Misandrist Culture

I feel like I live in the world that is extremely sexist… against men. The country I live in has become extremely misandrist, and I am becoming increasing afraid that if I have a son he will grow up in a world that ignores his issues and attempts to make him feel guilty because he is a man.

  1. When a man enters the workforce they are 20 times more likely to die there. They more likely to be assaulted, and they are more likely to be killed. And after all those facts, people will try to guilt them into believing that I make a dollar for every 68-77 cents a women makes. The wage gape is a straight up lie.
  2. If a women has an unwanted baby she could abort it. If my son has a baby, he has no choice to not have to take care of it, unless he pays the girl for the rest of my life. The mother has options to avoid parenting but the father does not.
  3. Male suicide is a silent epidemic. Men are three and a half times more likely to commit suicide than women and white men commit 7 out of 10 suicides. All of this and we are told that men are so privileged, and that they have no problems. And it is so hilarious to drink male tears, those tears your drinking are of a man who killed himself.
  4. This an odd but important one. Mens pelvises are smaller and more pointed outward, meaning they have to spread their legs to be comfortable. When sitting with their legs together it pains their legs more than women. Men also have a very fragile organ placed between their legs which may get injured by squishing between the legs. This is why they “man-spread”. #Notesticlesnoopinion.
  5. If a man thinks a women is incorrect on any topic they am not allowed to correct her or they are “mansplaining”. Mansplaining is a term created by fascists who want to silence speech from opposing groups.
  6. When men get together to talk about male issues (suicide, workplace violence, sexism) in a place that wasn’t approved by feminists and wasn’t going to be monitored to be politically correct, they are protested and called every name in the book. The Warren Farrell protests just proved how misandrist our society is and how acceptable anti sexism against men has become.
  7. In college I fear he would be told not to rape, as if Ihe was a savage and rape was inevitable. I fear he will be called a “sexist” or a “rape apologist” when he talks about female-on-male rape, which is under researched but may happen almost as much as male-on-female rape according to the cdc. If he is ever raped by a women, he would be laughed at when he tries to speak out against it. And If she has a baby he will have to pay the rapist for the rest of his life.

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  1. Alrighty honey. You need to get educated. Yes men are victims of sexism, however, it is a small number to what women experience. This means that we need all sexism to stop. For all genders. Feminists are any human that want to get equal rights for all. You need to understand this. So I suggest that you stop these messages. And stop tilting your heads when you take pictures.

    • U have equal rights and more how about you educate yourself do u know if u have kids with a man and get a divorce the kids automatically go to the Women and it is up to the Male to prove why she is unfit to parent them even though it turns out Women are proven to be more abusive then Males Also u disregarded everything else like what is wrong with feminist if they are going to protest against and men speaking about there issues men are presered to not show are emotional problems I couldn’t even cry in public about my grandfather’s death my dad and uncle felt like they also couldn’t cry in public to

    • Yeah i want to see sources on your claim, also 1 in 3 women in the usa identify them selfs as feminist so not all women need feminism and if you read on this site you can see why. Also by your definition of equality for all you are also an MRA and an egalitarian so why must she be a feminist then. Also who are you to suggest her to keep her mouth shut and stop tilting her head in pictures who do you think you are?

      Really you have somekind of complex or something also your reply to Chani again shows us you dont think she is capable of making her own thoughts and you say it with this “but some people don’t understand that in the way that it really is” so what you do understand what that really is what a joke you are, go to your safe space and stay in your bubble.

      Look up the definition of egalitarian when you get of your high horse. Saying what lable people should define themselfs with, making statements that these 2 ladies cant think for them selfs with out somekind of help. Really your not even fit to educate yourself let alone someone else. I hate people who think they can dictate how other people should feel and think. It is repulsive and disgusting, these women are not childrean they are grown adults but just because they say things you dont like doenst mean these lady’s cant think for them selfs really wtf is wrong with you?

      Are you a facisist because to me, it sure sounds like it.

      • Tipical, someone does not share the same views as you, you call them scum, stupid and fascists, even though they have facts and data that has been proven and u dont listen because you dont feel like being rational, also if you think they really cant think for themselves look at your message, and look at all of her articles, this is why a lot of people hate people like you(feminists).
        Before you start thinking you are right take a look at the pther argument, dont start calling them fascists even though you may be the one. Men dont have the option to not be parents because they are already assumed to have been the one to make women have sex with him, this is utterly unacceptable, think before you talk.

    • I suggest you learn how to think for yourself. Calling yourself the authority on gender equality while also calling yourself a ‘feminist’, is by definition, belonging to a group that perpetuates lies, bias and hatred of men and boys, and is therefore hypocritical, bigoted and will only end in you having a very lonely life, without a single male in it who will go near you, and we all know you don’t like female company either, because you’re a feminist. Good luck with that attitude, moron.

