminism?

          • A very long winded NAFALT argument tells me that you haven’t actually read much of anything else on this site. Otherwise you would have known to do better than that. It doesn’t matter how many Gender Studies slogans you spout out about what feminism “means” and your personal little take on it (which by the way is a perfect example of the feminist entitlement wherein you think YOU get to decide the definition of an ideology and who is/isn’t “really” part of that ideology). Feminists and feminism itself is judged by its actions, it’s blatant lies, it’s hypocrisy and it’s vile work done in the name of female supremacy. So lets unpack this tripe you posted-

            ” does not invalidate the feelings of your fellow women”
            -And feelz do not invalidate actual facts. Something you need to learn.

            “However to suggest that using the privilege that SOME women possess to further the rights of others is wrong is wrong in itself and should be frowned upon.”
            -And yet in that very sentence you admit it’s not about “rights” it’s about privileges. Try to keep up.

            “Women do not have the right to remove themselves from a birth certificate, even if the child is placed up for adoption or given to the father to raise. Men have this choice.”
            -It’s called the Moses laws. In effect you are removing yourself because you are removing yourself from ALL responsibility. That’s how that works. And men DON’T have this choice. The mother can CHOOSE to allow it. See how that works? It’s still HER decision. Try again.

            “It is a movement that uses the realisation and utilisation of the privilege that we have to make a difference.”
            -And there you go again using “privilege”. Do you even realize the asinine statement you made? You want to use privilege to make a difference by continuing to give women privilege while denying men basic rights? This is your make a difference? We’ve already seen the show. That’s why we are tired of the bullshit. Try again.

            ” however this does not mean that we should not have the same rights.”
            -Then why are you and your cohorts actively opposing such rights? Why are you apparently tone deaf and not actually addressing the lack of rights men have? Try again.

            “I would call myself oppressed by the people who actively fight against the need for change, such as yourself. ”
            -In what way are you oppressed? Give actual specific examples not some slogan that is so broad and unverifiable as to be useless. Actual examples.

            “The problem for me lies in your inability to accept there is a problem worldwide just because it does not affect you”
            -The problem is that you and your indoctrinated cohorts (I love that word) show a WILLFUL inability to accept that the reality of the world, especially in the West, is nothing like what you were told to think in Gender Studies or other feminist propaganda depots.

            ” Whether you have been around 100 or 20 years, the fact stands that you are labeling the majority with the actions of a few and that as women, we can do better to support and love each other”
            -Except the fact stands that we aren’t talking about some few feminists on the fringe of society. We are talking about the loudest, most covered and most powerful people and groups associated with feminists. Such as N.O.W. Know who they are? Want to claim they are “fringe” or “a few”? I’ll wait. By the way nice stab at both shaming and appeal to emotion in that last bit. Try again.

            “and whilst I accept that some people have taken the face of feminism to promote values outside of the general consensus”
            -Except see above about your lie that somehowwe are only talking about a “few” feminists and not the majority of powerful feminists and feminist groups. Try again.

            ” I think to label the movement as a whole irrelevant and damaging fights against the exact thing that you are doing here now- expressing your opinion as a woman”
            -Except that is exactly what you and yours do whenever men attempt to address or talk about issues they face. “Neckbeards”, “male tears”, protests where you shout in some guys face that’s he’s a piece of shit and deserves to die because he wanted to go to a discussion about the horrendous rate of male suicide, including his 2 friends that committed suicide, etc etc. Need I go on? It’s what your doing here when a woman is trying to address one of these issues. See there’s already been a “movement” called egalitarianism that actual DOES try to address things from a basis of equality. Something your ideology has yet to EVER do in it’s history. By the way no one is stifling a woman’s ability to express herself. The only people that constantly tell women that they can’t be heard and they don’t have opinions that matter are indeed FEMINISTS. Remember Mad Men and The Honeymooners aren’t documentaries. Try again.

            “I am a feminist through and through and will continue to campaign for the rights of both men and women in the true sense of equality.”
            -Except that by definition you cannot campaign for both as you are a feminist. Nothing here that you have written has indicated one iota of understanding of issues at large or even this very specific issue. You didn’t actually address anything written in any way that is substantive. Not one word that isn’t about you and your perception of reality based upon your feelz as taught to you by feminists. Nothing you have said would make a male trust you to “fight for the rights” of men or that you even grasp what “true sense of equality means”. This is why you aren’t trusted. This is why your ideology is rightly considered hateful. This is why a site like this and women like this exist. We are not taking your propaganda, slogan pitching over the REALITY of actual life and how it works. Try again.

        • People are oppressed. You cannot tell me that children who are forced into marriage are not oppressed. You cannot tell me that an innocent girl who was raped was not oppressed. You cannot tell me that women should be ashamed for standing up for THEIR BELIEFS. If you have the right to speak out about what you believe, why shouldn’t others? You speak out confiidently, but you say that other women should be ASHAMED for speaking out. Who are you, that you can speak your feelings and thoughts, while you insult other women, and say that they should stop. I respect you, and your opinion, but I do not agree with you, at all.

      • Elena pls b logical y are u committing fallacy, y would you say non feminist are illogical, wat is good to me may b bad to you, and moreover it is when most female fail that is when they gall back to feminism. Take it or leave it I am a non feminist, most of u are anti men

      • You sound very certain of your misconceptions, Elena. Myopia is a disability, however. Just because you don’t see something not mean it does not exist.

        Essentially, what you are trying to say is that feminism = gender egalitarianism. Yet you have failed to define egalitarianism or show the ways in which feminism actually upholds, supports or promotes actual gender equality. This is actually impossible to show, so I don’t blame you for not trying.

