9 Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Modern-Day Feminists

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1. They constantly victimize my gender, and I find it insulting.

Treating women like victims instead of empowering them does nothing but hold us back. I don’t feel disadvantaged as a woman and I don’t need other women making me feel like a victim when I’m not.

2. They try to convince me that I’m a feminist when I tell them I’m not.

“Oh you’re not a feminist? So you don’t believe in equal rights for men and women?”

“No. That’s not what I said.”

“Well if you believe in equality, then you are a feminist.”

“But I’m not a feminist.”

3. They claim to want equality, but expect special treatment.

Feminists like to think men and women are the same, but freak out the second men start treating them like men and don’t pay for their meal on a date. Feminists want men to become feminized and sensitive, rather then masculating themselves for equality. Then they end up losing interest in these feminized men because deep down they’re biologically repulsed by them.

4. They trivialize rape by broadening it’s definition into the grounds of consensual sex.

Feminists claim drunk women can’t consent to sex, and if a woman has sex while while intoxicated and regrets her decision afterwards, she might as well consider herself raped.

5. A lot of them are Marxist socialist vegans.

I don’t really have an issue with this at all, but has anyone else noticed this correlation? I find it peculiar.

6. They get offended too easily and make women look crazy.

Feminists make everyone walk on eggshells and are constantly awaiting the opportunity to show everyone how educated they are about the evil patriarchy and feminism in general. Anything negative said about women will be promptly used as a feminist’s platform to tell everyone how misogynistic and brainwashed they are.

7. Feminists fail to see the redundancy in the modern-day feminist movement.

The world’s most annoying feminists usually come from countries where women are not even disadvantaged. Countries where there are laws against rape, harassment and abuse.

But what about the gender pay gap? Well, That brings me to my next point…

8. Feminists refuse to acknowledge that the gender pay gap is the result of women’s choices, not sexism.

You’ve probably heard it a million times; women get paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. It’s been used time and time again when feminists talk about how women are still unequal in modern-day Western societies.

What they’re not telling you is that these wage gaps are not the result of gender discrimination, but the result of women’s choices.

Women are less likely to take dangerous, high-paying jobs and less likely to work in high-paying computer and engineering fields. Even in the same field, men are more likely to pursue specialized careers with higher levels of stress. Men are also more likely to pursue dangerous jobs that involve demanding physical labor, which generally pay more than less taxing jobs. Men also work an average of 9% more hours than women.

9. Feminists refuse to acknowledge that men and women are different.

Unless they’re talking about what evil rapists and murderers men are.

Neither gender is better than the other. Our differences work together in a beautiful symbiotic way, and feminism, for whatever reason, is essentially destroying that. Men and women have different priorities, we have different strengths and different weaknesses. There is nothing wrong with that, and the sooner feminists realize this, the better.

I realize not all feminists are like this. I realize I’m generalizing. You don’t need to write me a message about what a great feminist you are and how none of the above applies to you.

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  1. Hey, ladies – my name is Citizen Shane, and I’m living in Seattle. I just wanted to warn you of the oncoming invasion, all in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity…” Just as the whoremongers sold your daughters out the Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, Miley Cyrus and so-forth, so too are places like Sweden COMPLETELY selling their own women out, all in the name of “feminism.” What I’m about to share with you is nothing new, but (as I predicted) it’s becoming far, far worse than most anybody in America would dare to even contemplate – and that’s why they’re in denial:


    Since announcing itself to be “The Humanitarian-Capitol of the World,” Sweden has become so entrenched in its own feelgood leftist-propaganda that, as you can see from but one of the countless examples out there, that they’re literally sacrificing their own daughters and children in order to justify this belief in “equality of outcome…” and on-behalf of, from all things, an Islamic-invasion.

    I don’t think the example above, and THIS concerted propaganda-piece, are merely coincidental (as covered by Dave, from “Computing Forever):


    … as contributor Jinna correctly-identified, part of what’s wrapped-up into this entirely hijacked “modern feminist” ideology is a compulsion to automatically (and mindlessly) detest and despise our duly-elected commander in chief, lest you be ousted from the herd! Well, in case nobody here was aware, HE’S trying to stop these monsters from importing their LEGITIMATE rape-culture to America. Start talking to your friends – Islam and Feminism are ANYTHING but compatible. Norwegian and German women are routinely being attacked in perfectly public places by so-called Muslim “refugees” – typically, ignorant fundamentalist males from the same countries President Trump set the “temporary ban” on – and these “pro-woman” governments are covering it up at the least, and PUNISHING ITS VICTIMS at the worst; usually, it’s both:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75aLYqRFq9I (Rotterham, England; commentary)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlNAecgJbro (Rotterham, England; searing footage of the actual hearing, regarding a case in which underage white girls are being targeted by Muslim rape-gangs, and sold into sexual-slavery).

    … in other words, our President is trying to do everything he can to protect the same people who’re attacking him – and, more importantly, MOST in jeopardy from the rampant misogyny of iSlam.

    In conclusion, Modern Western Feminism has, in essence, become a new platform for selective rape-apologetics; the selective part being, “so long as the perpetrators are Islamic:”


    So-long, “Liberation!..”

    • Spefically told not to argue about feminist bullshit… immediately starts. Can you not go without being radical and bogus for a minute and actually read this? NO. You had an aneurysm on the first line that opposed anything you think, and thats why this post is so true. Dumb Radical Feminists won’t take a god damn second, shut their mouths, and actually read the fucking post. Then actually listen to what the article says and stop spewing bullshit about Sweden, or whatever bullshit you HAD to post about.

      • I don’t know how contrasting government laws have anything to do with feminism anyway. The boy raped her because he is convinced its okay, because of the rules of the Qu’ran. I’m pretty sure that sweden has laws where the have to take into account the laws of the country the refugee came from, and in that situation, he technically did nothing wrong. I’m not advocating or even saying it should ever happen, even in their country. But there isnt much they can do legally.

        • Sweden has the first feminist government in the world, as they proudly announce. That’s what it has to do with feminism.
          “I’m pretty sure that sweden has laws where the have to take into account the laws of the country the refugee came from”
          Um… According to sharia law the punishment for rape goes from flogging and deportation up to execution by stoning or crucifixion. You think they have taken that into account? Stop infantilizing these savages, they now exactly what they do.
          Sweden is fucked up. Germany is next. And you shrug and say, there is not much they can do. Great.

        • i never really cared about this movement because it left from being a moral and ethnical issue to a political agenda and when it became political there became a lot of issues. Look at the comment section it is a war zone for verbal abuse. This is taking us no where

      • So, I have to agree that it is important to actually read the article…. but their comment was completely contradictive and a satire. I do call myself a feminist just because I believe that men and women should be treated equally. Thanks for this article, being a feminist, I totally agree that there are a lot of us who annoy the heck out of everyone and give us a bad name…? Thanks

        • If you want equal rights for men and women, e.g., men having a say in reproductive rights, perhaps you should call yourself an egalitarian

        • Why would anybody want men and woman being treated the same?? We are NOT the same. There are so many differences in body, mind, and emotions between men and women that it’s imo ridiculous to think it would be anything but horrible to treat both the same.

          • They never said the same they said equally. You can have equality without all being the same.

          • this is just like saying that a lame person should be treated the same with a person with his legs functioning well. They don’t get the same treatment because companies wont need extra facilities for people with disabilities but it is to make their lives easier and it they get the same treatment it becomes a court issue. At the end we can say they are both equal but equality does not mean the same.

      • Yeah. My question is why do people involve themselves in things that don’t concern them? Global issues or political issues like this one. What needs to happen is that people start dealing with their own issues first then maybe we can think about saving the world. Sometimes getting involved in global crises does more harm than good. Look at what happened with Iraq. These are way bigger issues than little feminist college girls can figure out. Outside of the US countries have very different structures in place that people need to understand before they get involved, otherwise you are walking in blind and you put yourself more at risk. Also feminists spewing about political issues all the time that does nothing to solve anything. It just adds more junk to the world. I agree “shut the f up” and start doing things that make a difference. I suggest starting with cleaning up your own act first.

      • Article could have stopped at 1. Best point. Pretty much sums it up. All well said.

        I’m all for equality – but I like for a man to feel like a man and a women to feel like a woman too and utilize each others strengths together.

        And yes… I like opening the door for my wife. But sometimes she opens it for me. Respect is respect.

        But yet it still doesn’t mean a man can’t do the dishes or cook or that the women can’t make money if needed for another either.

        That’s it. No need to make something bigger than what it is. Ladies we need to start to loving, encouraging, and embracing men again.

      • Actually what that person said isn’t bullshit. Look it up and the links are relevant because the comment was related to the hypocrisy in modern feminism because they don’t speak out against Islam abusing women and girls but only mention abuse ,generally acting like straight white males are the biggest abusers ,which is false. Know what the comment is about before you spew out your ignorance. Also white genocide is a fact ,just like Native American or Tibetan genocide was and is and no it isn’t a conspiracy theory not based on fact. You can retract your claws now. And no, stating facts does not make someone racist in case you were going to use that card.

        • Yeah it was terrible how that Tibetan feudal theocracy historically murdered tens of thousands of people that didn’t believe in Buddhism (mostly traditional animists) – freaking horrible. Do people really want a theocratic state back in Tibet?? How about democracy..

        • But.. white genocide? You are actually claiming there is a group of people going around trying to kill all white people, and have been doing well enough at that goal that you can confidently state that the ‘genocide’ is as bad as previous ones.. riiiiiiggghhhttt

        • How the Tibetan feudal theocracy murdered tens of thousands of animists and others who did not believe in Buddhism was atrocious. I’m not sure that people supporting Tibet consider that maybe a feudal, theocratic dictator isn’t the best political option. Democracy maybe?

          But.. white genocide? You are actually claiming there is a group of people going around trying to kill all white people, and have been doing well enough at that goal that you can confidently state that the ‘genocide’ is as bad as previous ones.. riiiiiiggghhhttt

      • With a title like yours it appears that there is no room for conversation with someone who only likes to confront and provoke

    • Complete nonsense by a right wing American who simply chooses to ignore north american rape culture and lay the blame on islam.

      • Your comment is complete nonsense by another wackjob leftist hermitcrab. Making up terms, “North American rape culture” lol the same rape culture where a even false allegation of rape leads to guaranteed jail time , social bankruptcy and financial ruin, and the accuser/women becomes TIME Magazine “man of the year”? Though I’ve learned to thank individuals like you George, because the more you morons like yourself keep crawling around in the dark waste that is the deep state, the more room and opportunity there is in the plentiful sunshine that is common sense and reason. Get well soon

        • oh shut up moron. there is no such thing as “rape culture.” do you know what culture is? you have to have a whole society involved in it. whenever someone is raped, the rapist is hated the rest of his life by society. how is that a culture? it’s clearly unpopular.

      • George its far left ideologues like you that make it worse for the rest of us. Shut your mouth already you twit.

      • Left wing – right wing – how about a thigh or breast?

        Jesus, what ever happened to the days when people spoke normal and grounded?

      • Rape Culture? Seriously? Actually…you are right to some extent but not in the way you think. Think about it. When a man rapes a woman, he is sentenced to a very long sentence (on average) and his entire life/reputation is ruined. That is completely fair, he would deserve it. But when a woman rapes a man, she barely gets a sentence and again, the MAN’s reputation is ruined because he was overpowered by a girl. This “rape culture” exists, but completely reversed. If you want a real rape culture, look to the Middle East. Women there are literally treated as property and sex toys. Literally everything feminists, liberals, etc are fighting against is manifested in Islam, yet they continue to protect it.

        Utter hypocrisy.

        Also, a quick side note. NOBODY is saying that Muslims are bad and should be discriminated against, and these “racist/intolerant” arguments mean nothing. I am arguing against a set of ideas that form Islam, not the people who follow Islam.

        And here is another topic. Feminism argues for equality of the sexes yet I can’t seem to remember a time when they acknowledged problems such as the male suicide rate and child custody. It seems they are fighting for women only, but hiding under the definition of gender equality. Things like the pay gap do not exist because they do not accept an enormous number of factors. For example:

        1. Men work longer on average
        2. Men work more overtime on average
        3. More men work on average
        4. Men choose higher-paying jobs on average
        5. Men are more competitive on average
        6. Men work more dangerous jobs on average
        7. Men are willing to sacrifice more on average.

        Honestly, feminism has become a wicked witch-hunt to get revenge for things that happened hundreds of years ago. It’s a dying ideology and won’t last much longer.

        • Well-said—thank you. As a mom of adult “kids” (23 and 21 son and daughter), I get annoyed at programs aimed ONLY at girls. “Bring your daughter to work day.” “Girls on the Run.” (What about boys?) Why don’t or didn’t I ever hear about taking our sons to work (with parents)? Why is only one gender a focus this day-in-age? My engineering son noticed on his campus there were clubs for Women in Engineering, but there wasn’t an equivalent for (his group of) men. If he was mistaken, I apologize on his behalf.

    • You are absolutely crazy, which made it fun to read your ridiculous unsubstantiated claims. Feminists are totally okay with rape as long as you practice Islam? Who knew?

