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    • Feminism: (Merriam-Webster) the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities

      Feminist: ( advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.

      To those women who say ‘I am not a Feminist’. To those who scoff at women’s rights movements, who laugh at any suggestion that there is a problem or threat or that there even IS such a thing as Feminism anymore. To anyone who enjoys the rude phrase ‘feminazi’. I say to you:

      Have you ever been cared for by a woman doctor? Have you ever been counseled by a woman lawyer? Is your dentist a woman? Did you have women college professors? Did you go to college…do you WANT to go to college? Did you reap the benefits of a mother who went to work while you were growing up?

      How do you think a woman’s place in this modern world evolved to make these roles more possible?! But that does not mean all things are equal.

      One quote on the collage of women here on this site said something along the lines that getting drunk at a party and having sex is not rape. Perhaps, but what does that have to do with being against Feminism as defined above? It is not an argument. It is not a stance. It is sad that young women use shaming tactics against other young women by suggesting that certain behaviors DESERVE to be answered by rape.

      What DO you stand for??? What will you stand for? Will you be proud to tell your daughters you opposed Feminism??? I don’t think you will if you really understand what Feminism means…

      Things that seem like they’ve always been in place in our western culture were once scientific breakthroughs, medical breakthroughs, consumer protection breakthroughs, amazing inventions, new laws enacted, barriers broken through… the following is a list of firsts for women in this country, which means before these women, there were none…imagine that.

      Elizabeth Blackwell: Graduated from Medical school in 1910. First woman doctor.
      Arabella Mansfield: First woman lawyer in the US in 1869.
      Raymonde de Laroche: First woman to receive a pilot license 1910
      Valentina Tereshkova: First woman in space 1963
      Emily Howell Warner: First woman to become an airline captain 1976
      Emeline Roberts Jones: First woman to practice dentistry in the US 1855
      Mary Anderson received a patent for her ‘car-window cleaning device’ in 1903. The windshield wiper.
      Hedy Lamarr received a patent for her invention of Spread Spectrum Technology in 1941
      Rosalind Franklin, British molecular biologist and crystallographer, her research completed in 1953, was crucial to the DNA discovery and she, along with one of her students, took the infamous Photo 51 which was subsequently used without her knowledge.
      Penny Ann Early: First woman to play major professional basketball 1968
      Jennifer Welter: first woman hired to coach men’s pro football. 2015 (yes two thousand and fifteen)

      1860 New York: Married women granted the right to control their own earnings

      First Coed College was Oberlin Collegiate Institute, opened 1833.

      The first four women to receive bachelor’s degrees in the United States earned them at Oberlin in 1841. Later, in 1862, the first black woman to receive a bachelor’s degree (Mary Jane Patterson) also earned it from Oberlin College

      Maybe these dates are a little more easily appreciated…

      Up until 1978, a woman in the US could be fired from her job for being pregnant.

      1977 was first recognized workplace sexual harassment case in the US

      Not until 1969 could a woman get an Ivy League education.

      It wasn’t until 1972 that a single woman was legally allowed access to the Pill

      Not until 1974 was a woman in the US allowed to establish a line of credit/get a credit card.

      Not until 1973 was it legal to have an abortion.

      Not until 1973 were women allowed in all 50 states to serve on juries.

      Maybe these dates are still too OLD for you to consider important???

      Can you imagine having to get a man to co-sign with you in order to get a credit card? Any woman you know who is 44 years or older, would have been alive when that was true in our country. Oh, you don’t have to worry about that now? The work was all done for you?!

      I see a lot of very young women in the photo collage posted on this site parroting things they have probably heard from some not very bright friend or relative or other weak information source, showing obvious shame in embracing a good thing because somebody said Feminism is a dirty word.

      Nowhere does true Feminism advocate hatred of men. Forget your 1st, 2nd, 3rd waves. It is an ongoing process. The problem has not been resolved. Yes, you do enjoy privileges which women fought and died for, it’s true. But it doesn’t end here. Wake up! Open your eyes. If you don’t know who any of the following women are, pick one at random, look her up and say thank you!

      Notable Feminists Early 19th – 20th Century (listing mostly US women)

      Mary Wollstonecraft
      Amelia Bloomer
      Simone de Beauvoir
      Germaine Greer
      Alice Paul
      Lucy Stone
      Carrie Chapman Catt
      Betty Friedan
      Sojourner Truth
      Susan B. Anthony
      Elizabeth Stanton
      Bella Abzug
      Madeleine Albright
      Maya Angelou
      Margaret Atwood
      Lois Banner
      Liz Carpenter
      Harriet Hanson Robinson
      Abigail Adams
      Sarah Moore Grimke
      Lucretia Mott
      Jane Addams
      Alice Constance Austin
      Rachel Foster Avery
      Harriot Stanton Blatch
      Alice Stone Blackwell
      Mary Agnes Chase
      Victoria Woodhull
      Tennessee Celeste Claflin
      Voltairine de Cleyre
      Anna J. Cooper
      Ida Crouch –Hazlett
      Margaret Fuller
      Matilda Joslyn Gage
      Eliza Gamble – Evolution/Darwin
      Charlotte Perkins Gilman – Author The Yellow Wallpaper
      Sara Jane Lippincott/Grace Greenwood
      Julia Ward Howe
      Abby Kelley
      Mary Livermore
      Belva Ann Lockwood
      Maud Wood Park
      Ernestine Rose
      Anna Howard Shaw
      Martha Carey Thomas
      Harriet Tubman
      Ida B. Wells
      Dorothy Thompson
      Lois Banner
      Mary Ritter Beard
      Dorothy Lee Bolden
      Lucy Burns
      Jacqueline Ceballos
      Shirley Chisholm
      Minnie Fisher Cunningham
      Barbara Deming
      Carol Downer
      Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
      Crystal Eastman
      Cynthia Enloe
      Myrlie Evers-Williams
      Geraldine Ferraro
      Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
      Betty Ford
      Clara Fraser
      Elisabeth Freeman
      Marilyn French
      Carol Gilligan
      Judy Goldsmith
      Vivian Gornick
      Lois Gold
      Jane Grant
      Bertha Harris
      Nicole Hollander
      Mary Howell
      Sonia Johnson
      Claudia Jones
      Rosalie Gardiner Jones
      Florynce Kennedy
      Inez Milholland
      Kate Millet
      Diane Nash
      Alicia Ostriker
      Grace Paley
      Frederique Petrides
      Sylvia Plath
      Letty Cottin Pogrebin
      Lorine Livington Pruette
      Adrienne Rich
      Florence Rush – The Freudian Coverup
      Joanna Russ
      Margaret Sanger
      Barbara Seaman
      Alix Kates Shulman
      Ruth Simpson
      Eleanor Smeal
      Gloria Steinem
      Doris Stevens
      Marie Stopes
      Joan Kennedy Taylor
      Rini Templeton
      Mabel Vernon
      Trude Weiss-Rosmarin
      Nellie Wong
      Jill Johnston
      Molly Yard
      Rosalyn Baxandall
      Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