    • Many men have been raped but don’t tell for the fear that they would be laughed at. Anyway if they did they have a huge disadvantage because many people believe that a erection is consent. When it’s only a physical response. Also they state that a men could always push the women off without any trouble. They usually lose in court.

    • Nope. Let’s face it, many feminists right now are biased against men and if you say that’s a small number let’s count how many feminists are popping up in the world right now. Get off your delusional couch and into reality. Any form of hatred is toxic.

      This is a clear example of someone being attacked for expressing a different view than the one of “feminists”

    • Wait you’re first statement almost sounded like you were trying to imply that because women have “more” problems than men then men’s problems that she has outlined are unimportant and can wait until it is a more balanced form of inequality. Besides man she never said anything about women’s problems not being legit she just pointed out that the wages gap doesn’t exist and if you want to know why check out shoeonheads videos on YouTube, so give her a chance to show you the facts and next time actually read the sources she cited. Now I see you’re a man or maybe a Trans women who is a man either way I don’t understand why you gave such a bitchy comment about how she tilts her head I mean what the Fuck you’re a man I least I think, men don’t go around making bitchy comments about people’s looks or how they took a picture, fucking grow a pair and quit the sappy beta-male bull crap, OK. Just quit talking down to her like she’s the fucking mutt begging for food by you picnic table you filthy rat who portrays himself as a feminist yet treats women like shit you’re no man I even find it hard to call you a fellow brother of the human race.

      • You can’t invalidate women’s problems and then say your supporting men AND claim to believe in equality. Disagreeing with topics focused on in feminism is different than hating on feminism. Just because the root of the word is fem does not mean it is only for females. What benefit would feminists get out of hating men? Men are 50% of the population – with 100% of the population we can’t reach equality, and feminists know this.
        Also, feminists often subject men to questions to ask whether or not they go through the same experiences as women. The majority of the time the answer is no. This doesn’t mean men are so lucky and unthankful. Feminists just want to bring awareness to the issues they are trying to conquer, and men often feel unwelcome talking or voicing their opinions about feminism. Feminists don’t hate men, they just wish they tried to participate more. And men feel reluctant to join, so it seems like a man hating group cause there are no men there.

        • That is your problem. You only look at the issues women have but for a movement that claims to be for gender equality between the two genders, you sure are fast to ignore the issues men deal with. You ask them about issues women mainly face but never ask about the issues men face. What about insane alimony payments husbands have to pay? What about the insane child support payments? What about their longer prison sentences when compared to women’s? And yes, I understand why they are reluctant to join because it is all about women’s issues and never anything about men’s issues. Please tell me what right men have that I, as a woman, do not have. Tell me what privilege men have that women do not. Because I can tell you the privileges women have: alimony that should not be paid (why should an ex get any money from their ex), the insane child support payments (I have seen women spend all of their money on cars and clothes for themselves and then demand more. Courts need to demand receipts that show all the money paid for child support is used on the child), having to not sign the Selective Service so they can vote (that is sexist and I think it needs to stop) to just name a few. So do not think that women are the only ones that have issues that need to be addressed. When you truly address men’s issues, like the ones I pointed out to you, then men and women will stop saying feminism in its current state is misandrist. Oh, and stop with the myths of a wage gap and that there is a pink tax. That has been debunked by many economists over the years.

    • “And stop tilting your heads when you take pictures.” is a sentence fragment. So, I would suggest you “get educated”. Also, If you are only talking about the writer of this article, she has a single “head” not multiple “heads”. It is simple human anatomy.

    • I have to disagree. I am a mom with a young son and I worry about his future. Affirmative action laws help women, not men. In addition, I will advise him to have his girlfriend sign a contract before any relationship, for fear of a woman maliciously accusing him of things untrue.

    • Here’s the thing though. Everyone experiences sexism, everyone experiences racism. That’s just a fact of life, and Feminism SHOULD be for eliminating sexism for all sexes. Except they aren’t. Have you ever seen a feminism rally or protest for ANY of the problems mentioned in the article. That’s because Feminism mainly focuses on women’s problems. Anyone who believes that feminism is equality of both sexes doesn’t realize that that is not what modern-day feminism is about. If you believe in equal rights, you’re not a feminist. And you saying “stop these messages” is part of the problem. You are silencing serious problems, What you did here was not getting all sexism to stop, you’re furthering it.

      • First and second wave feminism were the only waves we needed. To help get the right to vote and help push for equal pay. After that, we did not need it anymore.

    • Interesting, whilst you make a valid point that all sexism should stop for all genders, you are missing the fundamental yet silent point of feminism. Whilst they are shouting from the roof tops using the word equality, they are focused entirely on the benefits for women of equality. As for your point about feminists being any human that wants equal rights for all, may I just copy and paste a section regarding men being feminists from the website everydayfeminism:
      “It’s not a man’s place to label themselves as a feminist since at its core, feminism is for gaining equality for women…. In feminist spaces, it’s best for men to take the backseat and actively listen to women’s concerns while thinking of productive ways to challenge their own privilege while lending support to the movement…. Regardless of what you choose to call yourself, though, what really matters is how you act…. don’t worry too much about the label and just do the work.”
      (Ref: https://everydayfeminism.com/2015/05/can-men-be-feminists/)

      Therefore I beg to differ.