      • Intersectional feminists do consider Muslims “people of color” thereby absolving them of guilt from charges of rape. They are after all “oppressed people” except that Islam is not a race. Its not even represented by a few races. Its a religion. And one that when compared to other abrihamic religions is obviously the most bat shit crazy. Economic strata doesn’t even factor into it. The 911 eleven hijackers for instance were almost all upper middle class university educated Saudis. Each would probably agree with each other that a woman is worth one third of a man given this is common salifist bullshit. Fuck that they wouldn’t shake your hand or even acknowledge you if you were Muslim or treat you like a disposable who’re if you werent..

        • As a Muslim let me tell you normal Saudi people are idiots and don’t know what their talking about the only ones we care about are the sheikhs who study our religion and know what they’re talking about
          Saudi people are batshit crazy

          • Most people start with something good and turn it bad. The same way some Christians is the bible to justify their by its the same with Muslims and other religion out there. When it is clearly stated it is bad

    • Are you done? My marriage is awesome. Wife makes more than me, pays all the bills, we raise our child. Sometimes I cook, sometimes I clean. I appreciate her and tell her so.
      However I still hunt the food and have a penis. She praises me for both.
      Good day.

    • I have an idea, and I’m probably sure that these so called cocksucking wanna be feminist slutbags don’t wanna hear so I’m gonna say it anyway, KILL FEMINISM AND THE WORLD WILL BE A BETTER PLACE FO ALL OF US!!!!! Stop it!!!! It’s fuckin’ nauaesting!!!!!

    • So, I know what you mean of being enpowering women instead of complaining, we feminists should be saying the truth, women don’t need feminists, they just need someone to tell them they can fight because all women are strong and powerful, they just need to try fight back as the strong independent women they truly are. Women, we don’t need to hide behind feminists, we need to show the world that NOBODY can hold us back.

      • Actually I think part of what she is saying is that outside of obvious countries with human rights issues that don’t represent where feminists actually seem to live, no one’s holding women back.

        And also that the places where women are treated badly are offensive to everybody, not just ‘feminists.’

        And I say that if you’re really a ‘good’ feminist, then you wouldn’t call yourself a feminist but a ‘gender equalist’ or a ‘civil rightsist’ because just naming the movement after women (if it’s in fact about equality and not actually about reinforcing the concept that women are better people than men) is an oxymoron and makes anyone who calls themselves a feminist seem that much more like an idiot.

        Which in turn is part of why women like her are so embarrassed and disgusted by feminism and don’t want to be associated with it. Which is exactly how I would feel. I actually do feel that way on women’s behalf because I don’t actually identify with any particular sex in terms of my outlook on human rights. I feel bad for anyone who’s mustreated. If anything, as a man I’m naturally inclined to like and care about women and I possibly feel worse when women are mistreated and misrepresented than when men are. Also I share many common beliefs with feminists and don’t wish to be represented by them either. So I too find feminism to be an embarrassment and it’s completely justified in my case as well.

        Aaaand ☝️ I think if you’re not at least suspicious of feminism then something’s prolly ‘wrong’ with you. Kinda like I would wonder about someone who isn’t repulsed by child molesters or nazis (to use extreme examples.)

        • Wow. I am not repulsed by child molesters or Nazis. To be repulsed by them is to fear them; to fear them is to refuse to understand them. To refuse to understand them is to adopt a stance in which it is impossible to determine how these appetites, attitudes, and mindsets develop, thus creating a climate in which they are left to develop unchecked.

          • Being Repulsed is not the same as fearing, being repulsed is having distaste or disgust for someone or something, yet another feminist showing how stupid they really are!!!!

            Good Job

    • women are flat out annoying and therefore, I ignore them. I need them for nothing and want them for nothing. If you ignore it, it will eventually go away. The main thing women have going against them is that they hate each other. You can not win a fight if you are constantly jealous and fighting within. Let them do their thing and they will eventually go away…

    • I have to tell you something you complain about when people don’t understand feminism correctly yet you are talking about Islam incorrectly if you actually looked up somethings about Islam instead of listening go some propaganda bullshit you would know that it is fully against rape in fact that is considered a terrible crime you would also know that it is not a very misogynistic religion the reason women wear the hijab and a long cloak or aibaya is so that they are not given preferential treatment based on how they look men can marry 4 women because there are more women than men in the world there are reasons behind what Islam says if because one man claims to be muslim and is a terrorist does that make alll muslims terrorist only one percent of people who claim to be Muslim are terrorists your judging the whole group by one person
      Don’t want to offend anyone with this example
      If I met a preacher and He is a child rapists does that mean that all preachers are child rapists no
      The way you are thinking is idiotic
      Muslim rape gangs what about the preacher thing I mentioned both are terrible don’t get me wrong but really do you have to stereotype like that am I supposed say all Asians are good at math and all whites are privileged no and not all Muslims are rapists
      You need to understand a topic if you want to talk about it
      The Islamic punishment for rape is stoning to death for the married and flogging a hundred times then deported for the unmarried to use as an example for others to learn not to do the same mistake

      • I can’t wrap my brain around how you managed to type all of that without adding a single punctuation mark… I find that one fact so distracting that attempting to comprehend whatever you wanted to convey was/is literally impossible.

      • Listen Idiot,
        If you want to write a cogent comment we can interpret correctly you need to understand Periods and employ them in written communication.

    • I’m sorry, but there’s no way that Donald Trump or his clones can be defended-what he represents is fascism, dominionism, and corporatism (look up the defenitions on Wikipedia and you’ll see what I mean.) He’s also antihumanistic as well.

      How is it that Obama, who was a centrist and who was NOT whatever the extreme right-wing and the moderate right-wing accused him of, got and (still) gets no support form people like you despite being the most successful POTUS ever (http://pleasecutthecrap.com/obama-accomplishments/), but Trump automatically does?

  2. The Feministic State “FISIS” that is being created in Sweden is one that is moving forward at breakneck speed. The oppression of wo-men and men is clearly underway. They are a hate group, nothing less. Feminism is all over the place in Sweden. It’s in the news papers, readers, bulletin boards advertisements, where they now show 9 out of 10 females on these medias.

    Most women in Sweden are freaking out because they fear they will be forced to undertake more demanding positions in society. FISIS is a hate group bent on ruling the word as a totalitarian regime.

    Hypothetically speaking, if they did so, inequality would continue between women, just as it is today.

    Women in Sweden are greatly dissatisfied when their female work colleagues who are doing the same work as they are getting better wages then them. It is a fight between the women in Sweden because they go to many psychological methods to compete with each other to their female bosses over salary raises. Women are being pressured to stop all typical women like behavior.

    Feminism is inequality. The ones pushing it and spreading it have ulterior motives.
    Switching sides will not make a difference. If it does, then the men will eventually create their own Masculinist Movement in return.
    Womens rights and equality are to be fought for in the court system. It is not to be made a movement out of. It is when a movement comes about that it will be under attack.
    No, Feminism as an organization is the wrong way to go about equality when it comes to equal pay, and being allowed to work within typically men dominated careers, and so on.

    FISIS are simply going about it the wrong way. They are aggressive, like “in your face”. It’s this attitude that will be their downfall.

    • and men creating a movement knowing how in nature men work more cohesively would be good for us, but bad for women who would be dealing with the counterpart to a radical feminist which is basically the very thing they fear. So yeah none of this is helping humans progress. All I see is hateful and hurt people who forgot how to properly live in duality. There is male and female. Female and male. No one stands alone or can. We made each other.

  3. hay any femanist we let you vote and work and woman are politions as well so shut the fuck up i want equl rights how about how man are betryed in culcher anti feminst and nether would agree men are supost to be athledic and strong and your princ charming how about that if you dont like what you read femanist then go to your salf space and hide from the truth woman have more rights then man woman can clam that a man raped her and he is ridaculed by scsity he is fierd from his job or how about woman abusing man you ignore that and you clam to be for equl rights man are abusers to there is good and bad in everything you cant have one with out the other woman and man need echother. by ian osness i am a anti feminst i like woman doing things that man do

  4. My wife and I discuss this a lot, and she feels alienated by feminism’s complete lack of respect for women that want to be mothers. I feel completely alienated by it for all the reasons mentioned above. There’s a number 10 that should be on that list: there are enough laws in place that they no longer need to protest…. they just need to sue the breakers of employment/ discrimination laws successfully a few times, and those that DO have poor business practices will fall in line quickly.

    I have female friends that hunt, are mechanics, tradesmen, in masculine roles and they still acknowledge that they’re not on the same level as men due to the sheer lack of physical prowess. We ARE different. I’m not as warm, patient or nurturing as my wife. We work because my weaknesses are her strengths, and I couldn’t succeed in my role as the breadwinner without her support by running the things at home that I do not have the energy for. Men and women were always supposed to be a team, and these pseudo politics create a divisiveness that is bad for everyone. We’ve moved past the old days where legitimate differences were suppressed, and that’s a good thing. But we’re slipping beyond freedom into permissiveness. Activism has lost focus and is now a narcissstic complaint culture fuelled by faux-victimisation and it is going largely unchallenged.

    I don’t believe men and women are equal. That would imply that our roles were always meant to be the same.They never were. Biology dictates that. Modern feminists want to be “men” without any of the hard parts. They want the pay, but not the death, injuries, the years of separation from children because we’re always working. There’s somehow an illusion that being a man is all blowjob jokes and cigars, that we put our feet up at the end of the day because we’re chauvinists. I put mine up because I’ve shifted literally TONS of steel with my bare hands in an eight hour day, as well as being on my feet most of that time. Feminism is disrespectful to reality, to the men that work hard and love their families, and to the women that desire to build families, and love their men. The claim that feminism is not about hating men just bear out in the attitudes of it’s supporters. I can’t have a debate because as a white male, I’m dismissed as I can’t even see my own privilege. Like somehow the fact that white men spent the last 2000 years shaping this world (in ways right and wrong) can just be dismissed as privilege given and not earned. We got here as a team. What the hell happened?

    • Totally agree with you! My husband and I think the same and always have this discussion. Without men who are masculine these feminists wouldnt survive but get taken over by a stronger more assertive culture who may not be so nice as “white men” as they like to discriminate. As a woman i see it all the time. Women complain about how feminized their boyfriends are and then have a guy who is masculine on the side to do their thing with. Then they claim that men are horrible. They glare at any couple who they see genuinely happy and always criticize why someone would marry. Well if you want to be a miserable loner going from person to person because thats “liberation” so be it, but dont dare drag people down with your misery. I have seen countless times how my husband is treated like a lower class citizen because he is male. Its disgusting. Its seems like instead if evolving people are de-evolving. Such a backwards society this is becoming. I fear for our kids.

  5. Well lets face it since the women of today have really changed for the worst of all which most of them now have such a very bad personality and have no respect for us men anymore unfortunately. And most of the women are very greedy, selfish, and very spoiled as well since they will only want the very best of all and will never settle for less.

    • Women have not changed for the worst. They have made progress for equality to men in America. Breaking barriers in politics and work. Not all women are selfish and spoiled. Many work hard to support them selfs.

    • There are some people in the world who do not care, have no respect, are greedy, spoiled and much more. This problem doesn’t just happen with women though. Men aren’t perfect. There are a good men and women. Not just men. A lot of women are hard workers, respectful to other and support themselves. Feminism is still needed today because not everyone realizes woman play a big rule all around the world.

    • There are some people in the world who do not care, have no respect, are greedy, spoiled and much more. This problem doesn’t just happen with women though. Men aren’t perfect. There are a good men and women. Not just men. A lot of women are hard workers, respectful to other and support themselves. Feminism is still needed today because not everyone realizes woman play a big rule all around the world.

    • There are some people in the world who do not care, have no respect, are greedy, spoiled and much more. This problem doesn’t just happen with women though. Men aren’t perfect. There are a good men and women. Not just men. A lot of women are hard workers, respectful to other and support themselves. Feminism is still needed today because not everyone realizes woman play a big role all around the world.

    • They have no respect because the excuses we’ve made for men who rape that blame the victim, “boys will be boys ” “she shouldn’t have dressed so provocatively” has reduced us men to beings with lesser thought, and can’t control themselves in the presence of a woman. Real feminism’s goal is equality. I want to be expected of human decency.

      I want other men to be expected of human decency.
      I want to offer help to my female friends who struggle with mental illness, without the societal pressure of everyone expecting me to FHITP as soon as we’re alone.

      I can’t have female friends, because of anti feminism

    • Completely agree. I am a younger woman and i am appalled and embarrassed by the behaviors, appearance, and beliefs of women these days. I have a few feminist sisters who are all miserable in their life because they display and believe modern feminist garbage. They all are alone, going from man, to man, to man, sometimes 2 a day. The most feminist one cheats on their boyfriends (because “no man can tell her what to do”) but then bitches and whines that men over-sexualize her. Or talks about how men are out to “rape” women while at the same time she is at the bar with her lesbian friends, drunk, wearing a latex pink dress up to her vagina, no underwear, with her legs spread open and her purple fucking hair and her tatoos showing talking ab about how men are pigs and how dare they look at her in a sexual way…..um…. I am so embarrassed to be a woman this day and age. I cant stand the world today, I could go on forever. I am so fearful for my children.

      • True. Take a look at older feminists, I personally know a few and they are living alone in an apartment they bought with no relationships. I guess if you want to be a cranky old smelly hermit that works but think about 20 years down the road what will your life be like if all you care about are nonsensical rallies and picket signs. It may feel very powerful to hold up a sign with a bunch of other women but in fact it really is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Another problem is that these “empowered” women are actually turning off a lot of other people and it makes men feel emasculated. So this might work for lesbians but for straight couples it ruins the balance that men and women have between each other. Feminists/selfishism/individualism ruins society and does not fix it.

