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  1. (first of all, sorry for my english). Hi, women.

    I would like to let you know that I did write a book called “¿Machista yo?” in Spain, published by SELEER, where I critizise the gender feminism. In Spain there is actually no books of this type. I just ask you for your suport, though I really don’t know how. Doesn’t matter, I love your work.

    The blog of the book (all in spanish, of course):

    Thank you.

    • man y’all are fucked up.

      Really, there is so much hate just spewing in your blood it makes me so sad. PLEASE. From the bottom of my heart get help.

      • Who needs help? The loud, neurotic, misandrist, cognitively-impaired feminists? Or the men and women frightened into silence who have finally regained the confidence to speak out against modern feminism?

        • Ha. I love the way you described feminists. They are a disgrace to humanity, as is that moron “John” who left that nasty comment. Feminists should be shouted down, verbally humiliated, and humiliated into oblivion. Let’s start with this site and take it to the larger society.

      • Ha. John, you are a stupid, worthless moron. You must have no life, to come onto an anti-feminist website and preach your false compassion. FEMINISTS ARE THE PLAGUE OF THIS WORLD AND THEY MUST BE STOPPED.

  2. Hi, my name is Mathias. Im in 8th grade, and I come from a school in Denmark. I’d like to ask some of the staff, (maybe just some other women against feminism), some questions regarding feminism. I’m using it for a project, and I’d really appreciate it.

    If you’re offering help, please either contact my e-mail or add my skype. The skype username is spejder-bio.

    Thanks a lot

  3. This website supports the idea of being against misandry, NOT against feminism. Feminism is all about “EQUALITY” OF THE SEXES. If anyone labels themselves as being feminist and supports anything in the direction of misandry, then they are not what they say they are. They cross the line between feminism and misandry. Please understand this. I am all for complete equality, gender inequality is a real social problem. I would know, I have real experience with it daily, and I am in a social problems class in college currently. I am a proud feminist who supports all of its ideals, I do not support misandry.

    • The college students in “social problems” classes are the biggest social problem. I should know, I’m part of the exhausted majority without a college education. Most working class citizens know that neither gender inequality nor racial inequality are the real issues.

    • Wait. The website’s name is “WomenAgainstFeminism” so it seems clear that the site is against feminism. BECAUSE it’s a hate group against attractive women and males. It is certainly not for equality of the sexes, it’s for the superiority of a specific and small group of women. It’s a group about money and power by pitting males against females who have in the past cooperated to bring about a better world which they have done until feminism started to spew there hate speech.

    • Are you in favor of women being required to sign up for the draft and forced to serve in the military if selected?
      Are you ready to send women into the front lines of combat where they may encounter face-to-face combat against men?
      Are you in favor of men and women having the SAME physical standards for being in the military?
      (Right now, a 55-year-old man in the Army has to run two miles a minute FASTER than a 19-year-old woman for the same score. Marine male have to do pullups – while women do “flexed arm hangs” which is what it looks like when a man can’t do a pullup.)
      Are you in favor of companies like UPS actually ENFORCING their standard that all workers be able to handle 70-pound packages?
      Are you in favor of female police and fire rescue being required to meet the same standards as men?
      Are you ready to stamp out “female only” code boot camps?
      Are you willing to give up ALL “affirmative action”?
      Are you ready to surrender all welfare-type aid that favors women?
      Are you prepared to get rid of “women’s shelters” and “women’s and children’s hospitals”?
      Do you agree that when deciding custody, men should prevail half the time?
      Do you agree that alimony should be eliminated? (It’s roots were based on the fact that only men could divorce – thus they should pay for their decision. That’s no longer the case, so… end alimony?)

      This is just an opening list. If you don’t answer “Yes” to each question – you’re fooling yourself – or lying to us. Point is, women are NOT equal to men. Physically, they’re simply inferior. That’s why you see male athletes who can’t compete against males doing “sex changes” and crushing female athletes. The top female athlete in most any sport is simply not a match for the top 1000 males. (Okay, maybe in something like “curling’. No sport that you can play while drinking beer.)

      Mentally, the intelligence distributions are pretty symmetrical – but the male distribution is flatter. That means there are more dumb men than dumb women, but it also means there are more smart men than smart women. Since all the competition is at the high end, the bottom line is there are a LOT more smart men than smart women, and the smartest men are smarter than the smartest women.

      So basically, while you want to believe men and women are equal – they aren’t. Men outclass women mentally and physically.