      • Wait, wait… So Vi Phoenix, what you’re saying is we, men, have to listen to yoir issues and help fix said issues, and yet we have to solve our own issues by ourselves whilst being silenced by feminists or face their death threats? So, what, our issues don’t matter at all? I thought equal rights meant working together as human beings to solve equality issues within society. I’m baffled by your blindness, stupidity, and arrogance. I know that there are real feminists out there that undoubtedly care for equal rights, but people like you dismiss anything that does not benefit women. There are reasons why there are women against feminism. Either they decided to think outside the box and looked up legitimate sources outside of those provided, even fabricated, by feminists… Or they had the unfortunate event of seeing their loving male relatives be discriminated against just because they were male and FAILED to be heard or supported, such as false rape claims and paternity fraud. Do you know what happens to those innocent men? They often get f***ed over by the law system that blatantly demonizes and ruthlessely penalizes men, regardless of their innocence.

        You’re not a feminist. Feminists are for equality. You’re a fascist. A sheep. You fail to see outside of your little box because you’ve been brainwashed by third wave feminism. It’s so out of date, it’d be like me opening up a WWII book and saying “holy shit! There’s this guy called Hitler killing millions of people in Europe, why is no one stopping him?”

        • I totally agree with you, but um, the url has womenagainstfeminism in it.
          Everything she writes just proves why we need feminism – women believe we shouldn’t have the right to vote.

    • Why do you assume sexism men experience is a small number of what women experience? I think it is not! Women complain about issues that a man would be straight out laughed at for. Just because we don’t have a culture where men can moan about abuse does not mean it doesn’t happen. *very* frequently. In fact almost all the time, that’s what a misandrist culture is.

    • What a patronising “mansplaining” dismissal Peter. Shouldn’t you have “checked your privilege”?

      Yes, women do have particular issues, some of which feminists address, some which they ignore or cover up (eg the Cologne gang rapes) due to these “intersectional” excuses.

      But what part of what she said is wrong? And why do you and other feminists either ignore it, or actively seek to either maintain it or make it worse?

      Don’t believe me? Psychology, vetenary science, and even law and med schools now have a large majority of women studying and graduating. Women are now more than 60% of university enrolments and graduations. And yet you still complain women have “discrimination in education”! Really? You ignore (or even celebrate) the above gender imbalances but when it comes to “STEM fields” (disclaimer – I’m one of those terrible “mysoginists”) it’s something we need to desperately address. Why? Why is it ok for up to 70% of doctors being women, but it’s not ok for 72% of chemical engineers to be men? Explain it, I’ve a hard time seeing the logic. Oh the “pay gap”. Funny how a broad average is used to say that a woman is paid “77c” for ever dollar a man earns “for doing the same job”. Total nonsense. Or are you suggesting that a child care worker and a brain surgeon should be paid the same?

      And this is without actual legal discrimination, which exists.

      No men are not “oppressed” by “women” overall. But the feminist movement has achieved pretty much all of the reasonable points it can do. How can you justify affirmative action for women in university when they’re a clear majority of students?

    • Lord, you are dense. Men are being attacked and manhood is a threat to feminists. Maybe take a look at the sources and get out of your echo chamber. Women have it better off, and this is coming from a woman.

      • Western society is increasingly women biased. All kinds of laws to promote women and old laws that benefit women remain so while laws or practices that are deemed to benefit men are changed in many cases to give more benefits to women. It’s only in the West, the rest of the world has better and bigger issues than the misleading gender pay gap for example. Strangely the fact that girls far outnumber boys in universities are never discussed as a problem but the fact that boys are more into STEM is a big issue and there is a push to ensure girls are equally represented in STEM. Firms and companies are encouraged to hire more girls in STEM jobs meaning discrimination against boys.

        Western Society will pay for it for ignoring boys. You are already seeing it disenfranchised boys turning more and more into crimes and anti social behaviour. The MGTOW movement. Family unit being dismantled. Everybody is for himself or herself. Trouble ahead for the West while the Asian culture is more pragmatic and still put the Family Unit as the backbone of society. The future is Asian.

    • This person provided several liegitimate links to support his claims. Seems like you’re the one who needs educating.

    • How is feminism rights for all? Do you understand what the meaning of the word feminism means? Its female-centric “equality” that has evolved into female superiority. Equal rights for all is called humanism. Anyone who spews what you do are either ignorant or a liar. Either way, sweetheart, I think it is you who needs to be educated 🙁

    • Alright, listen here “honey,” I think you should get educated yourself before you go around condescending people. Also, why call yourself a feminist? To be a feminist means you support women’s rights, that doesn’t necessarily mean equality for women AND men. If equality is really what you want, then just call yourself an equalitist. In this day and age women have many advantages over men and you need to understand that.