      • Great fact listing. It’s true feminism is about all of these things but you are failing to see how people are acting within the feminist groups, I guess it’s called 3rd wave or something. But it has a huge following and a lot of influence. How will you fix that? It goes against what feminism stands for. Women are being harassed by other women, it’s like living in Africa or some tribal country. If you have another opinion you are then forced into thinking the feminist way. If you can’t see that then you are brainwashed. All the arguments and facts in the world aren’t going to change the poor behavior going on right now. Some women have even gone so far as to accuse men of things they haven’t done to ensure their promotions. Little college girls don’t know Sh*t about the real world and have no business leading political movements. I recently mentioned to a feminist about who ran the women’s march and she had no idea who was in charge of it. Guys you are following along blindly. Learn to think for yourselves. Go ahead now and get angry and attack me. That doesn’t change anything.

        See below and you will one of the feminist leaders of the women’s march being arrested in 2017 at the women’s march. Is this what you want to be a part of? No, but this is what is happening right now and no feminist is doing anything to change their own selves, they want to fix everyone else. Leave us alone.

        • Within every movement there are mistakes, and people being mislead into believing something means something it doesn’t. Within every noble crusade there are people who do the wrong things for the right reasons, and declare something that is true for them but not collectively. One person saying they believe feminism should be act against men and believe that’s how the movement should work is them, one person declaring everyone else should change for their benefit is them. But collectively as a whole, feminists declare the need for equality among ALL sexes, men and women alike, they help give those who need better opportunities because of a superficial prejudice get that. True feminists know what we’re fighting for and that is equality for everyone. Let me repeat that, equality for EVERYONE. With that I would like to remind you that I am proud of you, maybe even though you don’t have an understanding of what feminists believe in as a whole, or what the definition of feminism is, but you are willing to voice that, to say, I’m going to fight for what I believe in, and to exercise your freedom of thought. Congrats.

          • If feminism is about equality….WHY IS IT CALLED FEMINISM?! Feminism is about feminizing men and pandering to women.

          • Karen Straughan answers your question perfectly:

            So what you’re saying is that you, a commenter using a username on an internet forum are the true feminist, and the feminists actually responsible for changing the laws, writing the academic theory, teaching the courses, influencing the public policies, and the massive, well-funded feminist organizations with thousands and thousands of members all of whom call themselves feminists… they are not “real feminists”.

            You’re not the director of the Feminist Majority Foundation and editor of Ms. Magazine, Katherine Spillar, who said of domestic violence: “Well, that’s just a clean-up word for wife-beating,” and went on to add that regarding male victims of dating violence, “we know it’s not girls beating up boys, it’s boys beating up girls.”

            You’re not Jan Reimer, former mayor of Edmonton and long-time head of Alberta’s Network of Women’s Shelters, who just a few years ago refused to appear on a TV program discussing male victims of domestic violence, because for her to even show up and discuss it would lend legitimacy to the idea that they exist.

            You’re not Mary P Koss, who describes male victims of female rapists in her academic papers as being not rape victims because they were “ambivalent about their sexual desires” (if you don’t know what that means, it’s that they actually wanted it), and then went on to define them out of the definition of rape in the CDC’s research because it’s inappropriate to consider what happened to them rape.

            You’re not the National Organization for Women, and its associated legal foundations, who lobbied to replace the gender neutral federal Family Violence Prevention and Services Act of 1984 with the obscenely gendered Violence Against Women Act of 1994. The passing of that law cut male victims out of support services and legal assistance in more than 60 passages, just because they were male.

            You’re not the Florida chapter of the NOW, who successfully lobbied to have Governor Rick Scott veto not one, but two alimony reform bills in the last ten years, bills that had passed both houses with overwhelming bipartisan support, and were supported by more than 70% of the electorate.

            You’re not the feminist group in Maryland who convinced every female member of the House on both sides of the aisle to walk off the floor when a shared parenting bill came up for a vote, meaning the quorum could not be met and the bill died then and there.

            You’re not the feminists in Canada agitating to remove sexual assault from the normal criminal courts, into quasi-criminal courts of equity where the burden of proof would be lowered, the defendant could be compelled to testify, discovery would go both ways, and defendants would not be entitled to a public defender.

            You’re not Professor Elizabeth Sheehy, who wrote a book advocating that women not only have the right to murder their husbands without fear of prosecution if they make a claim of abuse, but that they have the moral responsibility to murder their husbands.

            You’re not the feminist legal scholars and advocates who successfully changed rape laws such that a woman’s history of making multiple false allegations of rape can be excluded from evidence at trial because it’s “part of her sexual history.”

            You’re not the feminists who splattered the media with the false claim that putting your penis in a passed-out woman’s mouth is “not a crime” in Oklahoma, because the prosecutor was incompetent and charged the defendant under an inappropriate statute (forcible sodomy) and the higher court refused to expand the definition of that statute beyond its intended scope when there was already a perfectly good one (sexual battery) already there. You’re not the idiot feminists lying to the public and potentially putting women in Oklahoma at risk by telling potential offenders there’s a “legal” way to rape them.
            And you’re none of the hundreds or thousands of feminist scholars, writers, thinkers, researchers, teachers and philosophers who constructed and propagate the body of bunkum theories upon which all of these atrocities are based.
            No…You’re the true feminist. Some random person on the internet. LOL

    • Feminism: (Merriam-Webster) the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities

      By definition, the name of this website could easily be called “Women Against Equal Rights”.

      • Feminism defines Feminism. Women against feminism define Women Against Feminism.

        We advocate for *inclusive* gender equality and justice *regardless* of gender – not *because* of it.

        You mention a man having to cosign for a credit card. You understand why that was, don’t you? He was legally responsible for the debt she incurred.

        It’s very telling that feminists only ever speak from the perspective of the woman. They only ever consider the decision making aspect of agency – never the responsibility aspect. That has to change. We don’t WANT feminism. We want inclusive gender equality.

  1. You guys are so oblivious. I guess you didn’t need the person who gave you the right to vote. You just basically said “I don’t need someone to point out that we aren’t getting equal pay, because I don’t care”. Was the women’s rights movement not good? What forced to being raised in polygamy? Think, before you hold up one of those stupid signs.