      • Feminism is cancer that is caused by women since most of them are real men haters to begin with. And it is these type of women that are keeping many of us men single since they’re very much to blame as well.

    • The first feminist movement was in the early 1900’s about suffrage and work. Today it is about equal pay and equal opportunity. By saying it was better to have women from the 50’s you think that women shouldn’t take part in our government or stand up for their beliefs. If you have a right to be rude, they have one also.

      • First, let m say I’m not defending whichever comment you replied to, but you need to be educated. The first feminist movement was based in reality and led by intelligent women. Today, women have equal rights and are favored in all aspects of society, so there is no comparison. If the modern feminist movement is about equal work and equal pay, then why are they not demanding jobs as coal miners, fisherman, garbage collectors, ditch diggers, electricians, plumbers, etc? The reason, is that they are not really interested in equality, they just want special treatment based on their gender and they think society is stupid enough to believe their BS. They want the kushiest, highest paying jobs without having to put in the hard work and sacrifice it takes to obtain these positions, not to mention the societal sacrifice of also working in the dirtiest and most laborious positions. A belief in modern feminism is the sure sign of a low IQ and an inferiority complex, which is the real reason feminists have failed to achieve and find success in society, not their gender or because of men. Anyone that latches on to this moronic movement wants something for nothing and is undoubtedly suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Modern feminists are doing a great job of setting equality back by 100 years and they are just too stupid top realize it.

  6. Alright! So glad to see this as I am totally disgusted by the pink hat vajajas. I don’t have a vajaja, I have a vagina and it isn’t on my head :-).

  7. All of you women who are all against feminism really need to get a reality check. Also, ian, learn to spell. And Mike T, you are an inspiration. Also, And That Is The Truth, there are two types of respect. One is respecting a person as a human and respect as a authority. You need to learn that some women won’t respect you because you’re an arrogant asshole. Educate yourselves on the rights that women don’t have that men do. Learn the history of the suffering and suffrage of women. Look at how much they pay for feminine products and how much they get payed. Then tell us why you are against equal rights for women and men.

    • Ok Peter, Henry, Christopher,
      First, name the rights that men have and women do not (presently in the US).
      Second, the gender gap explanation is not that simple (to which you are alluding) [see: https://www.dol.gov/wb/media/gender_wage_gap.pdf%5D
      Third, the person to whom you are referring to, Mike T, if you closely pay attention to his (I presume) diction, you will notice that actually what Mike T is stating (for example, saying that women are not greedy) IS sexism, by definition, however, here it is a reverse sexism (and don’t tell me it does not exist, as there is no scientific evidence for that – I am a physicist and I prefer logic and proof.)
      Fourth, what has “Look at how much they pay for feminine products” to do with equality? If women do not want to pay that much, they do not have to. The price of a product is, in general (and there are exceptions), governed by the market. Women have cared more about how they look (however, that is changing and men are also becoming more aware about their looks), and so – one can increase the price when there is a willing buyer. This is nothing to do with sexism, it is simply Economics 101!

      I have many more examples to rebuttal your post, so feel free to reply to this.

      • Yeah, except what about the litres of blood a woman loses out her vagina each year, what is she supposed to do? Not buy tampons?
        Those are feminine products, not bras, dresses or cosmetics.
        You definitely aren’t a physicist.

        • Yep, totally sexist to charge money for tampons. Or is it sexist that women have periods? Honestly I’m not sure what you’re implying.

        • That’s not how it works. The burden of proof lies with the one making the claim, which is the same line I use on religious people. Feminism claims that there is a wage gap, however that has more to do with averages. It could be possibly that women get passed up for promotion a lot, but I am skeptical of any simplistic explanation for that, and not all jobs are performance based(plus it could be that because of biology, women on average can’t perform a certain task as well or as fast as their male counterparts). Since your claim is that for every job that ever exists, as soon as one man and woman show up for the same job, two different payscales are magically concocted and implemented based on nothing but gender, the burden of proof is on you to prove that. For example my field is truck driving, a field which some, but not many, women find themselves in. You prove that these trucking companies are telling women that they’ll pay them x amount per mile less than men, for the same amount of experience, simply because they’re women. Now you might think that because far more men than women are found in truck driving, feminism’s claim of the wage gap is true, based on the averages, but like I tell my religious friends, I don’t have to prove the opposite of a specious claim.

        • All of them if a job paid men more than women then the world would only have women workers cause it costs less

        • Mcdonald’s, Wal-Mart, Target, Burger King, Coca Cola, Pepsi- Cola, and the list goes on and on and on. Plus it is iIegal to pay a women less than a man just because of there a gender.

    • @Peter, Henry, Christopher

      They are discussing what feminism has become and how people are acting within the group. Feminism at its core is essentially good but the members of today have turned it into a toxic display of ignoramuses. If you were in NYC-USA during the past few months you would have seen the display of aggression and prejudices. A lot of people are going around talking about how much they hate men, the gender pay gaps, and “white priviledge”. There is a complete lack of respect at this point which needs to change.

    • First of all, literally all you can do is make rude ass comments that proves the articles point. Honestly, article is a bit harsh, yes, but your comments make no sense whatsoever. You are telling people to get educated when you have no idea wtf you are talking about. We aren’t in the 1920’s. Back then, feminism was understandable. Now, modern day feminism is a joke. You wanna know why? Because we have women like you who go around spreading lies to the ladies of the world. Men do not have more rights than women. I would sit here and explain all the rights that women have over men, but i am heated enough. Go look up your facts before you are going online and spreading your bullshit. Thank you.

    • You missed the point. Feminisim at one point in time and still in parts most part in the world is still verry well needed. But this “third wave” bullshit especially in the West Coast completed turned into a self absorbed hate group. I know all feminist are not like that just 97% of em. Its Repulsive. And Guys are waking up to your phaggotry fuck Seattle

    • I’m sorry riggts women don’t have that men have what about rights men don’t have but women have feminism is based on equal pay and opportunity right well to enter a college typically men need a higher score than women to enter programs as well I know because I’ve seen it happen first hand women have more riggts than men in current day society I say that the one who really needs to be educated is you

    • I have witnessed stupid before, but peter, you are the dumbest, brain dead retard regurgitating what any other idiotic ” feminist ” would vomit from their hypocritical mouths, Women have equal rights in America you fuck tard, go to any feminist movement today, THEY FUCKING SAY THAT ITS SEXIST THAT WOMEN RAZORS ARE PINK! Thats the fucking shit they ” protest ” about. Its a bunch of new age idiot women with their fucking first world problems. They have no real life goal so they complain about nothing and call it sexist and inequality and if you dissagree then you are a bigoted sexist racist. I mean come on, just shut the fuck up because you are just as stupid as they are. Not one new age feminist will talk about or fight for countries where women get beat and raped and looked down uppon and forced to wear veils over the faces, no, thsts real oppression, new age feminists done give a fuck. And to actually defend them? Well, like I said, you have got to be the DUMBEST motherfucker alive. I sincerely hope you read this and throw a temper tantrum, plz, prove me right. I almost feel sorry for you……almost….

  8. I’ll start off by saying that I am a feminist and I’m here to figure out why someone wouldn’t me. I don’t plan on trying to convince anyone to agree with me. I’m just suggesting that you educate yourself further about feminism on a global scale. Your knowledge of it is very binary, and I feel that prevents you from being an ally. Anyway, would love to hear about more complaints. It’s always productive to receive constructive criticism.

    Also, I’m not a vegan, but I am a Marxist Socialist. What’s wrong with that?

    • First off, don’t try to compare 3rd and 4th wave feminism in the Western world with the feminism that’s needed in countries where women are actually oppressed. Going past that, my knowledge of feminism is actually pretty wide because it’s constantly shoved down my throat in school. I’ve been told that there’s a rape culture (there isn’t), that the patriarchy is holding me down (the one that doesn’t exist), and that I should always be submissive to the hive mind that is modern-day feminism.

      In Islamic and tribal African countries, for example, feminism is really needed. They actually need help. Female genital mutilation and abortion of a child just because it’s female is disgusting and I want to end it, but saying that there’s a rape culture in the West is ridiculous. You aren’t helping the women who face real oppression by saying you have it here. You don’t. The Western world, and the United States in particular, is the best place in the world to be a woman. The most privileged class in the Western world is white females. That’s just the way it is.

      I can’t really give you much constructive criticism, because that would imply that feminism can be fixed, but I hope what I’ve written so far has been helpful.

      P.S. I’m not going to get into an economic debate here but the reason Marxist Socialism is bad is because it’s responsible for more genocide than Hitler.

      • @Sarah This is a bit late, Insights like yours are much needed. You are completely right. I noticed the new “jargon” recently also and realized that feminism is really useful for countries who oppress women in Africa, The Middle East, and The East. Like Iran for example. India is less of an extreme but when they talk about “rape culture” these things really are a living reality and also maybe Africa. I’ve only been to UAE and India so I haven’t got too much perspective. I started wondering: why are the same words being used in The US when the culture is completely different. “Patriarchy” a good example of Islam, possibly. So it really became clear that the anger inside of the new wave of feminism was really coming from these other countries. The US has more refugees that came over from Sudan, Iran, etc. and that could explain why the terms are still being used here.

        Apologies for any inaccuracies.

      • Rape culture is a culture that trivializes sexual assault.

        May I present to you… FHITP

        That’s about as trivializing as you can get.

    • Well Vanishka, I definitely would like to debate with you regarding feminism. As you may have guessed, I am an anti-feminist. However, that does not mean that I hate women – I love women. I personally think women are better than men (contradictory ?). For example: I cook for my wife because she likes it. I am a vegetarian, yet I have cooked chicken dish for my wife, because she eats meat. I believe, a real man should respect a woman, never abuse her and be courteous to her (and this applies the other way also). So, I personally do not have any problem with women. After all, at least according to me, without women, the world would be horrible (my wife, mother and sisters are women!).
      Nevertheless, I am an anti-feminist. This is because feminism, to me is full of hypocrisy. There are many examples I can give. However, to wrap this up, all I would say for now is to Google Buzzfeed is sexist (just one example, but this deals with the millennials and so you may be more familiar – assuming you are in you are young)
      If you really need to debate about this, feel free to reply and we shall debate.

      P.S.: There is nothing wrong with Marxist-Socialist, except it has not worked out. In theory it is good, but, practically it is not feasible as we humans are not really egalitarian (that is why, there will never be an egalitarian society, there will always be winners and loser – or as stated eloquently in game theory, we are in a “zero sum game”)

      Bye now.

    • A question for Vanshika. You say you are a feminist and a Marxist Socialist.

      As a student of history I would say that modern day feminism is a thought process of Western capitalist society. It’s indigenous to this society. Feminism is now ‘mainstream’ in western culture. With the waning of industrialisation, and the ending of the need for huge amounts of men to do industrial jobs, late capitalist society needs women for its economic development as never before.

      Feminism in practice, then, is a capitalist phenomenon and most feminists are part of this system and are propping it up and see no contradiction in that. How are you able to say you are a feminist and a Marxist at the same time?

    • Google Yuri Bezenemov (KGB Propaganda Specialist). He was directly responsible for the Communist overthrow of Bangladesh in 1971.

      India was next but he defected to the US and sounded the alarm bells.

      In 1983 he gave lectures on KGB Propaganda techniques and yes Feminism and all the other Social Justice Movements are being used as tools to destabilise and subvert nations towards a New World Order/ or in Yuri’s own words towards a World Communist System.

      Now you may believe you will be saved because of your political leanings but see whats in store for all you useful Marxist idiots….yes a hole in the ground with a bullet to the back of the head…..its all in his lectures.

      The last thing a New World Order want are any disillusioned radicals and anarchists to rise up against them when they discover the truth.

      As Yuri says – “leftists are so brainwashed that even if you showed them the truth of the Gulag System they still wouldn’t believe it”.

      Everything he said in 1983 is happening right now here in the West…..watch and weep at how you have been suckered.

      • Thank you! Please write a book to educate people on propaganda techniques. The reason I know about this is because I studied graphic design and know it can be used for evil or for good. Well feminists you are all puppets and you don’t even know it. What they don’t know is that trump is benefiting from their outcry. that is how the government uses it, they put groups at odds against one another. For f*cks sake read about india and how the government has done this in the past. feminists are all undeducated and brainswashed. marxist, theory, you’ve got to be kidding me

        The Communist Control Act (68 Stat. 775, 50 U.S.C. 841-844) is a piece of United States federal legislation, signed into law by President Dwight Eisenhower on 24 August 1954, which outlaws the Communist Party of the United States and criminalizes membership in, or support for the Party or “Communist-action” .

      • the group who created Soviet communism is the same who’ve infected western academia and media-the Frankfurt School Marxists.
        they seek the death of western liberal democracy in order to build their global soviet supreme state upon our ashes.

    • I agree!!! There are so many things that are just blatantly wrong with the article as a whole and many of the comments. The reason we, all genders (YES MEN TOO!), need feminism is because of people like this who think that because they haven’t personally experienced sexism that it doesn’t exist.

      • How have you personally experienced sexism? That is, how you were personally discriminated against, or how sexist prejudice against you occurred?

        The only example that I can think of in my life is when I was living with my parents, I was not allowed to stay out as late as my brother, even though we were the same age.