    • No, dumbass. Despite what your little dictionary tells you, feminism is about women, or else it wouldn’t be named after women. And don’t be calling people you don’t know “honey” like you’re their damn mother, because it makes you sound like a condescending brat. Sweetheart.

    • feminism isn’t helping it’s just giving some women an open opportunity to be vile and hateful towards men.

    • Under feminism, women are poised to have more power, opportunity, and leverage than men. That is wrong. In today’s world, if a man and a women were applying for a job with equal experience, is it sexist to hire the male? Because that is what feminism supports.

  2. “Alrighty honey. You need to get educated.”? Why so condescending? She’s included her sources.

    It is not a small number. Female victims of murder is a small number compared to male. NO ONE is going to suggest they should be denied justice. And even women can have their lives ruined by sexism against men. If you’d like to know how, head on over to the Facebook group to read the many stories of women there.

    There are many feminists who genuinely believe in equality – but Feminism can never achieve gender equality or justice. That isn’t its goal. It’s stated goal is “improving outcomes for women and girls”. Calling a movement for gender equality “Feminism” would be like Martin Luther King calling the Civil RIghts Movement “Blackism”. That is what we mean when we say that Feminism is Sexism. Feminists, like all people, are human and deserve to live without gender bigotry.

    • I understand what you say when you tell me that murder has high numbers with men, however I was talking to the more social problem, sexism. I don’t mean to say that these things don’t happen to men, they do, but some people don’t understand that in the way that it really is.

      And I would like to add that the definition of feminism is women and men and the people of the non-identifying genders, fighting to get the same rights for all the genders. I agree the name could change, but this movement started with only women trying to get the same rights as men. Now the times have changed and feminism has expanded what they are fighting. Because the way the world has changed with its wars and bad choices, it could do with some more equality and peace.

      • Peter, as far as the definition of feminism implying fighting for both genders as you state, the truth is, it really doesn’t. This belief exists and reflects an effective PR campaign that the general public has consumed hook, line and sinker. As far as the feminist leaders and policy makers go, feminism is strictly about women’s issues and does not have any interest in addressing men’s issues at this time. In fact, there is a concerted effort to silence or ridicule any discussion regarding men’s rights, issues or disadvantages that exist within our legal system. And there are many examples of young 3rd wave feminists all over the world encouraged by feminist organizations to actively protest and shut down any meetings that speak about important men and boys issues. The 2016
        documentary, The Red Pill, has received tremendous amount of backlash from feminists. There are feminist groups that have willfully manufactured lies and misinformation about the film and its content, and effectively circulated this by its army of believers through social media as well as feminist-controlled mainstream media. And the vilification of its female director for going “off script” by feminists is a clear indication that independent women voices are not allowed or supported. Female empowerment or gender equality isn’t their endgame. Keeping women in a constant agitated state is, and this strategy is supported and has been publicly stated by Gloria Steinem, and was the original strategy by the suffragettes. Based on my personal experience in meeting and speaking with some of the major leaders of feminism today, I can say with certainty that feminism really is only a movement that supports its own agenda and political ideology. There is no room for any unsanctioned discussion by women or men, including important and dire conversations about men and boys that are absolutely needed today. Men’s voices and experiences simply are not welcomed at the table of gender discussion by feminists. They want to control the narrative. It’s that simple. For me, feminism is a manipulation of facts, scientific evidence and public goodwill. The more people wake up to this reality, the sooner we can move towards a society that supports both genders equally. We’d all be a lot happier instead of divided.

    • The views expressed in this message are really very concerning whilst raising one very important issue, which actually I think is well known but needs to be addressed.

      1. Honestly this argument doesn’t make any sense and is rambling. There is no connection between assault in the workplace and pay.

      2. (Hopefully) Both a man and a woman have sex in full knowledge that if they don’t use protection, they may have a baby. It must be a woman’s choice as to whether they have that baby as, although you claim the man has to pay for a child for the rest of their life, the fact is that a man can and often does just walk away. This risk is why the choice should only ever be that of the mother who had to carry the child.

      3. Male suicide is a genuine issue and needs to be addressed. The reasons for this are complex and have nothing to do with feminism.

      4. This point, whilst possibly anatomically correct, is ridiculous. Both men and women have a right to sit with their legs apart. It’s comfortable, testicles or not. Your hashtag essentially nullifies even your right to comment on this group and is nonsensical. Have you even thought about what that means? I assume not.

      5. Mansplaining, not a great term, does not prevent a man from disagreeing with a feminist point of view. It may be attached to misogynist views that don’t deserve consideration and do not represent the views of most men. The dominance of men throughout history and the dominance of men in writing history has placed women in a position that they have had to fight for their rights to be considered as being equal. Obviously for some men, women pointing this out causes them concern. However, if your son studies history and understands the world we live in now. You need not worry. He’ll be fine.

