Feminism is NOT about equality

Feminism is not about equality

What modern feminists refuse to admit is that feminism is only one side of a two-sided coin of inequality. A “movement” that advocates for the rights of one gender over another is sexist and inequal by nature… If feminists were striving for equality, then they wouldn’t be FEMinists. That’s just deductive reasoning. Being against feminism means that you’re truly for equality.

I don’t need modern feminism because I do not need a “movement” to advocate for me based on my gender. I am my own advocate. I am smart, independent, strong, competent, and confident. I am perfectly capable of fighting for and obtaining my own equality… And I will do so with the love, support, and encouragement of all the men in my life…especially my boyfriend who treats and sees me as his equal in everything that we do together.

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  1. Don’t really agree with this, feminism has never been about advocating the rights of one gender over another. Just because there is a ‘fem’ in the term feminist doesn’t make it so, you can call it anything you want, it’s still means equality.

    • He never said that, at all. Feminism has created more problems than solutions. Unfortunately, I can’t detail them in a reply, maybe in a short novella. Just do some googling, you’ll find quite a bit.

      • It’s important to point out that this site has issue with Third Wave Feminism, aka Gender or
        Radical Fem. Very few is anyone would argue with the Womens’ Equality movements of Betty Friedan in the ’50s and Gloria Steinem in the ’60’s.
        The issue today is that though women have it better than men by all metrics, this more-recent extremism is ruining our society. It is anti-woman and anti-man.

      • Let me just say: the dictionary definition of Feminism is- the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. That’s it. What you’re thinking of (putting women ahead of men instead of equal to them) is called misandrism. The fact that you believe that men being more feminine builds up the assumption that you are, in fact, a misandrist, upholding the standards of a “manly-man taking care of his little house wife” that are still in action today the same way they were in the 1950’s. If you think you know what feminism is so well, why don’t you provide a more solid argument on what it is compared to what you are. On another note, feminists don’t want to “feminize men”, we want to establish that being a man who is more feminine is okay. That it’s not wrong to be who you are just because of what you’ve been taught by society from a young age.

    • Funny how feminists will run to the dictionary to argue that ‘feminism’ is about equality but shy away from analyzing what a root word and a suffix add up to.

      And let’s assume that feminism DOES mean ‘equality’. Fine. Now it’s up to every so called ‘feminist’ to prove they measure up. The problem is, very very few of them do measure up. Christina Hoff Sommers comes to mind as one who does measure up.

    • Wrong. Feminist theory and radical feminists have always and I do mean always been about advocating for the rights of women over that of men. If they were for equal rights they would advocate for punishment for women who cry rape when there was no rape.

    • Actually no, chrisw. That which we call a rose, by any other name, would NOT smell as sweet. Feminists got this right in their critique of language. “Feminism” can never be about equality, by the principles of feminism itself. Feminism is about women. That’s why it’s called feminism.

    • Feminists indulge in discrimination against men. They shame basic human needs that are a right to each woman. I do not need to keep my maiden name if married to have an external reminder of who I am, that true knowledge should come from within.

    • The person who wrote this article is very misguided. Why is she redefining feminism. It is called feminism because women and men were not on the same level zve. Men were dominant so feminism came about in order to equal the score. Saying feminism is irrelevant is just like saying black empowerment is irrelevant

    • Then you are the problem and it’s sad you can’t see how feminism is only trying to “put men in their place” please give me one way FEMinism is for equality cause I have never seen one feminism rally trying to have men’s rights voiced, you are delusional and only cause more problems.

    • Feminism is a gendered word, if you want EQUALity to be represented by a gendered word, you have a seriously deep rooted issue that cannot be fixed or addressed by any amount of therapy or reading online forums about feminism and why it is still necessary….equality is about equality and feminism is about WOMENS RIGHTS, which have already existed in modern society for several decades..like the author of this lil anti feminism aritcle stated, feminism is only one side of the coin and these third wave feminists who do nothing but complain and represent a ridiculous theory that women are treated more unfairly than mean are in this country (US) need to wake the FUCK up and do something productive with their lives. theres extreme world poverty, corrupt governments, slave trades, the DOG MEAT TRADE IS A SENSITIVE ONE FOR ME, deforestation, etc…the problems facing women suck, but so do the problems facing men, and unlike third wave feminists, men and women around the world actually focus on the things i listed and a plethora of other issues facing the world and try to do something about them. i have a wonderful girlfriend who says she is a feminist but cannot accept, no matter how strong and convincing of an argument that i might make, that she is wrong…that is the very epitome of bigotry and arrogance..but i still love her…she is just confused and conflicted, passionate and empathetic, like all third wave feminists are.