      There are some things women do better than men. Have kids. Do monotonous work. Smell and taste slightly better (not as food – but as senses! 😉 Women are better at detecting changes in things. But their ability to process abstract information is significantly worse. The College Entrance Examination Board noted that women did significantly worse on the Level II Physics test and feared there might be gender bias in the testing. So they analysed every question. What they found was that if a problem require rote application of a known formula and computation, women did slightly better than men. But if the problem required abstract reasoning – a new solution – women fell apart. In the end, the CEEB determined they could gender-norm the test – OR – they could test the ability to do physics. And no, this wasn’t the same as testing random people on the street. All the students taking the test were self-selected for their interest in attending top schools in physics – so the fact that men generally have more interest in the field was not a factor… just as the fact that men generally don’t have as much interest in cooking doesn’t prevent them from being the top chefs in the world.

      Look back over the past 300 years and name 100 notable creations/accomplishments by White Males of European Descent. Now try to name 10 by women. The modern world was MADE by WMED.

      There’s good evidence that the on-going destruction of America may be laid at the feet of women. Their relative fear of risk means they vote for social welfare programs, and that has not only driven up the debt ($22 trillion) and unfunded mandates ($200 trillion), but it’s enabled the “single-mother culture – which is the #1 predictor for offspring winding up in prison.

      So bottom line, women are weaker. They’re not as smart. They have inferior knowledge of politics. They make bad decisions. And they will probably be the primary cause of the collapse of the United States.

      And I’m not even angry about it because I’ll probably be dead before it happens. But you really think men and women are “equal”?

      Give me a break.

  4. Hello

    My name is Renee Begin I am a junior in high school and my partner and I are doing a project on anti feminism. I was wondering if anyone from this organization would be able to answer a couple questions about the topic. Please let me know

    Renee Begin

  5. Hi,

    I would like to inform you about our upcoming global event called UptoFaith! This flashmob is organized to stand for natural family model, and is organized at once with the The World Congress of Families which is held in Budapest, HU this year. How to take part? Go to where you can find all the info about the flashmob! 🙂


    • A home-maker that still believes her working female friends should get the same pay as working men

      First of all, it sounds like really what you’re against is man-hating and unfortunately it seems like you’ve all fallen into the mindset that feminism is synonymous with such a thing. The truth is, modern feminism is not just about women wanting to be equal to men but also giving men the right to comfortably get in touch with what is known as their ‘feminine’ side.

      Secondly, if you all really think that we should accept and appreciate how far we’ve come (as written in one article on this site), I’d like to ask if you would accept being told outright that you will be making a lower rate of pay because you are working a so-called ‘women’s department’ rather than what you would be making while working a so-called ‘man’s department’ in a certain popular store all over America. Because if you’re willing to accept that, then I question your sanity.

      • I am a man, that means I am masculine. I don’t have a feminine side. Stop trying to turn boys into girls and insisting that men think like women. Accept the difference and enjoy it. I agree with women’s liberation, feminism is cancer.

      • im a slim nice looking english boy of 18 not a woman but support the feminist cause,because know some wimmin in district who don’t get paid the same as men do at work,more males should support the cause,

        • You’re still young. And ignorant. If you’re not stupid, you will learn. Then you won’t be ignorant and you will understand that feminism is your deadly enemy. It is nothing but lies.

      • Equal pay for equal work? Sure.
        But bottom line, engineers do more difficult work than grade school teachers. Don’t expect each to be paid the same for a 40 hour week.

        The “Gender Pay Gap” is nonsense. On average, women work fewer hours, have less experience, study in areas with less economic importance, have gaps in employment, and if the work involves physical effort, are simply inferior.

        Women don’t generally take the dangerous, dirty, complicated jobs – nor are most qualified for most high tech jobs. So they get paid less.

