The Uncomfortable Truth about Rape

The this article was written by Sydney Watson

Rape has always been an inevitable talking point of feminism. In fact, any time I have immersed myself in feminist perspective, much of what they believe seems to boil down to sexual assault, rape and violence against women.

The objectification and sexualisation of women is something widely discussed in the feminist world. These concepts, along with the “Patriarchy” are the primary issues at the core of the third-wave feminist movement.

But their main argument comes down to this: men are the sole perpetrators of violence and must be taught not to rape.

This model of thinking is not perfect. Terms such as “family violence” have become synonymous with “violence toward women”. Rape has become a female-only experienced problem.
This means that male victims of all ages and female abusers vanish from the issue. The victimization of men and boys flies, unheard, under the radar. Without men being given a voice when it comes to violence and rape against males, it presents a problem that is disproportionately in favour of female experience. The problem with a model centred on females is that the experiences of men in the same situation are dismissed.

The long-held feminist belief that women are oppressed and consistently exposed to violence speaks to a society that has entrenched women’s rights and overlooks its own inclination towards inequality.
Even when sexual abuse against men is highlighted, it is often qualified by claiming that men are raped by other men. This is not true.
This kind of response makes the problem circular. It continually insists that rape and sexual violence are a male problem. It is also victim-blaming, a term that feminists quite like to use.

So many perpetuated ideas towards sexual violence and rape overlook the male perspective. While there is a certainly a case to be made that men do engage in violence and rape, many of the existing feminist arguments that force this notion are not successful in explaining why some men are violent and the majority are not.

Feminism has tried to shake the gender-based, sex-based, hormone-based categorization of women that says they are suited towards and inexplicably tied to particular traits and responses. But, the irony of consistently labelling men – simply by virtue of being a man – as a rapist or having the propensity to rape is a most hypocritical perspective.

The uncomfortable truth is this: male victimization exists and it is severely underreported.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies Male Survivors of Sexual Assault and Rape addresses how statistics and theories about sexual assault fail to see men as victims. There are also issues with consistently stereotyping men as inherently violent and masculine. These stereotypes inform the way a man is sexually assaulted and how he is affected by that. For example, men are considered active participants in sexual activity. They also considered over-sexualized and always engaged in the idea of having sex.
In many ways, these stereotypes assume that men are able to protect themselves and they will not turn down an opportunity for intercourse.

Researchers have suggested that being a male victim can cause problems in how the police, justice system and society respond to their assault. The sexual assault of a man forces him to challenge conventional masculinity. The fact that society barely recognizes the rape of men means that male victims are marginalized and they are, by extension, disproportionately misrepresented in statistics.

The Invisible Boy, a Canadian report on male victimization, displays some very troubling facts about female abusers and male victims. Sexual abuse by females on “rapists, sex offenders and sexually aggressive men” is high in occurrences. However, depending on the study, between 59 to 80 per cent of male sex offenders were abused by a woman. The study admits that “male adolescent sex offenders abused by “females only” chose female victims almost exclusively”.

Further studies suggest that rapists and sex offenders are consistently classified by the same subtypes: power, anger and sadistic.
As rape by men is consistently disproved as an act of sex, but actually one of violence, there is little to support the notion that sexual violence can be inherently male.

An article written by feminist activist, Clementine Ford, said “[rape is] part of [the rapist’s] character… [they] believe they are entitled to use women’s bodies against their will, to dominate and hurt women for their own gratification.”

What is unfortunate are these claims are unsubstantiated and overlooks the fact that often, female abusers create rapists.
To write these things and publish them, with no basis in science, only adds to the leagues of misinformation on rape, men and women. Sorry, Clementine – your opinion doesn’t count!

In 93 per cent of cases, a man who was victimized by a woman, in turn, exclusively targeted women.

The last point in relation to rape comes right comes down to brain structure and learned behaviour.

Many feminist articles I have read argue that men are inherently violent and predisposed to rape. Well, science says otherwise.