  2. As a young man, all I can say, is that this is so very true. I’ve had a hard time ignoring the contradictions off feminism. At one point it almost made me angry at all women for blindly following feminism just because of what some bad men did to them etc. I’m glad I was patient to discover that not all women is like that.

    I don’t see a women as inferior, just different in her role in life, her way of expression and doing things base on her natural female qualities.

    If a women let a man be a man and bring the best out in him, it becomes so much easier for a lot of men to sweep a women of her feet. But if men feel threaten and treated like they the cause of all the wrongs in this world for no other reason then being a male, it just angers them, it did for me. I know a lot of us men find it hard to treat a women like a women if she a hell bend on trying to act like a man and doing all things we do.

    How can a women expect to be seen as a women, but behave like the opposite gender? It’s a turn off for most men.

    We all put up with the feministic demands, trying not to land ourselfs in hot water. I just avoid those kinda women whenever I can.

    But this website is nice, we need more inform, educated, confident and kind women like yourselfs.

    Thanks. 🙂

  3. Every movement starts with seeing what is, a vision for what can be and a few who will carry that movement on their shoulders in the name of others, who will not. The irony is in labeling that segment of the population; every movement will lose its way and, in time, invite both criticism and a backlash. Part of the reason for this is we tend to think our movements can only deliver good unto society either ignore, overlook or haven’t the ability to understand we are all interconnected in ways that any change will affect us all in some way or another. Much as we wish to think and believe we are individuals and how we wish to lead our own individual lives will have no affect on the lives of others certainly is an interesting cultural ideology of the ‘new world’, if not the west in general. We ignore the group, the impact of individuals of the group and tend to make such goals, as equality and fairness (I truly cannot envision such a world is possible and feel we can only get closer to it if we all give up what we hold most dear in striving for our personal goals without regard for the group first). It does indeed fascinate me that many of the cultures we hold up as most desirable, usually aboriginal cultures, were not built around the individual but required of the individual to exist for the group first and here we are seeking divisions within our group in order to seek more for that subsection of the larger group.
    If we really wanted to get as close as we can to the idea of equality, we would each have to first give up our separate ideals as to how the world should be and come to a common understanding of that world and then work together for the attainment of that goal seeing beyond the surface of skin color and gender. We make it perhaps more difficult in now viewing equality and fairness based on those electrical impulses within our heads and data sitting upon our chromosomes will cause us to behave and want existentially.

    Perhaps it best to understand our struggle as a species will go well beyond our lives to the day we cease to exist as a species. Meanwhile, in demanding that others give up their dreams and desires so that we may live ours will take us closer and closer to losing all the glory and beauty of what it is to be human. Perhaps we should not forget what we are and, along the way as we struggle with and against each other, that we are pretty special as we are and celebrate that in the short breathe we take before continuing on with our battle against each other.

    I am but a being, delivered as I am to this world a man, equipped with tools to perceive that part of the world my eyes, ears, nose, mouth and fingertips allow of me, preprogramed to make my ways as best I can until I slowly learn my environment within which I will act and react seeking happiness or at least to avoid the pain I will surely feel. We will bump into each other and hopefully we will make this place more endurable than it might be should we be alone. Let’s hope we are willing to accept ourselves in order that we may find the strength to give enough of ourselves to each other so that we may be of help to each other such that when we leave, during that last breathe we can give thanks that at least we had a friend while we were here without concern as to who may or may not have been on top or bottom at any given time.

    If we owe anything to ourselves, it is to free others so that we may be freed by them.

  4. It is rather refreshing to know that there are women who advocate for equality and not superiority. Thank you for seeing what feminists have ignored for so many years.