        Token virtue signalling does not equal gender egalitarianism. Gender egalitarianism requires equal human and civil rights *regardless of gender*. Women Against Feminism understands this. The legislation lobbied for by feminists shows that they do not.

        Under feminism, women’s rights have been elevated above those of men and children. That is not gender egalitarianism. That is assigning rights *because of gender*. It is gender apartheid.

        Women Against Feminism is not “Women Against Women’s Just Rights”. It is women against state-mandated gender prejudice! It is women against the injustice that results from society and the law gender profiling men as violent, privileged and oppressive by nature.

        Women Against Feminism is women FOR human rights – *regardless of gender*.

        Feminism is and always has been a movement to improve outcomes for women with regard to men. It is Gender Marxist by nature in that it views women as the victimised proletariat while depicting men (#YesAllMen) as willful oppressors. Feminism looks at history and humanity only through the perspective of embittered women. It does not see men’s sacrifice. It does not see the suffering of children. It does not see the agency of women who choose motherhood despite feminist’s insistence that women’s biological roles are slavery, designed for the benefit of men.

        You are personally free to delude yourself into believing that a movement called “feminism” could stand for human rights regardless of gender, but we have seen (and survived) the harms of feminism’s sexism.

        Feminism is sexism. The future is human.

        • Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean doesn’t exist.
          There’s a certain irony about this statement.
          Feminism is for females but it does have a benefit to the male gender as well.
          For example one of the reasons the highest suicide rates that males have is because of the idea that showing emotions is feminine.
          The reason why it’s conveyed as feminine is a negative reason because femininity is associated with weakness and frailness.
          This also leaks over into other areas such as body image.
          As a male having a body figure that is skinny or chubby or fat is seen as feminine or conventionally female, insults such as pussy and you’re such a girl come to some peoples mind hence creating a bad health issue.
          Sports is particularly bad, the phrase you run like a girl, throw like a girl, play like a girl is both insulting to the female gender but also towards the male gender.
          Even things like cooking, sewing, doing daily chores have been in the past and even now stereotypically shown as feminine.
          This is pretty harmful for young boys as it doesn’t allow a child to be a child, from a young age toxic ideas are imbedded into their head that something is wrong with them if they don’t follow a ridged oppressive idea of what is male.
          Even crying, it’s pretty often that the phrase don’t cry like a little girl is thrown around, casually etc.
          How do you think this would affect a male mentality?
          It’s quite easy to be against Feminism, I’m more than aware that Feminism has its faults but it’s easy for Anti-feminists to dismiss the good about Feminism entirely to create a bias view point.
          For example there is a huge misconception on what Feminists think of mothers, I feel like anything a woman does is empowering as long as its HER CHOICE.
          If she wants to have kids and a husband, fantastic it’s not my say.
          But I dislike the propaganda about motherhood, the overly oppressive propaganda.
          For example, pins, posts and the Ideals that a woman is not a real woman unless she has a child.
          It is incredibly obvious the huge societal pressure on women to conceive and be a mother, I have felt that pressure my entire life.
          It is EXPECTED of women.
          I want to normalise the Idea of women not having children and having a husband as much as the Idea of women not having a husband or children.
          I want the same reaction when I say no I don’t ever want kids to be as boring as me saying here’s 500 reasons why I like the colour brown.
          Not to be asked a dozen times why not and people exclaiming to me kids are the wonders of the universe and looking at me as If I’m mentally sick.
          That needs to stop.
          Also WOMEN WORK so that men don’t get all the pressure of being piggy banks. Like for instance ( Hypothetically because I don’t really feel the need to find a partner) in this economical state it’s better for both males and females to work.
          I FEEL LIKE females getting the opportunity to work RELIEVES the stress and oppressive nature of men needing to be the breadwinners of the family and the piggy banks that go out every day and work themselves to death.
          THIS IS to both give women rights but also ACKNOWLEDGE and try to even out the suffering that it caused men.
          As a Feminist I’m also against women getting easier jail sentences, I believe that in law and fairness a criminal is a criminal regardless of gender.
          FOR FELLOW FEMALES it is not STRONG or BRAVE to hit or abuse your male partner, it is a terrible, terrible abusive act and the abuser should be judged CORRECTLY. Do not HURT your significant other, it is no different for me whether it’s a female or male being abused.
          You know what I’m here for? Accepting every body type, male and female because the media feeds very unhealthy imagery into peoples minds and just guys..love yourselves your perfect?
          Also can we get rid of this man-hating myth?
          My best friends are guys, my little brother is a guy.
          The closest person in the world platonically is a guy.
          My buddies that I play sports with and get drinks afterwards are guys.
          I’m against assholes and jerks and they come in every gender.
          I’m against when rape victims are blamed or not believed. ( Male and Female)
          I am for Feminism for the anorexic / bulimic people that look at magazines and get upset when they don’t look the same.
          I’m for the little boys and men who were told to not be pussy’s when they got sad or upset or scared.
          I’m for kicking the asses of the homophobic assholes that called a straight guy gay or a girl for liking cooking.
          I’m here for the little girl that never got to study science because she was bullied out of it.
          Or the boys that never got a doll when they were a child because of their sexist parents beliefs.
          I’m here for the child brides ( That’s still happening even in Australia) I want that to stop.
          As a Feminist you do what you like as long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else than let me tell you I’m here for it.
          I am a Feminist and this is my belief.

          • My favorite part of your comment is, “her choice!” The article above is about having equal choice. If the female is truly equal to the male then they both should have an equal choice in reproduction matters. Women already have a choice, let’s offer men a choice too. Sound equal?