Tel Aviv University in Israel conducted a series of tests on the brain structures of 1400 male and female brains. The results determined the following:

There is no purely “male” or “female” brain.

In most cases, there was up to a 53 per cent cross over between male and female structures in the brain. More simply, men and women shared the same characteristics.
Only between zero to eight per cent of the brains contained all ‘male’ or all ‘female’ structures.
The researchers went on to analyse datasets that evaluated stereotypical gender behaviours. They found that participant interests were just as varied as their brain structures. Only 0.1 per cent of subjects showed gender-specific stereotypical behaviour (such as video gaming, sports, reading, etc).

Daphna Joel, the behavioural neuroscientist who conducted the study, said “there is no one person that has all the male characteristics and another person that has all the female characteristics. Or if they exist they are really, really rare to find”.

Based on this evidence – that would have to mean that men could not possibly be automatically predisposed towards violence and rape, because if they were, women would be too.

The crucial fact is that women objectify men. Women also sexually assault, rape and victimize men. In many ways, society has said that men’s issues are not as important as women’s issues and basically thrown them aside.

The oppression of women that feminism seems to promote is appearing more and more to be a pathological problem, rather than a social one.

20 Comments on “The Uncomfortable Truth about Rape”

  1. Any sexual assault regardless of gender of the victim/perpetrator is a sickening crime. But blaming women for creating rapists is the most ridiculous piece of crap I have read for a long time. Your ideas on what feminist core issues are is way off the mark but I doubt you would listen to anything I say that might make you question your preconceived ideas and stop maligning feminist. Btw calling someone a feminist is a complement not an insult.

    • I’m not a police officer, so why dress like one. Want to be treated with respect, dress respectfully. And no it’s no excuse for rape. But we are all accountable for our own actions.

    • Actually, calling someone a feminist has quickly become the ultimate putdown these days, it’s amazing how fast it’s reversed, just as it meant something cool ten years ago, now it’s uncool. Why? Because it reveals someone who pretends to be just a loving gender equalist thinking for themselves, instead, as a blindly indoctrinated follower of feminist ideology. At that point, the person called out as a “feminist” can either scream “rapist!” or “racist!” while running the other way, or be forced to spend the rest of the debate arguing that they don’t really support sharia law, or FGM, or thousands of women being raped by muslim refugees in every major city in Europe on New Year’s Eve, or that they don’t really hate men and even male children, oh no not at all, they just don’t care about male suicide (silent feminist fist bump), rape victims, domestic abuse victims, male victims of rape, oh, and they really hate double standards (half the time, anyway) and oh yeah, men are to blame not for the majority of inventions in the world, including democracy and the enlightenment, but only for all the world’s problems, and worst of all, “The reason that evil (attractive, successful, masculine) men won’t have sex with me is because you’re all racist/rapist/fatist/ etc! Waaaaaah!!! He won’t call back, that means I was raped!!! Someone call the police!!! Waaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      So yeah. Being called a feminist is an insult. A very effective one. It generally means hypocritical hater who is either miserable, or on the path to the permanent self-made, well-earned misery only the most biased, narrow-minded, institutionally, “systemically” brainwashed bigot deserves. Good luck with that attitude. You can’t hurt men and boys without hurting yourself more, kinda an essential part of the species…

    • Yes, because male rape doesn’t hurt women. Like mothers, sisters, daughters. Oh no. Only female rape hurts…typical feminist, a man hater and blatant sexist. Feminism is a hate group, thanks for showing your true colors.

    • As a mother to a boy… If he was raped I’d be so fucking hurt I’d be in prison for life for murdering the bitch who raped him. You do know all men have female family… right? And some women can even have empathy for men without being related to them or knowing them at all.