      6. As stated. Male suicide is a genuine issue. There is, however, no analysis that would suggest feminism could possibly be a cause of this. I suspect that the protest you speak of had nothing to do with this issue and much more to do with the misogynistic tone of the talks. Feminism, however, is much more than a protest against men. It is a movement to recognise a statement of fact that there should be no difference in the power and voice held between the sexes.

      7. Nobody should need to be told not to rape. This point is utterly and completely incomprehensible. Whether I have a girl or a boy I would teach them to know that rape is utterly and completely reprehensible and wrong. However, the evidence shows that a girl is far more likely to be raped than a male (acknowledging that it does happen the other way around) and I would be more worried about my daughter than my son in this regard. If you’re saying differently you’re ignoring all evidence and as I suspect is the case from your expressed views above, there is no hope for you and I pity your sons and daughters.

      • I will go over this and tell u what I agree and disagree with

        1.ur right about the first one here how about this the reason men statistically get payed more is because they statistically take less time off usually take on more dangerous jobs and are less likely to call in sick even if they are sick.

        2.I see what you mean but what about men who get raped and if the rapist gets pregnant the guy has to pay child support.

        3. True but it probably has to do with men who lives has been falsely accused of rape and lost there jobs friends and contact with family because of just the stigma or because they been abused by male and or female or has been hurt by. both emotionally.

        4.I agree with this and have no. comments

        5.You are right but people usually tries to make you feel guilty for disagreeing with them also not all men feel conserned about Women voiceing themselves like u said that is history people are different now

        6. Look back at number 3 because you just said the same thing well basically the same thing

        7.you are right about this one

        I want to add this not sure if u are a feminist or not but u are more informed then most people usually are so listen to this

        Why is there so much disagreement with feminist I know there are disagreements with groups but it is usually toward the same goal he is a disagreement some of feminist say there for “equality” some literally say men shouldn’t have rights and should be uthenized look it up all penetrative sex is rape blog.

      • Everything you wrote was the opposite of the truth, not really worth reading, and badly worded, to be frank. You must be working hard at brainwashing yourself with some feminist indoctrination ‘literature’, you can’t possibly hold that house of cards together without constant strenuous effort. Pretending that feminism has nothing to do with misandry? Hi. We call this planet Earth. Where are you from?

        • Yes it does!
          Feminism is THE cause of Misandry.
          Feminism is also THE cause of Misogyny

          True got into power thank you to feminism and the backlash it caused. Feminism was very kind to Trump. Rich white men are behind feminism and its purpose is to divide and conquer

  3. I am just confused.
    1. The gender pay gap is a MASSIVE issue! My Aunty gets paid around £5,000 less than a man that does exactly the same job as her! Just because he has a penis!

    2. The guy can just walk away, claim it’s not his child. They don’t have to look after the child or carry it for nine months! And if they are married, well, when you get married, that’s something you have to work through together and decide if you want children together.

    3. It is true that guys are more likely to commit suicide, but generally speaking, woman are more disadvantaged than men.

    4. What? Is this even a valid argument? Oh, what a struggle! They have to spread their legs. Well, guess what? Woman have to bleed out of their vaginas once a month!!!

    5. If he does it patronisingly then, yes, it’s bad. But most people don’t care if a guy explains something to them.

    6. I don’t even understand this one. I’ve never even heard of it and I’ve done a ton of research on this kind of stuff.

    7. It is wrong to assume that men always rape. However, it’s nonsense that women rape men as much as men rape women.

    In conclusion, I feel like the author of this and every person on this website is either misinformed (because there are only one or two feminists who are extremists) or have been brainwashed to think that men are better than women or women have so many more rights than men and so many more advantages. That is a lie. I’m sorry but it’s true!

    • Does she work the same hours as her coworker? There are many variables to the wage gap. Since mandatory paternity tests are not enforced there is no proof of this. Thanks for providing examples of how ‘women are generally more disadvantaged’. The very fact of higher male suicide rates disproves this. Have you ever heard of the concept of manspreading? Have you ever heard of the concept of mansplaining? There are videos of feminist disrupting ‘men’s rights’ meetings. Given that female on male rape is vastly underreported we can’t say for sure what the ratio is.

    • 1. The pay gap, ON AVERAGE exists, but when direct comparisons are made, it disappears. Did your aunt have kids ever, and thus impacting her actual overall working hours? Is she as willing to work overtime at the guy in question. When comparing identically available and trained employees, the pay gap mostly disappears. Men are willing to do more dangerous work (even in technically the same job description), willing to work longer hours, willing to relocate, and either haven’t and/or aren’t a risk of taking time away for pregnancy. These impact the results. As well, with under 30 year olds in urban environments in the US, women on average make more.

      2. Guys do just walk away and sometimes it works. However, that is often illegal, and if pursued, the man can be brought to court or have his wages garnished. Nevertheless, you don’t actually address what was said: the mother has rights of parenting refusal unavailable to the man. That isn’t to say she doesn’t have hard decisions, but she does have some rights he does not.