          • Yeah and look at any time there is a situation where they might be vulnerable men or males who don’t fit the stereotypical mold of machoness or masculinity, and you’ll find feminists proudly putting their boots down on such men, simply because of their gender and not because they’re trying to act like the very men feminists have asked them to become. I myself am often drawn to hobbies and things labelled “girly” and some of the nastiest, most toxic and gender shaming language I’ve ever received have come from women. They may not be feminists, but this fact still pokes holes in the feminist drum beating that there is an all oppressive “patriarchy” that hurts men too. One also needs to look no further than the existence of TERFs to see the hypocrisy among feminism and in the issue of what feminists say vs the reality of what they do.

          • Using feminist propaganda, feminist slogans, feminist lies and feminist misinformation to try to rebut criticism of feminism is about as ridiculous as it gets. Your screed that goes from exceptional situations that prove a rule, to outright fabrications ,to somehow equating 50’s television to real life is just a complete clusterfuck. Nothing you’ve written showed an understanding of males or the male POV on anything. If you don’t understand 1 entire half of an equation, then no one should trust you when you say you have the answer for everybody or that you are somehow speaking with nothing of the whole.

        • I’m absolutely shocked by this. This is what makes things go very wrong and low. I feel it’s uneducated. Look around. Seriously. Have some God damn DIGNITY. FOR THE LOVE OF….
          Well said

        • Men did not invent, design or have any input into the design of the sexual reproduction system of male and female. Whether you believe in “God,” an impersonal creative force, evolution, cosmic accident, whatever, men had nothing to do with biology.
          Girls and women were not, are not, forced to be female by men. Laws do not compel girls, women, to be female. From the standpoint of humans and human-made laws girls and women chose to be female. No one compelled a single one to be female.
          Females’ fathers did not choose to send an “XX” sperm to fertilize the mother’s ovum (egg).
          Neither men nor men’s laws compelled any girl or woman to be female.
          Nor to emit an ovum once every 28 or so days.
          Nor to exude estrogen type e to allow sperms to pass through her cervix.
          Nor to open her cervix.
          Nor to assist sperms through her uterus to her fallopian tube wherein resides this month’s ovum.
          Nor to carry sperms up her fallopian tube to meet her ovum, which is up to that point a cell of her body.
          If fertilization is successful, the cilia of her fallopian tube along with protective mucus that she generates carries the ovule (fertilized ovum) to her uterus where, if all is favorable, her endometrium (lining of her uterus that she grew) takes the now-embryo in, encloses it and feeds it as it grows a placenta. Men, laws, do not compel any of this. From the standpoint of all other humans and human laws her actions are entirely voluntary.
          Does this not lead one to a conclusion that one does not have any right to take the life of another to avoid inconvenience, embarrassment, shame? All the more so when she generated this person within her body – voluntarily?
          We and our laws see the parents, the creators of a child, as having a special duty to see that the child is cared for. If parents do not want, or are unable, to care for a child they created, they may discharge their duty by finding someone else who will accept the child and care for her.

      • There is no reason that you need to yell at her. She has the right to her own opinion. People like you are the exact readon many do not agree with feminism. Modern “feminists” seem to have the term equality mixed up with supremacy.

        • I don’t see how this conversation is anything besides constructive. I find it fantastic to discuss views and debate, regardless of which side I am on, and once people embrace that; there should be no need to criticise people for arguing back

      • Only 18% of women in the US define themselves to be a feminist, while over 85% believe in equality of opportunity and rights between the sexes. There is a reason. Most women now see that feminism is no longer about equal rights and equality; they see it as a vindictive and hateful man hating culture which is out not to fight for equality but to use victim hood and unrealistic ideology to try to get young and opportunistic women who would otherwise have a great career ahead of them, and turn them into manhating social pariahs. Plain and simple, the great majority of women do not believe in the the present existence of the feminism that you are describing.

        • You’ve actually made one of my points too! As a female, I would love to know who designated 18% of women to be the voice of 100% of women. They demonize men, and women too. If you’re a stay at home mother and wife you’re labeled as weak and less of a woman. I fail to see how I’m less of a woman for using my womanhood for exactly what it was given to me for..

      • If your gonna act like a bitch, you can leave! And this is why some of us females don’t want feminism you guys are forcing us to become feminist when we don’t want to!

      • you can say whatever you want, but the way you perceive feminism isn’t the same way as others are. most feminist i’ve met LITERALLY call ALL men rapist, pigs, sexist, etc. they act like their superior to men, or at least want superiority over men.

      • Feminists are against men!
        Human rights activists fight for both!
        In my opinion you are human rights activist fighting for both, or the the negative ones fighting for their own gender ( feminists and musculinists )
        So go back to your caves you feminists and masculinists !!