  2. “Without men being given a voice when it comes to violence and rape against males, it presents a problem that is disproportionately in favour of female experience. The problem with a model centred on females is that the experiences of men in the same situation are dismissed.” Men have been socialized to not talk about these types of experiences primarily by other men, because men are not offered a safe space in which to discuss these things. Their experiences are dismissed as being “weak.” Imagine if you are a man and bring up your wife hitting you while out with your buddies at the bar. You would become the laughing stock of your friend circle. Which is shitty, unfair and sad and as an egalitarian feminist lady I want to change that. My male partner was raped as a child by another man, and it has taken him nearly twenty years to finally seek out professional help to process his experience. Why did he wait so long? Because rape is traumatic, BUT also he had internalized this stupid societal message that his rape as a mere child was his fault. He picked a female therapist by the way and is doing great!

    • If she’s a feminist therapist, he won’t do well in the end, get him out before it’s too late. I know someone who lost their chance at a PhD simply because he listened to his girlfriend feminist convincing him that all of his wonderful coworkers who just wanted to see him succeed were actually “instruments of the patriarchy”. Didn’t matter they were all female, gay or from another country, they were the enemy because feminists see everyone as the patriarchy. She ruined his life. Now he doesn’t even have a Masters. Always wondered why he acted so strange and adversarial, then I met his girlfriend and it was clear; she had his ear and filled it with chaos constantly. No amount of help could cure him as long as she was around. He’s seen through her now, but his life is already over. If a therapist says they are a feminist, they are already messed up themselves, already abandoning reason and they surely hate him for having a penis, and if he is white, it’s far worse, heaven forbid if he is successful, he’ll be the patriarchy incarnate! Would you go to a West Boro Baptist counselor if you were gay and expect an unbiased, caring therapy to come out of it? But the good thing is that with extremists who hate men, boys, civilization etc. at least you can diagnose their mental condition with asking, “do you consider yourself a feminist?” If yes, then clearly, she’s more messed up than he is. But she’ll do her best to bring him down, destroying a man is the ultimate goal of a feminist, not that it ever makes them happy, they’ll never be happy, until all men are ruined. I saw it happen. Don’t let it happen if you actually care about that person.

    • Actually the message to a man about being “weak” if they are victimized is one that is driven by female attitudes, not male ones. If a woman is around, men will behave as though this is the most absurd and weak thing possible but behind closed doors, you know those man areas that women have been suing for decades to get into, these things are shared. And I am a guy so when you start telling me you know more about how guys are you can remember that you’re wrong.

  3. So, a couple of angry feminists are angry in the comments.

    The first completely misrepresents what the article said, and the second seems incredulous toward the idea that anyone could ever care about the struggles of people other than oneself.

    And I just came from a feminist site where the contributors were completely baffled as to why feminists are developing such a bad reputation.

  4. Women these days feel the need to blame men for anything wrong. When morallity goes against them they fight against it, when science also challenges them they feel the need to say “we are entitled to our opinion”. I for one is all onboard about equality, and happy that michelle obama really fought for this, but these women should really check how michelle went about feminism and learn from it. Feminism is about equality but some womens thirst for power changing it to women being above men and other law boundries. As a result some men just started “Menism” to fight for their rights. This is leading to a generation of men vs women which im widely against.

    • Exactly. Meninism was literally a response to men being told to start their own group by feminists cuz they weren’t interested in making sure that men also had equal rights. And then feminist tried to turn around and call them a terroristic group. Feminism is no longer about the equality of women it is about the superiority of women. When feminist say they don’t care about men who are raped or men who have been forced into parenthood they are telling you point blank they don’t care about equality.

  5. If men got pregnant, then abortion would be illegal, because it would be called sexist oppression to disenfranchise a woman’s custodial rights over the fetus in the man’s body, and abortion would be called “more deaths from male domestic violence”. It would be called “murder” and associated with the problem of being male, and men would shrug their shoulders and say they feel guilty about all the abortions in the world, an obvious war on female fetuses (male fetuses wouldn’t be mentioned, because they were obviously going to be violent anyway) etc. Then the democrats in government would say that only male fetuses can be aborted, to control the rape culture and male violence etc. and that way they can improve the demographics so they can get more votes by promising to give more power over males to women etc. Actually, they’ll be doing that soon anyway. No need for a man, you can just go to a sperm bank or government male prostitute, all paid for by Obamacare.