  6. hi everyone! i’m just here to say, as a young woman of colour, this blog piqued my interest especially because of the controversial views here. i am not here to leave hate or simply insult or leave criticism, but try to better understand what this site is trying to promote.

    in one of the articles i read, it was about a woman not believing in marching and protesting against the president of the united states, donald trump. understandably, this was written quite a while back; however, i still do feel the need to address this situation. protesting is a show of people’s power. during many events in history, protesting was the gateway to the rights we have today. rather than sitting at home, admitting defeat or quote on quote, “giving him a chance,” many of us decided to take to the streets to display the lack of support for the misogynistic, homophobic, racist and under-qualified president. peaceful protesting does no harm to anyone except for those who don’t share the same values as the others. just wanted to point that out.

    just to provide a few examples of where protesting has done the trick:
    – SUFFRAGE PARADE – basic political rights for females– which we most likely wouldn’t have, if it wasn’t for this peaceful protest– and just to prove a post wrong, where it was written that “marching and chanting isn’t going to do a damn thing,” it sure as hell did in the 1930s.
    – SALT MARCH – a quite historical event in india’s history, lead by mahatma gandhi. and although this march did not immediately affect the country, it was a driving milestone for india’s independence.

    i do not want to come off as rude or bashing your site in any way. i’m just… confused. because in many ways, i see this site where many people who twist the definition of feminism. many writers here categorize modern feminism as girls wearing “pink va-jay-jay hats and screaming profanities at men.” which in return, wants me to categorize this site as “women who are opposing stereotypes but creating them, themselves.” just because writers on this site do not understand what equality means, does not mean that feminists don’t either.

    this site preaches “UNITY” among feminists, but by completely classifying yourselves as “ANTI-FEMINISTS,” you’re only creating more division. if we’re talking stereotypes, then yes, i am a modern-day feminist. but no, i do not scream profanities at men, or in any way, shape or form “victimize” my gender. modern feminism does not mean we will “suppress” your sons– because that’s not what equality is, for pete’s sake.

    and as written in another article, apparently we shouldn’t be asking for equal rights, and except, appreciate and acknowledge how far we’ve come. so i guess i’m sorry for wanting/ deserving equal pay and respect. terribly sorry. oh wait, this is probably coming off as a victimization of my gender. oops, sorry again.

    (and this is a response to another two articles, which were obviously written by women who worried that their sons wouldn’t have higher ground over women when they entered the workforce) i’d like to quote someone from twitter (and you’re probably groaning now, because it’s probably going to be something that bashes your belief– and it totally is), but just as @FUCCI said–

    “when you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like discrimination.”

    *mic drop*

    i’d love to hear what you’d like to say, so please, feel free to contact me <3

    articles i am responding to:

    – written by a brown girl/ automotive engineering student/ all girls secondary school graduate/ twenty-year old/ someone who's categorized as wearing a pink va-jay-jay hat/ modern-day feminist/ NOT ALL OF US ARE MISANDRY SUPPORTERS OH MY LORDDDD/ also sorry for any typos <3

    • Sorry, but your arrogant little “mic drop” completely negated any worthwhile point you tried to make. As does your little <3 emojis, your unnecessary use of capital letters, and college credentials/blah blah blah blah/OH MY LORDDDD. Those behaviors are not typos, but simply more symptoms of the cognitive decline often associated with modern feminism. If you still haven't grown up in the past year, or even if you have, feel free to contact me. #NobodyFor2018

      — Written by a white girl, high school graduate, no college education, in her mid-twenties, who doesn't need to apologise for typos.

    • Truth is, the 19th Amendment was the biggest legislative mistake in the history of the known universe.


      And no, I’m not “anti-woman” – I just recognize a few facts that the rest of you seem to miss. For example, when did states, and the federal government, begin to run year-over-year debts?

      And which party pushes social welfare? And who makes up that party?

      And how much does social welfare cost us?

      With half the budget going to social welfare, is it any wonder that America is going down the tubes and drawing millions of criminal invaders who only want to suckle at the government teat?

      Women are more risk-averse than men. They also have less knowledge of politics. So they go for government programs that cost TRILLIONS… and they don’t have a handle on what that even means. Try this little quiz on your friends: Ask them, “How many millions in a billion?”

      Those of us with solid math backgrounds KNOW the answer. But most people guess. And the most common guess is: 10. That’s right. 10. Same for “How many billions in a trillion?” 10. The top answer. That’s men AND women. But women get it wrong more often.

      Now why is this important? Because the correct answer in each case is 1000 – which is 100 times more than 10. So when someone says, “That welfare program will cost 1 trillion dollars”, people who understand the math know that’s a STAGGERING amount of money. But to most people the amount they hear is 10,000 times LESS! You would notice this if you went to buy a 50 cent candy bar and the storekeeper demanded $5000. You’d figure it out pretty quickly if your Netflix subscription was $89,900 instead of $8.99. But a lot of men don’t get it when it’s “government” money – and a lot fewer women ever figure it out. But women vote to spend the money. For women, the question is, “How can I be out of money? I still have checks!?”