      3. How callous. People with severe autism have it worse than people who get breast cancer. That doesn’t mean breast cancer is not deserving of being addressed or deserving of compassionate interest. With your line of thinking, women’s issues could be completely ignored since homeless, schizophrenic black men have it worse than the average woman.

      4. Yes that’s a problem, and for analogous reasons. There is an accusatory and shaming conversation in our culture over something as trivial as men having their knees further apart to accommodate narrower hips, and that is attacked as a purposeful aggressive action. Would you be happy if men were saying “How dare women travel on public transportation when they are menstruating! They just do it to be mean to men!” That is the conversation happening around how men sit.

      5. If one does it patronizingly, sure, but it is often used as an infantilizing and shaming tactic to silence ANY disagreement.

      6. You may not be aware of it, but it’s a common practice. When men want to begin a conversation of addressing men’s issues, unless it is done under the umbrella of feminist acceptance, it will be denounced and/or disrupted. Pretty much every time.

      7. The data shows the numbers of victims are fairly close (when one looks past how the results are often couched as penetrating=rape and forced to penetrate /= rape). Often the number quoted for women is 1 in 4, and for men it’s 1 in 6. There have been studies that a larger percentage of women report having forced, coerced, or got a partner intoxicated to sexually assault them than men report. Neither you nor I have obviously looked into the methodology of these statistics obviously, but they are from reputable studies.

      I think you will find men have a hard time even having these issues addressed, and have for many years, since, like you, they immediately get swept under the rug by saying the speaker is saying women have it better. That is not always the case. If I were to even concede that in every meaningful arena women “have it worse” (I don’t, I think in some women have things worse in others men do), but even if I were to do so, that doesn’t mean that men’s concerns should be so casually swept under the rug. For instance, if breast cancer is 20 times as likely for a woman as prostate cancer is for a man, talking about prostate cancer in no way means anyone is thinking prostate cancer, or all cases of it, are more important than breast cancer. What you are doing is a common tactic so things like female abuse of boys, male suicide, or genital mutilation of boys gets erased from any meaningful agenda and the focus turned again to women’s issues. I personally don’t think there are any “winners” in choosing to see the gender of abuse victims as important to the conversation of helping victims.

    • Haha! Hundreds of economists have debunked the wage gap for years now. The gap is based on averages of what men and women work, in all spheres of employment

  4. The comments on this artical are really sad especially from the men here. It would seem the “manginas” are a real thing after all. I appreciate the writers concerns because i feel the same way. Women against feminism shows there are true women left who can think for them selfs without the need of feminism. And the peter guy is a prick, honey you need to get educated, what he is saying is honey this is how you should think. And one would be wise to keep those people more then an arms length away. But i see that Jina can think perfectly for her self and is entiteld to her own oppion which i stand by aswell.

    To Jina i fear the exact same thing if i will get a son. And it is by expressing those fears that people start seeing them like you did Jina. Awereness is where it all starts and the red pill movie shows exactly that. And gues who wanted to be banned for sexism and what not. It where the feminist who “stand for equal rights between men and women” but wont even let a single documentary what touches on allot of these issues you and i share be shown because you guesed it sexism.
    I watched it and it was a great documentary made by a ex feminist no less must watch for everybody!

    Also to “Peter” sources for your claims please, she has cited hers and you must do the same to counter them your feelings are not enough i want to see sources on your claims.

  5. 1. There is no gap in pay when both sexes work the same hours and the same years and commitment. There is some slight percentage extra females make when they work the same hours as men, an obvious bias created by feminism and the desire to ‘feel good’ about paying your female workers more because you feel sorry for their sex thanks to nonstop propaganda, but you don’t see men freaking out about it, do you?

    2. the guy cannot walk away without paying child support, like my father did. My mother made all the decisions, because she had a vagina. do you think that genitals should decide who gets to make family decisions. actually, you probably do, you’re a feminazi.

    3. women are not “generally more disadvantaged than men,” though you’ve spent billions trying to make that case, it’s still factually disproven at every attempt you make. women aren’t disadvantaged more than men, which is why they don’t attempt suicide as often, they don’t suffer as much – duh. but congratulations! after the feminist movement, women are reporting they are less happy than they’ve been in generations! so get them away from mothering, into the stressful workforce, you’ve liberalized the economy so both parents have to work overtime, and they have to hire slave labor from another country to watch their kid, keep it up and you might get women to commit suicide as often as men, gosh, you are so loving and fair-minded!

    4. if you don’t know that being a feminist means complaining about men spreading their legs nonstop then I guess you suck at being a feminist. or are you just playing dumb and changing the subject quickly to something unrelated because you know you just lost this argument point blank, because everyone knows why men spread their legs to get comfortable? why did you bring it up if you didn’t think it was worth the headlines you feminists gave it? dishonest much?