    • Alice, this site is referencing 3rd Wave Feminism, which has done nothing for equality, and instead champions female superiority and turning men, and anyone who doesn’t agree with its dogma into 2nd class citizens or non-people.

      The feminist movement you are speaking of has long been dead. It did its job to the letter, and it no longer exists. This current form of feminism shares the same name, but it is not the same thing at all. Feminism used to be about equality, not it is about superiority. Get a clue.

      • There is strong evidence that the fight for women’s voting rights started BEFORE feminism, and feminism just took credit for it (like they do for most things it seems) and not only that, the suffragettes were fighting for the same rights (to vote) as men, without the same responsibilities (to be drafted) that men had.

        That is not equality.

    • But is feminism now those movments? No it’s not. See, feminism has been split up into waves: 1st, 2nd, and third. The women’s suffrage and women’s rights movements took place in the 2nd and 1st. The movement we are in now, that started in the 80’s, Is the third wave. It is a completely different entity than the one’s before, so bringing up things that happen around 50-100 years ago is not realistic. What has the 3rd wave done for me now? Absolutely nothing. (I also suggest you do more research on the woman suffrage movement.)

    • i think they are saying they dont need anything else
      like they are ok about how life is now
      so i think that is the point

    • The feminist movement now and the feminist movement 100 years ago are two different things. You can NOT be a Christian and still believe that murder is bad, just like how you can NOT be a feminist, but still believe in equality for men and women. You do not own equality.

    • Feminism need not be relevant in America anymore. If you want to fight for gender equality, focus on women in third world countries who have NO RIGHTS, rather than a false wage gap, that is in reality, an earnings difference. Fight for the abused men who have no safe houses and resources available, fight for the fact that more men are raped in the United States than women. Fight against the false statistics that third wave feminists promote.

    • Only person oblivious here is you and I’m sorry about it. You don’t even know what you’re into yourself, just following the crowd. Learn wisdom from

    • Aren’t you sweet. Just because feminism did something good in the past doesn’t mean we have to support a similar cause now. Also, the pay gap is pretty tiny after adjustments are made: “However, after adjusting for choices made by male and female workers in college major, occupation, working hours, and parental leave, multiple studies find that pay rates between males and females varied by 5–6.6% or, females earning 94 cents to every dollar earned by their male counterparts. The remaining 6% of the gap has been speculated to originate from deficiency in salary negotiation skills and gender discrimination.” ( So it’s not always that we don’t care, it’s that we don’t agree with the importance of some of these issues on a logical, statistical, or moral (i.e. abortion, which is considered a feminist cause) basis.

  2. How many times do women hold up signs with the word “slut” or “slutty” in it? If women don’t think the word is sexist, it’s probably okay if I say women are all sluts. I don’t care. BTW, I don’t care for men’s right, either. I’m exercising it right now.

    • Haha I’m not hating or anything man, but when people say they hate sluts, I’m pretty sure they’re saying they hate sluts, not women.

      And when someone says someone is acting slutty, I’m pretty sure they’re saying that that particular person, or the action they’re doing, is slutty, and not saying that all women are slutty.

      But whatever… fuck English.

  3. The Inequality of Women’s Rights in Australia

    There has been much discussion recently in the media with the issue of gender equality. Some people suggest that women should not have the same privileges as men, since they have the upper hand over woman. Others maintain that women in Australia unfairly are deprived of the same equal rights as their male counterparts. I also contend that equality between a man and a woman is vital in today’s society.
    In our nation, there are 100,000 more women than men, yet 80% of women believe that men and women are not treated equally. In the past, the fight for women’s rights was more overt and vocal. However, since many inspirational, high-profile women, such as: Hillary Clinton, the first female senator in the United States, Malala Yousafzai, Taliban gunshot survivor and renowned vocalist Beyonce, have risen to success, many fail to understand that gender inequality persists. So how much has really changed? There are still many fields in Australia, where the unequal treatment of women is deep-rooted. These include business, politics and sport. Women are also increasingly targeted and victimised by violent men. Even though these issues are constant, not much is being done to address them.
    Women in the workplace are denied the same opportunities as their male counterparts. They are underrepresented in virtually all sectors of the workplace, but in particular, top managerial positions. In 2011, the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency, reported that women represented only13% of managers in mining and only 15.1% of total employees. For construction there were similar results with 16% of managers being female a mere 11.8% of total employees. Women are not only underrepresented in high-level positions, but also in mid-level and junior ones. The inequalities do not end there. Women earn less than men in the same jobs, and earn 1 million less over the course of their lifetime. A report from the National Centre for Social and Economic Modeling in 2009, found that 60% of the difference between women’s and men’s salaries, is based purely on gender. If discrimination was abolished, the average wage for women, based on a 35 hour week, would increase by $3,394 annually. This is appalling in a developed country, such as Australia, and must no longer be condoned.
    Similarly, there are fewer women CEOs in Australia than men. There are also many more men in parliament than women. Isn’t it absurd that there are more men leading a country that has more women? During Julia Gillard’s time in office, she experienced many discriminatory and sexist remarks. Michael Pengilly, an m.p from South Australia, described Julia Gillard as a “dog”. She was also called a “witch” and was even targeted by items of food. She had to regularly endure derogatory comments regarding her physical appearance from the current Prime Minister Tony Abbott. All Prime Ministers experience a degree of negativity from the public and other members of parliament, but never to the extent suffered by Julia Gillard. The taunting and cruel remarks directed at her simply because of her gender, made many people view her as weak and vulnerable. This led to fewer women wanting to pursue a career in politics. In fact, studies by the Young Women’s Christian Association and a University of Adelaide survey found two-thirds of respondents, both male and female, were less likely to be interested in politics Following Gillard’s mistreatment. Women make up half our population yet this is not reflected in our parliament. Who knows if we will ever see another female Prime Minster if this type of discrimination continues?
    Australian women do not receive the same treatment as men when it comes to sport. Competition standards for women are not the same as those for men. The Australian Open does not allow as much playing time for women and the women’s volleyball nets are lower than the men’s. Men and women in all sporting events should be allowed to compete, excuse the pun, ‘on a level playing field’, with no gender divide. Sport should not be about gender but about ability. Having lower standards for women implies that females are somehow inferior. Women’s sport is under reported by the media. The Australian Football League and the Football Federation of Australia do not televise female teams. Without the media coverage for females, there are not many sponsors for these athletes, meaning their wage is not as high as it is for men. For young girls it is hard for them to witness positive role models in the form of female sports stars because it is not widely broadcast. When females do get coverage they receive more comments on their physical appearance than on their physical abilities. Many young women have recalled incidents regarding male spectators who were yelling sexist and derogatory comments to them and when they whistled and cheered the females, most of them felt it was a response to their bodies instead of what was happening during the games. The objectification of women is an idea that it is very much processed in someone’s mind, that when a young women walked into a store to buy new netball shoes, she received a comment from a sales assistant that “When you’re running around the court in a tight T-shirt and a short skirt no one is going to be looking at your shoes”. It is sad that people criticise the appearance of women especially when they are in the same sporting industry. A male athlete told the Australia Sporting Commission, that his coach calls female athletes “useless” and “stupid”. When the strength, power and competitiveness in women are not praised, but negated it can, negatively impact women who want to pursue athletic careers.
    Women are increasingly the targets for violence both within their families and in public. Family violence is endemic in today’s world. This violence presents in many forms, as physical, sexual and psychological threats. In many cases it is the males controlling and manipulating their partners. They use physical abuse for a number of reasons and it threatens the women’s safety which is her fundamental right. Sexual assault is not only physically damaging but also mentally damaging. This sexual assault extends from a variety of people not just their partners. The Lancet Medical Journal stated that 16.4% of women 15 years or older in Australia and New Zealand have been the victim of sexual assault by someone who was not their partner. Being affected by violence can result in the females being psychologically damaged, having low self-esteem and low confidence. A man can restrict a woman’s happiness and right to be independent. Females are worth much more than what some men perceive them to be and therefore more protection should be done to preserve the rights of women.
    There is no doubt gender inequality is alive and well in today’s Australia, We must do all in our power to circumvent it and ensure a ‘fair go’ for the next generation of young Australian women.