  9. I am a man. You got me for a couple of ideas. i thought you were trying to make a constructive discussion about gender, but then I realized you are just playing from the fifth column. Are you even a woman? Sorry, i dont buy you.

  10. This where modern feminism comes from. Look up Betty Friedan. You all say that we should educate ourselves in the “movement”, but give weak examples such as how much we pay for feminine products…really? Its called supply and demand the higher the demand the more the consumer pays. And its pretty high demand for the ladies unless you want to be all bloody and stinky lol Will you make all of those things for free? By all means go ahead. Complaining about prices of female hygene products,let me guess,they should be free? Lol female entitlement at its best. Mens hygene products shod also be free! Thats EQUALITY. Want everything but dont want to pay for it. If its to expensive move or get a better job that pays more. Work the same hours and same job as a man you claim gets paid more. Now God forbid an employer tells a women she messed up and considers her a liability then fires her. The woman then sues for discrimination even though if it was a man he would have to accept it and find a new job because well he doesnt have female entitlement. Also how else would companies make profit to make/buy the materials to make the female products with? Your reasons are very vague and lack any well thought out explanation. Then get upset when people dont take you seriously. Feminism is a lot like communism and see how well that worked out for communists countries like cuba. The government takes all the money while people struggle. They have no freedom. They are controlled. Nothing is theres anymore. Including that free healthcare people like talking about so much. Its low quality healthcare at its best. I live in a place with “free healthcare” and its not free lol You want everyone to be the same and strip them of their freedoms and yours in the process because misery lives company. Feminists seem less educated on their own movement and more indoctrinated by it.Nothing supported by proof,all emotion and no logic. Well heres where your “movement” comes from. People who dont call themselves feminists see the actions of the movement. Its contradictory to what the feminist claim. After you cry wolf to many times people just stop listening.

    * posted again because I am not sure if the link i added in the previous post would show.

  11. I enjoyed reading this article, and I agree with all the points presented.

    For the record, I am a white man in my early 30’s. I consider myself logical, introspective, and moral.

    My main problem with feminists is that they claim to fight for inclusion and equality while demonstrating the complete opposite. I’ve had about a dozen “intellectual” encounters with feminists in the last couple of years. Without exception, every single one of those discussions ended up with the feminist offended and running at the point where I said that I do not identify as a feminist.

    Was I disrespectful? Absolutely not. I merely said “While I support the idea of equal rights to all human beings, I do not agree with many aspects of modern-day feminism, and do not consider myself a feminist”. The response to that is typically an abrupt “Sorry, we can’t be friends”.

    Ending a respectful discussion without a chance to explain your differences is like a spit in one’s face.
    I support anybody’s desire to hold a set of beliefs for as long as they do not shove them down my throat, or consider me unworthy of their time for not sharing these beliefs.

    That is not inclusion, and definitely not equality.

    Stay wise, kids!

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  13. I suspect a lot of the feminists you are talking about are actually post modernists not Marxists. They may very well be vegans.

  14. Feminists have poisoned the well between men and women. Never in the history of humankind has there been so much disrespect and lack of trust between the genders. Now men don’t even want to get married because of this and the risk of getting destroyed by the so-called “family courts.”

    It’s easy to poison a well, but very difficult to unpoison it. Even if feminism goes away, the damage to gender relations will last for a long, long time. Perhaps it is now permanent.

  15. I understand your issues with what you think of as feminism. You have a problem with many women you know (or maybe even don’t know; it sounds like you’re talking about some people you’ve seen popularized on social media or on Fox News). I think you could research more about what you are talking about before you speak out so vehemently against it. You sound like the type of person who doesn’t know much, and likes to talk anyway.
    If you think you’ve truly studied this subject with the completeness required to create a short essay (which is what you’ve just done) then go ahead and continue to speak out against a group of people you don’t understand and never will. However, while reading this, I found no logic in it, nothing of substance, and certainly no references to real studies, research, or quotes from real people. It seems to be completely out of your head.

    • I politely disagree. I’m just saying that I have noticed this stuff a lot in my life, and I disagree that it’s just social media blowing things out of proportion, although I won’t deny that it happens (realistically on both sides, if we’re going to be honest). I’m a college student by the way, just so you get a grasp of my age. I just wanted to point out that you said she should look into more information, but the only statistic-like information the author wrote about had to do with the wage gap myth. The rest of the article was the author’s opinion based off of everyday observation (or so it seems, if you re-read it.) Also, the information about the wage gap is true. It doesn’t take much studying to see that the wage gap myth is information taken entirely out of context, and would fail under any level of scrutiny. I’m politely disagreeing with you, though. I’m not calling you stupid or whatever. I’m just saying that the information that the author posted isn’t really false, since the author only stated one fact based on statistics and whatnot. The rest was observation and opinion.

      • My other point that I didn’t really explain is that there is a big difference between what something is supposed to be and what it actually is. I think everybody knows what feminism is supposed to stand for, but what the author is saying (based on her observation and opinion) is that common feminists are not living up to what feminism is supposed to be. Feminists, in my experience, are exactly like what the author said. I haven’t met a feminist that doesn’t do #6, #7, and #8. Never underestimate the power of simple observation, because in reality, statistics gathered by people are usually surveys done by observational people. I mean, in the end, you can say she didn’t use data, but you can’t really disprove her, either, because it’s an opinion. And in fact, the data shows that most women that believe in equal rights no longer want to identify as feminists, because women recognize that there is a difference between what it is supposed to be, and what it has actually become.

  16. Women aren’t supposed to show open interest in men, ask them out on dates, hold doors open for them, initiate sex with them, or even pay for dates unless they are asked to. That’s the man’s job. Period. The woman is asking to be raped and abused if she initiates things with him, hence groping him inappropriately or trying to rape him as well.

  17. These points I have read regarding modern Feminism and the Anti-Feminist view it has created are utterly on point and morbidly accurate. Quantifiable evidence of modern Feminist ethos and behavior toward anyone, Man, Woman, Trans, Non Binary, or otherwise, has shown them to be nothing less than horridly judgmental and in many cases, hostile toward those who do not share their views. In fact, any Human that will not feed into their propaganda machine is pelted with insults, accused of being “against equality” or virtue signaled to the nines until they are plastered with the world’s most erroneous guilt trip. it is sickening, and for some of us Men, it has DIRECTLY affected, if not RUINED lives through the portals of it’s resonating mind wash tactics. I was raised by my Mother(A Woman), and have always had the utmost respect for them as fellow Humans, despite what a maniacal few have countered. The demographic of Female who has vilified me in this life were ALL embracing of the Feminist minded ideology dynamic. Their retorts are commonly either queued slogan speak, conditioned into them by their blind faith in their doctrine, or childish attacks on my character for not choosing the “correct” side. It has created an unbridled divide in many Humans, mainly in Westernized countries where Females have the most privilege. I cannot say enough about how relieved I am that there is an increasingly strong counterculture against modern Feminist venom, for it is sorely needed.

  18. I agree with you, fwiw. I have long considered myself a feminist but the ugly tone in the last few months have made me really reconsider if I want to be lumped in with a movement I consider more and more divisive. I no longer really feel a part of it. I believe that men and women should have equal opportunity of course but this disparaging and tearing down of men really bothers me. I found this article because I was wondering if other women are starting to feel the same way.

  19. I am a 65-year-old white male. Feminists alienated me from Day One with their misandric speeches. Even in the Sixties when feminism was popularly identified as women’s liberation, male bashing was the cornerstone of feminist thinking. I remember going to a lecture given by two feminists without feeling any prejudice toward the speakers until they started to say how all men were “sick” and “messed up”. I didn’t hold it against them that neither of them were attractive. When I tried to speak to them after the lecture, they gave me the cold shoulder and refused to acknowledge me. It was then that I realized that I was making a mistake in thinking that they were anything other than man haters. Ever since then, feminists such as Gloria Steinem, Valerie Solanas, and Andrea Dworkin have only reinforced that initial impression. I would also say that feminists trade on the assumption that women are always victims. That doesn’t work so well with their claim that women should be empowered. I have given feminism a chance; feminism hasn’t reciprocated in the slightest. Consequently, I am anti-feminist and am very likely to remain so. Any philosophy that preaches hatred should be identified as such and condemned.

  20. I liked this article and agree with all the points. I think feminists only have one purpose in life. That purpose is to be an example of what a human shouldn’t be.

  21. The definition of feminism is the theory of the political, economical, and social equality of the sexes. Feminism is not the belief that one sex should be superior above another; the very definition of feminism is antithetical of this idea. If you comment against feminism, you are supporting sexism, which is the devaluation of a person based on their sex. If you believe and support in the equality of men and women then you are by definition a feminist. Stating otherwise is redundant. Expecting special treatment and trivializing rape are qualities of a straw feminist, which is a made-up version of a feminist that exemplifies the worst versions of radical feminists in one character that makes inflammatory statements which are more representative of the fringe of the feminist movement than of mainstream feminism. Most of the negative attributes that you are associating with feminists don’t actually support feminism ideals. Men and women are biologically different, which is a fact, but feminism doesn’t aim to correct those differences. Those differences have nothing to do with the inequality feminism aims to get rid of. Lastly, the pay gap actually is real. It has nothing to do with men and women’s choices. Women get paid less for doing the same exact job as a man. Stating differences in job fields and average working hours doesn’t have any claim because it has nothing to do with what the pay gap really is. I can clearly see that you feel very strongly about this, but next time you state your opinions as if they were facts, actually know what you’re talking about.

    • Can you prove that a man is paid more than a woman for the exact same job? It seems to me that “exact same jobs” are those that are paid hourly wages, or more specifically, the minimum wage. Are there women working the fryer at McDonalds that are being paid less than men working the fryer at McDonalds? That would be very unfair indeed.

      Most salaried positions call for some negotiation to determine final salary; is it possible one gender is generally more successful than another at this type of negotiation?

      Many professional positions include work that is not so cut and dried that you can immediately assign an objective monetary value. For example, commissions based on successful sales can vary widely. Is it possible that variations in pay are based on such factors?

      Many professional positions reward and promote those that actually do or appear to work harder, longer hours. Bonuses vary. Climbs up the ladder can be uneven and vary depending on how much of themselves an individual devotes to the workplace. Is it possible that the alleged wage gap is in part based on this?

    • Feminists claim to want equality between men and women, but if you analyze their tactics actually what they want is to remove men from positions of authority and replace them with women, by any means necessary. They are destabilizing civilization and creating a world that will be just as awful for women as it has become for men. Perhaps these feminists are really just anarchists in disguise? Be careful what you wish for.

  22. Well unfortunately the women of today have really changed for the worst of all compared to the old days when most of the women back then were the very best. Most women just have no respect for many of us men with a very rotten personality when we will just try to start a conversation with a woman that we would really like to meet. God forbid for many of us men trying to say good morning or hello which they’re ready to chew our heads off for no reason at all, and most of these very pathetic women are real Feminists and men haters anyway the way that i see it which it is these type of women that have really Destroyed the dating scene for many of us good innocent men really looking for a relationship now. And it is very obvious why so many of us men are still single today because of this since we really have no reason to blame ourselves at all either.

  23. The Holy Scriptures defines feminism as evil, rebellous and witchcraft. who else would claim the murder of babies is a “choice”.

  24. Hi there. I’m a feminist but I understand why some women reject the label. Most of the points above are valid at times—I disagree with several aspects of contemporary feminism. I do want to take issue with:

    #5 LOL, that’s ridic. I know lots of feminists, and they’re NOT Marxists, socialists or vegan.

    #8 Studies have found that after controlling for the factors you mention (making different career choices, amount of hours worked, etc., that is, when comparing apples-to-apples), the pay gap is approximately 90 cents to the dollar. For someone making $50K, that’s a $5K/year loss. For someone making $100K that’s a $10K loss a year. Over a lifetime we’re talking about six figures. Doesn’t that bother you? It sure as fuck bothers me. The pay gap is smaller than often quoted, but it isn’t zero. It’s a significant amount.

    Ultimately I identify as a feminist because I’m aware that there are many flavors of feminism. A few overly loud and irrational voices don’t get to define what feminism means—plenty of other feminists are dispassionate and rational people with solid points to make. Sadly the rational voices have really set the tone of the conversation, and they only have themselves to blame for the fact that a number of enlightened women still reject the label.

  25. It is true that if you believe in equality, you are a feminist. As we still live in heteropatriarchy (where males have authority over females) Therefore if you think men and women are equal, it theoretically makes you a feminist. But it is perfectly OK if you don’t want to be labelled with a name that’s often associated with negative connotations. However, your perception of feminism is caused by angry extremists (trust me, they don’t know what feminism is) and no educated feminists will behave that way. A real feminist will respect all genders and make sure other people understand that. And to all the men that believe in gender equality but were targeted or put down because of your genitals — next time when you encounter an extremist simply tell them you believe in equality and what they are doing is not being a feminist at all. If they insist on making hateful comments, just be the bigger person and walk away. Haters are gonna hate

    • Lol, believing in equality does not make you Feminist as it does not make you Masculinist. if I believe in equality it makes me Equalist eventually… do you get the irony? Feminism is not about equality, it was about empowering women until they get equal rights, and once this happened it is a tool that females use to their advantage. The only feminists I can respect at the moment are the brave women in Iran who are removing their headscarf’s not the brainwashed Western bitches. Amen

      • Now feminism shouldn’t be about legislation, it should be about changing society’s views on women, so things like workplace sexual harassment, and the FHITP thing stop happening.

