Feminism is NOT about equality

Feminism is not about equality

What modern feminists refuse to admit is that feminism is only one side of a two-sided coin of inequality. A “movement” that advocates for the rights of one gender over another is sexist and inequal by nature… If feminists were striving for equality, then they wouldn’t be FEMinists. That’s just deductive reasoning. Being against feminism means that you’re truly for equality.

I don’t need modern feminism because I do not need a “movement” to advocate for me based on my gender. I am my own advocate. I am smart, independent, strong, competent, and confident. I am perfectly capable of fighting for and obtaining my own equality… And I will do so with the love, support, and encouragement of all the men in my life…especially my boyfriend who treats and sees me as his equal in everything that we do together.

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  1. Don’t really agree with this, feminism has never been about advocating the rights of one gender over another. Just because there is a ‘fem’ in the term feminist doesn’t make it so, you can call it anything you want, it’s still means equality.

    • He never said that, at all. Feminism has created more problems than solutions. Unfortunately, I can’t detail them in a reply, maybe in a short novella. Just do some googling, you’ll find quite a bit.

      • It’s important to point out that this site has issue with Third Wave Feminism, aka Gender or
        Radical Fem. Very few is anyone would argue with the Womens’ Equality movements of Betty Friedan in the ’50s and Gloria Steinem in the ’60’s.
        The issue today is that though women have it better than men by all metrics, this more-recent extremism is ruining our society. It is anti-woman and anti-man.

        • Very much this. Radfem has become a cult-like *religion*, completey with blasphemy laws, heresies, apostates, schisms etc. And what’s been going on with the college SJW crowd since about 2013 is following many of the patterns of traditional “moral panics” which are associated with religious kooks going off the deep end. It really has gone from a political equality movement to a hardline cultist faith over the years.

          If you look at e.g. the UK, only 7% of all people surveyed identify with feminism, but *almost all* people surveyed believe in equality of the sexes. So feminists say “well everyone’s really a feminist they just don’t know it”. No … just don’t insult the intelligence of almost all men AND women. … How about an analogy … imagine if Christians found that only 7% of a nation’s people identify as “Christians” yet 80% agree that they have some “spiritual” component. Then the Christians said “well they’re really Christians they just don’t know it!” This would be on the face of it, a preposterous statement, but it’s effectively how feminists rationalize the same thing. They claim to “own” equality, so therefore if you don’t support them *and all their other doctrines* you must *hate equality*. This is exactly the same as one religion claiming to be the “one true religion” that “own’s goodness” and if you don’t support all their beliefs you’re “against goodness”. People who don’t believe in “the patriarchy” conspiracy theory aren’t necessarily “against equality”, they’re against insane bullshit ideologies. But that’s what cultist ideologies breed – claiming 100% ownership of virtue and that anyone who questions any of the sacred doctrines must be an agent of evil / “the devil” / “patriarchy”.

          • I agree with you, Jason. It is about many things- blaming others for your suffering, getting promotions based on guilt manipulation, blaming classes of people for individual crimes, and more- but one thing 3rd wave feminism is NOT about is equality. It increasingly resembles a cult or religion in which female means good and male means bad. The irony is that these people claim to be non-binary. They are some of the most ideologically inflexible people you could ever meet. Everything bad women do is caused by “patriarchy” and everything good they do is because of women’s supposedly moral and pure nature.

      • Feminism is a social version of identity politics. Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes.Modern feminist do not care about men’s issue but they say women’s issue is men issue.But men’s issue is not women’s issue.It is hypocrisy.
        Society’s structure is interconnected.Men or Women are not enemy. If modern feminist social social engineered society to establish matriarchy. Matriarchy is not gender equality. It is female supremacy over male.

        • Jason, Matthew and Paul H, agree with everything you each said. If feminism continues to succeed I can only see war between the sexes, not equality! We need absolute equality between the sexes but women need to be women and men men.

      • Let me just say: the dictionary definition of Feminism is- the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. That’s it. What you’re thinking of (putting women ahead of men instead of equal to them) is called misandrism. The fact that you believe that men being more feminine builds up the assumption that you are, in fact, a misandrist, upholding the standards of a “manly-man taking care of his little house wife” that are still in action today the same way they were in the 1950’s. If you think you know what feminism is so well, why don’t you provide a more solid argument on what it is compared to what you are. On another note, feminists don’t want to “feminize men”, we want to establish that being a man who is more feminine is okay. That it’s not wrong to be who you are just because of what you’ve been taught by society from a young age.

        • I hate to say this, but China calls itself the “People’s Republic of China”. Is it really for the people, and is it really a republic? Definitions don’t matter as much as actions do.

          • “Problem is that current day feminism doesn’t conform to the dictionary definition”

            misandry then. not feminism.

            too much sticking feathers up butts and self proclaiming as chickens, muddies the conversation.

            just as we should not accept racists proclaiming themselves not racist (typically “i’m not racist, but…” type statements), we should not accept sexists proclaiming themselves feminists either.

            genuine feminism is about egalitarianism. not about supplanting one wrong (patriarchal supremacy) with another (matriarchal supremacy). two wrongs don’t make a right, here.

            surely this site should instead be called peopleagainstmisandryandmisogyny.com ;D

            p.s. (there are a lot of beautiful posts/replies here that “get it”, trying to dispel the muddying, conflations and confusions)

      • Feminist people merely point out that men do not have to be all macho and muscly all the time. Men CAN be vulnerable at times, men CAN cry sometimes. Its something that we as humans all do. We are not forcing you to be weak. You can be strong and support anyone you want. We’re just trying to say that we don’t want men to feel confined and trapped because of gender stereotypes. If men don’t feel the need to follow these stereotypes, women won’t need to either. Men are just as essential to feminism as women are.

        • Do you realize that the men you criticize are the offshoot of what your people created? Your sexual liberation has generated single moms. It is known to all that children need both parents. What about virgin shaming? Internet is flooded with feminists’ sexual harassment towards virgin men. The line used against them: “You need to get laid”.

        • Okay Athena.
          Boyfriend goes to a tragic movie..cries.
          Does this for 5 dates straight.
          Yeah, that will really get you hot, right?

          Men who cry a lot don’t do it for women.
          Know who does? Christian Gray, a psycho, sado masochist.

    • Funny how feminists will run to the dictionary to argue that ‘feminism’ is about equality but shy away from analyzing what a root word and a suffix add up to.

      And let’s assume that feminism DOES mean ‘equality’. Fine. Now it’s up to every so called ‘feminist’ to prove they measure up. The problem is, very very few of them do measure up. Christina Hoff Sommers comes to mind as one who does measure up.

      • How about this. FEMinism deduces that woman should be treated equally as men simply because individuals such as yourself believe that men are superior figures in terms of… everything. Why is so that one of the strongest retorts I have received is “Women belong in the kitchen”? Are you not saying we may be superior in the subject? Because I’m sure not. I know plenty of men who “belong in the kitchen”, and are great at what they do! Are you attempting to oppress your own gender? Is that the extent you’re willing to go to in order the support a belief you so demandingly preach. How about when you say “Of course, she’s a house wife, women can’t do anything”. It’s because you make it so. And I’m positive your mother engaged in a deeply painful activity purely to bring your anti-feminist self into this “developing” world.
        Encouraging women around you to push themselves to their limit would result in, what you perceive to be, an absurd idea of women and men being “equals”.
        Also forgive me for the 2 year late retort that you are possibly not going to see. I’m not an “angry” feminist, simply an ambitious one. 🙂

        • “FEMinism deduces that woman should be treated equally as men simply because individuals such as yourself believe that men are superior figures in terms of… everything”.

          I’d argue feminists have that viewpoint, they are the first to point out “Straight white male privilege”.