  6. So the reason I was raped was because I wasn’t nice to my rapist?!!

    Do you have any idea of the pain and trauma that being hurt by another human being causes? Of course not. Your an able-bodied girl who does everything men tell you to do.

    I am young woman with a learning disability, my best friend has downs syndrome my other friend has Autism we are permanently vulnerable thanks to what we are born with. And yes there are men out there who enjoy exploiting that vulnerability.

    There used to be a time when hurting someone was considered wrong that’s clearly dead now.

    • No you read that wrong. She was discussing the phenomena of men who are abused, mostly as children and youths, by women growing up to be abusers. These men who had that kind of experience, which lasts for years at a time, become violently inclined to women, especially to women who remind them of the abuser in some way and will attack and rape those women to try to regain some of themselves. It’s not sane but no one ever claimed that an abuser, except feminists, was sane.

  7. Two days ago a feminist radical played a nasty trick on me. I really wanted to buy something she was advertising and she asked me to confirm that I would meet her in a parking lot between a coffee shop and a gas station near a busy intersection. I rushed to get there on time after missing the bus I wanted to use; she never showed. Apparently she was unsatisfied with how I worded my response. She emailed me later and stated her suspicions about me while twisting my words. She also said her boyfriend was a cop and told her not to meet me for her own safety. If she really believed I would try to hurt her in broad daylight in full view of dozens of people she’s not only wrong, she’s incredibly stupid. She denied me what I wanted to buy, wasted my bus fare and about two hours of my time.

    I was and still am livid. I posted about my experience on Kijiji (without naming names) and said that women in general lost points with me because of that, that I no longer wanted to do them any favors or even help an injured one laying in the street because they might assume I’m a violent criminal. Naturally I was silenced within the day. I was wary of women to begin with because of all this feminist crap, now my opinion of women in general has dropped several thousand feet. If any of those lunatics actually has me arrested on suspicion, I’ll sue her and the cop(s), teach ’em a lesson.

    Apologies to the few good women, I’m not blaming you. Make an effort to prove you’re worthy of respect and I’ll give you a fair shake.