  5. It must suck so hard to have no idea what you are talking about. I truly hope someone is able to educate you soon…

    • Yeah he should be educated! do you realize how funny your statement is? feminists always say that, when somebody disagrees with them. But it is a persons good right to disagree with something, which includes disagreeing with feminism. you always talk about your movement like it contains all the truth about how society works, while it is just based upon a sociologist theory. you are just about the most intolerant political movement out there, and for the sake of democracy and free speech and freedom overall i hope that your movement will vanish from the face of our planet for the wellbeing of all, be it women or men or anyone in between

  6. Feminism is not about equality anymore it’s especially in this generation it’s just about doing something stupid then using the excuse “but guys do it” “so I can’t do this because I’m a women” “I’m so oppressed” like not everyone in the world can be 100% equal because (believe it or not ) MEN and WOMEN are different hell people in America are different filled with DIFFERENT kinds of people so your telling me we shouldn’t just expect people are different and not everyone can live life by a straight line

  7. I identify as a modern feminist. Allow me to tell you why. I was raised in a strict Christian household where traditional roles were implemented. My father was the provider and protector of the home followed by my three older brothers. Early on I was un fazed by this dynamic but over time my perception was altered. At the age of ten I questioned my father and brothers about their strict role as providers. I was very appreciative of all they had done for me but I wanted to contribute to the family dynamic.
    I credit my self-worth to my feminist beliefs. Like you, I “am smart, independent, strong, competent, and confident.” I admire your confidence and believe that every woman is entitled to identify herself with positive traits such as these. I agree with you on that, but I disagree with you stating that a movement is not necessary. The message of gender equality is important and the message is one that must be heard.
    I respectfully refute your claim that “feminism is NOT about equality.” I believe in the gender equality movement. Yes, I have encountered outrageous “feminists” who belittle men, but because they do, they are not feminists. Feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality.” Equality is the key word here. Along with stating that feminism is not about equality, you also noted that “FEMinism” supports inequality due to the use of the suffix fem. The use of fem is because the movement is for women’s rights. It’s really quite simple. Do not read into something where nothing is there. I have many male companions who aren’t afraid of the f word (feminism) and who are proud advocates. If the opposing sex isn’t afraid of the suffix, why should you, a female, be afraid to use the word?
    In September of 2014, Emma Watson gave an address as the Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women. She is the new face of the gender equality movement and is a feminist icon, as well as my role model. In here address she states that “women are choosing not to identify as feminists. Apparently, I’m among the ranks of women whose expressions are seen as too strong, too aggressive, isolating, and anti-men. Unattractive, even.” This is a word that is now not appropriate to use on a day to day basis. Why is it such an uncomfortable word? Emma Watson states that it simply comes down to human rights. Women deserve the same respect as men. There is no country where all women are treated as equal and without a gender equality movement we will never see this change. The word is not one that should be hated; it is the concept that should be supported.
    I am a proud supporter of the HeForShe initiative. The goal of the initiative is to gain male support for the gender equality movement. The goal is to not just talk about change, but to make it “tangible.” Watson cites Hillary Clintons, 1997, speech made in Beijing. She notes that many of the points Clinton made are unfortunately still an issue today but this may be credited to the small number of male listeners. “Less than thirty percent of the audience were male.” The issue of gender equality cannot be resolved without the active involvement of both genders. The problem plagues both males and females; Watson makes this clear after formally inviting men to join the cause. She asserts that “I’ve seen men made fragile and insecure by a distorted sense of what constitutes male success. Men don’t have the benefits of equality, either.” Yes feminism does stand for women’s rights, but it feeds into the fight for gender equality. Gender stereotypes must be labeled a thing of the past. The fight for equality will free men of society’s stereotypes and in turn grant women the opportunity to defy social norms.
    I recommend that you watch the full address, as it is very thought provoking and inspirational.
    Feminism is not a word that should be feared. The concept and ambition is one that needs both sexes support. The fight for gender equality is simple yet the obstacles are becoming more complex. This fight will not stop until equality is achieved for all men and women. I am a feminist and I support women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality.

  8. I don’t understand why you brought up that it is FEMinism? What about words like huMAN, MANkind and HIStory? Is it that scary that we have one movement named after females?

  9. While I agree with the statement that women are capable of finding their own equality, I think that your interpretation of feminism widely differs from the globally accepted one. Merriam-Webster defines feminism as, “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” (Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 14 Sept. 2016. ). The idea of feminism not only adheres to one sex, but encompasses all humans having equal opportunities. It deeply saddens me to see the extent people go through to disprove that the feminist movement being for equality. While you say that they are FEMinists, you are forgetting about MANkind and huMANs. Shouldn’t women appreciate that there is a prefix recognizing them, making them equal? What you are calling feminism is actually misandrism, the hatred of men. Many don’t make this distinction. The women who call themselves feminists while belittling and putting down men are not feminists. These women turn people away. They make women misunderstand why feminism is such a key part of life. The fact that women are even able to work, able to vote, able to own things, can all be attributed to the feminist movement. The influence of the feminist movement continues to grow everyday, helping the true feminists fight for equality for all.

