Misandrist Culture

I feel like I live in the world that is extremely sexist… against men. The country I live in has become extremely misandrist, and I am becoming increasing afraid that if I have a son he will grow up in a world that ignores his issues and attempts to make him feel guilty because he is a man.

  1. When a man enters the workforce they are 20 times more likely to die there. They more likely to be assaulted, and they are more likely to be killed. And after all those facts, people will try to guilt them into believing that I make a dollar for every 68-77 cents a women makes. The wage gape is a straight up lie.
  2. If a women has an unwanted baby she could abort it. If my son has a baby, he has no choice to not have to take care of it, unless he pays the girl for the rest of my life. The mother has options to avoid parenting but the father does not.
  3. Male suicide is a silent epidemic. Men are three and a half times more likely to commit suicide than women and white men commit 7 out of 10 suicides. All of this and we are told that men are so privileged, and that they have no problems. And it is so hilarious to drink male tears, those tears your drinking are of a man who killed himself.
  4. This an odd but important one. Mens pelvises are smaller and more pointed outward, meaning they have to spread their legs to be comfortable. When sitting with their legs together it pains their legs more than women. Men also have a very fragile organ placed between their legs which may get injured by squishing between the legs. This is why they “man-spread”. #Notesticlesnoopinion.
  5. If a man thinks a women is incorrect on any topic they am not allowed to correct her or they are “mansplaining”. Mansplaining is a term created by fascists who want to silence speech from opposing groups.
  6. When men get together to talk about male issues (suicide, workplace violence, sexism) in a place that wasn’t approved by feminists and wasn’t going to be monitored to be politically correct, they are protested and called every name in the book. The Warren Farrell protests just proved how misandrist our society is and how acceptable anti sexism against men has become.
  7. In college I fear he would be told not to rape, as if Ihe was a savage and rape was inevitable. I fear he will be called a “sexist” or a “rape apologist” when he talks about female-on-male rape, which is under researched but may happen almost as much as male-on-female rape according to the cdc. If he is ever raped by a women, he would be laughed at when he tries to speak out against it. And If she has a baby he will have to pay the rapist for the rest of his life.

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6 Comments on “Misandrist Culture”

  1. Alrighty honey. You need to get educated. Yes men are victims of sexism, however, it is a small number to what women experience. This means that we need all sexism to stop. For all genders. Feminists are any human that want to get equal rights for all. You need to understand this. So I suggest that you stop these messages. And stop tilting your heads when you take pictures.

  2. “Alrighty honey. You need to get educated.”? Why so condescending? She’s included her sources.

    It is not a small number. Female victims of murder is a small number compared to male. NO ONE is going to suggest they should be denied justice. And even women can have their lives ruined by sexism against men. If you’d like to know how, head on over to the Facebook group to read the many stories of women there.

    There are many feminists who genuinely believe in equality – but Feminism can never achieve gender equality or justice. That isn’t its goal. It’s stated goal is “improving outcomes for women and girls”. Calling a movement for gender equality “Feminism” would be like Martin Luther King calling the Civil RIghts Movement “Blackism”. That is what we mean when we say that Feminism is Sexism. Feminists, like all people, are human and deserve to live without gender bigotry.

    • I understand what you say when you tell me that murder has high numbers with men, however I was talking to the more social problem, sexism. I don’t mean to say that these things don’t happen to men, they do, but some people don’t understand that in the way that it really is.

      And I would like to add that the definition of feminism is women and men and the people of the non-identifying genders, fighting to get the same rights for all the genders. I agree the name could change, but this movement started with only women trying to get the same rights as men. Now the times have changed and feminism has expanded what they are fighting. Because the way the world has changed with its wars and bad choices, it could do with some more equality and peace.