        • I’m sorry Malavika but I have to say this: “Joe” never once said anything that might indicate that “he” is pro-male and anti-female so to speak. You said “feminism deduces that women should be treated equally as men simply because individuals such as yourself believe that men are superior figures in terms of… everything.” Now, that is extremely rude and assuming. You created this random connotation that Joe is a misogynist and that he (I say he as I am unsure what gender Joe may be) believes that men are superior. Now you use gender stereotypes that are not enforced anymore (e.g. I know various couples where the examples you listed were all completely false) to prove your point. The entire post is against THIRD WAVE feminism. Not real feminism. Feminism in itself is beautiful but then you get specimens like yourself. Third wave feminists so to speak. All the important battles have been fought by previous generations and they have been won and women are actually arguably better off than men in modern day America thanks to these heroes. Then the new feminist movement could not really fight any real wars so it evolved into this modern day beast. It is completely hypocritical and makes a mockery of what those women (myself included) tirelessly fought for. So please reflect on your current stance on “feminism” and come to the logical conclusion that “feminism” as it is widely known as today is trying to achieve exactly what men did to us for so many years. And then you will see the hypocrisy of this movement.

    • Wrong. Feminist theory and radical feminists have always and I do mean always been about advocating for the rights of women over that of men. If they were for equal rights they would advocate for punishment for women who cry rape when there was no rape.

      • The other way around, mate. Why not insist that members of your sex stop raping women in the first place? That and similar actions, like getting behind attempts to remove male partners as one of the major causes of mortality of women, could see the demise of feminism.

        • I’m pretty sure America has an anti-rape culture- we severely condemn horrific crimes like rape and sexual assault. Have you seen what’s going on lately? I think it’s awesome that more women are coming forwards about this, but the penalties also show how people (including men) view rape as a horrible thing.

          I’m sorry but I’m a bit confused as to what you’re saying about the “remove male partners as one of the major causes of mortality of women”? Are you talking about spousal abuse? I believe that everyone takes that quite seriously already. Additionally, it’s actually quite alarming of how feminists are literally fighting to prevent men who have been abused in relationships (over 40% of victims of severe physical violence are actually men + more men than women are victims of domestic abuse according to a CDC study: http://www.saveservices.org/2012/02/cdc-study-more-men-than-women-victims-of-partner-abuse/). For example, take Erin Pizzey. A quick Google Search will show you that she started one of the earliest domestic abuse shelters for women and has worked tirelessly to help others. However, after her experiences she began finding out that men and women tended to be equally violent in relationships. She started talking about this, and was immediately faced with severe backlash from the feminist community. There were death threats, bomb threats, and even the family dog was killed. This is feminism. This is the core of feminism- it was the feminist leaders that initiated this. It’s heartbreaking to see how Mrs. Pizzey, who used to be part of the 1970’s womens’ movement, was targeted by the very feminists who used to be her friends. Look into this link: https://honest-ribbon.org/domestic-violence-law/refuting-40-years-of-lies-about-domestic-violence/ .

        • You’re totally out of the premise of his post. In the first place, he wasn’t talking about actual rape. He was talking about instances wherein women false accusations of rape.

          His point was that while rape should be punished, so shall false accusations thereof. People should condemn both actual rapists and false accusers.

    • Actually no, chrisw. That which we call a rose, by any other name, would NOT smell as sweet. Feminists got this right in their critique of language. “Feminism” can never be about equality, by the principles of feminism itself. Feminism is about women. That’s why it’s called feminism.

    • Feminists indulge in discrimination against men. They shame basic human needs that are a right to each woman. I do not need to keep my maiden name if married to have an external reminder of who I am, that true knowledge should come from within.

    • The person who wrote this article is very misguided. Why is she redefining feminism. It is called feminism because women and men were not on the same level zve. Men were dominant so feminism came about in order to equal the score. Saying feminism is irrelevant is just like saying black empowerment is irrelevant

      • Thats where you’re wrong, feminists are looking to become dominant over men, evidence adds up to it, heck even some women’s job is to FIND problems that are slightly unfair and most of that is faked. Besides men and women are equal now its just women didn’t realise it would ever happen so are pretending they aren’t by looking into statistics and realising there is a 0.1 percent difference?!
        It’s like some black people (not being racist just giving an example thats why I used the word SOME)
        If a black person got shot by the police its considered racist but if a white person gets shot no-body cares.

        • Feminism is alot more than trying to champion womans rights over men, if to this day men are still making more money than women when they are on the same job grade, if a woman does exactly what a man does and is called out for it “because she is a woman” is why such a thing as feminism exists.

          That analogy is wrong btw. If a black unarmed person who is also part of a minority group is gunned down because of a percieved notion that black people are dangerous and no one is goes to jail for it that is where systematic rascism comes in.

      • Yes, women were not on the same level as men for a very long time, and that was horrible. But that was the past, femistits now seem to try and compensate for the past which now leads to overcompensation. Men are now getting discriminated against–just because they are men.

      • most women at the time were against suffrage. they’d chase canvassers off their property. after feminism, the size of government began growing out of control.

      • Feminists have been redefining themselves since the movement started. It started with clarity, 2nd wave also pretty clear, now there are so many subdivisions that women that call themselves “feminists” could have completely 2 different end goals and disagree on just about everything.

        How can you back “feminism” as a whole when everyone’s definition is different?

    • Then you are the problem and it’s sad you can’t see how feminism is only trying to “put men in their place” please give me one way FEMinism is for equality cause I have never seen one feminism rally trying to have men’s rights voiced, you are delusional and only cause more problems.

      • Then let a war start between both genders and see who wins trying too put men in our place good luck no man will bow before u and call it out. Men are eventually going too push back and it’s not going too be a good thing

      • My God are you that thicc??? You cannot try to champion men’s rights if they are the “superior” gender, in other words the gender that holds most of the government positions and make more money than women when doing the exact same job dont need anyone to champion their rights. Just like you cant champion white peoples rights because they are a majority-in the US.

      • The problem men have are mainly caused by other men. Men kill men as well as women and stands for a majority of serious crimes. I agree that there need to be a man movement, but maybe directed against male stereotypes and unrealistic expectations. Women has washed your dirty laundry long enough. time you guys took part in the clean up.

      • You make such a big deal about the word. Why is it that the word matters much more than the ambition behind it?
        If you still have a problem with this one word that prompts women to voice their rights, what is your justification for the terms ‘MANkind’, ‘huMAN’, possibly even ‘HIStory’? You know what the 4 words have in common? They all refer to not just men, not just women, not the transgendered, rather, ALL of us. How’s that for a healthy argument?

        • The words matter, the definitions matter, the meanings matter, but most of all, actions matter. The actions of feminists at large have utterly been contrary to what is being preached under their flag.

          The fact is – an average person is very much prone to think that feminism has a lot to do with women, and rightly so. I have yet to meet an average person who immediately thinks of a man when the word ‘history’ is uttered. It may well be the effect of persistent use, but it still remains the fact that any male connotation from such words has long been washed off.

          Feminism, in my worthless and insular opinion, is a crazy train rattling towards a certain precipice by denying plain and simple biological facts. Maybe there will be a smarter movement, because women certainly deserve one.