      • Um, feminism is actually very contradicting. You’re actually asking for the same rights men have, but not giving men the same rights that women have. Kind of unfair to grant women the same rights as men when men do not and will not ever have the same rights as women. Example. Feminism is very supportive of being pro choice. So, they feel as though women should have the right to choose whether or not they have an abortion. I completely agree, but, if the woman wants an abortion and the man does not, how exactly are they being given the same right on that situation? The man is pretty much told its not his choice at all, which could lead to severe emtional problems and possibly affect him for the rest of his life. I mean if feminism is actually dedicated to equal rights for both genders and not just females as you stated earlier I would like to know what options they will be offering men in that situation, you know since rights must be equal, then the man should be consulted and his opinion should matter equally. I fail to see where men have any rights in that matter at this time. You can not ask for equal rights but with exceptions because youre a woman, thats actually doing exactly what youre saying men have done… What about men who do not want a baby with someone and the mother has chose to keep the baby? The man would then be demonized for “not rasing his children” that he didn’t want in the first place. You could chalk that up to “he should have been more responsible if he didn’t want kids” but then so should every woman sitting at an abortion clinic waiting to abort the fetus they acquired while engaging in irresponsible, unprotected sex. Also, on numerous occasions I have witnessed feminist demean women for choosing to be the traditional wife and stay at home mother. Weak, I believe is the term that is most used for that lifestyle. I don’t exactly agree with a group of women telling me I am weak as a women for wanting to be a wife and mother full time. I actually don’t agree with a group of women thinking they get to delegate what women are or are supposed to be at all. They claim to speak for all women and there again, no, you most certainly do not speak for all women. Only 18% of the female population in the United States are feminist and so I’m not sure who elected them the voice of all women since 82% of women actually do not agree with feminism. feminist have also went as far as to say in the situation of “rape” while both parties are intoxicated that the man, even though intoxicated, can still make level headed decisions but women can not. So consensual intoxicated sex is rape if the women soberly regrets it the next day, and can only fall back on the man? Because according to feminist intoxicated or not he is still perfectly capable of making the same decisions that he would sober. Yeah so, really failing to see the equality in all of this… oh and FYI, if feminism is not all those things, I suggest you guys stop portraying it as such on media outlets. Kind of hard to say feminism are not those things when people can pull up a whole protest on youtube led by feminist demanding fathers day be removed as a day in general.

      • Plenty of people oppose feminism for a variety of reasons. Women always had a varied experience of the patriarchy (hence why women have oppossed feminism since its inception), which makes it completely inapropriate to compare it to other forms of opression or injustice such as 19th century mine deaths or slavery. Feminism needs to be held to account for the injustices that feminists inflict upon the world.

      • When development of safe contraception for males has been proposed organized femdom (for that is what feminism is) loudly and bitterly opposed it. They do not want men to have control of fertility.
        “The church?” What church are you wanting to register deaths? There are over 20,000 sects just of Christendom.
        Civil government laws require death registration. Only where a sect of religion is the official government “established” religion does a religious organization register births, marriages and deaths.

      • Feminism, is the equivalent to a hate group; all do respect Elena. Have you not stop to ask yourself why WOMEN AGAINST FEMINISM, are against feminism in the first place? ( putting things in cap dose not further prove your point is more valid then someone else.. just an “fyi”)
        Women who are against feminism see it for what it really is.. an embarrassment to other females. There has been many times where feminist acts are too extreme and most uncalled for. To further elaborate Robin Morgan ( Ms. Magazine editor) quoted “I feel that man-hating is an honorable and viable political act, That the oppressed have a right to class- hatred against the class that is oppressing them” This is absurd and most disrespectful, for the simple fact that the “same rights for men” are supposedly wanted for women , Do correct me if I’m wrong. Yet it seems the “oppressed” are becoming the oppressor. Laughable.

      • Women Against Feminism is for INCLUSIVE gender equality. We demand justice REGARDLESS of gender and not BECAUSE of it.

        Feminism was defined from the outset, at the Seneca Falls Convention, to be AGAINST men. They defined men as the problem. There has been a severe lack of compassion for men ever since.

        Feminism is to gender equality what the civil rights movement WOULD have been if Martin Luther King had called it “Blackism”. In his wisdom, Martin Luther King chose that name because he UNDERSTOOD that the focus needed to be on RIGHTS, not on RACE.

        Feminism never understood that same concept. Women Against Feminism DOES.

        • Feminism is just a word. No one can be against any abstract not well defined concept.
          Then, nowadays, 2018 there is a bunch of laws, decisions and political maneuvers that can be, as any other pack of political decisions, criticised.
          Those actions are labelled feminism in an arbitrary way.
          Therefore, a person labelling himself antifeminism is perfectly understandable. She is critical about some imperfect decissions labelled a certain way.
          It is certainly not honest, intellectually, taking a universally accepted concept, link many measurements to it, and later avoid any criticism just because the name of the label they chose is almost sacred.
          Choose another word, or accept that after every bad decission made, there will be many more willing to call themselves antifeminist.

      • Feminism is just a word. No one can be against any abstract not well defined concept.
        Then, nowadays, 2018 there is a bunch of laws, decisions and political maneuvers that can be, as any other pack of political decisions, criticised.
        Those actions are labelled feminism in an arbitrary way.
        Therefore, a person labelling himself antifeminism is perfectly understandable. She is critical about some imperfect decissions labelled a certain way.
        It is certainly not honest, intellectually, taking a universally accepted concept, link many measurements to it, and later avoid any criticism just because the name of the label they chose is almost sacred.
        Choose another word, or accept that after every bad decission made, there will be many more willing to call themselves antifeminist.

      • You need to read the article again because you completely ignored what it said and completely ignored the unequal standards of feminism.
        Feminism is not about equality. Feminism is about special rights and privileges for females at the expense of males.

      • Shut the hell up bruh. If feminism was not against males it would not be called feminism. If feminism was about equality this page would be feminism. Feminism exists because females exist because some cant control their temper, ( Im not gonna be a bitch like u bitches and say all everyone in a gender are the same). If there were news about men raiding to have safer environments they would be called sexist by most. Not all females are feminist because some are not greedy. If all males were menimist we would all hate to death u females and soon we would dominate. Men are afraid of fighting against feminism because women are society’s favorite and that is complete sexism.

      • Why does there always have to be some loud mouth feminist who just has to put her 4 pence in?