      So yeah, I don’t think women should vote because they’re not tuned in enough to make smart decisions like not spending more than you have. Unfortunately for women – the ride will come to an end. When it does, there won’t be any money for welfare, medicare, food stamps. Hell, there won’t be money for fire, police. Think “Venezuela” and “eating the family pets”. That’s where women are directing the United States. When it happens, women will once again be a commodity item. They will enslave themselves to survive. What would you do if you had no money, no police protection and knew that there was no “safety net” of any kind for you? Anyone stronger than you can beat you, rape you, kill you. Look around. Women weren’t always so arrogant. Men have made society safe enough for them to run their mouths. You wouldn’t do it in Saudi Arabia. Think about why! The answer is simple – men have made America safe for women.

      Now… imagine all that going away.

      That’s the future being created by women.

  7. A home-maker that still believes her working female friends should get the same pay as working men

    First of all, it sounds like really what you’re against is man-hating and unfortunately it seems like you’ve all fallen into the mindset that feminism is synonymous with such a thing. The truth is, modern feminism is not just about women wanting to be equal to men but also giving men the right to comfortably get in touch with what is known as their ‘feminine’ side.

    Secondly, if you all really think that we should accept and appreciate how far we’ve come (as written in one article on this site), I’d like to ask if you would accept being told outright that you will be making a lower rate of pay because you are working a so-called ‘women’s department’ rather than what you would be making while working a so-called ‘man’s department’ in a certain popular store all over America. Because if you’re willing to accept that, then I question your sanity.

    • If you had really read ‘other articles’ on this site, then you would have seen that your vapid regurgitation of feminist rhetoric has been thoroughly debunked multiple times. Your trite little talking points that in no way hide the blatant misandry that has ALWAYS been part of feminism does you absolutely no credit in presenting yourself as a legitimate commentator.

    • I have no interest in “getting in touch with my feminine side”.
      As far as I’m concerned, that’s just more mindless blather from a brainless source.

  8. Hello
    I´m a student from Spain in first year of university. I´m currently working on a project against feminism and I need academic sources/articles. Can anyone give me a hand?


  9. Hello my name is Carolyn Paxton, I go to a Portland Public School (PPS)
    It just so happens that I am making a documentary, one on the subject of woman’s representation in media. Most of the opinions I have received are entirely different from the ones I have seen here. It would be my absolute pleasure to have you in my documentary. If anyone of your associates would be open to interview via Skype I would be delighted! We could work out all of the details in further emails if this would be possible for you.
    Awaiting your response,
    Carolyn Paxton

  10. Very interesting — and brave! — site. One thing you might want to clarify is whether you recognize the distinction between feminist theory and the women’s movement. Many women, including many very liberal and left-wing women, have been tireless advocates of civil equality for women without believing in feminist theory.

    The word ‘feminism’ is often used in vernacular English to denote one who believes in equal rights and opportunities for women, one who would abrogate all legal, economic, and clinical discrimination against women. This would be more accurately termed ‘women’s rights’ or ‘women’s liberation’. This is so according to academic feminists themselves, who insist that the word ‘feminist’ refers exclusively to a woman who teaches feminist theory as her profession. An academic feminist will scream at you if you use it any other way!

    Feminist theory used to be a somewhat smaller, obnoxious part of the women’s movement. Now, since most progressive women with any sense understand that the discriminatory barriers that inspired women’s liberation have largely vanished in the First World (except a bit of economic discrimination), feminist theory is all that’s left.

    Some of us who have no problem with female civic equality are really sick of neurotic women turning self-hatred into an ideology, of temper tantrums over things trivial or unsolvable by government policy, of obsessions with every minor facet of popular culture and the private lives of celebrities, and of feminists’ rude, obnoxious, self-righteous, and offensive behavior generally.

    I thank you for your courage.

  11. I, like most men am privately saddened and quietly worried that we are staring into a future where we have no choice but to distrust women because they have an ‘I-gender’ agenda and we dont.

    Because the scales are tipped and I watch other men being destroyed in the family courts for example? Why would I risk a marriage if all ive seen is chaos, betrayal and the exploitation and loss of access to children in the end? The insidious drip feed of lies and cherry picked hatred that is slowly poisoning womens view of men in society is of silent concern, not because we want ultimate control over the sexual market place but because the ultimate team mate that we want on our side, we are learning, is actually a selfish and pathalogical liar both consciously and unconcsiously who hates us and will discard our loyalty at the drop of a hat. Thats what we see in femism. Betrayal and combat. Men can be ignorant, the difference is that we acknowledge it.