  10. Even though I do see this author’s point that they are perfectly capable of advocating for equality for themselves. However, what about the people who aren’t as fortunate as this author? What about those who need feminism because they feel as they need a movement to make change? There are women in some countries who don’t even get an education or rights to basic needs simply because they are women. In past centuries in China baby girls would be drowned simply because they were born a girl. Feminism for them is advocating change. Anyone who feels as if they are oppressed deserves the right to advocate their beliefs for equality as much as anyone on this blog or anywhere else. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a part of something that is giving all kinds of people unity across the world. It is unfair to say feminism is this or that when it has a different meaning to everyone whether they support it or hate it.
    Also, you said in your first paragraph that if we just look at the word feminist, it says FEMInist which means they are only supporting women’s rights. However by your logic shouldn’t the word MANkind include only men? A name is never a good reason to dislike something especially if the definition is unclear.
    Feminism is about equality for everyone no matter who they are. If you still don’t agree with what I have to say check out this article where Beyonce gives us her definition.

    • I’ll point this out again mankind what thought of long ago before all this feminism was at first for equality but now you do nothing but support women’s rights so please again tell me how is FEMinism going for equality when you do nothing for men’s rights, like women taking children from their fathers or how men are judged 63% harsher then women for the same crime. Again tell me how your problems are like the women in the middle East who have actual problems. You make me sick, complaining about how bad women’s rights are here when they are married off ya women in the US and Europe have it hard. You should be ashamed.

  11. It is quite irritating when I happen to come across some claim where feminism is apparently for “everyone.” It is not. It is just an ideology established for the females to be on equal standing to men. Before all, I, myself, am a women.

    (NOTE: Feminism is for gender equality, but it involves advocacy for women, not men, as in this case it is the women that need rise to equality with men. Feminism is a section of “gender equality” because as reiterated, it is of advocacy for women, not men. That is part of the main idea. Also, as a counterargument to the idea that many feminists have advocated for men’s rights as well as such men who have been victimized ins one way or another… that is not feminism. Feminism is literally is about advocating for women’s rights, not men’s. As such, you can say one is a feminist supporting such a thing, but what they are doing is not of feminism–even if it is indirectly influenced by it.

    An analogy here is like how a professional soccer player is playing in some American football. Just because that soccer player participates in an activity such as American football, it does not mean that football is actually a part of what criteria soccer includes as a whole–and by whole, it includes all aspects. Soccer means that no players other than goalies can hold the ball. In American football, all players can grab onto the ball. Because of the restrictions about the ball in soccer, American football is not to be grouped with soccer in this case. (Think of soccer as feminism and American football as being about how some feminists support men’s rights. The soccer player would be the feminist. Because of the different aspects of soccer and American football, one can see that just because a feminist plays in another game, it does not mean that the game is included in the whole of feminism, even if it can be indirectly influenced due to said soccer player.)

    To be truthful, a feminist going out to support men is a good argument about how not all feminists are of misandry, but is not to be used for the idea that feminism is for all genders or sexes. This is because feminism neither supports nor does it undermine the other side of the spectrum, the male sex. TO REITERATE: It is meant to neither support nor undermine the male sex or any other sex. It is only mean to advocate for women’s rights on the foundation that equal standing between woman and men is allowed to arise. It is strictly for women. Any other sort of “gender” or identity other than that of a female is to be included in the broader term of gender equality, as feminism refers to only women. It can influence other sects of gender equality, but as repeated many times before, it is specific.)

    Feminism is, in short (compliments to Google), defined as being “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” There should be emphasis on “women” in that quote. Feminism is not for both genders. Rather, it is for women, strictly speaking. This is in the aspect that the goal of feminism is to gain equality for women so that they may (and will) reach the current standings of man in society (I applaud to this, by the way, as a female). It is not “for everyone,” some might say, since it is not so that men can reach women’s levels or anything of that sort in the event women surpass men in practically all levels. It is for equality, but for the means of women to be at the same standing of men, not in true advocacy of men.

    To clarify, it is to meant to be used in advocacy for women, not men. So, it is not to help out the men (of course not), but rather women. Therefore, it is about equality of the sexes, but the means ( protests, advocacy, etc.) are not “for everyone”–it is just for women.

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