  26. Hi, Great article and refreshing. 🙂
    However, I somewhere have contradicting thoughts on 8th point explanation.
    “8. Feminists refuse to acknowledge that the gender pay gap is the result of women’s choices, not sexism.”
    Sometimes, women really do not have a choice. e.g. a country like India, even though women are having equal job opportunity and are given equal payment, but chances of raising up in career is not so good for Women. Women are always expected to take family,kitchen, house hold chores and unnecessary customs and rituals more importance than one’s own career.
    In many families, most (not every time) married women are housewives or otherwise “allowed” to work for “pass-time”, but not an an important career choice. The logic is that ; if husband is earning so much why do you need to work?.
    It does not matter what are a women’s career aspirations. Women are pressurised so much with society norms and “how-an-ideal- woman-should-be” that many of the women succumb to this. This leads to change in priorities and lifestyle even without realising. In short , only women are expected to do a sacrifice of career choices. If a woman stick to her choice, then she has to pay a price.
    The price can be in the form of broken relationship, receiving constant complaints or threats of abandonment etc. I do not think an Indian man would be facing these situations.

    Apart form that, when a girl child is born, even parents do not aspire their daughters to be educated enough to have a career. It just comes down to a mentality like “after all she is going to get married and what is the use of educating her so much?” or worst “let her become XYZ and earn 20K salary so that she will get a husband of 80K salary”. So one can imagine that a mentality and choices of a woman is manipulated or decided right from the day she is born!

  27. I would be writing all day if I were to list everything wrong with feminism but after seeing and hearing this whole sorry saga unfold I will go ahead and generalise by saying feminists are bat shit crazy!

    That’s not an intelligent statement i know but through my own experience I’ve found these people to be completely irrational, entitled, unbelievably arrogant and so on. They demand respect yet do very little to earn it so imo I don’t owe them any respectful words, especially when I’ve heard them say the most disgusting things about men and infant males.

    I’m a white female and am also sick of these feminists spouting nonsense like “white male privilege” or usually just “male privilege”
    Whilst completely ignoring their own “white female privilege”. They’ve convinced themselves their extremely oppressed which is beyond laughable.

    They want men to “suffer” as a form of revenge yet don’t consider the fact that could apply to anyone including them, for example if black people were to enslave white people out of revenge then these white feminists will also be enslaved, how will they denigh them the right to their revenge when these feminists feel their entitled.

    They cry sexual harassment when a guy dares to ask them out and cry rape when they regret their decisions. They take zero responsibility for their own actions.
    What I find bizarre is how these types think men are solely responsible when both parties are drunk and things like that. Make up your minds feminists, you’re either strong independent women capable of self reliance who need no man to “look after you” or “make choices for you” or you’re so childlike that you can’t be held responsible for your actions in which case you shouldn’t be in any kind of position of power or authority as clearly you’re too precious and delicate to possibly be held accountable for anything.

    OK sorry for the rant and generalising, doubt this will be read but it’s good to vent.

    • I like this blunt generalization. You’re completely right teresa and yes, i think the men are suffering; yet, they’re still pushing. I am a white male so of course – privileged – but the world is going to shit in a handbasket. I am single cause I believe in old school courting, in public places and at social events but time and time again i get some hateful feminist response in turn. A large population of women now would prefer to use online dating and get laid quick apps like tinder than making “real connections” with a nice guy like myself. What’s that? You went and had a one night stand with a guy you went out with because you swiped like on your phone and you got drugged and raped on this date? Just some more amunition for the feminist movement to label me, an average male, as “evil.”
      On another note, i have spent 8 years in school, latter of which were in the field of respiratory therapy, a female dominated profession, but nonetheless, a healthcare oriented field because i want to help people. 90 students in my class, 15 males. Every female has landed a job this past year and half of us males have not even gotten a call for an interview. Doesn’t feel like i’m enjoying my privilege… But instead, i have used the skills i have acquired and in the meantime built a construction company from nothing and now make triple what i would have as a respiratory therapist. So now im not doing what i want to do because i feel there is some sexual presedence being given here and i am also making more now than at least 75 women. I guess we can just add that to the statistic and just feed the fire.
      I am all for womens rights and equal opportunity but has it gone so far that the table has tipped? If they keep pushing, and we know the radicals out there will one of two things is going to happen:

      1. A misogynistic radical movent is going to fire up and women might get knocked back to the dark ages, or….

      2. Lack of gender identity, accountability, overwhelming individualism and non-marital permiscuity is going to lead to less child bearing and a declining population. Darwinism has taught us one great law of the world, if its deleterious, evolution with wipe it out.

      I just got past walking on eggshells around the gay/lesbian/transsexual/gender thing if not still walking on them. With all the feminist movements nowadays, we may as well put those eggshells on glass. Were fucked!

      • Let’s not let them fuck us over! I’m including my female self here because these feminists are also trying to ruin us sane women and make us believe their propaganda which I and many others don’t.
        It’s ironic bc their also destroying their own daughters by teaching them their pathetic entitled ways. When these “super empowered” girls grow and start wanting to date, plan their weddings etc etc guess what…….there ain’t going to be any boys willing to even acknowledged their existence out of fear of being accused of something and rightly so! What boy/young man would want to risk going anywhere near a female nowadays or in the future.

        Where are all these feminists who demand equality when a woman is given a much lesser sentence for the same crime a man commits,
        Where’s the equality when a man is branded a peadophile yet a woman is not even when she’s comitted the same crime,
        Why are men labelled evil instantly after a heinous crime but when a women commits a crime equally disturbing people always try to find blame in her past as if to say it’s not her fault she must be traumatised or unstable, they’ll usually try to find a man somewhere to blame!
        If a man is abused by his mother and becomes criminal then the blame and responsibility falls souly on him but if a woman is abused by her father she has a lifetime pass to do whatever the hell she likes because she will always be a “victim” so accountable for nothing!

        You’re right, this will backfire. I think it’ll start by boys/men realising it’s not worth the hassle or risk and believe me these women will be very sorry when they see what their actually doing is isolating all women.

        I hope men stop donating sperm to banks as well, where will all these powerful women who “don’t need a man” go to get their donors from when their biological clock starts ticking away !

        Sorry for ranting again but honestly some women are so pathetic it just baffles me.

    • lmfao and you men??? you are saying that if females are bad- then ill be quick to assume that you believe that the male gender is better?? and if you’re not a fat man watching tv for ten years at a time or a internet troll then go to hell you stupid whore

  28. Feminist are nothing more the repugnant Nazis , nazis hated jews gipsies, blacks homosexuals, Femist have the same hatred towards Men whites heterosexuals, europeans.

    The murderous feminist criminals use exactly the same repugnant nazi tactics on their target groups, they invent a narrative of past oppresion to justify their atrocities and propaganda to criminalize their target population, for example their nazi campaign against domestic violence.

    Their objective is too dehumanize the male population.

    Feminist are criminals, Feminism is about hate, lies, propaganda, statistical manipulation, ignoring and concealing data, cherry picking facts all in order to demonize men and boys and heterosexuality, and create the appropiate political climate to pass laws that discriminates against them.

    They have blood in their hands, induced suicides are plain murder. More than 80.000 men murdered by the feminist laws.

    They use propaganda the media to criminalize men and heterosexual relationships, same tactics used by Nazis towards Jews.

    The moment Domestic violence becomes a problem that affects equally men and women feminist interest on this issue is gone , becouse they only care about spreading their hate agenda.

    Feminist do not care about women, If a woman is killed by an other woman, or a child by her mother there is no public outrage, is not that they do not care about male victims is more repugnant than that, they neither care about female victims if they can not be used politicallty.

    The Nazis hate campaigns too dehumanize men had brought laws that has resulted in hundred of thousands of men losing everything throught the Apartheid Feminist criminal justice system , children homes, savings, pension rights, future income their dignity.

    Some men unable to cope take their lives. These are not suicides these are Feminist asesisinations.

    Feminist are terrorist of the worst kind. One Day feminists will pay for their crimes against humanity , they will have their Nurengberg like the Nazis had.

  29. Imagine that, as a male, you find a new girlfriend. You spend a couple of months with her and invite her to your home. Then things get nasty and she begins to psychologically abuse you. One day she hits you and you tell her to leave your house. She refuses. You call the police and report a domestic violence case, you ask them to come. They come, and they see that you have several marks, while the woman has nothing. They arrest YOU and put you in prison for up to 3 days. Because there’s a domestic violence report (made by you), they put a restriction order ON YOU, so you can’t go back to your own house, because your now ex-girlfriend is living in it, until the case solves.

    Then the woman decides to press charges against you for domestic violence. She then can ask the state for an economic help of 400 euro each month during 11 months. No need for a conviction, just the accusation is needed, and they will give her the money even if the accusation proves to be false. Then a long process begins in which you’ll probably be condemned with just her word, while you can’t access your own house, and will probably be fired from your job. And even if they don’t judge you guilty, you’ll still be included in the sex offender list, because, by law, you are guilty; they just didn’t found proofs enough to convict you.

    When the 11 month help to the woman ends, she makes another accusation at you, because every time she does, the state gives her another 11 months of financial help, and there are no repercussions for a false accusation.

    Welcome to Spain.


    Spain is a unique case when it comes to gender laws. There’s no other country in the world with a law equal to our infamous Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence Law. We have 106 inquisitorial tribunals exclusively made to judge men, with no constitutional guarantee. The last time a country did this, was germany in the 30s with tribunals to exclusively judge Jews. Even Sweden is nicer to its men than Spain.

    To know about the origins of the gender laws in Spain we have to go back to 1944, during the reign of the dictator Franco. In this time, the fascists added an aggravating circumstance called “contempt for gender”, that made crimes more punishable if the victim was a woman, and the victimizer a man. This remained active until 1983, when a mostly socialist congress got rid of it, arguing (correctly) that it only served to infantilize woman, and made it seem as if they were in need of constant protection, inferior both mentally and physically. At the time, society viewed this change as something positive, and when a member of a right wing party protested about the change, the women in the socialist party got angry at him and asked him to leave.

    In the latest decades, the government has been rotating between the Popular Party (PP, center-right wing) and the Socialist worker party (PSOE, Socialists). In 2003, the PSOE was in charge, and they approved a new law, called Integrated Protection Measures against Gender Violence (acronym LIGV), the 28 of December, with many opposition, and many complains about it being unconstitutional. It’s interesting to say here that the 28 of December is the Spanish “April’s fools”, so it’s quite the correct day to approve it, since the law is a joke.

    What this law does? Well it does a lot of things.

    The law establishes a difference between domestic violence and “gender violence”. While the first is violence that happens in the domestic area, the second is violence done because of sexism. BUT, here lies the problem: “gender violence” can only be done by men, and it’s considered the default type of violence for men. That is, if a woman attacks a man, it’s considered domestic violence, even if she did it because she hates men; but if a man attacks a woman, it’s considered “gender violence”, no matter what reason may be behind the attack. It doesn’t matter if he did it for money, jealousy, infidelity, vengeance, mental problems, or even self-defense. To the LIGV, every act of violence from a man to a woman can only mean he is a sexist, and attacked her because she is a woman. And of course, the punishment for gender violence is higher than for domestic violence. This is especially funny in a country where women are going to be released from jail just because they are women.

    This, of course, creates a lie that feeds itself. If you look at the official data at the end of the year, the numbers for “gender violence” will be very high, since every single thing a man has done to a woman through the year is considered to be done because of sexism. This is used by feminists to claim the law is necessary, and even has to be strengthened, because of the high numbers (like this year, when the political party “Left United” proposed that men should not have presumption of innocence if accused by a woman; or the Baleares islands, where not paying alimony will be considered “gender violence”). Of course, they ignore the fact that Spain is the country with fewer murders of women, and violence towards women, in all Europe.

    Ranking of women murdered per million (2006)


    This table shows the results of a poll. The top row shows the % of women who said to have suffered gender violence. The bottom one shows how much % thinks gender violence is a widespread problem. Which shows that spanish women think the problem is much bigger than it really is.

    Another thing the law does is to give huge power to women over men, while striping men of their rights.

    For example, if a call is made to denounce domestic violence, the man is automatically put in jail as a preemptive measure for up to 3 days. There’s no need for any proof or process. Just any accusation from any woman is enough for this. And it doesn’t matter how many times she has done it, the man will be thrown in jail again and again. This of course is used by malicious women to make the life of men impossible, or make them lose their jobs.

    Also, in a domestic violence call, by law, the default culprit is the man. So, even if he is the one calling, and he’s the one with violence marks, he will be the one thrown in prison. And a restriction order can be placed on him, so he can’t go back to his own home if the woman is still there.

    If a man receives a gender violence accusation, he will lose custody of his children, and if he’s in a divorce process, he will most probably lose everything.

    Since the law started, judges in Spain have had pressure on them to put in jail as much men as possible, which transforms many cases in jokes where the man is condemned with just the word of the woman and no other evidence or even evidence to the contrary. But even if you are found innocent, you’ll still be placed in the sex offender list, as you are legally guilty from the moment the woman makes the accusation. There have been very absurd cases, like a man who was condemned for “gender violence” because he farted in front of his wife.