    • Feminism is a gendered word, if you want EQUALity to be represented by a gendered word, you have a seriously deep rooted issue that cannot be fixed or addressed by any amount of therapy or reading online forums about feminism and why it is still necessary….equality is about equality and feminism is about WOMENS RIGHTS, which have already existed in modern society for several decades..like the author of this lil anti feminism aritcle stated, feminism is only one side of the coin and these third wave feminists who do nothing but complain and represent a ridiculous theory that women are treated more unfairly than mean are in this country (US) need to wake the FUCK up and do something productive with their lives. theres extreme world poverty, corrupt governments, slave trades, the DOG MEAT TRADE IS A SENSITIVE ONE FOR ME, deforestation, etc…the problems facing women suck, but so do the problems facing men, and unlike third wave feminists, men and women around the world actually focus on the things i listed and a plethora of other issues facing the world and try to do something about them. i have a wonderful girlfriend who says she is a feminist but cannot accept, no matter how strong and convincing of an argument that i might make, that she is wrong…that is the very epitome of bigotry and arrogance..but i still love her…she is just confused and conflicted, passionate and empathetic, like all third wave feminists are.

      • Get rid mate, will only end badly. If she’s too bigoted to understand a reasoned argument then what good can come of it?

      • “Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.”

        This statement could be about not judging people but I choose to take it as a Fix your problems before you go around helping people. Its perhaps very selfish of me to say that, but you can’t try fixing problems if you dont work on your own. Complaining is only a part of getting a solution. Do you think black people just decided “today we’re gonna fight for our rights” they complained first, and worked out solutions.

      • Continue with your reading and you’ll see that if a man’s situation somewhere in the world is bad, the situation of the woman beside him will be way worse… but then you are probably more aware of the horrors of the dog meat trade than in the trade of women’s bodies for male consumption and profit. Just reading that you consider your girlfriend bigoted and arrogant just because she doesn’t agree with you… how typical male to assume that he’s right and she’s wrong and call her names in the process. You friend is an angel of patience put up with you. You’ve just argued against yourself, we still need feminism until you guys see through the misogynic thought and language patterns that are still ingrained in our culture.

        • “how typical male to assume that he’s right and she’s wrong and call her names in the process”

          Women get to stereotype males but males aren’t allowed to do the same? That’s equality?

          Also, he did not call her names, you just made yourself into a hypocrite.

    • Speak for yourself. A feminist called me “sexist” for being a men’s rights supporter.

      • just because someone claims to be a feminist, does not mean they are. if they’re acting in an in-egalitarian manner as pertains to gender, then they are not a feminist.

        misandrist / misogynist / sexist, take your pick.

        (too many posts here needing such a reply)

      • I would say you are sexist , however maybe I would go with idiotic, uneducated, ignorant. You can’t advocate for something you already have, sorry to break it to you.

    • Thats where you’re wrong, look at it.. people have turned feminism into a job and hunt for stuff slightly sexist or not sexist at all and put a twist on it to make it sound bad.
      Feminists want to become superior to men and there is no denying it anymore. All facts lead to it

    • actually it doesnt mean equality just because thats what they say it is if it meant equality feminists would also be fighting the the rights of males. for thing like paternity leave. and why do females get a quota in the workplace because to me that seems pretty empowering that some females are only being hired because they are in fact women maybe there should be something called equalism which is actually equality between men and women not this left wing bullshit that always plays the victim

    • Just want to say, actions do speak louder than words. And the way feminists are behaving right now, it dosen’t appear its a movement about equality anymore.

    • Go to google and search for the meaning of feminism. It defines advocating women’s rights. Both by definition and practice, feminism is all about defending women.

    • Don’t really agree with this, Masculism has never been about advocating the rights of one gender over another. Just because there is a ‘Mascul’ in the term Masculism doesn’t make it so, you can call it anything you want, it’s still means equality

    • It means equality until the bad things about being a man come around. When that happens all of the feminists disappear and don’t want to discuss the issue.

      • To be perfectly honest, men’s worse enemy are themselves… What about men doing their own dirty laundry for once and stop saying it’s the womens’ fault?

        • Sure, let men do stuff without the intervention of women. It’ll turn out pretty good, I’m sure.

        • I know many men who do their own laundry. I’m a man and I do my own laundry. If you feminists are so fed up with gender stereotypes, then why are you stereotyping men as slobs who blame women for everything? After reading a few of your comments, I have deducted that you are in fact both hypocritical and sexist. As long as people like yourself proclaim yourselves as feminists, feminism CANNOT mean equality, because you don’t represent equality. Stop wasting your time complaining about men not doing the laundry and give yourself a reality check. Women in the middle east are oppressed daily and in dire need of feminism. There is environmental destruction happening everywhere. Slave trade still exists. Go tackle some real problems instead of sputtering bullshit like this, stuff that doesn’t even true anymore. This is coming from an egalitarian.

    • I’m seriously confused how a term, which has obvious sexual bias built into it can be about equality. That idea severely conflicts with itself.

      • I truly don’t understand if people who use this argument are actually stupid or if they are trying to grasp at straws, every time I see someone say this I ask myself this question.

    • Nice opinion, but as a male and from my perspective, this is insanely incorrect.
      There is plenty of blatant misandry floating around on the internet and in real life.

      Modern day feminism is essentially misandry.
      There was even a huge feminism twitter group recently posting some statistics about women having way more than men in something & they were posting saying it was a victory for feminism. How is it a victory to have more than males if feminism is about equality?

      I see the hate from feminists. I can understand how you wouldn’t see it or feel impacted by it, it’s not directed to you & you obviously side with the people who support modern day feminists.

    • feminism isn’t equality it’s about female superiority and empowerment also known as inequality at the polar opposite of past centuries.

    • Actions speak louder than words. The dictionary definition of third wave feminism may be ‘equality,’ however the actions of the feminism movement do not equally reflect the various issues that men face along with the issues that women face.

    • No it doesn’t, not at all. Telling men that they are inferior, finding random things to complain about, apparently air conditioning is sexist. While women under Islam can get stoned to death for being raped. Believing women and minorities deserve awards simply because of if they boobs or their skin isn’t white. It’s stupid, me and every other well meaning individual sees a person. I don’t judge you based on your skin color, you sexual orientation, your religion, or your gender. I judge your character. Feminism sees nothing past you skin or your genitals. Nearly everything they complain about is made up bullshit and completely demeans women who live under actual oppression. (Islam!) Feminsm should’ve died a long time ago.

    • Feminism started as a movement for equal rights of both genders. But, there is no denying that these days, women have been only trying to overpower themselves with feminism. Think for yourself. If a man indulges in domestic violence against a woman, then everybody comes to her aid. But, if a woman does the same, she is seen as a brave independent woman. Why so? Both of them did wrong. A man is guilty unless proven otherwise but a woman is innocent unless proven guilty. Give that a thought.

    • Then why not call yourselves equalisists since it’s about gender equality. If you insist on saying being feminist is about equality can I not say being masculinist is also about equality

    • Which is why they don’t build men’s shelters, they are perfectly okay with men having higher suicide rates and higher homicide rates because it happens by other men, they have no problems with women being first on lifeboats, or only men being drafted, or men having no parental rights, that’s why they condone female on male violence with comments like “you go girl” and “he deserves it because men have been doing it to women for years”, that’s why they post hashtags like killallmen, and why they tell men that they can’t be abused/sexually assaulted/raped because they are a man, and why men despite being able to get breast cancer are ineligible for any aid because they aren’t a woman. All feminists do is use stories of women in third countries as an “excuse” to complain about air conditioning.