    Are healthy and meaningful partnerships are a thing of the past? we ask ourselves. Feminism, the word itself, is divisive. It was used to be provocative to start with, not to exclude or dominate but to highlight a boundary and an injustice. Feminism is no longer required. All I ever see is men stepping in to defend any kind of hostility toward women…its now literally ‘swinging’ the other way, because some women are becoming so disrespectful of our hard won self control and indoctrinated ‘thou shalt never hit or express full anger at a woman, thou shalt be stoic and contained’, that many men, in the face of feminism are starting to say “fine, you dont respect me and you want to compete? the next time you are combative and disrespectful toward me at a certain level, there will be violence and I will dominate you, in just the same way I would if a man treated me that way, or I will simply dismiss you and do everything I can to avoid working with you.” Feminsm is going to slowly INCREASE the risk of violence against women not reduce it. When you feed someones sense of injustice, you bring out the worst in them.

    Every time most men hear the feminism word they might laugh or get angry, but underneath they silently shudder with the feeling that comes just before un-earned guilt and are faced with a choice of wether or not to inherit the shame they dont deserve.

    The word feminism is not a useful tool, but an unending accusation.

    Men dont respond well to shame or guilt any better than women do, the only difference is that the consequences are often very different.

    As a white male I am so tired of the growing list of things that im supposed to be guilty of, which I was never around to perpetrate. Im tired of the double standards, the lies I was told about how to relate to women, by women, which I am only now beginning to make sense of. Women teach men to be more like women and then despise them for it.

    Feminism doesn’t mean equality, thats why the word EQUALITY exists. Women are not and have never been the sole custodians of it. We all are. Its just an engorged female agenda. The world doesnt need to be ‘feminised’ anymore than it needs to be ‘masculinised’.

    Feminism is about control, competition and dominance. In any species ultimate and brute power is derived from and attained by the most physically capable, competitive, competent, healthy and intelligent individuals. Feminsts know they are at a disadvantage in a few of those areas (as are we) and cant compete with men head on (not least of all because evolutionarily men have dominated the world physically), so they project the female competitive strategy of defamation of character. “its not FAIR! and you are BAD people who should be ASHAMED of yourselves, you are GUILTY and im going to FORCE you to see it.” Its a clever strategy because their tactic calls on the collective power of overwhelming by force of numbers and it exploits men’s underlying need for women’s approval. However (and this is very important) in evolutionary terms it is still basically just COMPETITION. To beat the game by creating a new one. Lets face it, its also massively, about money.

    These women who feel empowered, not by truth and real fairness, but by a sense of retribution, belonging and equality with other women (not men) are actually deluded and unaware of the trojan horse dominant women have gifted them. Such women dont actually care that much about the group and are just opportunistically using the movement to acquire power positions…the same as those kinds of men. By the way, what makes them think that men dont compete with each other? and that its just a jolly boys club where everyone is about the group and is just all high fives and leg ups. Certain types of PEOPLE are highly competitive and thats basically all there is to it.

    The rest of us just want to be loved and needed, to be on a team with the best people we can, who’s goal is not competition but family, joy, and physical and emotional security, reciprocity, dignity and needs that are met without grudge. Men want sons and daughters just as much as women do, but we dont want them mentally poisoned before they even get here. We all have cultural hangups, but obsessive, divisive political groups and shaming tactics are not the answer. Guilt and shame are not subsitutes for pragmatic concern for real injustice and balanced inquiry.

    My message to feminists is this: We want to be on your team, but pass the ball, or there is no game. Believe me, we want to play the game of life with you, way more than we want to win it. If we had a choice between ultimately winning and playing at all, almost all of us would choose play, every time. Thats why chivalrous men will die for you, just because you are women. We are secretly in awe, not indifference.

    But we are just as complex and contradictory. You want something from us? dont demand it and we will lovingly build it for you with our bare hands. You want equality? Let us be different, so we can enjoy how different you are. You want a better job? Be undeniable and I will happily give you mine.

    You will lose our admiration if you force us into fear and distrust. You will miss us like you would miss the water in your coffee. Just like we would miss you. Dont segregate us with lies, ignorance and vitriol. After all is said and done, we are in love with you and have been falling in love with you since the dawn of our existence, not because you are equal to us, but because you are not.