    • “”They are underrepresented in virtually all sectors of the workplace, but in particular, top managerial positions.””

      Of course, always picking the cherries, aren’t you, …top managers, huh….Women are under-represented in many other sectors BY CHOICE. I have never seen women flocking in droves into street construction, heavy civil work, mining, chemical plants, forestry, steel plants, sewer work, trash and waste management, electrical, rail construction, ….I could go on. As far as I am concerned, you can be in top management positions, if you are also willing to do the bone-breaking work. Stop being a victim if you want true equality.

    • I had a few things I wanted to point out after reading your comment:

      Female senators: Hillary Clinton was not the first female senator in the United States, just FYI.

      Violence in Australia: According to the Australian Government’s website (Australian Institute of Criminology), men do commit the majority of assaults, however men were victimized at a rate of 837 out of 100,000 (vs women 675 out of 10,000) in 2009-2010. Men are more likely to be victimized by strangers. Men are more likely to be assaulted, robbed and killed in Australia. The source shows women are more likely to be victims of sexual assault, but the majority of these assaults are done by family members (not saying this lessens the crime, but just wanted to point this out). These stats can be found on your own government’s websites.

      Women in the workplace: Generally speaking, women choose more flexible/safe careers than men, so they can tend to their families (the most important role in the world, in my opinion). Being a CEO at a Fortune 500 or a politician requires a lot of traveling and time away from home. Most women aren’t willing to do that. AND THAT’S OK. Because women choose to have more flexible jobs, they aren’t at work as many hours. Men tend to work longer hours than women, so it makes sense that they get paid more for their work. Yes, more men are miners, but mining is one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. Why would a woman who has children want to choose a career that could end her life and take her away from her kids? However, nobody is stopping you from becoming one… so why don’t you take the lead and become one yourself? Encourage your female children to become miners, too. You may experience gas leaks, cave-ins, electrocution, vehicle collisions and fires, but hey, you’re a strong woman, you can handle it! After all, you are 100% equal to men!

      Women and sports: Male sports tend to be faster than female sports (because… biology), therefore they tend to be more fun to watch. Male sports teams generate more money than female sports teams. It’s all about supply and demand. Do you attend female sports games often? Do you wear their jerseys or have posters of them on your bedroom walls? If the answer is no (and it probably is), then you are part of the problem. Start going to more female sports events, encourage your friends and families as well, and maybe you’ll start to see a change. Until then, you have to follow the money trail. I know this is not what your average feminist wants to hear, but our societies revolve around money. But I like money. And you probably do, too. So put your money where your mouth is.

      Violence between men and women: I’m not trying to downplay women being abused, but men are often taught not to express their feelings or see themselves as victims. They are constantly told to ‘suck it up and be a man’ – therefore, many men don’t report physical or sexual abuse. 3 million men will be victims of abuse by their female partners in the U.S. According to the CDC, 1 in 4 men will be victims of abuse. There are about 1,500 safe houses for battered women in the U.S. and about 5 for men (my numbers could be slightly off here). Why aren’t feminists fighting to change this, since they are all about equality?

  4. its funny how most of these articles (especially ‘raw’ by assuming that all the pics taken were by men forcing the women to hold the sign up) try to portray these women as stupid and advocating misogyny and feminist wonder why people do not like them. any one that has apposing views to them is wrong or stupid, fascist, misogynist etc. yet they can talk trash about whoever they want. Heard of freedom of speech anyone? #fuckfeminazism

  5. Feminism does not stop you from attending to your home or raising your own child. It doesn’t demand that you hate men or claim your superiority over them. At its core it only begs that you question the equality of the genders in society. Feminists don’t blame men for their “mistakes” or their “insecurities” they blame society for shackling them to confining roles and abolishing their freedom of choice in several cases. You might say that gender inequality is over and that it no longer exists, but there are still women all over the world who experience first hand the strong bias against them. It is acceptable to be content with your situation but it is unacceptable to remain ignorant to that of others.

    • I agree, and I think many people need to realize that extreme feminists are not everybody. I am a feminist that will fight for equal rights across the board, because there are so many injustices against our sisters in different countries and if we cannot support women across the world how are women supposed to break the gender norms. I am not saying you need to not shave to prove yourself to men, if you want to go ahead I will support you, but I in no way intend on trying to bring men down by trying to give women a better name and life.

    • People are mainly talking about gender equality in the US and saying that feminists should focus on other locations that need help where there is no equality and oppression still exists. I believe the person above is referring to feminism in America and saying that it is pretty much “over” in The US.

      I believe toxic behavior should be addressed within feminism so that the true and good can rise and do good work again. I don’t know feminism isn’t a punk rock band which it is starting to feel like these days, it’s not a trend or a hairstyle either…

  6. Well done, women!
    Third Wave Feminism has become anti-women by demonizing motherhood and leading young women to the ridiculous hours, depression/ anxiety and sexual self-hurt of the American city.
    It is anti-boy in lobbying for estrogen injections for boys who are rambunctious, expelling those boys who are losing their little minds in a dumb-you-down school system and can’t sit still though it.
    It demonizes our amazing Dads and brothers as all being potential rapists and oppressors!
    Well done my fellow women for discarding this extremist ideology. Girl power!