    • All I am going to say on the matter is once you get equality feminists that are still not happy will be spoiled children not getting their way but like I have said on many of the post you will be getting the positive in the negative let that sink in for a minute women will be no longer safe from the draft in the army whenever a ship goes down or someone needs help they will be saving the children first and then whoever else you not be looked at as weaklings you be looked at as strength just like the men if there’s something wrong with you which means you can’t use that as an excuse a pipe or an excuse to get what you want you have to suck it up and do what you have to to survive and on a bigger note when it becomes time for family women you have to look forward into paying child support if you have to get two or more jobs the court system will not look at you and saying all your week what was you know they get a damn job so I am with equality oh in the fact that there is now equality means that if a female starts a fight with a man we both go to jail cuz we’re disturbing the peace it’s not oh you can’t hit a female know there’s equality so now I can hit the female and the bigger picture if men can now just sit at home and be the caretakers and a woman go to work and become the breadwinners you nail get the same equal rights you can play football with the men they’ll be no more of the women’s sports and the men Sports it’ll just be Sports you’ll have to find a way to merge the NBA with the WNBA just saying a lot of the stuff that’s made just for women won’t be just for women it’ll be for both of us so please bring the equality on I’m begging you

    • No, the word “equality” means equality. The word choice DOES matter. What if I call myself a whiteist, and say whiteism is about racial equality? Does that sound good?

  2. As a young man, all I can say, is that this is so very true. I’ve had a hard time ignoring the contradictions off feminism. At one point it almost made me angry at all women for blindly following feminism just because of what some bad men did to them etc. I’m glad I was patient to discover that not all women is like that.

    I don’t see a women as inferior, just different in her role in life, her way of expression and doing things base on her natural female qualities.

    If a women let a man be a man and bring the best out in him, it becomes so much easier for a lot of men to sweep a women of her feet. But if men feel threaten and treated like they the cause of all the wrongs in this world for no other reason then being a male, it just angers them, it did for me. I know a lot of us men find it hard to treat a women like a women if she a hell bend on trying to act like a man and doing all things we do.

    How can a women expect to be seen as a women, but behave like the opposite gender? It’s a turn off for most men.

    We all put up with the feministic demands, trying not to land ourselfs in hot water. I just avoid those kinda women whenever I can.

    But this website is nice, we need more inform, educated, confident and kind women like yourselfs.

    Thanks. 🙂

  3. Every movement starts with seeing what is, a vision for what can be and a few who will carry that movement on their shoulders in the name of others, who will not. The irony is in labeling that segment of the population; every movement will lose its way and, in time, invite both criticism and a backlash. Part of the reason for this is we tend to think our movements can only deliver good unto society either ignore, overlook or haven’t the ability to understand we are all interconnected in ways that any change will affect us all in some way or another. Much as we wish to think and believe we are individuals and how we wish to lead our own individual lives will have no affect on the lives of others certainly is an interesting cultural ideology of the ‘new world’, if not the west in general. We ignore the group, the impact of individuals of the group and tend to make such goals, as equality and fairness (I truly cannot envision such a world is possible and feel we can only get closer to it if we all give up what we hold most dear in striving for our personal goals without regard for the group first). It does indeed fascinate me that many of the cultures we hold up as most desirable, usually aboriginal cultures, were not built around the individual but required of the individual to exist for the group first and here we are seeking divisions within our group in order to seek more for that subsection of the larger group.
    If we really wanted to get as close as we can to the idea of equality, we would each have to first give up our separate ideals as to how the world should be and come to a common understanding of that world and then work together for the attainment of that goal seeing beyond the surface of skin color and gender. We make it perhaps more difficult in now viewing equality and fairness based on those electrical impulses within our heads and data sitting upon our chromosomes will cause us to behave and want existentially.

    Perhaps it best to understand our struggle as a species will go well beyond our lives to the day we cease to exist as a species. Meanwhile, in demanding that others give up their dreams and desires so that we may live ours will take us closer and closer to losing all the glory and beauty of what it is to be human. Perhaps we should not forget what we are and, along the way as we struggle with and against each other, that we are pretty special as we are and celebrate that in the short breathe we take before continuing on with our battle against each other.

    I am but a being, delivered as I am to this world a man, equipped with tools to perceive that part of the world my eyes, ears, nose, mouth and fingertips allow of me, preprogramed to make my ways as best I can until I slowly learn my environment within which I will act and react seeking happiness or at least to avoid the pain I will surely feel. We will bump into each other and hopefully we will make this place more endurable than it might be should we be alone. Let’s hope we are willing to accept ourselves in order that we may find the strength to give enough of ourselves to each other so that we may be of help to each other such that when we leave, during that last breathe we can give thanks that at least we had a friend while we were here without concern as to who may or may not have been on top or bottom at any given time.

    If we owe anything to ourselves, it is to free others so that we may be freed by them.

  4. It is rather refreshing to know that there are women who advocate for equality and not superiority. Thank you for seeing what feminists have ignored for so many years.

    • Check out HeForShe on YouTube and watch a couple interviews, I think you might find them eye opening, becsue feminism is not exclusive.

  5. It must suck so hard to have no idea what you are talking about. I truly hope someone is able to educate you soon…

    • Yeah he should be educated! do you realize how funny your statement is? feminists always say that, when somebody disagrees with them. But it is a persons good right to disagree with something, which includes disagreeing with feminism. you always talk about your movement like it contains all the truth about how society works, while it is just based upon a sociologist theory. you are just about the most intolerant political movement out there, and for the sake of democracy and free speech and freedom overall i hope that your movement will vanish from the face of our planet for the wellbeing of all, be it women or men or anyone in between

    • Actually this is relatable to all men. You simply put down every man who even tries to argue with you. sure women in the past and even some nowadays are very mistreated but that’s not every man! Because i have never once mistreated a woman and i don’t think i am above them. The first waves of feminism made sense! Now women can vote and join the military but modern day feminism is all about complaining about the other gender! You say you’re for equality but that was old feminism, equality is have everyone have the same rights. Which feminists are not.

  6. Feminism is not about equality anymore it’s especially in this generation it’s just about doing something stupid then using the excuse “but guys do it” “so I can’t do this because I’m a women” “I’m so oppressed” like not everyone in the world can be 100% equal because (believe it or not ) MEN and WOMEN are different hell people in America are different filled with DIFFERENT kinds of people so your telling me we shouldn’t just expect people are different and not everyone can live life by a straight line

  7. I identify as a modern feminist. Allow me to tell you why. I was raised in a strict Christian household where traditional roles were implemented. My father was the provider and protector of the home followed by my three older brothers. Early on I was un fazed by this dynamic but over time my perception was altered. At the age of ten I questioned my father and brothers about their strict role as providers. I was very appreciative of all they had done for me but I wanted to contribute to the family dynamic.
    I credit my self-worth to my feminist beliefs. Like you, I “am smart, independent, strong, competent, and confident.” I admire your confidence and believe that every woman is entitled to identify herself with positive traits such as these. I agree with you on that, but I disagree with you stating that a movement is not necessary. The message of gender equality is important and the message is one that must be heard.
    I respectfully refute your claim that “feminism is NOT about equality.” I believe in the gender equality movement. Yes, I have encountered outrageous “feminists” who belittle men, but because they do, they are not feminists. Feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality.” Equality is the key word here. Along with stating that feminism is not about equality, you also noted that “FEMinism” supports inequality due to the use of the suffix fem. The use of fem is because the movement is for women’s rights. It’s really quite simple. Do not read into something where nothing is there. I have many male companions who aren’t afraid of the f word (feminism) and who are proud advocates. If the opposing sex isn’t afraid of the suffix, why should you, a female, be afraid to use the word?
    In September of 2014, Emma Watson gave an address as the Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women. She is the new face of the gender equality movement and is a feminist icon, as well as my role model. In here address she states that “women are choosing not to identify as feminists. Apparently, I’m among the ranks of women whose expressions are seen as too strong, too aggressive, isolating, and anti-men. Unattractive, even.” This is a word that is now not appropriate to use on a day to day basis. Why is it such an uncomfortable word? Emma Watson states that it simply comes down to human rights. Women deserve the same respect as men. There is no country where all women are treated as equal and without a gender equality movement we will never see this change. The word is not one that should be hated; it is the concept that should be supported.
    I am a proud supporter of the HeForShe initiative. The goal of the initiative is to gain male support for the gender equality movement. The goal is to not just talk about change, but to make it “tangible.” Watson cites Hillary Clintons, 1997, speech made in Beijing. She notes that many of the points Clinton made are unfortunately still an issue today but this may be credited to the small number of male listeners. “Less than thirty percent of the audience were male.” The issue of gender equality cannot be resolved without the active involvement of both genders. The problem plagues both males and females; Watson makes this clear after formally inviting men to join the cause. She asserts that “I’ve seen men made fragile and insecure by a distorted sense of what constitutes male success. Men don’t have the benefits of equality, either.” Yes feminism does stand for women’s rights, but it feeds into the fight for gender equality. Gender stereotypes must be labeled a thing of the past. The fight for equality will free men of society’s stereotypes and in turn grant women the opportunity to defy social norms.
    I recommend that you watch the full address, as it is very thought provoking and inspirational.
    Feminism is not a word that should be feared. The concept and ambition is one that needs both sexes support. The fight for gender equality is simple yet the obstacles are becoming more complex. This fight will not stop until equality is achieved for all men and women. I am a feminist and I support women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality.