      • Peter, as far as the definition of feminism implying fighting for both genders as you state, the truth is, it really doesn’t. This belief exists and reflects an effective PR campaign that the general public has consumed hook, line and sinker. As far as the feminist leaders and policy makers go, feminism is strictly about women’s issues and does not have any interest in addressing men’s issues at this time. In fact, there is a concerted effort to silence or ridicule any discussion regarding men’s rights, issues or disadvantages that exist within our legal system. And there are many examples of young 3rd wave feminists all over the world encouraged by feminist organizations to actively protest and shut down any meetings that speak about important men and boys issues. The 2016
        documentary, The Red Pill, has received tremendous amount of backlash from feminists. There are feminist groups that have willfully manufactured lies and misinformation about the film and its content, and effectively circulated this by its army of believers through social media as well as feminist-controlled mainstream media. And the vilification of its female director for going “off script” by feminists is a clear indication that independent women voices are not allowed or supported. Female empowerment or gender equality isn’t their endgame. Keeping women in a constant agitated state is, and this strategy is supported and has been publicly stated by Gloria Steinem, and was the original strategy by the suffragettes. Based on my personal experience in meeting and speaking with some of the major leaders of feminism today, I can say with certainty that feminism really is only a movement that supports its own agenda and political ideology. There is no room for any unsanctioned discussion by women or men, including important and dire conversations about men and boys that are absolutely needed today. Men’s voices and experiences simply are not welcomed at the table of gender discussion by feminists. They want to control the narrative. It’s that simple. For me, feminism is a manipulation of facts, scientific evidence and public goodwill. The more people wake up to this reality, the sooner we can move towards a society that supports both genders equally. We’d all be a lot happier instead of divided.

    • The views expressed in this message are really very concerning whilst raising one very important issue, which actually I think is well known but needs to be addressed.

      1. Honestly this argument doesn’t make any sense and is rambling. There is no connection between assault in the workplace and pay.

      2. (Hopefully) Both a man and a woman have sex in full knowledge that if they don’t use protection, they may have a baby. It must be a woman’s choice as to whether they have that baby as, although you claim the man has to pay for a child for the rest of their life, the fact is that a man can and often does just walk away. This risk is why the choice should only ever be that of the mother who had to carry the child.

      3. Male suicide is a genuine issue and needs to be addressed. The reasons for this are complex and have nothing to do with feminism.

      4. This point, whilst possibly anatomically correct, is ridiculous. Both men and women have a right to sit with their legs apart. It’s comfortable, testicles or not. Your hashtag essentially nullifies even your right to comment on this group and is nonsensical. Have you even thought about what that means? I assume not.

      5. Mansplaining, not a great term, does not prevent a man from disagreeing with a feminist point of view. It may be attached to misogynist views that don’t deserve consideration and do not represent the views of most men. The dominance of men throughout history and the dominance of men in writing history has placed women in a position that they have had to fight for their rights to be considered as being equal. Obviously for some men, women pointing this out causes them concern. However, if your son studies history and understands the world we live in now. You need not worry. He’ll be fine.

      6. As stated. Male suicide is a genuine issue. There is, however, no analysis that would suggest feminism could possibly be a cause of this. I suspect that the protest you speak of had nothing to do with this issue and much more to do with the misogynistic tone of the talks. Feminism, however, is much more than a protest against men. It is a movement to recognise a statement of fact that there should be no difference in the power and voice held between the sexes.

      7. Nobody should need to be told not to rape. This point is utterly and completely incomprehensible. Whether I have a girl or a boy I would teach them to know that rape is utterly and completely reprehensible and wrong. However, the evidence shows that a girl is far more likely to be raped than a male (acknowledging that it does happen the other way around) and I would be more worried about my daughter than my son in this regard. If you’re saying differently you’re ignoring all evidence and as I suspect is the case from your expressed views above, there is no hope for you and I pity your sons and daughters.

  3. I am just confused.
    1. The gender pay gap is a MASSIVE issue! My Aunty gets paid around £5,000 less than a man that does exactly the same job as her! Just because he has a penis!

    2. The guy can just walk away, claim it’s not his child. They don’t have to look after the child or carry it for nine months! And if they are married, well, when you get married, that’s something you have to work through together and decide if you want children together.

    3. It is true that guys are more likely to commit suicide, but generally speaking, woman are more disadvantaged than men.

    4. What? Is this even a valid argument? Oh, what a struggle! They have to spread their legs. Well, guess what? Woman have to bleed out of their vaginas once a month!!!

    5. If he does it patronisingly then, yes, it’s bad. But most people don’t care if a guy explains something to them.

    6. I don’t even understand this one. I’ve never even heard of it and I’ve done a ton of research on this kind of stuff.

    7. It is wrong to assume that men always rape. However, it’s nonsense that women rape men as much as men rape women.

    In conclusion, I feel like the author of this and every person on this website is either misinformed (because there are only one or two feminists who are extremists) or have been brainwashed to think that men are better than women or women have so many more rights than men and so many more advantages. That is a lie. I’m sorry but it’s true!

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