How you can support us and help us grow.

We want to reach as many women as possible. There are several ways to support us and help us to grow as a group and reach as many people as possible.

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Finding Women Against Feminism on Youtube

These are a few Youtube women who have made anti feminist videos!

Finding us on Facebook

If you are an anti-feminist woman and you want to discuss things related to gender and feminism with like-minded women or you want to help us with this site in an movement in any way join our Women Against Feminism Group on Facebook.


If you just want to show your support for Women Against Feminism via Facebook like and follow this Women Against Feminism Page where photos of women saying why they are against feminism are regularly shared.

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Finding Women Against Feminism on Twitter

Women Against Feminism on Twitter can be found here!

These are some well known Women Against Feminism that you should check out!

More of these women coming soon, feel free to mail us suggestions for this list!

Cassie Jaye


Cassie Jaye was born at the Fort Sill United States Army post in Oklahoma, but spent most of her childhood in Brier, Washington. When Jaye was 8 years old she began acting in the Taproot Theatre Company in Seattle. When she was 15 years old she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she took film acting classes before deciding to move to Los Angeles when she turned 18. Between 2004-2008 she acted in numerous independent films and commercials in L.A., but during the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike, Jaye decided to go behind the camera to direct and produce documentaries. In February 2008, she founded Jaye Bird Productions and directed her first feature documentary “Daddy I Do”.

Although she graduated from high school with a 4.3 GPA with college credits, so decided to not attend college and moved to Los Angeles by herself at 18 years old to pursue acting. Her latest documentary The Red Pill (2016) has caused controversy before it has been released, supposedly due to the manner in which it deals with the controversial men’s movement. She received no backing or support from any of her normal sources, and resorted to a Kickstarter campaign online to raise funds.

Check out her film: The Red Pill Movie


Cathy Young


Cathy Young (born Yekaterina Yung, Russian: Екатерина Юнг, born February 10, 1963) is a Russian-born American journalist. Young is known for her writing on the topics of rape and feminism. Young is the author of two books, a frequent contributor to the libertarian monthly Reason, and a regular columnist for Newsday, RealClearPolitics, Time, and Allthink.

In her second book, Ceasefire!: Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality, published in 1999, Young criticized both feminism and traditionalism from what she described as a “pro-equality point of view”, a philosophy which she says may be called “feminism or something else”.

Young has defended the social media campaign Women Against Feminism.[6]

Describing the Gamergate controversy in relation to feminism, Young has stated that she believes that Gamergate is a backlash against feminism, but “it’s a backlash against a particular kind of feminism, one that has a tendency to look obsessively for offences, read ideology into everything, and demonize male sexuality under the pretext of stamping out ‘the objectification of women’.”


Erin Pizzey

Erin Pizzey Inside Women's Refuge

Erin Patria Margaret Pizzey (born 19 February 1939) is an English family care activist and a novelist. She became internationally famous for having started the first domestic violence shelter in the modern world. Haven House is often cited as the first women’s refuge (called women’s shelters in Canada and the U.S.), but at the time of their founding they only worked to help the mentally ill transition from committed life in a hospital to life in the outside world. By contrast the refuge started by Erin Pizzey was focused on removing victims of domestic abuse from their abusers, in an attempt to break the cycle. Chiswick Women’s Aid, in 1971, the organisation known today as Refuge.

Pizzey has been the subject of death threats and boycotts because of her research into the claim that most domestic violence is reciprocal, and that women are equally capable of violence as men. Pizzey has said that the threats were from militant feminists.


Karen Straughan

23Karen Straughan a.k.a girlwriteswhat is a 45 year old divorced mother of three who’s been writing on gender issues and pissing off feminists since 2010.

From An interview posted in The culture of Offensive Website:

Karen Straughan is famous for being a controversial gender politics Vlogger and Men’s Rights Advocate. Because of the nature of the stances she takes, many people are keen to dismiss her without even considering her arguments long enough to refute them. Because so much of her work induces both feminist and mainstream outrage, it’s often unnoticed that Karen is also an incredibly interesting gender theorist and historian.

This fact is partly what seperates Karen from many other gender activists, be they be feminist or anti-feminist. If Gender Studies departments were open to diverse and provocative views across the ideological spectrum, Karen would perhaps be a celebrity academic on par with Slavoj Zizek. Like Zizek, Karen is one of the more fascinating intellectuals of the 2010s. She is fascinating, in part, because you can gain incredible insights from both agreeing and disagreeing with her. But unlike officially institutionalised intellectuals, Karen does not come from academia. She does not work from an ivory tower. She’s a working waitress who does Vlogs from her kitchen. In this way, Karen’s Vlogs are to conventional academia what punk was to stadium rock. Love her or loath her, she says what many academics are afraid to say. 