      • Actually, women against feminism is nothing like those things you mention…

        There are workers that are against unions because workers don’t like not being able to represent themselves or earn a wage commensurate to their individual work ethic, or the fact that in this day and age, unions give hard earned dues to a political party that the worker does NOT support!

        UNICEF has been rife with corruption…

        Musicians can self publish straight to Youtube or other online venues, rather having to rent a concert hall…

        “Feminism” so called does nothing to promote femininity; I like to call the modern feminist movement the “Queenist” movement because most modern feminism is nothing more than misandry… Queenism is about how superior women are to men.

      • yes everything you said was stupid and illogical. Feminism DOES NOT include Men. You need to do more reading.

      • 1 Word: Rhetoric. Manipulation and Rhetoric. I am a Women, and I HATE Feminism. Not Feminists, Feminism. Look up the meaning of Rhetoric, because that is exactly what I see in ALL of your reply. Thank you. 🙂

      • If feminism is not against men why is it that every obstacle feminists face is blamed on men and said to be caused by men .How can feminism not be against men when feminism clearly views men as the reason why females in general are suffering on earth and lastly how can feminism not be against men when feminists have clearly admitted that they don’t take men’s rights activists(MRA) seriously and view the MRA as feminist enemies?

      • Fuck your feminism. Denounce Valarie solanas right now or nothing you typed means anything. Fuck you for hiding behind your personal made up definition. Die mad about it bitch, people are waking up to the feminist religion bullshit.

      • THANK YOU!
        I do not understand this website. Feminism is about humans being individuals but treated as equals. Being paid the same and having the same chance at wealth and success. Feminism is not about hating men or putting down people for underestimating women. It is about hope and harmony. Feminism is a beautiful thing. It helps so many, including me. Thank you for speaking out.

    • I’m absolutely shocked by this. This is what makes things go very wrong and low. I feel it’s uneducated. Look around. Seriously. Have some God damn DIGNITY. FOR THE LOVE OF….

    • Excuse me, but child support on the part of the father is for the children and if he is their father that is a responsibility he should fill, it is NOT for the woman and her support, it is for the children and men and women that think otherwise are seriously in the wrong. Just ask a child that did not have child support from the father when they should have had that, because it was the man’s damn responsibility toward his children and they will tell you….. HEY, I was the one getting screwed over…..

      • Nope, it’s to the mother to ensure she provides well

        The number of people providing has no importance, it’s to be provided for equally. A man has the same responsibility toward an unwanted child as you have toward your neighbor’s children

  1. You are very correct in saying women have more reliable options for birth control. However, could an issue be pharmaceutical companies not spending money on male contraceptives with knowledge they will not be used due to side effects? There has been effective male contraceptives for years and yet no companies will trial/produce them because they will not be used due to men not wanting to experience the side effects.
    Why should only women have to tolerate side effects of reliable contraceptives, when it is possible for the burden of using these to be equal?

    • The argument that men “don’t want the side effects” is a misinterpretation. Possible infertility is not a “side effect” I imagine most women would want either. Further having dozens of options is not a “burden” being spoiled for choice is a “burden” most people want in any given situation. Ultimately this does nothing to address the elephant in the room either, that the N.O.W, AAUW and more besides have actively lobbied against male birth control under the premise that it “hurts women” which is asinine…but no more asinine than most of the other issues that feminists ignore on a daily basis

      • . . . You know those side effects aren’t worse than the ones that female birth control had when it first was created right? Except women weren’t warned about it and couldn’t consent to their own medical needs. If knowing the side effects a man still wants to take birth control that option should still be available to him.

        • That would be an economic failure. You realize that there is a cost to the production and distribution of any product. Simply putting something out in the market won’t help if no one, or very few people are willing to buy it

    • So first you describe what men think and feel even though you don’t have a clue, then you equate having MULTIPLE OPTIONS as being a….”BURDEN”?? Are you serious? This. This right here is all the proof anyone who is anti-feminist needs to point toward the sickening level of narcissism the feminism promotes. How mental deficient must one be to actually consider choice to be an onus? FFS. You deserve every angry reply and word ever directed towards you in life.

  2. My view might be controversial. If someone assaults me and I consequently become paraplegic, I would need to learn to live with my new condition: whether I deserved it or not would be beside the point.

    To take another parallel example: if a woman rapes me and becomes pregnant, I have no right to force her to have an abortion since that fetus has a right to live. If my attacker decides to keep the baby, then, firstly, since she would be a sex offender, I certainly should have a right to claim full custody of the child. After that, while I could give it up for adoption to a person who accepts responsibility for it, I should still be held responsible for caring for that child until I do find someone who is willing to adopt the child. Whether I deserve to have such a responsibility imposed on me through rape would be beside the point: whatever abuse I might have endured, we must still consider the child’s needs too. How much more responsible should I be should I consent to the sexual act!

    That said, unless I rape a woman, I should have a right to equal custody to the child and take equal responsibility for the child too.

    • And when a father rapes his 12 year old daughter. What then? Are you going to stop the child from taking the morning after pill?

      • obviously not. Don’t be dumb. We are not going to overrule basic principles for one generalised and quite effective rule. Obviously if the woman is in no financial position to raise a baby or medical condition. AND it was rape, the. An abortion would take place.

  3. I will add that one concern has to do with the difficulty in proving any form of sexual assault or coercion beyond reasonable doubt before a tribunal. When the sex is consensual, I have difficulty sympathizing with either partner: if I engage in consensual sex with a woman and she becomes pregnant, then we take responsibility for it, simple as that. When either partner coerces the other though, then what’s the solution?