    • Hi Jane Smith,

      Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steven Thompson. I am a university educated man that comes from the Toronto, Ontario, Canada region. I have a B.Ed. degree and a B.A. degree. When I went to university in Southern Ontario, Canada back in the late 1980s, I majored in English and History. I think that I am a reasonably intelligent person, but I believe that most people in this world are similarly intelligent as well. Dear Jane, I assume that you are a nice and decent person, but you have chosen to be extremely sarcastic in your letter to these nice women who operate this website. Dear Jane, why did you Choose to be Sarcastic with these nice people? Does it make you proud of yourself to use sarcasm, Jane? Or maybe you are one of those misguided people who actually believes that by being Sarcastic with people you portray Incredible Intelligence. Come on Jane, being sarcastic doesn’t prove great intelligence at all. Jane, everyone knows that being sarcastic is just being RUDE! Jane, there is simply No Honour in being sarcastic and rude with other people. If you believe that everyone here is overwhelmed by your Sarcastic Brilliance, then I really believe you are sadly mistaken. Everyone knows that sarcasm is a very simple concept. Sarcasm is simply a form of Irony. There are 2 basic forms of Irony: sarcasm – low irony, and wit – high irony. Irony is simply saying one thing, but you actually mean the opposite thing. Dear Jane, did you really believe we would be that impressed by your tremendous knowledge of low irony – sarcasm? Surely not, right? Surely, you realize that 10 year old boys say to bald men on the city streets of Toronto literally everyday, “Hi Sir. It’s very nice to meet you. By the way, I really like the way that you’re wearing your hair today. Okay, well goodbye, Sir. Have a nice day.” I am sure that you realize that this type of scenario is happening thousands of times everyday. Even 10 year old boys understand irony , Jane. However, it is Blatantly Obvious that you think your use of Sarcasm makes you appear Highly Intelligent, or you simply wouldn’t have used it at all. Once again Jane, being Sarcastic with people is simply the same as being Rude with them, so if your ultimate goal was just to be Rude with us then why didn’t you just tell us to all “F—- Off?” But, I realize that you are Used to being Sarcastic because that has always been the Feminists’ favourite way to win an argument, right Jane? For example: (This is a totally true story. Everyone who knows about feminists’ behaviour during the late 1980s will know that this account is definitely true.). When I was at university in the late 1980s in Southern Ontario, Canada, a group of us were sitting in a coffee shop on our university campus. It was in late March, so one of the young men said (just to make Polite conversation) “What is everyone doing for the summer?” And instead of similarly being Polite, and simply responding to his mundane question, Cathy, an outspoken feminist in our small group of friends Sarcastically said, “Well, gee. I don’t know. I’m only a woman, so I guess I will have to give birth to a few babies for the summer. That’s my Only function in life, right?” Oh, Gee. Thanks a lot Cathy. Thanks a lot for being Sarcastic and Rude to a person who was being Polite with you. It is Obvious that you feminists truly believe that by being Sarcastic and Rude to other people that you are portraying your Superior Intellect to everyone else in society (except of course your equally sarcastic fellow feminist friends). Jane, did No One ever tell you about the Importance of being Polite with other people? Why do you and your fellow feminists insist on being Rude and Sarcastic with other people? I realize that being sarcastic with Everyone else who is Not part of the Feminist movement is one of the main “Joys” of being a feminist, but don’t you understand the Importance of being Polite at all? Jane, I assume that you wrote this letter to try to change the opinions of these anti-feminist women here to your feminist cause, so why would you be sarcastic and rude with them? They are your flesh and blood Jane; they are women! So, why would you be rude to women. Women are ALL that you care about. Women are your entire life’s philosophy. That’s why you are a Feminist, because you ONLY care about women! And because you Obviously Only Care about women, then why would you be sarcastic and rude with them? Why? Why would you insult them for No Reason? I realize that all of you feminists are finally a little bit frightened, because you can’t handle the fact that some women are Finally starting to rally against your feminist rhetoric. But, if you truly wanted to change these anti-feminist women’s minds, then why Not be Nice and Polite with them? Don’t you realize that you would have garnered much more support for your cause by being Polite with these decent women rather than ridiculing them and being sarcastic with them regarding their Choice to be anti-feminists? But, like I said, I realize that this sarcasm tactic has been used by you feminists for so long now, that you probably can’t break the habit now anyways, right? Oh well, Jane, I think you can try. Jane, have you ever travelled to any of the Oriental countries of the Far East like: Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, etc..? If you haven’t, then I suggest that you do sometime very soon. You will discover that Eastern Asian people are Exceedingly Polite All of the time, and are well known worldwide for their Unbelievable Concern with being Polite to both men and women. Politeness is a virtue, Jane, but Fortunately, for my sake, you and your fellow feminists Never realized that Fact back in the 1970s, or 1980s, or 1990s, or 2000s, etc…. I say Fortunately, because the Perpetual Rudeness of you and your Feminist Sisters is Probably the Main Reason that these Women on this website Decided to Reject your Political Ideology many years ago now. I am a 54 year old man now Jane. I have had to listen to feminist sarcasm and rudeness for a very long time now. However, fortunately, now some nice women are starting to defend white men like me, and now I really don’t feel like castrating myself anymore. Amazingly, today, I can finally respond to you and All of my feminist professors who taught me numerous ridiculous lies such as: “Women have always been subjugated by men (especially white men)”, and of course “we live in a patriarchal society”, and that “affirmative action gives women job preference over men, (and although this policy is Obviously Sexist against men) – well, it really doesn’t matter because white men have always been privileged, so now they deserve to be punished for their past evil doings” and also telling us the false statistics put forth by the Very Famous Feminist “the Great Mary Koss” back in the mid-1980s which “Falsely Claimed” that 1 in 4 college women had been victims of rape” and finally that “Everyone knows that Women live in a “Rape-culture”, etc…., etc…., etc….. Your side would have won Jane, but you feminists forgot a very important rule of life: No one likes Rude and Sarcastic People! And because you, Gloria Steinham, and the rest of your feminist sisters have consistently been Rude, Abrasive, and Sarcastic with other people, and have always had a Chip on your Shoulders, Now your feminist movement is starting to fall apart rapidly. Women are Now finally on OUR SIDE, Jane. You can fight off (us) men very easily, but you can’t fight off your own gender – Women. Jane, do you Not realize that ALL men want equality for women (even ultra-conservative nerds like Rush Limbaugh)! Everyone in the world wants equality for women. We All want equality for men too. We All want an egalitarian society. We All want an egalitarian world too. Modern feminists are now becoming Humanists, Jane. This is the Only logical course of action, because your movement is Concerned with the Rights For Women Only. Everyone Else is a Humanist Jane, because we want equality for Both Women and Men too. Feminism Only fights for Equality for Women, and that is why Feminism has always been a Dreadfully Selfish Political Ideology. Feminism Must die out because it is Only concerned with 1 gender. Humanism Must completely take over, because it is concerned with equality every single person in the entire world. But, there’s still time for you to come over to our side too, Dear Jane. Give up Feminism, and join the Humanist Revolution! We always want new members. However, if you can’t come over to our side ( and I’m pretty sure that you can’t), then please send me one of your patented Sarcastic Feminist Responses, because you and I both know Jane – that they Always Do You Good.

