You may be a feminist, but I don’t want you to be one for me.

This was written by Kaylyn Atchison you can follw her here: Kaylyn Atchison

I’d rather appreciate everything that has come within the past 100 years than try to fight for more.

In response to an article I recently read “You Are Not A Feminist, But I Am For You”.Feminism, the word currently very popular around the globe. This is what I have to say about it in response to this article I read. I’m not a feminist and I truly don’t want to be. I don’t want you to be one for me either. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the word Feminism it means the advocacy of woman’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes. Being a feminist isn’t going to stop or help sexual assault, arranged marrigaes, stay at home dads, violence, the victims in Nepal, single mothers, and young woman find a good husband. Feminism doesn’t even mean the same as to what this writer is saying.

Our lives have improved tremendously since 1920 when we got the right to vote. In 1960 oral contraceptives were approved. Although this approval did not make oral contraceptives available to every woman until 1972. Women had to have a prescription to get Plan B. Woman could get fired for getting pregnant, in which cannot happen anymore. Sexual harassment wasn’t even defined until 1980 and woman couldn’t file for it until then. Do you understand how much those women probably had to go through? At least we can file for it now even if the man doesn’t get much time. Marital rape wasn’t even recognized by the courts until 1993. There was discrimination against women in the workplace by what they looked like. Legal abortions didn’t even exist until Roe v. Wade in 1973. The first women was a member of congress in 1917. In 2016 we had a woman run for president and yet this still isn’t enough.

You can be independent without being a feminist whereas most people believe that you cannot, that is not the truth. Your title of “feminist” does nothing, but make people look at you differently. Humanism and feminism are not the same things today. Although you want to say you fight for both men and women when discussing feminism you’re mostly fighting for women. I believe there is a pay gap and I will acknowledge that, but if you work your butt off and truly try hard enough you can make more than a man. I believe women can make more than their husband. As much as I also believe that men make more than women most of the time. But, if you put in the work and the time and energy you can become a CEO of a corporation, a member of Congress, and possibly President of the United States. In the end, we’re all human, we’re all working to accomplish things whether it be goals or just money. We must acknowledge how far we have come in the past 100 years rather than taking that all for granted and act like we’ve gotten no where.

You may be a feminist, but I don’t want you to be one for me.

This was written by Kaylyn Atchison you can follw her here: Kaylyn Atchison

Kaylyn Atchison

8 Comments on “You may be a feminist, but I don’t want you to be one for me.”

  1. Equality=Yes Feminism=NO!
    Feminism= Fascism

    The Feminists don’t take into account how men all through history, starting with the stone age, have given their very lives for us women. They fought for their survival. They’ve always let women and children go first into safety before themselves, into the lifeboat, transports etc etc. How is it going to be when the men are gone? Who will sacrifice their seat on that lifeboat for us women?
    So, men are to simply stop opening the door for us, pulling out the chair for us, etc, etc etc. Hm, how tragically boring.
    The hardline feminists who are at the top of this “food-chain” will only end up controlling the women themselves however they see put. They will be the women’s masters. Women will eventually fight among themselves. They will fight for money, power, fame, fortune, career opportunities. We girls know that when women do this, it can get pretty nasty in our own way.
    The feminist party FISIS in Sweden naturally want more women in the military, thats fine, but how about if the feminists go They should show a good example. Send them to the front and brunt of battle to get blown up to pieces, maimed and injured. The hardline men-like feminists act like men because they want to be men. Ok, fine. Go and pick a fight with a man and see what it’s like in the men’s world. It isn’t pretty once the fists fly and bullets whizz by. No, there is no mercy. They will equally die like a dog for no good reason. Infact, the military in Sweden should be only women. Send them to foreign battlefields. They will be fighting and dying for them men and children at home. Switching places. Go right ahead.
    Would a Feminist world domination end all your dreams. The wars and strife of all sorts will simply continue, because that is what humans are capable of doing. Wo-men and men are the same. The main difference is that we have a vagina and they have a penis. If those butch feminists want to act and dress like men, then have the balls to go get sexual reasignment and get yourself a penis. At least the trannys do. They have the balls to do it. Feminist butches don’t…obviously.
    I happen to not be gay. I support LGBTQ, but I do not want to live in a world where I will only have women to choose from to have intimate relations with.
    Nobody likes fascists. The feminists are taking on the whole planet. Money system, military. Politics at the top and far more. They have no clue what they are getting into. If we could crush Hitler, then we sure can crush Feminism for their hidden ideology and program is EXACTLY the same.
    We need to fight this, girls. It is an evil that must be suppressed by ALL means necessary.
    There are laws of nature that cannot be shaken because of the future consequences of sustaining life. Feminists obviously haven’t put that into an equation. It’s called consequences.
    I think a swell idea is (when things get really out of hand) to allocate a land mass for the feminists to relocate to and live in where they can do as they please with themselves. All feminists can immigrate there.

  2. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I find the perspective in this piece to be extremely naive. Who exactly do you think it was that pushed for equal rights, reproductive rights, health care, etc. for women? It definitely was not people who said that they didn’t believe future progress should be made.

    It is also absurd to say that you “believe” in the gender pay gap. That is not something that one can either believe or not believe in. That is a FACT supported by data. Of course, a woman can earn more than a man if she tries hard enough and works long enough hours, but that is 100$ not the point. The point is she should not have to bust her ass off just to make equal or more pay than a man just because her gender affords her a lower pay and fewer powerful positions.

    I politely think you should revisit feminist writers and activists and reconsider your perspective, because if you support all of the progress made for women in the past decade, you sound a lot like a feminist.

    • @amber – This is one of the few intelligent posts that I have read on this site. All these writers want what feminists have fought and earned for them (including the right to live anyhow they choose: stay at home or work, which feminists support) but no, they couldn’t POSSIBLY be feminists. lol

      • Because modern feminists are scum. Modern feminists are an insult to their predecessors. Modern feminists have degenerated into the pathetic subhumans who end a sentence with “lol” like the joke they are. If someone doesn’t identify as a feminist, then they are NOT a feminist. I’m sure you couldn’t POSSIBLY be a dumb brainwashed troll. lol

      • At least you can spell “intelligent” correctly though. If you didn’t make me laugh, you’d make me sick.

  3. About the word feminism. Like how gay used to mean happy the dictionary needs to be updated to include the pro women movement usage. It doesn’t mean equality anymore because that’s not a reflection of common use.

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