    Women also get special benefits, as they are considered “victims” from the moment they make the accusation. Depending on the province, they have cheaper prices to rent a flat, or they are directly given one for free. In some places they have to pay nothing to join university if they have made an accusation.

    Also, ilegal inmigrant women who make a gender violence accusation are given the papers to become legal inmigrants.

    Women also have all the expenses of the trial paid by the state. They have to pay nothing for accusing a man.

    I don’t think I have to say that everything listed here goes against the presumption of innocence, the principle of equal punishment for same crime, and is highly unconstitutional. Thus why there has been dozens of attempts to take it down, and even the European council has said it goes against the constitution and the human rights of men. There are a lot of men unjustly affected by this law, who had their lives completely destroyed. Long judicial procedures; imprisonment with no evidence every time the woman want; loss of their house, loss of their job; loss of their children; unable to get a new job; many of them suicide, but even if they don’t, they are marked for life. A rape accusation is something that chases you forever in Spain, no matter how many evidence of your innocence you have.

    There was a famous case last year. A girl had sex with several boys in a fair, and later on she accused them of raping her. During the trial, many bystanders testified that the sex was consensual, because they had sex at plain sight of the fair, and dozens of people watched them. There was also a recorded video of the event, which showed a consensual act. And finally, the girl herself confessed that everything was a lie. It looks like a pretty clear case, right? Well not for Spain. When the guys got free, a chance.org petition was opened to get signatures to force the tribunal to reopen the case, arguing that it was 100% sure they were rapists, because the girl said so, even if all the evidence, including a confession, pointed otherwise. The campaign got 8.000 signatures in a day. That’s how brainwashed we are, so you can imagine what a falsely accused man can expect around here.

    12 years have passed since the law was created, and we are witnessing its effects. For example, suicide rates among men have increased a lot since the law was approved. Right now suicide is the lead cause for death of men in the country, and 70% of the suicides have been produced by abusive processes of Gender violence.

    Blue are men suicides and red women suicides till 2013. In 2015 we already reached about 3.500.


    The cases of fathers unjustly separated from their children and parental alienation have skyrocketed since they LIVG allows mothers to abuse it for custody, and there’s a lot of father’s right groups that have been born because of that.

    What the law has NOT done is solve the problem of domestic violence. The numbers on DV and murders from both men and women have remained the same since the creation of the law. By all objective means, for its supposed intended purpose, the LIVG has failed. And we know it failed since many years ago.

    Numbers of women murdered in Spain since 2004 to 2013.


    So, how it’s possible that the law has lasted so long (and seems it will last a lot more, since a recent attempt by a political party to fix the law has been meet with amazing opposition and propaganda), if it has served no purpose and has only caused problems and injustice? Why is there an interest in maintaining it?

    Because the law has created a whole industry around it, of which feminists depend more, since they receive money from the European union depending on how many accusations are made though the year, so they try to create as many as possible, no matter if they are false. In some cases, even the teams in charge of the investigations make false reports to increase the numbers of convicted men.

    Feminist groups in Spain receive more than 2 million euro each year to “fight gender violence”, of which less than 5% are destined to victims. Many of those feminists live of doing absolutely nothing, just receiving money from the state and justifying it with feminist meet ups now and then. Feminists are very interested in the existence of the law, to make profit of it, and because it helps women to easily get custody. Lawyers in Spain usually recommend women to make a Gender violence accusation in divorce cases so they have an easy win. And feminists create alarmist campaigns to encourage accusations for the most minimal infractions of behavior. Even the most normal attitudes inside a couple are considered abuse if the man does them, but not if is the women who does. Campaigns warn about the “abuse” of a boyfriend who looks at your phone, or tells you he doesn’t like a friend of yours, but totally ignore when the girlfriend does it. Just a few days ago, in Valentine, the police department made a tweet with an innocent comment: “A “stolen” kiss is not a crime, enjoy Valentine”. Hordes of feminists attacked the police, accusing them of promoting sexual abuse and even rape, and encouraging women to denounce if someone, no matter if it’s their current partner, kiss them by surprise. Note here that the tweet was neutral, yet all the outrage was about men kissing women.

    In 2015, the police also released a tweet in which they encouraged both women and men to denounce abuse from their partners. Again, hordes of feminists attacked them, asking the police to NOT encourage man to denounce their abusers, in what was a very clear show of what feminism is about in Spain.

    An egalitarian tweet encouraging both women and men to denounce their agressors. A capital crime for spanish feminism.


    Feminists and the government have intentionally hided and manipulated information to make it seem as if there’s an epidemic of murder and gender violence towards women, while men are never the victim.

    For example, before 2006, the numbers of murder of men by their wives were public, and they were not very different from the ones to women. Murders of men ranged 30-60 per year, while murders of women ranged 50-75 per year. There are more murders of women than men, but there’s not by any mean a difference so high as to say there’s a gender problem. But after 2006, the government changed the organization in charge of the official data (twice), and the official numbers for murdered men began to drop, until they suddenly dropped to 10, 5, ¡or even 0 murders! Meanwhile, the numbers of women were the same.

    Numbers of men killed by their wives from 1997 to 2013. Until 2006 numbers are collected normaly and numbers are lower but similar to those of women. In 2006 the MIR gets silenced. In 2008 the Service of Inspetion CGPJ gets silenced. Numbers from 2011 to 2013 showed 0 deaths until a recent update in November 2015, and still the numbers are unrealistic.


    Of course, those numbers are totally false. Several groups are dedicated to collect murder cases from newspapers, and every year there’s at least around 30 cases of men murdered by their wives, and even more if we count attempts to kill, or which women fail a lot more than men. Women also commit a lot more of children murder than men (about 80% of child murders are perpetrated by women), yet when it happens, the reaction is completely different than when a man does it. For example, a few months ago, a mother killed her two children and then committed suicide. The media called it an “extended suicide”, and there was a lot of talk about the poor mother who had no choice but to kill her children because reasons. Her city also had two minutes of silence in her memory. Not a single mainstream media considered her actions to be her fault, or objectionable. Yet, just a week later, a father did exactly the same, killing his children and then killing himself. He was demonized by all the media for his egoistic and horrible act, and the city hold two minutes of silence for his children, but not for him.

    Another common feminist lie is that 99% of domestic violence is caused by men. To prove it, they show the numbers of Gender violence. Do you remember what we talked about earlier, about how gender violence only happens when is done by men? So, logically, 99% of “Gender violence” is caused by men (the remaining 1% I assume will be lesbian violence cases, which some judges include in Gender violence, for some reason). But Gender violence is not domestic violence, and those numbers don’t represent, at all, the real numbers of domestic abuse.

    The reality is that hundreds of studies show that domestic violence is done at the same rate by women and men, and is bidirectional. There are also studies that say women in Spain are more violent than men. There’s a reality of men abused in the same quantities as women are abused, that is totally ignored by the media, feminists, the government, and the law, who have nowhere to go and no financial or emotional help.

    Another common lie to sustain the LIVG is that there are almost no false accusations. According to feminists, less than 0.01% of accusations are false. Of course this is false, and it should be obvious even without proof. They pretend we have to believe that there are only a 0.01% of women who are malicious enough to make a false accusation, because we all know women are all saints and would never do anything evil. The truth is that there’s no official data for false accusations. No one knows how many are real or false. The 0.01% number is a manipulation of the data made by feminists. The reality is that there are at least 20% of false accusations in Spain, based on the data we have.

    The main problem in this case is that, in Spain, when an accusation is find out to be false, it’s not officially considered to be false. To be considered officially false, you have to sue the woman back. Then a judge has to accept the case, and judges in Spain are being pressed to dismiss as much cases of false accusation as they can. Then if the case goes on and it’s find out to be guilty, it will be considered as such. But in most cases, men don’t sue back. They are usually exhausted both mentally and economically from a very long process in which they have probably lost their jobs and children, and have to pay trial expenses (while the woman has all the trial expenses paid by the state). Their only interest is to go back to their normal lives. Also lawyers usually advice to not sue back and instead make some deal with the woman so she drops the charges, or she promises not to accuse him again (since there’s really nothing stopping her from doing it again and again).

    Of course the real data is buried under all the lies and false data that the media and feminists throw at people who have no time nor interest in unveiling the truth, and everyone who tries to show it is destroyed by them. Even TV presenters who have unveiled corruption cases in their programs are afraid of feminism and simply ignore men when they speak about domestic violence.

    UPDATE IN 2017: The government has recently aproved an expansion, that will extend the Gender violence to every case of violence against women, not just in cases of domestic violence. That means that everything you’ve read in this article, will now be applied to any man to commits any kind of violence towards any woman in any circumstance, no matter the context or motivation. This will of course artificially increase the numbers of “gender violence” to a huge ammount, since they’ll claim that every case happened because she was a woman and he hated women, so i expect an increase on the media pressure calling us all sexist and violent, and from feminists asking for even harder measures and justifying the law on this new false numbers.

    There are some people fighting against it though. There are a few politics denouncing the LIVG (though I can’t say I like their parties, but I don’t like any party in Spain right now), and some judges are also very active in speaking against it. Each year there are more groups for the rights of the father, and more people rise up against the dominance of gender ideologues. There are some bloggers very active like El Tivipata, the web Mereces saberlo or the Spanish version of Honey Badger Brigade . There’s also a site with English articles called Gender violence and Justice. And i usually do comics against the feminist narrative in my website.

    • Thank you for this post I had no idea about the gender violence/ domestic violence difference. I thought things were bad here in the UK!

    • Watched the video on Spanish gender violence law….absolutely LOVE how at 30 minutes, Minister Bibi is shown being helped into her seat by a guy..,if he hadn’t assisted her, would that guy end up in jail overnight?

    • That is awful. That “victim culture” is the stupid thing about feminism, the courts always rule against a man. Seriously the most stupid law I have ever heard of in my life, the UN really needs to look into that, because down the line, that could have disastrous effects (women are not the only ones with radical views). The damn feminists should shudder at the though of *gasp* MASCULINISM. And with that BS, it IS coming. Not to mention changing the goddamn statistics aligns itself with NAZI bahaviours in Germany. Is that really an acceptable standard for feminism, seriously. That is absolutely terrible, women will be lucky to have ANYONE want to get NEAR them in the distant future with that law. That is just horrible, Spain’s law department need to grow a pair, wtf

  30. I tend to vote on the left for a number of reasons, so you would think I would side with feminism because of the things I feel strongly about concerning women’s and gender issues. Yet my love of freedom and justice forces me to take a stand against the absolute circus feminism has made of a number of issues. If feminism really is out there fighting for men to be free to be themselves, they’re doing an absolute piss poor job of it. Instead, it’s all about “the poor downtrod wymynz”. Women can do no wrong and everything bad that happens is because of “the patriarchy”. I’m not ashamed of my love of traditionally girly things like dolls and My Little Pony, nor of my sensitive side, and feminism claims it’s “the patriarchy” keeping boys down by enforcing these toxic gender norms on them. Yet some of the most toxic and vile words said to me have been made by women. Here’s the thing I realize. I still identify as male. Maleness is not bad thing. Masculinity is not a bad thing. Yet to hear feminists talk, you’d think these were the end all and be all of the world’s totality of all evil. Why is it when someone who happens to be male says or does something atrocious, and a feminist or three, instead of condemning the individual, goes on a tirade with a blanket statement against all men, and any men on the message board get a bit defensive(because they’re only human), they are immediately silenced? If feminists are so concerned with gender norms, why is trans exclusion a thing among feminism? Why are guys still expected to make the first move or be the one to pay? If feminists are so concerned with equality, why does the Duluth Model exist? Or “yes means yes”? Or saying “made to penetrate” instead of rape for the odd case of a male being the victim of sexual abuse(which many feminists will deny happens)? If feminists are so concerned about toxic masculinity and macho attitude, why do more feminist articles discussing sex spend time deriding the “nice guy” as a demonized “nice guy(tm)”, and everything else negative about male behavior is tossed under the convenient umbrella of “the patriarchy”, instead of something helpful like, I dunno, “stop dating jerks”? But when the shoe is on the other foot, a feminist will rant on an article about “Why can’t I find a date? Aren’t I sexy enough?” And of course there’s always a paragraph or two phrased to imply that it’s the men’s fault and how her dating selection is beneath her. I’ve seen such an article first hand. Yet a “nice guy” gets “Omg, you’re entitled. Patriarchy!”
    One final thing. It is no less wrong to say there is no such thing as gender or that all genders are equal and have no difference as it is to espouse hardline beliefs of stifling, set in stone, traditionalist gender norms. There needs to be balance concerning gender as well as less antagonism. It is time for feminism to show this.

  31. Feminism is NOT equality. If it was it would be called the equality movement. I don’t care so much about the differences in opinion between the two sides. I take major offense at the tactics being used. Feminists can/will not listen to the other side. They actively try to silence any and all counter arguments. Want proof? Google the red pill, watch the movie, then listen to the Ted talk about how the author was black listed by the feminist movement. The showings of her movie were protested by people who had never even seen it. They just assign anyone that doesn’t think like them hurtful and slanderous words like bigot. At a time when creative discourse is needed the most, the feminist movement is trying to silence the opposition. Any feminists that may read this, I challenge you to better yourself, do some real reading into the Men’s rights movement before slandering them. Also really look in the laws. The law is extremely in FAVOR of women. This current argument is just like any other, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Even if you disagree with someone’s else’s opinions, your a better person for having heard them.