      Take care Jane, and I’m very sorry that I was a bit sarcastic with you too. But, oh well, I’m sure that you will Nail the Hell out of me with your “Incredible Intelligence and Amazing Gifts of Incomprehensible Irony” in your response to this letter,

      Anyways, good luck to you, (and I actually mean that sincerely),

      It’s very hard to be a woman, and it’s very hard to be a man too, Dear Jane,

      (I really hope that you understand this fact),

      Take care,

      Please respond to me anytime,

      Bye for now,

      Steven Thompson

      • Dude, you completely misread her message. She is against 3rd wave feminism and was giving kudos to the women of this site.

      • Do you realize that by writing such elongated message to Jane to quit feminism in such way is going against your message to not to be mean? You yourself is being a hypocrite by doing the things you told her not to do. Constantly repeating her name by saying “Dear Jane… Dear Jane…” is done in a way to annoy her evidently and I think you are aware of that you did that intentionally to annoy her. There are a lot of other things you intentionally did as well but I won’t list them down here because it will get too long then.
        Second of all it is very rude to tell other feminists that they deserve to die and you were too emotional here. Extreme feminists are part of the small portion of the entire feminists and you are generalizing the whole feminist population. Also, people who claim that feminism is wrong by claiming women should not be superior than men are actually, in fact, taking part of feminism as they are supporting for gender equality. Feminism is about gender equality and many people have the wrong idea about it.

        Before you say something, first, learn to calm down, and second, act the way you expect others to behave to you.

  7. Did anyone know that women are not the only ones suffering under islamic law?

    Lapidation is a penalty for adultery applied to BOTH male and female perpetrators. Also, according to official numbers from Iran, 50% of people lapidated due to adultery were male. Although, that is the numbers of the people who had their names written. If the nameless entries are included, the numbers tips to somewhere around 60/40, being the male population the majority.

    Not only that, lapidation for men is even more cruel than it is with women. Women are placed in holes which only leave their head exposed, meaning that every hit is made to the head, and while it is still a painful and deplorable death, it is a quick one. However, men are denied even of such mercy. Men are buried only to the waist, meaning that their bodies are severely crushed by stones for what can easily last for thirty minutes before they can finally die.

    Of course, feminists will have their say in this. The one that seems reasonable is that women also suffer from literal objectification and the burkha. The other position is that, because it’s man on man violence, it is irrelevant. By that logic, when a woman is attacked by another woman, authorities shouldn’t care. Obviously, that logic is rotten and should never be enforced.

    Unto the subject of the other issues women face under these regimes: it is true, women have less rights than men and are barely considered property. However, that does not legitimize lapidation of men, nor does it mean that men are particularly better off.

    Why? Simple: men suffer from other very serious issues which are pretty much just as terrible as that. Whenever a man is suspected of a crime, he will be tortured until he admits to be guilty, and in many cases, even this step is skipped and they authorities go straight up for the kill (literally). In recent days, all of the male population of a whole village was executed in basis of drug trafficking — even the children. Why? Because, according to them, those who weren’t drug-dealers, would eventually become one, simply because of them being male.

    Shouldn’t women be protected because of this? Of course they should, as well as men should.
    However, whenever you show this to a feminist, you will be accused of being a mysoginist cruel brainless bastard (literally, happened to me more than once). Not only that, but this is information that is never published anywhere because, well, apparently no one cares about men.

    To top it off, whenever you discuss this in front of most feminists, you will be laughed at, and told to suck it up. Funny that, somehow, feminists still expect people to care about their issues.

    • I’m pretty sure everyone is suffering under shariah law XD the women are treated like property and are seen as worth less than men, gay men are thrown off of rooftops, children (mostly girls but whatever) are mutilated, and anyone, even a man, who tries to leave the religion is beheaded.

  8. Wow, refreshing. I don’t know what is in store for men and women but it is nice to hear females empathizing with men.
    Thank you, it means a lot. Sincerely

  9. I am sure that you have all read about the horrific experience that a graduate student went through at Wilfred Laurier University in Canada in November 2017. This lovely young Canadian woman was threatened, humiliated, and reprimanded by a group of her left-wing, feminist Canadian professors Only because she believes Strongly in the concept of Freedom of Speech. I will briefly outline what occurred in the following paragraphs.

    The female graduate student’s name is Lindsay Shepherd. Miss Shepherd also works as a Teaching Assistant (TA) at the university. Among other duties, Miss Shepherd teaches an introductory course to first year undergraduate students in the humanities department at Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario, Canada. Back in November 2017, Miss Shepherd was teaching her class about the debate over whether gender-neutral pronouns should be used or not used in Canadian society. Very recently a bill was passed in Canada (called Bill C-16) which made it necessary for university instructors at all Canadian universities to refer to trans-students Only by their Preferred Pronoun.

    When Miss Shepherd taught this particular class, she Never took sides on this controversial issue. All that she did, was show 5 minutes from a video that was previously made on this topic by a Canadian television show produced by TV-Ontario. In this video, the topic is fairly discussed by 2 Canadian university professors – one pro side and one con side. The professor that stood against using the trans-person’s choice of pronouns was Professor Jordan Peterson from the University of Toronto. Miss Lindsay Shepherd simply showed her class a 5 minute clip from this video, and then she had the class debate over what they had saw.

    Unfortunately, a student (or a group of students) later complained to the English department at Wilfred Laurier University that they were upset by viewing a video that had Professor Jordan Peterson in it. Very quickly a small group of professors summoned Lindsay Shepherd to confront her about the complaints made against her. Fortunately, Miss Shepherd made an audio recording of her interrogation session with the group of professors. In the audio recording she is told that Professor Jordan Peterson’s views were highly “problematic,” and that Peterson spent a lot of time “critiquing feminism” and “critiquing trans-rights.” By showing a video clip that starred Professor Peterson, Lindsay Shepherd was told by the one male professor that she had “created a toxic climate for some of the students.” The male professor also told Lindsay Shepherd that Professor Jordan Peterson was “highly involved with the alt-right” political movement, and that the video with Dr. Peterson in it had “made them (her students) uncomfortable” by watching it.