    I think a start would be to make any sex-crime trial inquisitorial by default. Even that would improve the situation only a little. I know some US states still have fornication as a crime punishable by a light fine in the law books? Should we maintain these fornication laws, spread them to other jurisdictions, raise the fine to a heavier one and maybe double it for each repetition of the offence? I don’t know the answer, but I suppose that fornication would be easier to prove beyond reasonable doubt than sexual assault. Do we encourage potential rapists of either sex to seek help by advertising resources for sex addiction or compulsive sexual behaviours?

    I don’t know the answer to these questions, but I do know that in any pregnancy situation, the rights of the child must trump those of the parents even in cases of rape. I also know that we must consider sexual assault as a gender-neutral crime that can happen to anybody.

    Going back to consensual sex between two partners: if they consent, then they accept responsibility for whatever happens.

  4. While your argument is logical, I cannot personally get past the fact that abortion is murder. Unwanted pregnancies result, overwhelmingly, from consensual sex, and to resort to murder as a convenient solution to that consequence should have all the negative consequences nature (if not the law) can confer.

    Chaining men to the consequences of their actions is fine if women aren’t let out of it either. If you don’t intend to reproduce, you don’t NEED to be fucking.

    • If an embryo is a person with the same rights as a baby, why doesn’t the church demand that we register the death of a person and hold a funeral every time a woman has a miscarriage?

      • Because they are not a documented citizen yet.

        If a pregnant woman is murdered, the murderer can face two or more counts of homicide (depending on how many children she was carrying while pregnant).

        You have to have a death certificate for someone who was given a birth certificate, but that does not mean that the being in her womb is any less human. In fact by our Declaration of Independence every human being has a right to life until such time as they threaten another human being’s life!

        If we need to forgo any legal complications by issuing “death certificates for citizens in utero” I wouldn’t be against it. However, even illegal aliens have a right to live and have due process of law. You cannot kill undocumented immigrants and expect to get away with it!

        Why should those who kill a “citizen in utero”?

    • if you put a seed in the ground, but dig it back up before it is grown, you are not chopping down a tree.

  5. Equality has nothing do with sameness. I wish you could understand that because than this article would have not been written.

    The male hormonal cotraceptive is on it’s way. But men already have control over their reproduction, it’s called using a condom.

    • And if you read the whole article, you’d see that she addresses the problems with condoms. Don’t have a knee-jerk reaction next time.

    • Jesus Christ! She mentioned that and argued for it and showed why the level of certainty that comes with female contraceptives is higher. Can you read?

    • And women already have control, it’s called keeping their legs closed. See how that works? They can also use a condom. No need for abortion right? She already had options.

  6. I put my hands on my face wondering why anyone would think this way. Have you thought about how hard we, as women, have fought for our rights????
    My God lady. You are fighting against your own being.
    This is Hand Maids Tale thinking.
    What in the world?

    • Tiffany Tomblin!
      “This is Hand Maids Tale thinking.”

      Good to mention to it.
      Action – reaction.
      “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

      As feminism started and had done for around the 70` (save some extremeism) in overall was not a bad thing.
      But the madness which started in the 60` and still on rage at nowdays is a bad thing.

      Now we live in the world of woman:
      With birtrights because they born with one more hole.
      As Rory said in a comment here:
      “Feminism is not about equality. Feminism is about special rights and privileges for females at the expense of males.”
      This is modern feminism.
      Further expand rights and privilages and do not include additional duties and responsibility with them. Keep the advantages of traditional female and near them grant (for females) what originaly granted for males (for whatever reason includes biology).

      And by this overpowered situation there will be a counteraction.
      And this is not only about modern feminism, also about birth rates, LGBT, and so called “modern” society, “developed” countries.

      When I see first the Hand Maids Tale in the beginning of 90` find that so grousome and evil. Unjustiseful and illogical.
      When I see the TV series in last year with about 25 more years of experience (about modern feminism too and results of it) find it simply sad, but far more logical.

      Day to day seems like less a fantasy and more like a neccesity.
      So called modern countries fall after each other. I am from Europe, and see there is no hope to save for example Spain, or Italy, or France, or Sweden. I mean countries as they was and native population as it was. Not even the most radical turn.

      But the US didn`t fall entirely and even if soft counteractions (like womenagainstfeminism – which try to be reasonable in an unreasonable world) will fall, people can realize: something like the Hand Maids Tale is the last chance to save the country. A radical turn born from neccesity.
      Sad but true.

      Feminism born because there was a mad word to oppose.
      Started as slow and soft, became madness.
      Antifeminism born because a word gone mad with feminism. IF slow and soft ways fall then became madness.
      And the circle continues, history repeat itself.

    • I don’t need to have more rights than men, and certainly not be happy about that.
      You should try not being narcissistic

  7. The fact that someone misinterpreted something doesn’t change what it is. Feminism isnt about men or fighting against the male race. Its about fighting a sick notion that says all humans can’t have the same rights or if we do, can’t exercise it because of our difference in gender. Those ones that hate men probably went through something that has damaged them so well that they can’t see but dint take their reactions or words to be what feminism is.
    If you believe in empowerment b of the female gender or even support its good and growth, honey you are a feminist.

    • As Rory said in a comment here:
      “Feminism is not about equality. Feminism is about special rights and privileges for females at the expense of males.”

      And you said:
      “If you believe in empowerment b of the female gender or even support its good and growth, honey you are a feminist.”

      This two is just the same.
      Cripple males and give advantages to females called: equality.