    5. how about we call it womansplaining when you patronise men from now on? Would that be okay with you, since it’s not really sexist, it’s just for describing a patronising member of the opposite sex, right?

    6. everyone knows that any men’s right’s groups are protested by feminists and unwelcome anywhere, especially in universities where diversity of thought and representation of ALL groups is needed most. of course, only a man-hater would protest men having equal rights. why bother lying about it? This is what you believe, just say it, don’t be such a coward.

    7. it is nonsense to assume that men rape more without any reliable data to back it up. you claim you believe men and women are equal but then you say it’s nonsense to think that women might want to rape men. they just use rape drugs, weapons and poke holes in condoms and so on, knowing all the while that people like you will never suspect them. your argument is basically that women never have sexual desires combined with a lust for power over another human being, which is what rape is really about. and of course, you know about all the school teachers raping boys, and the boys are mocked. when was the last time a girl was raped by a male teacher and told she was “lucky”? check your bias. it’s showing.

    in conclusion, you’ve proven what is wrong with the feminist mindset. it is just a state of mind where one tribalizes one sex against the other, when they should be trying to bring them together. you exhibit the reactionary mindset, reacting to loneliness, inadequacy, or just a desire to fit in and believe what all your privileged friends believe, your ‘tribe’ and it is just another type of racism, against literally half the species of human beings you pretend to care about. You claim to be against sexism and bigotry – I’m sorry, but it’s you!

    • Women actually attempt suicide more often than men. Th figure used in this article is very misleading- men are more likely to successfully commit suicide, but they attempt it considerably less often than women.

      • How is that misleading? FACT: There are 3.5 times more victims of suicide who are men. So, men attempt suicide less frequently but are unsuccessful in their attempts less often? So, they’re just better at killing themselves, but women suffer more because they TRY to kill themselves more often? OH MY GOD… could you play that victim role a little more sympathetically. Everything is so much more difficult for women, you need to give us special treatment because PATRIARCHY and PENIS! Your comment is a perfect example why men do not take feminists (and most women) seriously. #Feminismishate

        • All I was saying was that that statistic is incorrect and misleading in the context the author used it in. I simply stated a FACT. I was polite (unlike you). I never said I’m a feminist, all I was doing was correcting a misunderstanding. I didn’t include any opinions of my own. You’re just being a jerk.

  6. that last comment is a prime example of misandrist culture , they speak as if from a base of knowledge that they have learned themselves but in reality all they do is parrot the puppet masters and allow themselves to be the vessel of destruction of the decent and good-hearted family unit and all self respect ,
    If the truth meant anything to the misandrists of toda, they wouldn’t be trying so desperate to conceal it, which is fraudulent too ,
    Grow up frauds !
    Cast off your self inflicted mental chains and be nice to a man or boy for once in your pathetic little privaledged life

    • The point is not to disclude people which is what is starting to happen now. Like men for example, some men are money hungry as are women. Some men abuse women but women also abuse men. These are individuals. So what’s happening is that Feminism itself is being used by groups to promote and project their agendas and painful wounds. There are strong reactions to this because there are a lot of wounded people gravitating to feminism who haven’t yet been able to stop reacting in anger. This is actually ok because it shows that you are trying to heal but what’s wrong is pointing fingers at others, attacking, and shaming whole groups just because you experienced an isolated incident. It is like assuming everyone is that way but they aren’t. If you’ve been abused by a man that doesn’t mean you should become a feminist, that means you should get yourself healthy and find a therapist. Did you know politicians can actually use riots for their own gain? People are becoming increasingly unaware of what the main focus is… and there seems to be an effort to open up the movement to other groups but then there are those that are attacking others. Then the lesbians tried to take over feminism and guess what that’s really NOT who it is only for. “We should all be feminists” NO. Why has this become so much about LGBTQ and minorities? The feminist movement was originally about women’s suffrage and that made sense because at the time women were actually made to stay at home and look after the children. That’s not to say they aren’t strong and are incapable. Women used to run their own households with a full staff and that is basically like running your own business. Not only white women either. I think people have really lost the plot here and it needs to get back to its original form and have a really strong central mission without all the garbage and preaching and hatred and in your face aggression. That’s really toxic. You can’t just wake up one day and decide to riot, or join a movement because it looks like fun. These types of things need strong minds with strong leaders. Training is needed, if you are weak on the inside the whole thing will fall apart. I’m saying “mindfulness”, leadership, and community skills would be the ideal.

      Looking at something from such a narrow lens means you can’t see what’s really happeneing. So women have issues and feminism exists and is now widely accepted. But now at the same token it causes problems. The other issue is that men are taught that crying in public is not ok. Back to the point of the article it’s not widely accepted for men to have emotions. But they do feel things deeply, they simply communicate differently. There are decent men out there who are sensitive and can be abused by women. I digress because I’m sure this will all be taken out of context.