    Miss Lindsay Shepherd quickly told the group of professors that “I was not taking sides. I was presenting both arguments.” Unfortunately, the politically-correct professors didn’t care about that, and the one male professor maintained that the video “creates an unsafe learning environment for students.” Miss Shepherd was verbally interrogated, threatened, and harassed by the professors until she broke down crying. Then, Miss Shepherd stated: “I didn’t target anybody. Who did I target?” The one female professor quickly replied: “Trans-folks.” Then, Lindsay Shepherd responded: “How? By telling them ideas that are really out there? By telling them that? By telling them? Really?” Then the one male professor said: “It’s not just telling them. In legitimizing this as a valid perspective…, as this is another valid perspective…. Then, Miss Shepherd exclaimed: “In a university, all perspectives are valid!” And the male professor concluded: “That’s not necessarily true.”

    What Miss Lindsay Shepherd did here was completely honourable. She was told by her overseeing professor to discuss the use of gender pronouns in Canadian society. Miss Shepherd found an excellent video discussing this topic that showed 2 people debating the topic: one pro and one con. Unfortunately, one (or more) of Lindsay Shepherd’s students complained about the showing of this video because it starred Professor Jordan Peterson. The professors felt they needed to discuss the complaint with Lindsay directly. Unfortunately, instead of taking Lindsay Shepherd’s side, and Rightfully Congratulating her on showing an excellent video that showed Both sides of this controversial topic, she was harassed, threatened, and berated for showing a video that had Professor Jordan Peterson in it. The 3 professors that interrogated Lindsay Shepherd said that they video created an “unsafe learning environment.”

    I believe we all realize that this complaint is always used by Feminist people at all Canadian universities. When someone simply voices a different opinion than their own, then they always complain that they “feel unsafe!” This complaint is a Total Lie, because psychological studies prove that people become More mentally strong when they are exposed to a variety of opinions on any topic, Not Less mentally strong. Yet, this is the Usual tactic used by Feminists and the political left to Shut down any opinions that are different from their own. This usual feminist argument that right-wing viewpoints and anti-feminist conceptions are “Creating an Unsafe environment” at university campuses is a Total Lie, and right-wing people Must begin to say back to them: “I don’t care that you don’t feel safe! That is too damn bad for you!”

    Most importantly, the Fact that the male university professor told Lindsay Shepherd “That’s not necessarily true,” when she asserted that “In a university, all perspectives are valid” is Unbelievably Frightening for All of Canadian universities. In this case, we have a Left-wing, feminist professor forthrightly admitting that it is “not necessarily true” that everyone has a right to freedom of speech! How horrific and awful is that! All universities are supposed to be the places where people put forth various views on a multitude of subjects. As Lindsay Shepherd correctly stated: “All perspectives are valid.” Unfortunately, the feminists have taken control of Canadian universities, and they definitely don’t believe that “all perspectives are valid.” Instead, they only believe that their perspective is valid, and all other opinions must be destroyed. Our universities today are in a horrific state of affairs!

    Unfortunately, Canadian universities have been suppressing the freedom of speech of their students since the second wave feminist movement of the late 1960s. The Extreme Left-wing feminists took control of the Canadian universities throughout the 1970s, and they have been unwilling to listen to an alternate viewpoint (especially a right-wing viewpoint) for approximately 40 years now. Their strategy to keep the anti-feminists out of Canadian universities has been remarkably simple. It simply goes like this: Any undergraduate student that voices an anti-feminist viewpoint or a right-wing viewpoint will immediately be given very poor grades by the feminist professors to get him/her out of the academic system as soon as possible, and ultimately prevent him/her from getting into graduate school and becoming a Canadian professor. Conversely, Canadian professors eagerly look for undergraduate students that keenly support their feminist position, quickly give those students Incredibly high grades, and happily promote them into graduate school and and the gaining of their doctorate degrees. This simple process to prevent right-wing people from becoming university professors has been going on for about 40 years now, and unfortunately no one seems to be able to Stop it!

    Canadian professors have been Suppressing and Stopping Freedom of Speech for many decades now, and this Travesty of Justice Must be Stopped Immediately! Please support Miss Lindsay Shepherd in any way that you can! Her commitment to Freedom of Speech is Highly Admirable, and her Courage to stand up to her feminist professors was Incredibly Brave! Let’s please work together to Remove All of the Radical Feminist Professors from the Canadian University System as quickly as possible, and replace them with Reasonably-Minded people who voice opinions from both the political right and the political left as well.

    Please support the Fair-minded Miss Lindsay Shepherd!

    Please help to rid Canadian universities from Radical Feminism and Radical Left-wing thought!

    Please Support Freedom of Speech!

  10. The traditional Rate of Rape Statistic (1 rape / 5 women) is More Than 12,000 Times Greater than the Actual Police-Recorded Rate of Rape Statistic in Canada. How can these 2 Figures be so far apart??

    This information was taken from: WIKIPEDIA article: “Rape Statistics”

    Here is a brief overview of the information presented in the article, and how the specific data was gathered and recorded.

    This WIKIPEDIA article examines the statistics on rape in various countries throughout the world. The information presented in the article gives the number of, and per capita cases of police-recorded rape by country. However, it does Not include cases of rape which go unreported or unrecorded. Each entry is based on that country’s definition of rape, which can vary greatly throughout the world.

    I only looked specifically at Canada in this article. The information that I got from this article was the number of police-recorded rape offenses committed in Canada from 2003 to 2010. The figures given here are the Rate of Rape (of women) per 100,000 people per year in Canada. The Rate of Rapes given from the year 2003 to 2010 are as follows: (2003) = 1.7, (2004) = 1.8, (2005) = 1.8, (2006) = 1.7, (2007) = 1.6, (2008) = 1.5, (2009) = 1.4, and finally (2010) = 1.7.

    Therefore, to determine the Average Rate of Rape from 2003 to 2010 = the Total of these rape rate figures = 1.7 + 1.8 + 1.8 + 1.7 + 1.6 + 1.5 + 1.4 + 1.7 = 13.2. Therefore, 13.2 divided by 8 years (examined) = 1.65 Average rape rate.

    Thus, in Canada from 2003 to 2010 the Average Rate of Police-Recorded Rape = 1.65 women raped / 100,000 people in the Canadian population.

    Furthermore, simply reducing the fraction: 1.65 / 100,000 ratio = 1 / 60,500 ratio.