    • What your stating is not True equality, realizing that you spent your whole argument on sympathy for women, and advocacy to include men into the ideals of sympathy for women, HOWEVER until you spend just as much (EQUAL) time advocating mens issues and rights just as much as women’s issues and rights, then you are not being equal. Feminsim by nature CANNOT be equality no matter which way you look at it, men get raped, men are the victim.of lower wages based on sex In certain professions, women take advantage of men, courts rule in women’s favor even though the man may be be at fault, women falsely take money and put away inncoent men for rape, women falsely get parental rights based solely on the sex some of the time, women are the SOLE deciding party when it comes to abortion even though ONLY HALF of her Dna contributes to the child, the other half is the Father. Until feminism spends just as much time focusing on men as they do women, until feminsim acknowledges that THERE ARE JUST AS MANY SOCIETY ISSUES FACING MEN AS THERE ARE WOMEN AND THAT INSTANCES OF SEXISM OCCUR ON BOTH ENDS IN COMPARABLE AMOUNTS, until all that can be realized, then feminsim truley does not stand for equality.

      • “courts rule in women’s favor even though the man may be be at fault”

        That kinda sums it up… Horrible horrible… *nods nods*

        • Pretty sure thats supposed to read the man may not be at fault.

          But you knew that didnt you sweetie? You cant argue against the proposition at all can you?

          Sorry for feeding the trolls.

    • Nobody fears the word ‘feminism’. Most of them hate it. Why? Because feminism first started out as a movement for the equality of both genders. But now, look around you. You KNOW that women have an upper hand in society. Let’s take an example I used before. A man indulges in domestic violence against women and everybody comes to the woman’s aid. But, if a woman does the same, she is seen as a strong independent woman. And the society because of their stereotypical nature call the man in this case ‘weak’. Why so? Both of them did wrong. Why is only one of them favoured? Feminism has lost it’s meaning because the number of women who hate men and call men ‘pigs’ have increased a lot in this movement and somehow have overpowered the women who wanted equal rights. Now, almost every movement of feminists is biased. Now MEN are the ones who want equal rights because women have taken this away from them.

  8. I don’t understand why you brought up that it is FEMinism? What about words like huMAN, MANkind and HIStory? Is it that scary that we have one movement named after females?

    • Has nothing to do with the name it’s the fact that you deny that feminism is for equality when your so called equality group has not once focused on a men’s right issue.

      • Have you ever thought about the fact that this is because around the world women are still considered as less than men, why can’t we raise women to the same level as men and then move forward together?

  9. While I agree with the statement that women are capable of finding their own equality, I think that your interpretation of feminism widely differs from the globally accepted one. Merriam-Webster defines feminism as, “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” (Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 14 Sept. 2016. ). The idea of feminism not only adheres to one sex, but encompasses all humans having equal opportunities. It deeply saddens me to see the extent people go through to disprove that the feminist movement being for equality. While you say that they are FEMinists, you are forgetting about MANkind and huMANs. Shouldn’t women appreciate that there is a prefix recognizing them, making them equal? What you are calling feminism is actually misandrism, the hatred of men. Many don’t make this distinction. The women who call themselves feminists while belittling and putting down men are not feminists. These women turn people away. They make women misunderstand why feminism is such a key part of life. The fact that women are even able to work, able to vote, able to own things, can all be attributed to the feminist movement. The influence of the feminist movement continues to grow everyday, helping the true feminists fight for equality for all.

    • But the last Merriam-Webster update was in 2002, when feminism was mostly about equality. But now, feminism is just about man-hating and the getting same rewards for less.

      • Nope! Like all extremists they are extremists and noisy. To some extent I can understand their hatred. With all that women has gone through and still are going through for no other reason than they are women, we have ample reasons to hate men. We don’t do that, however. Why don’t you add you voice as loudly against all the men that commit the vast majority of serious crimes.. or against employers that don’t pay fair wages to their workers… to the government that erodes people’s rights and corporations that destroy just about everything they touch? No, of course… you hit back at what’s safe… women. Why do you hate women so much?

  10. Even though I do see this author’s point that they are perfectly capable of advocating for equality for themselves. However, what about the people who aren’t as fortunate as this author? What about those who need feminism because they feel as they need a movement to make change? There are women in some countries who don’t even get an education or rights to basic needs simply because they are women. In past centuries in China baby girls would be drowned simply because they were born a girl. Feminism for them is advocating change. Anyone who feels as if they are oppressed deserves the right to advocate their beliefs for equality as much as anyone on this blog or anywhere else. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a part of something that is giving all kinds of people unity across the world. It is unfair to say feminism is this or that when it has a different meaning to everyone whether they support it or hate it.
    Also, you said in your first paragraph that if we just look at the word feminist, it says FEMInist which means they are only supporting women’s rights. However by your logic shouldn’t the word MANkind include only men? A name is never a good reason to dislike something especially if the definition is unclear.
    Feminism is about equality for everyone no matter who they are. If you still don’t agree with what I have to say check out this article where Beyonce gives us her definition.

    • I’ll point this out again mankind what thought of long ago before all this feminism was at first for equality but now you do nothing but support women’s rights so please again tell me how is FEMinism going for equality when you do nothing for men’s rights, like women taking children from their fathers or how men are judged 63% harsher then women for the same crime. Again tell me how your problems are like the women in the middle East who have actual problems. You make me sick, complaining about how bad women’s rights are here when they are married off ya women in the US and Europe have it hard. You should be ashamed.

  11. It is quite irritating when I happen to come across some claim where feminism is apparently for “everyone.” It is not. It is just an ideology established for the females to be on equal standing to men. Before all, I, myself, am a women.

    (NOTE: Feminism is for gender equality, but it involves advocacy for women, not men, as in this case it is the women that need rise to equality with men. Feminism is a section of “gender equality” because as reiterated, it is of advocacy for women, not men. That is part of the main idea. Also, as a counterargument to the idea that many feminists have advocated for men’s rights as well as such men who have been victimized ins one way or another… that is not feminism. Feminism is literally is about advocating for women’s rights, not men’s. As such, you can say one is a feminist supporting such a thing, but what they are doing is not of feminism–even if it is indirectly influenced by it.

    An analogy here is like how a professional soccer player is playing in some American football. Just because that soccer player participates in an activity such as American football, it does not mean that football is actually a part of what criteria soccer includes as a whole–and by whole, it includes all aspects. Soccer means that no players other than goalies can hold the ball. In American football, all players can grab onto the ball. Because of the restrictions about the ball in soccer, American football is not to be grouped with soccer in this case. (Think of soccer as feminism and American football as being about how some feminists support men’s rights. The soccer player would be the feminist. Because of the different aspects of soccer and American football, one can see that just because a feminist plays in another game, it does not mean that the game is included in the whole of feminism, even if it can be indirectly influenced due to said soccer player.)