    • The fact that you cannot bear to lose your religion and do not want to admit to the ACTIONS of feminism, does not in any way change what those ACTIONS of feminism have been. The fact that you felt you “won” something by regurgitating the tired dictionary definition of feminism shows that you either haven’t read ANYTHING on this site, or are simply a troll. By now appeals to the dictionary mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because of the observable ACTIONS of your religion. If you don’t like people pointing out the hypocrisy, debasement, violence or outright hatred inherent in feminism, since its inception, then perhaps it’s time for you to look toward movements that promote actual equality.

  8. A woman I met online invited me over to her place and convinced me to have unprotected sex by showing me her recent lab tests and assuring me that she was using an IUD. It turned out that she was not on any form of birth control. She got pregnant and I now have to pay 20% of my PRE-TAX income to her in child support for the next 18 years of my life. And if I miss a payment, I will be sent to jail. All this for a one night stand.

    I asked her to take a pregnancy test after 3 weeks of seeing her. I offered to pay for it and to pay for the clinic visit in case she was pregnant. All she had to do was take ONE pill. But she would not respond to my texts. I only heard back from child support collection months later.

    She had all the reproductive rights and none of the repercussions of committing fraud. Even after the baby was born, she had the legal right to abandon it or give it up for abortion to a more responsible family. I had no such rights.

    Facts later surfaced that proved that she planned this in order for me to pay her 20% of my $120k salary PRE-tax for the next 18 years.

    I feel like an indentured servant, a slave. This is not justice. There is not even any legal guarantee that she will spend that money on the child.

    Me and the innocent baby are the victims of an unethical, fraudulent, evil person who was enabled by laws that are egregiously anti-male. Is this a person whom you would want to raise a child?

    Here is a petition that may help bring these issues to light: https://www.change.org/p/modern-day-family-law-reform

  9. This is a moot issue. 98% effectiveness of condoms is equivalent to the 99% effectiveness of the Pill (if both are used correctly). Part of correct usage means make sure it’s lubricated. If she’s not wet enough, spit on it, get some KY, or buy lubricated condoms. End of story.

    • You literally stated 98% is equivalent to 99%. Did you even read that? And none of that addresses the fact that both he and she can see and judge the effectiveness of a condom. HE on the other hand has nothing, but HER word that she is using birth control properly or even at all. End of story.

  10. As a woman I find feminism disgusting. Women have had the same rights and advantages as men for over 70 years. These women that are lacking in their careers/Live life’s need to take a hard look at themselves and realize that they are the problem. NOT MEN!!!

    • Women did NOT have the same rights as men until the late damn 70’s that is NOT 70 years. I don’t care if you like feminist or not. What you are claiming is a outright falsehood.

  11. Men absolutely get to decide and also get toconsent, its just semantics oftiming and presents differently ” equality dosent equal sameness” ????..since men and their orgasms or ejaculation if u will INSIDE a vagina is the only way pregnancy happens..im sorry they ALONE cause “unwanted” pregnancy..a women can have a shit ton of sex and even more orgasms, especially since women are capable of multiple orgasms in the same session, with a partner or alone even, without ever becoming pregnant..looking past birth controls possible uncomfortable, painful and although rare possible deadly side effects is seriously troubling, and possibly the grossest rationalization I’ve ever heard..so we can figure out and pay for a man penis to get and stay erect, and how to get the ejaculate to shoot blanks through surgery, but cant invent a pill men could take? Oooh wait they have, or had, however the side effects were to lengthy or costly, yet still a much shorter list of than that of possible side effects than that of female contraceptives..odd that we will pay and conduct endless studies on mens erections and ejaculation, yet seem to want women to pay and jump through hoops for the opportunity to deal with the possible consequences of just about every male erection and ejaculation in a their vagina can have on womens lives and well being ( i.e procuring birth control, or seeking and having access to safe and legal abortion)..even if a women was to say she was on birth control or had their tubes tied, when infact they were not and had not..he still decides to ejaculate iinside, hence taking the risk she may get preggo from his swimmers, if a man took her word, I feel for him I do, but correlation dosent equal causation therefore choice and consent were not absent or forcibly taken so his preggo causing ejaculation, on him..this scenario may not make for a stand up gal but let’s not pretend men are the blindsided innocent victim trapped with no choice, by the siren out to destroy him..ooo wait no choice and free will is something we only try and take from women!!! Well that and sexual autonomy and agency; the she “could’ve kept her legs closed” male apologists who just project onto women, so petrified of female sex for pleasure without consequence? Yet want to remove all consequences for men, and this coming from a women!!! And spare me the ridiculousness about lubrication or lack thereof on her side causing the condom to break?!?!?!? Truely comical, and imo completely irrational..not a vaginal lubrication expert or anything buuuut that would in theroy hurt the women long before it broke the condom, giving him” time to notice”..not only that she isnt comfortable, but the condom could be at risk..if she isnt wet that’s a problem for sex in an of itself, independent and on it’s own from the breakage issue..a man using a condom that may break, for many reasons btw, absent of fault or intent, is still no reason to absolve essentially all responsibility if he deems it so.. nor is ok to force a women ready to accept her responsibility for the child even if he isnt to either abort or force sole economic support onto her ..essentially giving the man his choice to free himself of any consequences or responsibility..she cant chose not to have it, yes but still has to go thru a horrible process, not just physically but mentally, with so many those kinds of people who love to inflict their beliefs and socail morals on others!!! Seeking a pat on the back and approval of the male species much?