    So, since the police-recorded rate of rape in Canada Averages only: 1 woman raped / 60,500 people in the Canadian population, how did the Feminists conclude that 1 woman is raped / 5 women at College Campuses throughout North America??

    Furthermore, the Average rate of rape in Canada is only 1.65 rapes / 100,000 people in the population = 0.0000165 (written as a decimal). The rate of rape reported by the Feminists is 1 rape / 5 women in the population = 0.20 (written as a decimal). Consequently, 0.20 divided by 0.0000165 = 12,121.2121

    Therefore, the Feminists have INCREASED the RAPE RATE by: 12,121 TIMES!!

    Therefore, the Feminists have INCREASED the RAPE RATE by More Than 12,000 TIMES!!

    Surely, the Feminists have Done this on Purpose by Using Faulty and Misleading Statistics to Highly Inflate the Rate of Rape to Further their Feminist Agenda!

    The Feminists have Purposely Inflated the Rate of Rape to make Men out to be Highly Immoral People, and to Further their Political Agenda that women are Morally Superior to men!

    The Obvious Reason that the Feminists Rape Statistic (1 woman raped / 5 women) is Definitely Inaccurate is because it is Based on a SURVEY! The TRUTH is that it is completely IMPOSSIBLE to get ACCURATE INFORMATION from a SURVEY! Unfortunately, almost All SURVEYS are INACCURATE even if they are done properly, and then you also have the Main Problem that the People doing the Survey are Highly Biased, and they want to Distort the results to support their own political agenda. This is Obviously what the Feminists do every time they perform another one of their SURVEYS, and they falsely conclude that 1 woman in 5 women will be Raped while attending college.

    Therefore, None of these SURVEYS should be regarded as being accurate at all, because people often LIE on them, and the Experimenters performing the SURVEYS are Highly Biased! SURVEYS are always HIGHLY INACCURATE!

    However, the statistics that were Recorded by the Canadian Police in the WIKIPEDIA article are 100% Accurate, because these are the Statistics taken by the police of Rape victims REPORTING the crimes that were committed against them. Only these Police-Recorded statistics are accurate because they only deal in Reported incidents of rape (and NOT in UNREPORTED incidents).

    Finally, the WIKIPEDIA article entitled” “Rape Statistics” also talks about the frequency of the incidents of rape that go UNREPORTED. The WIKIPEDIA article states. “Rape is a severely under-reported crime with SURVEYS showing dark figures of up to 91.6% going unreported.” But, once again, WIKIPEDIA has gotten their information from groups that are performing more Inaccurate SURVEYS!!

    The TRUTH is that No One Knows how many rapes are Not Reported! How could anyone know this information; it was UNREPORTED!! Therefore, the people who provided WIKIPEDIA with this information were most likely Feminists who wanted to Inflate the Rate of Rape once again to further their agenda of the great Immorality of men.

    The Bottom Line is that these SURVEYS are always Politically Motivated. The SURVEYS conducted by Feminist groups will always Drastically Increase the Rate of Rape to further their male-hating agenda.

    Therefore, does anyone truly know the Actual Rate of Rape (including those rapes that are Not
    Reported), probably NOT, but it is certainly a lot better to NOT KNOW the Actual Truth than it is to LIE about it!!

    Everyone Must STOP Believing these False SURVEYS.

    • I am just going to add something to my previous post about the unbelievable Inaccuracy of these Feminist Rape SURVEYS. You must remember that it is Incredibly Easy to alter the results of any SURVEY to suit your political agenda. For example: I could take a SURVEY of 20,000 women regarding this question: “Do you think I am the Most Handsome man in the world??”, and I could alter the SURVEY’s results enough to reveal that 95% of the women responded YES! However, would the results be ACCURATE?? DEFINITELY NOT, right??

      Similarly, the feminists have conducted numerous faulty SURVEYS regarding rape over the past 50 years, and falsely concluded that approximately 1 in 5 women will be raped while attending college in North America. They falsify this information to promote their agenda that men are immoral, violent, and evil, while women are moral, non-violent, and good.

      Because All SURVEYS are Extremely Inaccurate and Highly-Biased according to the presenter’s wishes, then how do you Trust any Survey?? The Answer is “YOU DON’T.” All SURVEYS are Highly Biased. Therefore, what should a person do?? The obvious Answer is to Forget about All SURVEYS because they are Too Inaccurate.

      Therefore, to talk about rape rates in countries throughout the world ACCURATELY, the only information that a person should use is the “ACTUAL POLICE-RECORDED RAPE STATISTICS” in each country for each given year. That is the Only Reliable Information that we have been provided with. Thus, when the Feminists conduct another SURVEY to try to determine the number of rapes that go unreported each year, then they are only GUESSING at this unknown number. How can anyone know the number of rapes that go unreported each year?? You cannot accurately know this information. It was Not Reported! So, when the feminist alleges that “Millions of rapes go unreported each year”, then calmly remind her that she can’t know that information because it was “Not Reported”, and then walk away from her.

      The only accurate statistics about rape that we know for sure are the police-recorded rape statistics. Here they are for your information. I got this information from the website WIKIPEDIA entitled “Rape Statistics.”

      A. In the year 2010, in Canada, there was a police-recorded rate of rape of 1.7 / 100,000 people in the population. Therefore, that rape rate = 1 woman raped / 58,824 people in the Canadian

      B. In the year 2009, in the United Kingdom, there was a police-recorded rate of rape of 17.0 / 100,000 people in the population. Therefore, that rape rate = 1 woman raped / 5,882 people in the British population.

      C. In 2010, in the United States, there was a police-recorded rate of rape of 27.3 / 100,000 people in the population. Therefore, that rape rate = 1 woman raped / 3,663 people in the American population.

      D. In 2010, in Australia, there was a police-recorded rate of rape of 28.6 / 100,000 people in the population. Therefore, that rape rate = 1 woman raped / 3,497 people in the Australian population.

      Obviously, 1 woman raped / 58,824 people for Canada, OR 1 woman raped / 5,882 people for the United Kingdom is Incredibly Uplifting Information compared with the 1 woman raped / 5 women in the College population statistic that the Feminists tell us is True, but the Feminists conduct ridiculous SURVEYS to try to GUESS the number of Unreported Rapes, and this ultimately inflates the rate of rape to Absurdly high levels.

      Because Rape is such a Horrific Crime, then there is good reason to Believe that the Vast Majority of Rapes are actually reported to the police in the first place, but No one knows that information for sure. No one can know an unknowable quantity, so the Feminists must Stop producing Ridiculously Flawed SURVEYS that severely inflate the rate of rape, and consequently falsely accuse men of committing millions of more crimes than they actually committed.

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