    To be truthful, a feminist going out to support men is a good argument about how not all feminists are of misandry, but is not to be used for the idea that feminism is for all genders or sexes. This is because feminism neither supports nor does it undermine the other side of the spectrum, the male sex. TO REITERATE: It is meant to neither support nor undermine the male sex or any other sex. It is only mean to advocate for women’s rights on the foundation that equal standing between woman and men is allowed to arise. It is strictly for women. Any other sort of “gender” or identity other than that of a female is to be included in the broader term of gender equality, as feminism refers to only women. It can influence other sects of gender equality, but as repeated many times before, it is specific.)

    Feminism is, in short (compliments to Google), defined as being “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” There should be emphasis on “women” in that quote. Feminism is not for both genders. Rather, it is for women, strictly speaking. This is in the aspect that the goal of feminism is to gain equality for women so that they may (and will) reach the current standings of man in society (I applaud to this, by the way, as a female). It is not “for everyone,” some might say, since it is not so that men can reach women’s levels or anything of that sort in the event women surpass men in practically all levels. It is for equality, but for the means of women to be at the same standing of men, not in true advocacy of men.

    To clarify, it is to meant to be used in advocacy for women, not men. So, it is not to help out the men (of course not), but rather women. Therefore, it is about equality of the sexes, but the means ( protests, advocacy, etc.) are not “for everyone”–it is just for women.

  12. If there was a male version of this type of movement I personally would think you bunch of ‘shovanistick’ pigs.. And that’s coming from a male. And equally at first thought, and sight of a ‘Feminist’ movement however don’t know a word for it..

    But to the point.. And my point, is that’s many many years ago women were considered ‘inferior’ in near enough every aspect.. ‘Speak when spoken to’ ‘us men drink the brandy and talk politics, whilst you stay at home’ this mentality existed, and I can’t begin to imagine what it must have felt like to be thought of like that.. Male or female. But in today’s society women compete with men, when there’s no competion. They have equal rights.. Equal opportunities.. So really there’s no struggle against males, only a an inner struggle, and from that belonging to this movement is ’empowering’ themselves.

    Male or female, you make judgments, choices, and ultimately behaviour towards people based on the person.. The individual. And just be thankful that times have changed. With the recognition of that, will bring more stability towards people’s mind set and our society.

  13. Why do so called “good feminists” stand in complicit silence when their fathers, brothers, sons, nephews, etc… are falsely accused and convicted of physical or sexual abuse without any evidence except hearsay or just her word. Why do they stand quietly when women in Northern and Central Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and The Middle East are tortured or murdered for refusing to kowtow to a rigid system of real oppression enforced by dictatorial, totalitarian and authoritarian men for many decades? Look at Clementine Ford in Australia she makes fraudulent accusations against men that are truly innocent of things that they supposedly do to women like smile, smirk, say hello, etc… and goes to their employers to get them sacked. Lena Dunham is a joke as she admitted to sexual molesting her own younger sister when she was nine years old and she’s supposedly a feminist icon for modern women. SMH! To make matters during the women’s march a speaker by the name of Donna Hylton spent close to 3 decades in prison for the murder and torture of Thomas Vigliarole and she does lectures at women’s colleges all over the nation. If false rape accusations never happen then… why have there been over 300 men worldwide that have been released from prison after being falsely accused and convicted of physical or sexual abuse as exculpatory DNA evidence set them free? I’m an MGTOW egalitarian who respects women’s rights but I don’t respect feminism because they are incapable of having intelligent conversation as they wanna dismiss it as mansplaining or manterruption. Christina Hoff Summers and Camille Paglia are the only good hearted feminists that I can think of. The first two waves of feminism have worked superlative and breathtaking wonders for women of all backgrounds and origins but over the last 30 to 35 years the third wave or radical feminism has become a shit stain that leaves actual innocent people destroyed in its path.

    • Is it right for Men to fall behind in schools and in university as structures change more to favour women? Is it right that more men then ever are not only dropping out of higher education but out of high school itself. Is it right that men are insulted regularly, their gender stereotypes are not only embraced but if you do not fit it you at the expense of any sort of joke of any kind. 4/5 suicides are done by men, Men are also told not to express themselves, and in my case i wasn’t given the proper mental health treatment/ examination and was often dismissed even though i would describe moments of self destructive tendencies. I dont want to have your pity it is just not right and no one should go through that. Also… how is circumcision not consider Genital mutilation. Thousands of people believe, against all logic and reason, that male infant circumcision is somehow not genital mutilation considering it involves performing surgery without consent to permanently alter an individual’s genitals.

        • If this inequality happened because of a movement started by women, then who is to be blamed? Of course women. That’s common sense.

      • So what? Women face all of this and more especially in developing countries, what is your point? that we should forget about women’s right’s just because men have issues too?

        • The point is to aim towards gender EQUALITY. Women’s right is not about unequal rights for a specific gender. It is asking for rights which equalise both the genders. If have forgotten this, don’t you dare call yourself a feminist.

    • Completely agreed, the double standard of this toxic bullying cult has to be pointed out wherever possible.

  14. While I do agree, I think it’s important to specify “third-wave feminism”, the cult that is destroying western society and building more walls between people than it claims to tear down.

  15. What your don’t seem to be understanding is that the direct definition of feminism ( look it up in a dictionary) is the social political and economical equality of the SEXES not of women. Feminism is a movement that requires men, it requires feminine and masculine forces to be lifted up, respected, and to join together to create equality. Women and men both experience sexism. The problem is that by you saying that it doesn’t include men, you are perpetuating the problem, you are making a movement that is in favor of gender equality, and again puting men on the hierarchy. Weather you believe it or not, intersectional feminism is real, and women above all experence greater oppression. You may be privlaged enough to advocate for your self, but what about rape victims, what about girls who are trafficked, what about women who have acid thrown at them? Feminism is not exclusive, in fact it’s the exact opposite, it’s about creating equality for all. Please don’t take it to its extremist form, because yes, some feminist hate men, just like some christians are KKK members, and some muslims and terroirst. You can not label an entire community’s views based on their extremist form.

  16. I totally agree! These kind of women do not consider people as individuals. There is hatred, anger, bad mood, playing the victim game, using men for their own benefit and even worse, using other women to back them up.
    These feminists call for meetings where they give a speech showing how “far” they climbed, how they got a best job title, many times undeserved, obtained just because of their so-called network.
    They call all women to support their feminISM fight, but never advocate for the less “advantaged” ones. Why don’t they go to Saudi Arabia and fight for equality over there? In the West, I do not see inequality. Sometimes I see it is all the way around. Women get maternity leave, mummy day, more sick leave days. Doesn’t it count?
    To my eyes, these women are insecure and frustrated beings without an identity. They only strive to be in the board of a company and they never stop wanting more! They never smile nor enjoy the wonderful free things life gives all of us, gender less!
    FeminISM is an obsession, it might fall into fanatISM!

  17. I agree FEMinsim is all about granting women special rights simply because they are Women whoops….I mean WOMYN. I’m female and I don’t appreciate a so called political group telling me that I’m oppressed because of my gender. They only want to bitch n moan about how much women are oppressed and dare any woman who doesn’t adhere to the movements docturen because they hate their fellow sisters.

    • Did you forget about the rest of the world around you? Because unfortunately many women around the world do face oppression just because you don’t doesn’t mean nobody does.

  18. We’ve been endlessly told that feminism is about “gender equality”. The problem is – not once have I seen a feminist address or combat a situation in which a male faces prejudice or discrimination. Male is also a gender.