    • Look, you don’t want to have anything to do with a feminist. You can never be on their team.

      So be a man. Screw all that artsy-fartsy bullshit. Forget the hand-wringing and the sensitivity training and accusations of misogyny. Be a man. Ignore the witches.

      You know what you find out? All those brain-damaged feminists will have nothing to do with you. (Well, actually, they sometimes do, because being a man is naturally attractive to women.) But you don’t want to have anything to do with them. Trust me.

      Just be out there and keep your eyes open for a woman who isn’t looking for a fight. If she doesn’t show up, you’re better off alone.

      Lots of younger guys these days have pretty much replaced women. They have video games, phone-order pizza, beer and porn videos. Why would they want the hassle of dealing with a shrew? Some female shrink actually wrote a book about the subject. Title: “Men on Strike”.

      Others call it MGTOW.

      • Keedowanka. Your comment is insightful and formidable. It should be spread as a counterattack to this sick evil of feminism.

    • The problem women are about to run into is that this feminism bullshit is biting them in the ass.
      For example, I’m all in favor of second-class males who can’t make it in sports as a male declaring themselves “female” and totally wiping out every female competitor. When there are no more women in sports – or the ones who are still around can’t ever win – maybe they’ll start to wake up. The glorious beauty of it is that women have destroyed themselves. Men didn’t set out to ruin sports for women. WOMEN set out to ruin sports for women. (Fools!) We should all view it as a perfect model for ANYTHING women run long term.

      But they probably won’t learn from the example – so the next lesson will be a lot harder. See, America cannot afford the level of welfare we’ve been dishing out for the past 50 years. It’s just not sustainable. In fact, we’re so deep in debt now, it’s very unlikely that we’ll ever pay it off. Service on that debt is now the third largest segment of the budget, after social welfare and the military. And that’s with interest rates under 1%. I’ve seen the prime rate top 20%. If it even went back to 5% (what we used to get on savings accounts) it would suck up every dollar the Federal government brings in from all sources. No money for food stamps. None for the NSA, FBI, DEA, ICE, ATF, Military, No welfare programs of any kind. No salary for congress. Not one dollar available to pay for anything in the federal budget.

      At that point, all the women who have been pushing for welfare – and getting it – are wiped out. Not only is Uncle Sugar not sending them a check every month, but who is going to protect them? Not the cops. They’re not getting paid. Whoa! If SECURITY was the main idea behind the social welfare push, the feminazis just hit a big ass ice berg and they’re going DOWN.

      I expect the balance of power will go back to something just south of 10,000 years ago, where a female had to have a male to exist, to procreate, to eat. And if she pisses him off, all he has to do is throw her ass out of the cave. She can go crawling to the next man, beg him to take her in – but the women in THAT family group are going to either show her the door or work her ass to death. In short, all the feminists will be GONE – either dead, or converted to slaves.

      The beauty of this is two-fold. At this point it’s practically inevitable unless a bigger problem arises (like global thermonuclear war – which will turn out the same way, but with a lot less people). And second, women will reap what they’ve sown.

      How far away is the destruction of feminists? Well, if Trump’s re-elected, it will probably take a decade or more. He’ll probably resuscitate the economy enough to keep things going that long. And who knows, maybe the backlash against the left will include a thrashing of feminists. But if Biden is elected? I give it less than 5 years. The economy will collapse and with it every safeguard women ever had. All because they destroyed it.

  12. it is important not to confuse egalitarianism and modern feminism that advocates misandry, I am 100% for equality between women and men but I’m tired of this misandry and this hatred which is an unhealthy ideology.

    I would like to thank you ladies to defend the rights of men,like myself I am proud to defend women’s rights.

  13. the problem with feminism is that does not advocate equality but favoritism,feminists are against family values and the fact that a man and a woman must live in peace and love within a united family.
    Feminists want a war between women and men. It’s time to say no, we do not want your hatred and your misandry.

    God bless you

    • Or maybe it’s time to have the war and beat the living crap out of them?

      Just a thought.

      I mean – give them what they (say they) want? (Most of the time they don’t know what they want anyway.)

  14. It hurts my heart and makes me sick to my stomach how twisted this world has become. Women against women, men against men, feminist against anti-feminist….If feminism is all about equality, then why is it named after females? Honestly, it seems like women care more about men’s rights than men do. Men just want to be cared for. Kind of like a puppy, and I mean that as a compliment to both dogs and men.