  32. Ok look. I understand where all you guys are coming from. Sometimes feminist can be jerks. But not all of them are. I’m a feminist and I’m proud of that. But to me all I want is everyone to be equal, which includes men. I’m a feminist but not for the reasons you might think. I’m a feminist because there isn’t such thing as an equalitist (which is a word I made up haha) Being a feminist isn’t about hating men. Even though many people think it is. And if you call your self a feminist because you hate men than you have no idea what your talking about. I just want every one to know that even though we are made up of two genders we are all built from the same human blueprint before we are born. Now I might get a lot of hate because I’m only fourteen years old and some people could comment to me saying “what the hell are you talking about! Your to young to understand this so go back to your computers and your iPads and stop talking like you know stuff!” If you all comment that I get it. But guys. Can’t we just all agree on that we are all human beings.. Please? We are in the future now. And the future is all screwed up because of the leaders from the past’s bad choices. Which split us all up. Even though we have different traits, different fingerprints, different lives in different countries. We are all human beings. We should be able to live together as one and make peace with our differences. The world is not broken. It’s just misguided. We can change the way people view men and women. If we work up to it we can change the world to make it a better place for everyone. And when I grow up I am going to help make that change.

    • If feminism spent more energy fighting for true equality than it did playing the victim olympics, then we’d be living far better world. We’d be living in a world where the Duluth Model doesn’t exist. We’d be living in a world where instead of wondering where all the nice guys and good men went, women actually go out and try to find said men instead of shaming them into oblivion just because they might be the sensitive type, or not “mysterious and suave”, or they’re accommodating. We’d be living in a world where men can easily come forward and say they’ve been assaulted or sexually harrassed by a female. We’d be living in a world where alimony is fair and divorce happens less. We’d be living in a world where a boy can proudly proclaim his love of dolls or My Little Pony without taunts or putdowns, just as any girl can with wrestling or Transformers. Yes there are males who rape and do bad things, but most men aren’t like that. Maleness by itself isn’t bad. Traditional ideas about gender need to change, but genders will never be totally the same.

    • When is the last time you held an other woman accountable? Called other women on their lies, manipulation, and BS? If you want equality, the first place to start is with your fellow gender by instituting equal accountability. Feminism is about avoiding personal accountability and finding anyone or anything to blame so as top avoid any perception of wrongdoing. You don’t want equality, you want special treatment based on your gender, race, and/or sexual preference.

    • Honestly, you give me a little hope for kids these days. 🙂 Your head and your heart are in the right place, or close enough, but this “feminist” label will ruin you. If feminism really is about equality, then it wouldn’t be named after feminism. There are other words to label yourself with, like “egalitarian” or “equalism”. Equalitist is good too. Yes, you and your generation will make the world a better place, one step at a time. Start with ditching these labels and just being what you are. 🙂 Human.

  33. So I’m going to give my opinion based entirely off of experience and observation, but I’m not trying to start anything. So if anybody gets mad, just please, for the sake of humanity, calm down. My opinion is this: If women want to be treated equally, and actually mean it (not just saying they want it because it’s the thing to say nowadays in female culture), then they need to accept their own agency. They need to accept that it actually exists and is ALWAYS IN PLAY in their lives.

    They need to accept that nobody actually cares enough to deliberately get in their way, as long as they don’t create a toxic work environment. Feminists and many other women don’t seem to realize that everybody is overwhelmed with their own life, and doesn’t care what they do as long as they don’t make anybody else’s life harder. I have yet to meet a man (even one from the “times of oppression”) that sits at home, angrily eating his breakfast, saying, “Oh how dare they let women work in areas that used to be for men. Women should be in the kitchen.” And I’ve volunteered at a lot of old folks homes. I’ve actually heard more elderly women say that than elderly men. Men don’t seem to care what women do, as long as they don’t make their life harder than it needs to be.

    Take the Wonder Woman movie for example: I went to see it with some friends thinking that it was going to be about how men oppress women, and that the reason women can’t accomplish “their dreams” is because men hold them back. Instead, I was really surprised to find out that it was about a woman that knew what the right thing to do was, and instead of whining about how nobody fixes it, and how unjust the world of men is, she just said, “You know what? There’s a problem here, and I’m just going to go fix it, because it’s the right thing to do. If you aren’t coming, then just move out of the way, and I won’t be mad. If you are coming, though, that’s great, and I would love you’re help.” And then she let the guys help her!!!!! That impressed me the most. She just acted like a normal person. She was respectful and didn’t play emotional games. And she was a frickin’ boss. She was there to just get the job done, not to be better than anybody or prove herself to anybody.

    As a guy, I can say that I used to think I was sexist (because a lot of women told me I was) until I saw Wonder Woman, and it actually took me an entire week to come to terms with the fact that I liked the movie, to be honest. But once I saw that movie, I realized that I had never been sexist. Ever. I honestly have no problem working with women, or having women “take charge” and do things, until they start acting like adult children. I know that sounds harsh, but I’m just saying.

    I’ll extend an olive branch, though, and say that it annoys me just as much when guys act like victims and adult children in the work place. Heck, I used to act like that until somebody pointed it out to me. But in my opinion, I have observed more women doing that than men. I don’t have statistics, I’m just stating an observation throughout the years. And this ties into the article as well, because instead of trying to teach women how to have a work environment type of mindset, we as a culture are teaching young men to hold back, so they don’t offend anybody. And I don’t see how this is helping anything.

    And lastly, I think that’s really all male employers are looking for: is somebody that just shows up, does the job, and doesn’t make the work environment toxic for everybody else. That’s what I’ve found throughout my life so far. That’s just my opinion, though.

    On a side note: Why the heck do women want to be like men anyway? Does nobody realize that being a man isn’t that great? Like for real, has anybody actually stopped and really thought about how much it sucks to be a man, other than the perk that we can pee with ease, anywhere we go?

    • you are a dumb fuck. this was written by an orangutan. fuck me jesus fucking christ. who let you use their keyboard. “feminists are all vegans and socialists and i don’t actually care that much” then don’t write about it bitch. nobody cares that you’re triggered and incapable of standing up for yourself

  34. My only problem with feminism is this…

    There isn’t a clear definition of what a man is supposed to be. I find that feminists want recognition from a group that doesn’t have their own clearly defined identity. The sane answer to for the two genders to work together to define an identity as…wait for it…human beings.

  35. you are a dumb fuck. this was written by an orangutan. fuck me jesus fucking christ. who let you use their keyboard. “feminists are all vegans and socialists and i don’t actually care that much” then don’t write about it bitch. nobody cares that you’re triggered and incapable of standing up for yourself

  36. Women have certainly changed today for the worst of all compared to the old days when most women back then were very old fashioned and real ladies too. Today unfortunately it has become so very extremely dangerous just to say good morning or hello to a woman that many of us men would really like to meet, and they will usually be so very nasty to us and walk away. Well it is very obvious that most of these women today are just very pathetic low life losers since a great deal of these women now are complete psycho’s with a lot of very severe mental problems as i can see. And that is why so many of us good innocent men can’t meet a normal woman anymore these days because of the way they’re now. It is a real shame that the real good old fashioned ladies are all gone since they really did put these very pathetic women today to total shame altogether, and they were the very complete opposite of what these women are now. Lol, for many of us men trying to meet a normal level headed woman these days.

  37. You are so ignorant and spitting on the graves of hundreds of women who have fought for rights you take for granted everyday.

    The right to vote, the right to own your own property … to have your own bank account, the right to have a job. The right to go to a pub without a male chaperone. The right to contraception and a choice over your own body. The right to education. The right to not be sexually assaulted by your husband. The right to not be beaten by your husband.

    All of these things have been afforded to you over hundreds of years so you didn’t have to be sold off into marriage, so you could have independence and no longer be the legal property of a male.

    Domestic violence is still the number 1 killer of women in the world. The number 1 cause of death for men is heart failure.

    • What male is taking away your right to vote? What male is taking away your right to own property or open a bank account or obtain a driver’s licence? What male is telling you that you can’t get a certain job? I could tell you all about the things that I don’t have. I don’t have an intact penis. Nobody asked my say on the matter. I don’t have enough confidence to admit the gender nonconforming things I like on the internet. I keep hearing about “the patriarchy” but some of the nastiest, most accusatory words ever said to me have been from women. I don’t have enough confidence that the system would work for male victims. Certainly when I was assaulted by a female, I was basically told I couldn’t be helped. I don’t have enough confidence that the world will ever be fair to the socially awkward and that feminism would ever be a good ally for them. Indeed, the running narrative is that “nice guys are entitled” and nerds are the true misogynists, even more so than the super macho alpha Chad types that are the bastions of “toxic masculinity” that feminists claim to be against. The fact that a fluke like Elliot Rodger happened or that we act like stupid little pop culture things to bitch about like Star Wars or Ghostbusters are of some great importance in the grand scheme of who’s oppressed, these probably did little to ease the disillusionment with nerd culture.
      And by the way, the number one killer of women is also heart disease.

  38. 1. Agree
    2. spliting hairs
    3. Can’t really disagree.
    4. Agree with the headline, disagree with the details. an Intoxicated woman (or man) can not consent. But there is a difference between intixicated and tipsy.
    5. Um, actual Marxists hate IdPol and 3rd Wave RadFwems, especially Marxist Feminists.
    6. Agree
    7. Well yes once you’ve acheived your goals, then what?
    8. It’s also a Salary Gap, which is due to these jobs not being unionised and women being less assertive than me. But for a Neo-Liberal/Neo-Con like the authour to accept that they’d have to also accept that Unions are needed.
    9. Yes but ‘Anti-Feminist’ tend to over inflate the differences.

  39. My favorite part of feminism was women’s sexual revolution. Free and easy sex, just the way I like it. I cleaned up, too. Way to go feminists. I very much enjoyed not getting married, too. Thanks much for that one as well. Yes. Being a bachelor for life is awesome.

  40. This is such a generalisation of feminism. This is taking all the ‘bad bits’ and all the extremists and says that that is all of feminism.

    Feminism is wanting to be considered the same as men. Feminism is wanting equal pay. Feminism is wanting to not pay tax on tampons, pads, ect. Feminism is wanting to not be condescended just because you are a women.

    It’s about wanting sexism to end. Sure, we may be able to vote. We may be able to own property. To work. But there are other limitations on women.

    So saying you can’t stand feminism when you are a woman is uneducated, closed minded and backwards. Do you want to be able to vote? Own property? Work? Even go to a bar? Or have a bank account? That’s all thanks to feminism.

    Saying you can’t stand feminism when you are a man is just plain sexist.

    If only time travel was really. You could all travel back to your dream time period: the 1800’s.

    • I vote left, am pro choice, am for full access to important health issues for women and am not even white and even I can’t stand feminism. It’s not even the extremists. Every feminist article or website I’ve visited has had this air of bad attitude, of blaming every single one of society’s ills on men, or going so far as villainizing the very act of being male and trivializing the problems men face. Even the smaller, seemingly unimportant issues in life reek of hypocrisy, like one writer bagging on nice guys as entitled but then the next one whining “why can’t I find a daaaaaaaaaate?!”. The fact that there is a segment of feminists who are transphobic but don’t like having their bull called out should tell you something. The fact that I went to a mainstream feminist’s article who vowed to stop using the term “TERF” because “it’s so mean against our fellow feminists” and my comment explaining why she’s wrong didn’t get published should tell you something. The fact that a group of feminists praising a “no men allowed” taxi service didn’t want to hear about a male taxi driver being assaulted by a female should tell you something.

      • Your talking all about how feminists ignore the rights of men and your saying they act like the are superior. In reality they only want equality. I don’t know what this thing is with the female only taxi service is but it is sexist and those who praised it were not reall feminists.
        If you care about the rights of men then you would surely support actions to “redefine masculinity” and change the expectations of what men do in there lives, all things that feminists have been promoting for a long time.
        Educate yourself instead of ranting on a sexist website and maybe you’ll surprise yourself.

    • you must be insane to assert that “women are the same as men”.
      no biologist anywhere will agree that females and males of ANY species are biologically identical . they do different roles. this is NATURE.

  41. Let’s see some options for a male birth control pill! It would also be nice to see some support for male victims of domestic violence. I believe the figures where somewhere around 55/45 female/male victims. It would be wonderful if these social issues could be for everybody — so often I hear “blah blah for women.. and minorities.. and the disabled.” It sounds so bold and progressive to exclude men.

    I’m relieved to see other sane voices here. I envision a world where we treat each other like compassionate adults. Great work!

  42. This is such a great article on what is wrong with modern feminism. If we want true equality then we should stop this nonsensical “progressive” ideology. Whenever feminists come out to protest against “patriarchy” and “rape culture” they don’t seem to have an idea of how ridiculous they actually look.

    Some have gone as far as saying that the true intention of this movement is to destroy the family and its core values. And yes, honestly I wouldn’t be surprised about that. The overall purpose of the powers is to dumb down society to a bottom level such that it becomes easier for them to dominate us, and feminism is just one of many tools they are using.