    In theory, it’s about gender equality. In practice, not at all.

  19. Even if FEMinism were just a movement existing for the betterment of only women, whats wrong with that? Perhaps, if men feel they’re being discriminated against, they should get out from behind the “skirts” of their women and fight for their own rights. Why should gender equality BE the sole responsibility of women? Why should women continue in their gender socialization to make sure men are taken care of?
    The truth is that all genderized responses are programmed into your 5 year old brain. Every one of us with a sex are genderized, socially constructed to perform in a certain way.
    Boys receive a certain training. Its because of the first and second wave feminism that today’s boys/men are more empathic and understanding. But Id be a rich woman, if I had a nickel for everytime I hear “dont be a girl” being said by boys/men to boys/men.
    Girls receive a certain training. Its because of the first and second wave feminisms that todays girls/women are more involved in sports, higher education including academics and sciences and a huge variety of career employment. Yet, girls still salivate over how to perfect the perfect room/home, attain the perfect figure and attract the perfect boy/man.

    And still gender based violence is still a huge social issue. Sexualized violence against women is epidemic. And the rates of domestic violence and initmate partner violence is a mostly hidden tragedy. The stats show that these mentioned issues affect mostly women. And that its mostly men who are perpetrating these types of crimes. So, theres an obvious problem weighted towards men….if women and men were indeed equal, valued the same in everyone’s mind then there wouldnt be this symptom of power and control manifesting.
    I think that this is the hard thing to think about. That if everyones equal now, why are there these and other genderized problems showing up?

    Its 2017. I live with a man who would love it if I did all the cleaning, the cooking and stayed home to mind his nephew. Because thats his gender socialization! Depending on where you live in the wide world, equality varies. I mean, I dont need a movement to talk with him about how thats not gonna happen as he’d like as I work, have a life and I’m not his live in maid. However, ITS BECAUSE OF THE MOVEMENT thats gone before me, that I CAN say those things. I can validate his concerns and state my compromise and be taken seriously, though thought of as a “difficult opinionated woman” (sexism). Im literally living the symptoms of oppressions gone before me. I am not treated equal.

    Feminism has derailed a bit, but it still was an important movement towards true equality of beings and I believe it will adapt and change to ensure this continues. I believe this is very important. Without the movement, our freedoms as women that we do enjoy will disappear. The movement rumbles with the established systems and the symptoms of past establishments and its vital that we keep dialogue and critique going within it. Its critical to continue as a feminist or as an equalist or as a masculinist or as whatever title you want to give your understanding of human rights manifestation. We need more people dedicated to true equality and benefits for the world, not just your little corner of it.

    Ive always found it ironic that the word feminism be so attacked…that the movement itself be mistaken for anything less than womens rights, period. Not rights over men, not rights instead of men, but just human rights as a woman. Rights to the body, rights for the mind and spirit. That these rights coincide with all human rights is a bonus.

    Like I said at the beginning, men’s rights are not my top priority, I am not a man. If men believe that they are sexually, politically and economically discriminated against, lets hear it! Lets hear how that impacts you, how it marginalizes you, how it makes you less than women, how it puts you in a bad light, how it silences your voice. As a global community, we need to hear these things, we need to talk about them and we need to stop thinking that our genderized social constructions dont motivate or define us, that we wouldnt benefit from a redo of culture and gender normalizations.
    Communication is the key to the lock of the door which opens to supported and validated community.

    • One of many problems is that any movement, or ideology, or religion, or whatever does not mean the same thing to everyone who states or feels they are a part of it or against it.

      So we lump everyone together. In group and out group. In this instance; Feminist or not feminist. Sexist or not sexist. Male or female and ever then the boundaries are down to individual viewpoints.

      And then it becomes polarised. The worst and best examples of each are used to reinforce ones own interpretation and discredit any others. The battle lines are drawn but the goal posts shift continuously.

      There are many good people who say they are feminist just as there are many good people who say they are not, and vice versa.

      Some people become entrenched and view the world and everyone in it through the lenses of their beliefs. This can distort their view resulting in them making all sorts of statements and actions and then anyone who wishes to validate there own beliefs can use those either positively or negatively. Round and round it goes.

      Too often the most vocal are not truly speaking for all. Too often these people have their own hidden agendas. This does nothing but deepen the divides. The impressionable often don’t realise the subtle differences and round and round it goes.

      I have denounced feminism, in favour of egalitarianism, as feminism has not actively enough denounced those who act unjustly in it’s name in so far as I can see.

      When I hear people speak about men I think; all men?, but they are our fathers, our brothers, our sons, our friends and sometimes our lovers.

      When I hear people speak about women I think; all woman?, but they are our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our friends and sometimes our lovers.

      And when I hear someone say that men and boys only learnt compassion and empathy in the last hundred years I think; really, where’s your proof?

      Those who lack empathy have often become what we call evil, or sociopaths. As such no one has found an easy way to ‘teach’ it to those not all ready possessing it. It is an aspect of human evolution and I see neither ‘sex’ as truly having a monopoly over it.

      But certainly we can teach people to look at the world through a different lens. Sometimes for good and sometimes for bad.

      But we must make first sure our own views are as true and just as we can.

      We all have a part to play in how we came to be where we are. Sexual selection is in the hands of the female of our species, or so says Darwin, and has been for millions of years. Shall we blame all women then for favouring ‘bad’ mates and breeding lack of empathy in the male population then? Or shall we accept that some people are good and some people are bad, end of story.

    • All of this but you forgot one thing. WOMEN started this movement with gender EQUALITY in mind. So I think it’s not logical to say that men should start a movement because its not the responsibility of women. If the movement was about gender equality and it was started by women then it IS the job of women to see that both of them have equal rights.

    • All of this but you forgot one thing. WOMEN started this movement with gender EQUALITY in mind. So I think it’s not logical to say that men should start a movement because its not the responsibility of women. If the movement was about gender equality and it was started by women then it IS the job of women to see that both of them have equal rights.

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  21. ” If men believe that they are sexually, politically and economically discriminated against, lets hear it!”

    What happens then is a pure Red Pill documentary situation – feminazis rush out to ban it from cinemas. Divorce courts and false rape allegations would like to answer you also.

    . A relative of mine was falsely accused of rape. After some days in prison and appearing before the court again, they finally let him go. The woman? No questions asked, and was actually GIVEN money by welfare.

    I would answer it more, but in my country, I’d be shamed, harassed, labelled more than a “misogynist”, online speeches reported and banned, stalked and fired (ask one of our “feminists” who stalked a man online and got him fired and divorced). She advocated killing men and that was ENCOURAGED. I’m not even going to start with this “man tax” we have here at some venues, nor the major buisnesses such as banks going women only. While men are lininig up at the supermarket, the “Women’s only” register is another story.

    Another relative of mine has prostate cancer…you “may” have heard of it? ;)He was told to man up and deal with it. No funding to it. However breast cancer a whole diff story.

  22. Feminism calls for the equality of women with men, because in this society, men are seen to be as the ‘superior’ gender. Again, I put that in quotes for a reason. MALES, just because they are physically more able, have pushed themselves as being the leaders of society, the superiors, the ones that the rest of the world revolves around. Feminism wants the equality of men with women, not the superiority of women over men. Just because the damn word “Feminism” has a FEM in it, doesn’t mean it’s women wanting to be superior over men, or that women hate men and don’t want to fight for their equality…because the group seen by society as ‘superior’ doesn’t need ‘equality’. The one’s seen as inferior are the ones who need to fight for equality. If men are women were equal, there would be equality, and therefore nothing to fight for…but when there’s a tip in the balance, one side must fight to equalize the inconsistency…if the other side starts fighting for equality too—it doesn’t make sense? Why? Because the scale is tipped THEIR WAY. the -ism would be a movement, an ideology, and ‘fem’ would be for females….it is a movement for females to fight for equality in society and life. Women against feminism most of the time haven’t been through or truly felt the sexism that exists in society. Those women may have caring and loving husbands, brothers, male-friends, etc…and that’s great! That’s what all genders should be like…but just because the women who feel sexism, who have been through domestic violence, harassment in the workplace, etc, want a name and a label to fight for their rights doesn’t mean you should or need to bash them down. As in every ideology, some people take the approach of violence and radicalism, and I said SOME, but that should not batter down the rest of the 99% working for the cause in PEACE.