    My husband didn’t even know he was circumcised as a baby until I told him. He’s a smart guy, but everyone is ignorant of something. I had to explain what his foreskin was, describe the process, show him the scar….He misinterpreted my moral objection to infant circumcision, whether male or female. He thought I saw him as “mutilated” or “damaged” because….well, technically he was. But my husband was afraid of ME objectifying HIM, which is totally understandable, because I do. Fortunately, I think even the most “boring” scars are sexy.

    But I also believe both men and women should be allowed full bodily autonomy. If a consenting adult wants cosmetic surgery, fine, but removing the foreskin from a female clitoris is a crime. The male foreskin is much larger and more dangerous to remove. When my husband asked his mother about his circumcision, she said it was the most “blood-curdling” scream she ever heard. What do you expect? For him to giggle as you chop off part of his penis? You can’t have slaughter without laughter! If my mother-in-law would’ve had a daughter, like she admitted once to wanting more than a son, she wouldn’t want her baby girl to be circumcised. Nor would it be legal.

    For this and many other reasons, I am so happy to have nieces instead of nephews. My family supports male infant circumcision. Actually, my family supports many double-standards for men, similar to many feminists. My mother and mother-in-law both demand that my husband work to support me specifically, yet both woman vote for laws that require employers to hire more women, making it harder for men like my husband to find a job to support us. It doesn’t make any sense.

    On one hand, I agree that this website should just be named “People Against Feminism”, because feminism hurts both men and women. But on the other hand, women on average do seem to care about equal rights. Not that men explicitly support inequality, but because we ARE unequal in brain function. On average. Many men will acknowledge how both men and women treat each other with disrespect, but they shrug off these insults, even if their own rights are violated. Like a puppy, a man just wants to care for the woman who loves and feeds him. It might be wrong to castrate a puppy, and it might bite back, but it probably won’t hold a grudge. Unless you kick that puppy in the stomach every damn day.

    Women have a higher rate of ATTEMPTED suicide, but men have a higher rate of SUCCESSFUL suicide. What exactly does that mean? Are women half-assing their suicides? Just trying to get attention? Are women naturally worse at killing themselves?

    Maybe men just have stronger trigger-fingers, or longer arms to point a shotgun or rifle at their own heads? Maybe because men are bigger on average, hanging kills them faster? Or maybe, in this misandrist society where men are just emotionless cannon-fodder and sperm machines, more help is provided for suicidal women than suicidal men?

    My husband feels ashamed and afraid to be a man. When women sexually harass him at work, he has no right to defend himself. We are both afraid he might get arrested for committing a “hate crime” someday just because he is a straight white man. Even I, a bisexual woman, feel unsafe around other women. I am “uneducated” because I didn’t go to college for gender studies.

    How many people identify as feminists on this site? As anti-feminists? Menists? None of the above? Just curious. Sometimes I feel so alone in this world, like this isn’t even real life anymore….

    • The reason men are more successful at suicide is because men are just more successful than women – period.

      I suspect (in the US, stats are different elsewhere in the world) a man tends to use something he knows will work – a gun in the mouth, or a noose.
      Women (this sounds stupid – but check it out) want to “look good” when they’re dead, so they tend to use drugs. This might also be just an attention-getter, or poor planning – but what do you expect? It’s a woman.

  15. the problem is that feminism has nothing to do with feminism from before who campaigned for equality and the right to vote for women.
    today feminism is led by Marxism in order to practice misandry and destroy the family.but today, feminism is useless because the right of women is fully and in the eyes of the law, the equality of women and men is fully,
    then of course misogyny also exists, but it is rather a problem of discipline and not a problem of laws…
    the majority of men are against misogyny whereas modern feminism wants us to believe that the majority of men are for, that’s why I think feminism is dangerous for both men and women.

    • “today feminism is led by Marxism”

      It always was. Tip:don’t find your basis of a starting point by using feminist revisionist history. It’ll help a lot.

  16. I am a teacher and organise VI Form society meetings for Brentwood School; our society committee is interested in having a debate between somebody from Women against Feminism and a feminist speaker. We need to meet at 4 pm on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, and Brentwood is near Shenfield Station which is a 25 minute train journey out of Liverpool Street. Would a spokesperson from Women Against Feminism be able and willing to come please?
    I do hope we might have someone from your organisation in the Autumn?