  43. OH MY GOSH YES!!! I just turned 14 years old recently, and over the past 2 or so years this whole feminist “movement” is really getting on my nerves. Feminists get so offended about anything, really–it can be so simple. I saw this one article called “Shaming Women for Body Odor is Lowkey Sexist.” NO, it’s just called taking a bath. Feminists also feel the need to almost hate and despise a man for simply opening the door for them because they “aren’t handicapped” or they’re “a strong, independent woman”. They also feel like there has to be a movement for everything. The #MeToo movement isn’t what I’m talking about, but the #SaggyBoobsMatter and the #BigNoseMovement I mean, “YAY!” body positivity! But there doesn’t need to be a movement about every single feature of a woman’s body that you dislike. Love yourself! I know that not all feminists are in these little movements, but most of them are started by feminists who feel as though people are being sexist towards what’s natural and are setting high standards for an “attractive woman”.

    • I’m also 14 years old and I have to say that I completely disagree. I’ve considered myself a feminist since I was 10 years old and all of these misconceptions and stereotypes of feminism tend to annoy me.
      When feminists get offended it’s generally because they are faced with sexism and they want to do something about it. Do you want to grow up in a more equal world because if so I suggest you support this movement.
      I get that a lot of the things you talked about are a bit over the top but if you look hard enough you can see that many things that may seem every day occurrences are sexist and feminists are simply trying to spread awareness about this.
      Don’t support the first article you read on annoying feminists. Feminists have done a lot for the world that you may not even know about. Win the right to vote for example and close the gender pay gap.

  44. Wow…. All i see are a bunch of opinionated idiots who feel entitled to defend their balls or ovaries upon the slightest criticism! Wake up you fucking morons their are worse issues going on than ” I bring home the bacon what i say goes” and ” how dare you challenge my right to be equal’ and yet still complain if you don’t initiate a challenge” or blah blah fucking blahblah. What I see is a bunch of adults winning because their ego was insulted. Here’s a suggestion WHO FUCKING CARES!!!! Now making someone feel victimised or raping a women is about the lowest a human being can go, and I am by no means criticizing any who have been, I have nothing but respect for your point of veiws and personal issues that you feel you need to address, I am simply referring to all these big babies arguing over absolutely pointless beliefes on an internet comment thread. There is a time and place to agress your political and social stand points but this is definitely not the place for you are just wasting time. I have lost my trane of thought already so now i will leave you with that

  45. I greatly despise modern-day feminism, don’t get me wrong on that. But I realize that, paradoxically, most of the feminists I met are healthy-minded, reasonable , polite, educated and hard-working women. A tiny, yet loud, annoying and ill-minded, minority of feminists is responsible for us hating the movement. Don’t you think that you were sort of intelectually dishonest by putting your acknowledgement that you were generalizing only at the end of your article?

  46. I’m really so p-ssed off that you people, FOR YEARS, have made me literally not exist anymore.. I speak my mind and TRUTH, and you people ALWAYS delete my voice

  47. I discovered a new way to piss off a feminist. While in the check out line at home depot i had a random woody, it was noticable to most because my jeans were tight and i was camando, i pulled my t-shirt down to hide it, but when pulling out my wallet it pulled up again, the female cashier was purposly nasty to me and glared at me with anger. Yet she appered nice to everyone else. I discoved most leftist, feminist women don’t like a man to show off his package. Yet non-feminist women seem to like a mans package when it is visible. Men everywhere could learn from actor John Ham — just how to look at all times. This would surly kill off feminists everywhere.

  48. I’m writing this really fast because I’m pumped up write now and these misconceptions about the feminist movement tend to annoy me quite a bit.
    Let me respond to this point by point.
    1. I don’t think the feminist movement has done anything but advocate for empowerment and empower women. Acknowledging that sexism is a problem isn’t the same thing as pitying those who have it directed towards them. The feminist movement has empowered the push towards equality all over the world, if you don’t believe that think about it the next time you vote, and thank Susan B. Anthony, one of the worlds earliest feminists for her empowerment of ladies to fight for their rights. She wasn’t a victim so what makes you think we think anyone else is?
    2. You can not not be a feminist and still believe in equality, I’m sorry you just can’t. It’s in the definition. Facts and definitions are not something you can argue with. Sorry sister.
    3. Different feminists expect different things just like any other person. Although the over all goal of feminism is to promote equality people might do that in different ways, or they just might like not buying there own lunch. Whether or not a woman decides to pickup the check should not be the reason that you decide to fight against one of the most important movements in the history of equality.
    4. I think you’re exaggerating quite a bit, or perhaps your sources have. As a feminist I would want respect and concern in a relationship and that would include his trustfulness in a situation when I haven’t made a good choice and found myself drunk. That being said, this value, like many isn’t nesseccary, nor even encouraged to be a feminist.
    5. Cool?? Idk where you got this or where you’re going with this. I don’t think this statistic is true at all because in fact the spectrum of feminists is a lot broader than you think. Including older women, men, and people of all races and ethnicities. Plus I LOVE MEAT and I’m a feminist.
    6. I don’t think taken offense to sexism is a bad thing but even so you have to admit that this is a bit of an exaggeration, not to mention a stereotype. Some of my best friends who are feminists are some of the most calm, turn the other cheek kind of galls you will ever meet. There feminism is all the more strong because of it.
    7. The education and advocacy for rights finds better roots to grow in places where there is already an advantage to women, or to all people. The feminist movement in these first world countries can help further women’s rights abroad. And even in countries where woman have gained a lot of their equality as humans there are still problems, the gender pay gap is one example, sure, but there are also many others, like rape for example.
    8. The gender pay gap isn’t as big as a lot of people believe but I don’t think its a small as you think it is either. It is true that women and men tend to choose different jobs but if you look at jobs they share the men are still more likely to be paid more. In addition to this the choosing of these different jobs comes as a result of the sexism placed on women which would have encouraged them to take care of children instead of doing other kinds of things. If a woman wants to become a teacher or a nurse all the more power to her. Despite that we should be supporting those that want to become a doctor, or the President of the United States. Don’t you agree?
    9. This is one of the arguments that people make that angers me the most because feminists don’t do this. Women and men are very different in more ways than one. I don’t think we should be ashamed to admit that. I think we should celebrate it. Feminism does exactly that. You think it is trying to knock down the idea of child birth and motherhood but in fact it is celebrating it. It celebrates the female reproductive system and how it is tough enough to bare and raise children and applauds all of those women who use the compassion that they get from their maternal instinct to help each other. I think feminism has realized the “beautiful symbiotic” relationship you describe. I also think that should be a woman’s choice where she want to fit into that relationship.

    Thanks for reading. Please do some more research so you can realize all of the beauty in the feminist movement. Maybe read some articles from the point of view of the other side. I am trying it and I find it interesting so maybe you will too.

    • you are a complete idiot if you think all people are equal in ability to one another.
      we are ALL born unequal. to empower government to intervene and change people’s outcomes into being equal is well represented by the results of a half century of Soviet AND Red Chinese communism, those results being systemic murder of aprox 100 million people and political enslavement of almost a third of the global population.

  49. FIRST WORLD (WHITE) PROBLEMS. I’m sorry but this article is a joke. Try living in the 3rd world as a woman of color. You have to leave your children at home and work in the city or in another country as a domestic helper. Your passport will be withheld, you will work long hours of manual labor, your salary will be miniscule, you will have no days off, you will be locked up, you will probably be at the very least mistreated, not given food, or worse beaten, burned, tortured, raped and even killed. You send all your paycheck home and never leave any for yourself. You come home in a coffin, your children motherless, left to fend for themselves. It happens. It is in the news. Yes, we want better treatment. We should stand together with other women. Feminism isn’t a trivial dirty word. Wake up. There’s a lot more going on in the world.

  50. Most women are such very horrible creatures when it comes to men since most of these losers are real feminists today to begin with. And they have a real list of demands as well since they want men that have hair, a lot of money, must drive a real expensive car, must be in excellent shape. But the real problem is that most of these women now are obese, and not all that attractive to begin with. They will go after men that are doctors, lawyers, dentist, etc. What a real joke these pathetic women are.

  51. Hit the nail on the head. But as a man, if I say these things I’m a misogynist in today’s culture. I have never claimed to hate women. I am not a generalizer or bigot in any way. I am always as respectful and cheerful as can be around women. All women (and men) deserve that. I am 100% in support for equal rights for all people. I am a try-hard when it comes to relationships. I strongly feel it is equal duty of both partners to maintain the household and make money (unless both partners are happy with another arrangement. ie Man works for money, woman works to maintain the house OR ALSO THE OTHER WAY AROUND). And there isn’t a single level of our society, that I’m aware of, that which I’m specifically against women. Yet, there are some troubling trends I, as a man, notice in many American women today, but that’s up to me to adapt to. I won’t demand for an individual to change anything about him/herself. Now, though I agree with the post, I never choose to get into my specific opinions because I don’t wish to be labeled as a woman-hater. I don’t hate anybody, I wish the absolute best for everybody, but our liberal culture will say otherwise if I choose to voice my opinion, especially in these matters. Things are getting a little tougher for men, and perhaps they should, I’m no political, social, or business expert and I’m not going to be ignorant and lecture what’s best for society. But true, non-bigoted, heart-felt opinions are being absolutely smashed by our society. Liberals always preach about 1st Amendment rights, yet they’re the main culprits of shutting certain, healthy dialogues and problem-solving efforts down. I honestly don’t blame women (in general) for the rift between man and woman today. I feel this is much more of a liberal vs. conservative issue, but not even on the everyday basis. When two everyday people first meet, I would say it’s extremely rare for them to not at least try to be friendly with one another. This is all hyped up by the media (whom I feel are the real pieces of sh*t here) and on both sides of the isle in order to draw in more viewers, listeners, and readers to accumulate more money for their own respective political agendas. To all men and women, stop letting others tell you what is and isn’t acceptable. We all have brains. We are all capable of thinking for ourselves and we all know, deep inside, what is right and what is wrong. Ignore extremism and realize that everything is about a healthy balance. Let us as, not as men or women, but as HUMAN BEINGS thrive and prosper. We are all beautiful creatures in need of nothing other than respect, patience, and understanding for one another.

  52. I could write a book disproving your arguments. But why waste my breathe. As far as equal pay we are talking about equal pay for equal jobs. I just want you to know that you would not have a vote if women 100 years ago had not taken risks. Don’t be so superficial. What is wrong with being a vegan socialist .

  53. Well unfortunately these very pathetic low life loser feminist women are really to blame why so many of us men are still single today as i speak, and the great majority of these very troubled women have become so very impossible to start a conversation with as well. They really are very nasty today just to say good morning or hello too, and there are times when these women will even Curse at us single men for no reason at all since there are many of us good innocent men out there really seriously looking for a relationship today. Very sad that there are women like this today that are so very mentally disturbed which they really need help very badly before their condition gets much worse, and these type of women to begin with can be very extremely dangerous as well. Very obvious why so many men nowadays are going MGTOW, and these women are really to blame for that one unfortunately.

  54. The real definition of Feminism means that most women nowadays have no respect, no manners, and no personality at all when it comes to most of us men. In other words, these women are real total losers altogether.

  55. Feminism really hurt many of us good single men for no reason at all looking to meet a good woman that isn’t like that at all these days.

  56. This site made me really happy, I got bored during class so I decided to look at this topic and found this website. I really like everything you said and like that speak your opinion and don’t care what others say.

  57. I would have to agree with everything you say but one thing you really fucked up on. You were saying that if a girl is drunk than she can still constent to having sex. That’s completely wrong. I was so drunk at a party that I passed out and was unconscious, and I got raped. I wasn’t able to constent because I was drunk that I passed out. Now I went to the police and everything and they let him go even tho eye witnesses said that it happened. Rape is still a very big issue in our world. I’ve even had two friends that were raped and didn’t speak up because they knew that no one would do anything about it. Also in the state I live in, they have a hand book about rape and it says that you cannot constent to sex to rape if your drunk. Now my situation was different because I was unconscious. But anyways I think you need to reword that because what your saying in in fact wrong. (P.s. no im not a feminist) but I do stand strongly about what rape is and what it isn’t.

  58. Just look at the very horrible Feminist type of women that are everywhere these days that are real men haters to begin with. Talk about losers, they sure are.

  59. These type of feminist women are just very pathetic altogether since they really are nothing but real men haters nowadays since they really need to get a real life. MGTOW is a real lifesaver today for many of us smart men.

  60. MGTOW is the smartest move that so many single men are doing these days to avoid marriage altogether.

  61. Feminists claim they want equal rights, but they actually want different rights for men and women.
    For example, according to feminists, women should be believed when they claim to be sexually assaulted, but men should be ignored.

    I think nobody actually wants equal rights.

    What’s better for me is to do something to prevent inequality from becoming too problematic.

  62. Feminists are men hating women since they’re just real total losers altogether. And most women in the old days were certainly totally different which a great deal of women back then were real ladies and very easy to meet compared to today.

  63. As a both female and a woman of color, I believe (and do strongly believe) that feminism (whether in the past and now in the present), are both misandry and are radical. And no there is no such thing for “equal rights” in feminism because if they do want equal rights with men, feminism shouldn’t be getting special treatment just because their “women”. It’s not empowering at all. Feminism is a joke. To work hard as a female you have to be taken seriously, and stop playing the victim card and superiority against men.

    I do believe rape culture/sexual assault needs to be dealt with, but not all men are douche-bags. To me, the reason men cannot able to date women is because they think all women are feminists due to the #MeToo movement. It’s sad, but it’s facts. I don’t believe in Internationals Women’s Day nor do I believe in the Women’s March.

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