    • So many words, yet you can’t grasp that all your arguments can apply to women to not have abortion rights

  12. If you all are so disgusted to be equal, stop writing this stuff and simply obey and sit quiet. Stop working, because men are the ones who supposed to do that. Do not go shopping by yourself or wear trousers (this is not feminine!). No voting, no studying, no traveling by yourself, no marrying men that you want (only who your father likes and tells you to marry), no thinking for yourself.
    If you girls are so against feminism, stop reaping benefits that feminist activists brought you! And I mean all of it. You have the privilege to even talk right now only because of your ancestor feminists!

    • I want to be equal. I have more. That’s why I want rights for men

      You really can’t understand there’s Egalitarianism, that does the same thing to women without treating men like shit?

  13. I’m not going to lie.. You had me until the abortion part. The only one being “forced” to do anything is the unborn child. Both donors (I’d call them parents but good parents don’t kill their children.) know that having sex creates life. That is the whole point of having sex is to procreate. If you don’t want the responsibility of children or if you’re that worried about your figure don’t fuck. Doesn’t seem that hard to me.

  14. I have to say that this is probably the best reasoned and non-biased approaches to the subject at hand.

    I would like to add the following however…

    With so many options in regards to “birth control” I have to say, that if a woman gets pregnant with all these options out there for her not to, then she should face the fact that she has gotten pregnant and NOT seek to end the life of the child she helped to create!

    In about 97% to 98% of the time, the woman chose to have sex, when it comes to pregnancy and abortions. Therefore to call an abortion her “choice” is to be disingenuous! The woman chose to have sex.

    Sexual intercourse, by its very nature and design, is the act of making babies! To properly engage in sexual intercourse is to take upon you the risk of making a child! That “thing” in your belly is not just a “fetus” it is the making of a human being! It is a child, it is a person!

    Now here’s the problem, to kill a person is HOMICIDE! The ONLY justifiable homicide is that which protects another human life! Therefore, the only justifiable abortion is that which happens to protect a woman’s life! It is that simple!

    The women that want to abort a child all through out the pregnancy are being selfish and self centered! And to do so then is to risk the woman’s health anyways! Women DIE having abortions! Botched abortions damage women’s (and girls) ability to bear children later, or increase her chances of getting breast cancer, especially if it was her first pregnancy!

    Sadly, instead of teaching people to be accountable for their willing participation in certain actions and activities that lead to consequences, they want to participate in those risky actions without the consequences!

    Again, sexual intercourse was DESIGNED to make babies… If you CHOOSE to engage in sexual intercourse, you risk making a baby! Do not blame the BABY for your CHOICE to have sex! Once the baby is conceived, it needs to be protected as a person because that is what it is! It is NOT the mother’s body, it is a distinctly separate and separate person than the mother.

    If it would be illegal, or at least immoral, to kick someone out into a blizzard outside your home, putting that person in danger, then too it is immoral to kick someone out of your body until that person is ready to and able to leave of their own accord! It’s sad how a lot of these “feminists” want to spend people’s money on things like the homeless, but are so selfish as to be willing to kill a child that is in their own body, a child that was the creation of a hopefully pleasurable event…

    As to the rape exception, women who have been raped and carry the child to term often do NOT regret it but find LOVE in their hearts for that child!

    That is what at stake, is the loving thing to bring that child into this world, or to brutally MURDER them in the place in this world where it should be the safest, a mother’s womb? Calling them a “fetus” is the willful dehumanization of that child. Most mothers KNOW it is a child, it a human being with a heartbeat! It is NOT “loving” to kill them, but to deliver them into this world in LOVE!

    We CANNOT have a “loving world” if we cannot even bring the most precious of lives into this world in LOVE!

    • It is not murder. There’s no person.

      You can’t even force giving blood, you can’t force à woman to have her body used.

      The consequences of sex, while on birth control, is that you might have to get an abortion.

      It’s like if you use your car, there might be an accident. That doesn’t mean we shouldnt seek to repair what the accident has done

  15. I agree it’s an urgent discussion as minimising men’s feelings towards their children is a terrible and unwarranted thing to do.

    Equally, I don’t see feminists out there discussing the issue of abortion being forced on women by financial circumstances, their partners or their families. One would think promoting a woman’s right to have her baby against the odds is just as important as the right to abort.

    They paint abortion as solely a woman’s choice, when at least half the time it isn’t the choice she would have made. Being threatened in all sorts of ways or seeing no way to care for a child materially is not “choice”.

    Feminists should be aware of it and yet they pretend it’s not happening.

  16. Feminism most definitely has huge benefits for men. It has totally done away with morality-based barriers to intimate contact, and has empowered women to finally give a man what he wants, without all kinds of religious interference.

    Now, there is a glut of young, willing females available online 24/7. The competition for men is so stiff, these women will do absolutely anything to please, in hopes of hanging on to a guy.

    Feminism has vastly opened opportunities for males, because even two employers I know of pesonally, refuses to hire females other than clerical staff, to avoid harrasment lawsuits.

    The feminist movement has made competition easier for men, because of the stereotypes of women it has produced. And for married men it’s been a lifesaver. Sending a wife into the workforce when she didn’t want to was once unthinkable. No more. The husband is applauded now.

    I don’t know about other guys, but I think taking care of kids is really easy. I never even have to get up. If the house doesn’t burn down, everything’s OK. If they get too noisy, I project a booming, “Settle Down”, and it’s quiet again.

    Feminists complain about sexism. But that has triggered most women to prefer it. Most women like guys who treat them as arm trinkets and sex objects. Sexism makes a woman feel like a woman.

    Everything feminists crusade for is turned to the man’s advantage, because women need more than all else male adoration and to please a man. It is not within conscious control to alter that.

    So, whether a woman is feminist or not, I don’t have a problem with it.

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