    • There should be no dialogue. The feminists have done profound damage to the culture, and the days of appeasing and debating are over. It’s time to ACT.

  17. Hello everyone
    the Spurs of San Antonio have decided to stop cheerleading shows
    because of sexism.
    I think it’s time to stop seeing sexism where it does not , Cheerleaders are part of US culture.
    Now, feminists are creating a revolutionary court or men and women do not share their ideas will be persecuted ,without being able to speak and think freely.


    Can America go bankrupt?
    Fox News is not my favorite news channel but they got a point. I am concerned about the world biggest economy. They are really in bad position regarding child birth rates. Man can not have children in the future? It is possible.
    Man are dying and no ones cares. Woman do not want children. They say having a baby is a burden.
    I agree they have the right to chose but they wont have someone to work to pay they retirement pension because everybody will be old and alone.

  19. Edith Aint

    Here is a website that Needs to be supported

    From the website:

    Foregen is a non-profit organization founded to research and implement regenerative medical therapies for circumcised males. Foregen’s goal is to heal the effects of circumcision.

    Please read it.

    • Peter, you are a moron! Please go off somewhere and remove yourself from civilization. There is no “trauma” from circumcision. You must be a leftist, endlessly seeking instances of victimhood so you can make your worthless life seem significant. Moron! Moron! Moron!

  20. I am so appreciative of this supportive network. I hope women never run the United States of America. Quite frankly, as a woman, I do not want to be equal with men. In fact, my career of choice was to be a housewife until my high school took out home economics and childhood development and I got stuck with the responsibility of getting a job and putting my trophy wife goals on the back-burner. So, while ballet and etiquette classes are of second place wo my full time job, I silently hate all of those women movements that declare that all women need this desire to be equal to men in all respects. What about those women who do not? Pardon my uncouth, but can we non-feminist feminine females have a movement too?

    • Shiseida, you are a fine woman for standing up for your rights against all of those “feminist” maniacs. They are a plague and we need to fight against them in every context.

  21. Women should not vote. That’s not prejudice or anger. It’s because women don’t know what they’re doing – and their natural inclinations are destructive to society.
    For a background, read John Lott’s piece on the impact of women’s suffrage.
    Now consider, most of our $20 Trillion debt is the result of social welfare programs which were driven by the women’s vote. Lott doesn’t really talk much about WHY women vote the way they do – but here’s my take:
    I think women are more risk averse than men. That’s pretty obvious. Most of the risk-takers are men. The primary need for women is security, so they’re inclined to seek systems that protect them. That’s the sales pitch for every social welfare program. Take a look at the Democrat Party – mostly women. But there’s a finer gradation: Happily married women in a secure relationship tend to be conservative. Single women tend to be socialist/democrat/communist.
    The other element is that women have inferior knowledge of politics.
    So it’s a combination of a drive that supports hugely expensive social welfare with a lack of awareness of the consequences. Venturing more into the realm of opinion, I think women are more geared towards the immediate benefits without regard to the long term peril. That is, women are short-sighted. The whole idea of “buy now, pay NEVER” seems to be gyno-centric… but this more than anything else I’ve mentioned so far, is just my opinion.

    • I agree 100% with this comment. I believe that women have totally and completely DESTROYED THE WORLD that MEN BUILT. Feminism has done more damage than any other philosophy in history.

  22. Hey everyone. I chose to use an anonymous name because I don’t want these comments getting back to my circle of family and friends.

    I am so sick and tired of third-wave feminism. Third-wave feminism’s hatred of American tradition, values, family, work ethic, personal liberties, success, prosperity, and human biology piss me off. If men and women were meant to do the exact same things, we would have been designed the same way. But we are not. We are men and women for a reason, and we are meant to do different things. As Suzanne Vanker once said “women were not meant to do everything a man can do. Rather, women were designed to do everything a man can’t do.” I want men to be men and women to be women. I want everybody to stop fighting their own biology and we can all get back to being happy. I don’t want women in combat roles in the military. I don’t want women competing with men. Speaking of that- EARTH TO THIRD WAVE FEMINISTS!- We don’t want to compete with you, we want to TAKE CARE OF YOU! Why are third-wave feminists so desperate to be just like men? And for some reason, they think that men want to be “liberated.” Listen, I don’t want to be liberated from being a man. I want the opportunity to be one for some wonderful young woman who will love and support me.

    Bottom line, third wave feminism has gone way too far. They need to back off and let men be men.

    Thanks for listening and God bless.

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