  8. Brain structures of men and women have nothing to do with rape, the topic “rape and abuse on humans” is about culture and society, whatever structure your brain takes, and however alike your brain is to your opposite gender, is irrelevant to abuses on men or women, seeing as things we do is generally effected by the society and culture. Clementine said, “[rape is] part of [the rapist’s] character… [they] believe they are entitled to use women’s bodies against their will, to dominate and hurt women for their own gratification.” and when she said the word “believe”, she means “they were taught to believe by culture and society”, in case you are too brainless to notice that. Therefore your argument on the women brain and men brain is bullshit, just like your whole article.
    Also, do some research before you post all your prejudiced and pathetic talk over the place. Women abuse rates ARE higher than men abuse, and I’m not saying we should ignore the men abuse (for abuse to all genders are disgusting and intolerable) but maybe that is why people focus on cases of female abuse more????? However you talk like female abuse is nothing and we shouldn’t care about it and we should put all our attention into men abuse even if women all over the world are getting hurt by disgusting heartless scum, just like men, and in fact, more women being hurt than men. Shouldn’t you count the humankind as a whole and stop trying to enlarge the difference of the two genders and seek to protect the abuse of both genders if you are against feminists siding with females? Especially when you are claiming that female brains are not very different from male brains? It is surprising to see you being so determined to ignore the abuse on women, caring so much for the other gender being abused. Or is this just an excuse to showoff your intelligence and decency? Well, it worked the opposite way. And consider, with your tiny, probably as non existent brain, males are generally physically stronger than females, which is the main why the society gives more care and empathy to abused women. (The society should also care more for abuse on men, when men all over the world are in pain.) Also, women have been abused for centuries and centuries in history, especially in some countries like India and China. And in those cases, no males were abused by women, because the completely patriarchy society banned any woman to have more value than a servant or a slave. I bet that society is your heart’s desire, where men abusing women is supposed to be, where women are like treated like slaves. In case you haven’t noticed, the behavior in this society of men and women is not because their brain structures are different, because as you said, women and men’s brain structures are almost the same. But this is decided by the society and culture, which depressed women rights and encourages patriarchy. (This again, proves your argument on the brains bullshit.) That society of extreme patriarchy. You may see that that society is not great, where laws and the country itself is weak and immature, you can search up examples of these kind of countries, and I assure you that, except for female abuse, there will be a lot more problems in that society. You may see that countries nowadays where patriarchy is extreme does not develop well, their thoughts and culture are from the old days, which they did not update, along with their intelligence and humanity. In these countries, women were taught that, “Men are supposed to thirst for vaginas, so you have to protect yourself well (which is why for example, women in India are supposed to cover themselves with fabric so that the men don’t see them), and if you don’t, it’s your own fault that you got raped.” Well too bad, because when you are about to be abused by a piece of scum that is about two times physically stronger than you, and when the whole society is telling you that men are supposed to have sexual needs and you should have covered yourself better, you can’t just be like, “Oh, I don’t want to get raped, thank you” and walk away! In that society they teach girls to cover themselves up to not get raped, instead of teaching boys that they cannot use their physical advantages to use women’s bodies against their wills.
    A society is strong where people respect people, where prejudiced scumbags like you are dead.
    The title of this disgusting article is called “The Uncomfortable Truth About Rape”. But it seems like you are just taking this chance to victim-blame and defend rapists, and also make everyone vomit at your article. Uncomfortable truth? I bet it is surprisingly comfortable for YOU to say that rapists only rape because the woman deserved it.
    Blaming women for being raped is despicable and intolerable. Studies show, rapists choose the victims that appear to them as “weak and incapable of defending themselves”, and what you are saying is, all rapists rape women because they abused them before, and the men want to revenge. That. Is. The most PATHETIC shit I have EVER heard. I’m sorry, but Clementine IS fucking right, and you are using this your non-relevant statics to victim-blame and defend the rapists. Your article is what disgusting and heartless rapists use to defend and comfort themselves: “I raped that woman because she triggered me, which makes me rightful to rape her”, and “I abused her because she was dressing like a slut”. Also, you ignored the circumstances when a female that did not trigger the rapist and was not dressing in a “inappropriate” way (By the way, she is allowed to wear whatever the hell she wants to wear, without being abused and hurt brutally. Statics show, rapists selects the girls that they consider weak and defenseless as their victims, not the victims that trigger their sexual needs.) was raped. Yes, that other 7% of the cases. I wonder what loathsome bullshit you are going to come up with this time.
    All rapists are extremely selfish, cruel, brutal, heartless, worthless scum, they deserve no empathy. Abhorrent how you defend the rapists and make excuses for them commiting the unforgivable crime that they committed, while accusing the feminists for being ignorant and inconsiderate and prejudice when they are actually trying to protect the the people that got hurt.

  9. Ok, so I find this interesting. For the subject of rape, women and men’s brains are nearly identical. Yet for education, apparently they are sufficiently differentiated that women are unsuited for STEM? Why the logical contortions to prove a point if it is so obvious. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this blog is, other than to gain (financial)support from gullible men’s rights activists.

  10. As a girl/woman who came from China, I strongly suggest you to live in China. As most of men and women think the same thing as you. Girls got raped? Of course it is the girl fault. If the girl wear proper clothes/don’t drink alcohol/not a slut, how could she be raped, right?How to solve it? Just kill the girl to protect the honor, so easy.

    I still don’t know why the so many women in U.S. who allowed to have education still eager to support anti-feminism. If you really dislike feminism, India/China/Any Arabic countries are perfect choice to immigrate. Nobody could stop you from considering yourself as a slave/slut/disposable machine whose function is to give birth to child.

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