  23. These feminists NEVER talk about what is best for their sons. All they ever talk about is what’s best for women. That pisses me off.

  24. You can’t talk sense to nonsense and, therefore, you can’t talk sense to feminists. Feminism is about disrespecting white men outside of the elite. They are totalitarian and do not listen.

    • Love it Robert, I feel feminists are a construct of the elite, for the ultimate goals of the elite. They are being used as tools and don’t get the agenda.

  25. To the feminists, keep in mind that while you are waving the dictionary definition in people’s faces, the misandrist feminists at NOW are working day and night to take away fathers’ rights.

    Do not insult my intelligence by telling me that I have no idea what feminism is. Feminism is as feminism does. Divorce in the west is now costly for men in the west because a man becomes a slave to his ex through alimony and child support that a growing number of us have sworn off marriage. The child support is however never audited to make sure it is spent on the child.

  26. “If men believe that they are sexually, politically and economically discriminated against, lets hear it!”
    You don’t have to go far for that. A girl can get no shortage of praise for stating her love of “macho” things like wrestling or G.I. Joe. A boy in touch with his feelings or harboring a love of “girly” things like My Little Pony risks ostracism, accusations of being “gay”, or called even worse if he’s old enough.
    That’s not even getting into more important things like the Duluth Model or family courts.
    I was sexually assaulted by a female and was basically brushed aside by the police, and the female gas station clerk looked like she had to stifle a laugh.


    • All you need to do is pay attention online more and notice the disparity between what they claim and what they actually say. I’m willing to bet that 90% of people who are against feminism are actually for equal rights and women’s rights. But the stereotype of the feminist as an angry, shrieking, rude, aggressive woman has been proven true more times than not. They claim certain language is sexist and want men to stop using them, like the innocuous term “girls” or “telling women to smile”, but then they’ll vehemently defend their usage of sexist anti-male terms like “mansplaining” as well as demoralizing shaming language, and they’ll defend any anti-male jokes with “consider the context” or “well men are just getting their just desserts for centuries of oppression.”

      To further illustrate how out of touch feminism is, a study has actually shown that women find “benevolently sexist” men to be sexier than “woke” men. Then consider Deborrah Cooper, probably Youtube’s most famous man hater. She claims to be a dating coach, but her videos show feminism’s toxic touch. Her language both on Youtube and elsewhere online are filled with absolute vile, poisonous and mean-spirited hatred of men. She cannot stop talking about how men are useless and how everything bad in the world is the fault of men. She addresses her male commenters with such an unprofessional vile nastiness and is always putting people down. Her and her followers are also always talking about “weak men” and “worthless men”, and even though incels have their own problems with extremism, the idea that certain males struggle with finding a partner because of constant rejection is apparently heresy to her inner circle, so she’ll say that “these men deserve it” and will go on about said “loser worthless men” and how “nature weeds out the weak”. This is stark hypocrisy to feminism’s constant claims about gender, about how “feminism helps men too because the patriarchy forces harmful gender norms onto them”.

      Deborrah Cooper also advocates TERFs, who are trans exclusionary radical feminists, a subsection of feminism dedicated to hating transgender people. Since their very existence calls into question feminism’s claims about equality and inclusion and gender, they naturally try to deflect and blame shift and bring up shoddy evidence about transgenderism similar to the way a homophobe will find shoddy studies against homosexuality. They don’t even like being called TERFs but instead “gender critical”, another example of feminists using language to shape perception and dress something up.

    • Maybe some of are against feminism specifically because of people like you? People who type in all caps, to better clarify what a loud, whiny, annoying twit they are? The “patriarchy” doesn’t make me ashamed to because woman, but women like you certainly do.

  28. Wow. Nearly every argument/comment here regardless of the posters gender is completely useless and irrelevant (including mine). I guarantee that anyone reading through this utter shit will not care about any of the points made after reading a few of them xx

  29. Tender years doctrine, White Feather campaign, Duluth model, plus more bullshit. Feminism has never been an equality movement. Feminism has always been there to perpetuate a continued victimhood mentality. First wave started the tender years doctrine, a war upon families. Got the vote without going to war or owning property or really earning it in any capacity. They also started shaming men into going to war and had the White Feather Campaign. Quite frankly disgusting on all levels. The second wave was just as insane. Pushed academic bullshit down everyone’s throat made up of a mountain of lies. They tried to cover up the horrible things they did, which is literally the foundation and direct link to the third wave lunacy. There has been further damage. They changed funding programs from welfare programs for men coming home from war to women who didn’t need it. They created the Duluth model; which pushed their insane agenda to make laws in order to ensure all domestic violence was made out to men’s fault. Feminism is quite literally Cancer and should be extinguished just like Nazism, Communism and Fascism.

    • I would upvote you if there was an option. However, I don’t think feminists are doing this intentionally; rather, I see feminism, infanticide, and other related behaviors as the effects of overcrowding. When rodents and primates are too cooped up or cramped together, they experience hormonal changes that result in aggression, anxiety, social dysfunction, etc. Humans simply have a unique way of expressing these behaviors.

      • No no, feminists intentionally caused majority of the problems. Not sure if links are allowed here. But just go to forest for women and look for ‘Sexual Liberation’s Roots in Scams, Torture and Censorship’. Feminism has to be banned. They are after our civilization. They will kill us all.

  30. Also, I DO acknowledge that most men’s issues are caused by men. But that is NOT an excuse to not help them. We help women that are suicidal- that’s caused by women. Female suicide rates have been declining. Breast cancer receives more funding than prostate and lung cancer combined despite more people getting prostate and lung cancer. Men don’t give women breast cancer. We help women even when the problem is caused by women. To just say men cause their problems who cares if they are killed or commit suicide is disgusting and cruel.

  31. The society consists of families. It is indeed a unit block of any healthy society and is not an atavism or a “social construct” as we are being told today. It’s obvious this society started falling apart from the beginning of the onslaught on the American family that was started in the 1960s with free love and feminism. You cannot deny that feminism brought about collapse of the American family. It’s quite obvious.

    There is also that fact that the same movement quite directly brought about rise of porn industry. It wouldn’t be where it is now without feminism and connected free love push. A strange bedfellows indeed.

    Feminism always was and is a movement of ugly or vindictive women who had too many bad boys due to their proclivity for bad relationships and going for dark types, who play their sick revenge on the society, being unable to get any admiration as women they deny that to other women as the only other option existing for them. Their constant denial of a need for admiration is all the evidence you need. They deny it too loudly. The second time has a distorted view of all men since they always went for the bad guy and then they equate all the men with that one type that gave them trouble. This is all it basically is, the whole 2nd and 3rd wave consists entirely of this two types of women who attached themselves to the original good idea of creating equal rights. And they sucked all the life out of it.

    The phrase “strong independent woman” is so utterly moronic and self-depreciating it’s not even funny anymore. As if you need some special epithets to indicate that woman can be strong and independent. You are basically sort of trying to point out that ALL other women are not that, and that a woman that is strong and independent is a strange animal, not really belonging with the species, every time you utter that nonsense.

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