      PS, Completely off topic and please correct me if I’m wrong: I’d also like to add that white people in the north of the US don’t go around using the word nigger. People of color from Africa and The Carribeans (Jamaica etc) don’t talk this way and are extremely loving people. The difference is the blacks in the US are talking about themselves using these words: nigger, bitch, etc. So ok how are all white people bad then. Did you know that the Irish were enslaved by the English and told not to use their native tongue in their homeland and then forced to leave? This isn’t a war about who has worse pain, it’s about the fact that everyone has bad experiences and white/black thinking needs to end we can all live our lives peacefully in our own way. We are no better or different than each other. It is the individual who makes something out of their own life even in bad circumstances. It is infuriating to hear the word white when mostly The English were the ones who went to Africa and The Carribean and used them as slaves. The English tormented other “whites” as well. Let’s think for ourselves and stop assuming. It’s just easier to blame someone else for your misfortune.

      People need to figure out how to heal and the world can become a slightly better place.

  7. While it is true that men successfully complete suicide more frequently than women, women are considerably more likely to attempt suicide. Women are more likely to attempt suicide by overdosing and men are more likely to use more violent measures such as guns or to hang themselves. When someone attempts suicide through overdosing, it takes longer and someone is more likely to find and save them before it is too late.

  8. I would respond to this article specifically but I’m tired.

    It’s just so very frustrating to see that this opinion of feminists as “disgusting man haters who cannot articulate a single thought and are far inferior and who hate everybody” is so widespread. This image of the raging, spitting feminist is annoying, especially when you consider feminist and race intellectuals like Angela Y. Davis, Judith Butler, and Toni Morisson. Have you read any of their books or considered any of their stances? Have you read any feminist work or anti-racism work before forming your opinions on feminism?

  9. Hello, I consider myself a feminist because I believe women are of equal with worth to men. As a Christian, I believe God gave us gifts to use. While one woman might feel being a medical professional is her calling, another might feel called to be a stay at home mom. That is fine. I can’t remember all your points but here are the two that stuck out to me. Also, please forgive the mistakes. I am typing this on my Kindle.

    4. This involves manners. If there aren’t many people competing for space, spread out as far as you want. If the area is crowded shut your legs.

    As to your last point, one of the most basic things we teach our children is simply, “Don’t be a jerk.” With my own children one of the ways I tried to accomplish this was by telling them stories that taught morals such as honesty, empathy, courage etc. Did I think telling my kids not to bully others or to standup for the bullied meant I saw them as bullies? Of course not. You never have to tell your children ,” Don’t rape.” You do want to discuss issues like consent with them, not just to convince them to respect others but so they can withstand pressure from others to do things they might not want to do.

    Sorry, to cover your issues out of order but I just remembered your point about abortion. I have sympathy for a man that might feel helpless in the face of the fact that the choice to continue the pregnancy is up to the woman but the problem isn’t feminisn, it is biology. Today thankfully, women expect to live through childbirth but it is still the woman who bears the physical cost of pregnancy. Even in the best pregnancy there can be nausea, edema, sleep problems etc. Not to mention the pain of labor. Until scientist invent artificial wombs, I don’t see how the decision to carry the baby to term isn’t solely the woman’s.

  10. Why don’t these mra group’s have abuse shelters for men or help men who where raped? Or hey help men with eating disorders it is on the rise in men.

    • Because there is no funding available for such shelters and in the few north American cities that have attempted to set them up feminist groups protest so vigilantly against them that the projects are abandoned. In Calgary AB Canada there was such a shelter to help men that were victims of both domestic and sexual abuse that ran for approximately 5 years. It was the only one Canada and most likely the only one in North America. However it was privately funded and had to shut down due to a lack of financing. The organizer could no longer afford to keep the facility running and neither the federal, provincial, and city governments were willing to assist (again) due to heavy protests from feminists groups and other woman’s shelter organizations. Their reasons were that 1) such a facility was not needed (even though it was consistently full) and 2) it would reduce the funding needed to deal with “real issues of sexual assault and domestic violence”.

  11. You cant do anything but laugh at such ignorant, archaic and naive opinions as seen in this article, there are plenty mens issues which you could have illuminated, for example, praternity fraud uniquely affects mens, united states affected service in the case of a draft uniquely affects me, work place deaths dis proportionally men, war deaths and suicide overwhelmingly affect men, sentencing disparity, life expectancy, child custody, child support, false rape allegations, criminal court bias, misandry, homelessness, veteran issues, infant male genital mutilation, lack of resources for male victims of domestic violence, but you decided to talk about the pain men feel when they close their legs. clearly you knowledge on mens issues is limited. Both men and women face very different issues and in order to begin to expel them we need to become more understanding rather than promote mysogyny as a reaction to misandry and vice-verca.

  12. Could any of the feminists or those defending feminism at least answer why feminists protest and disrupt events focused on male issues or at least state that it is not OK ? It is wrong if it is done at events speaking on women’s issues so why is ok or at least disregarded and ignored when it happens at men’s events?

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