Check her out at these places:
Blog Owning Your Shit
YouTube Channel girlwriteswhat
Facebook Page girlwriteswhat
Twitter girlwriteswhat


Janet Bloomfield (Judgy Bitch)

maxresdefaultAndrea Hardie (known by her online pseudonym Janet Bloomfield) is a Canadian anti-feminist blogger, Men’s Rights Activist and the social media director at A Voice for Men. She is a stay at home mother to three children and says the having a son motivated her to the fight for men’s equality to women.

She runs a blog started in October 2012 by the name of JudgyBitch with her close friend “Princess Pixie Pointless” and was one of the most active people on the Twitter hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism at which point her account was suspended for offending feminists.

She is well known in the anti-feminist world for her contributions to A Voice for Men and her more radical thoughts like that women should give up their right to vote. She has a great youtube channel and is active on both twitter and facebook.

Check her out at these places:
Blog Judgy Bitch
YouTube Channel Judgy Bitch
Facebook Page Janet Bloomfield
Twitter Judgy Bitch


Diana Davison


Diana Davison is a Canadian artist, writer, and cartoonist with a background in the film industry. As a Canadian she has a good vantage point in the North for observing the insanity created by the Feminist lobby. With vast experience in being female she has decided to use her talents at having a vagina to speak out against her fellow Woxan.

Check her out at these places:
Blog Unrigging the Game
YouTube Feminism LOL
Facebook Page Diana Davison
Twitter Diana Davison


Sh0e On Head (June)

shoeonheadisbestgirl_86aa9b08a536e71e7438aef4c57f9b68June Nicole is a YouTuber who goes by Shoe0nHead. She’s known for being popular, attractive, humorous and well-liked. She has a very active YouTube channel with lots of brillant anti-feminist videos so you should definitely subscribe if you havent already.

Shoe has a special button labelled “MUH WAGE GAP!” which debunks the wage gap myth. She presses it every time a feminist brings up the wage gap so she doesn’t have to keep repeating herself. It’s actually sad that she has to keep using it, since its consistent use shows that feminists don’t understand that their argument is based on a lie and is therefore invalid. It plays the following message when pushed:

“The Wage Gap is simply the average earnings of men and women working full time. It does not count for different job positions, hours worked or different jobs. It has nothing to do with the same job. It has nothing to do with discrimination.”

Check her out at these places:
YouTube Internalized Misogyny
Instagram Shoe 0n Head
Twitter Shoe 0n Head


Lauren Southern

lauren_southern_thumb_retouched_1200x800Lauren Cherie Southern (born June 15, 1995) is a Canadian libertarian and conservative activist, political commentator and writer for The Rebel Media, a Canadian online media company. Southern ran as a candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada in the 2015 Canadian federal election.

Southern was born in Surrey, British Columbia and is currently a resident of Toronto. She studied political science at the University of the Fraser Valley. In June 2015, Southern’s Rebel TV cameraman was shoved at the SlutWalk in Vancouver and Southern’s protest sign “There Is No Rape Culture In The West” was torn up while reporting on the event.

In March 2016 a protester in Vancouver poured a container of urine over Southern’s head while she was speaking with other protesters at rally in Vancouver.The incident resulted from statements Southern made about there being “only two genders”. Southern’s Facebook account was blocked after she criticized Facebook policies in 2016. In October 2016, Southern had her gender legally changed to male as part of a video produced for Rebel Media to show the ease of the new gender ID laws.

Check her out at these places:
Talk with Lauren on Reddit
YouTube Lauren Southern
Facebook Page Lauren Southern
Twitter Lauren Southern
Camille Paglia

camill2Camille Anna Paglia (born April 2, 1947) is an American academic and social critic. Paglia has been a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, since 1984. Paglia is known for her critical views of many aspects of modern culture.

She is the author of Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson (1990), two collections of essays, Sex, Art, and American Culture (1992) and Vamps and Tramps (1994), an analysis of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, and Break, Blow, Burn (2005) on poetry. Her most recent book is Glittering Images (2012), a history of the visual arts. She is a critic of American feminism and of post-structuralism as well as a commentator on multiple aspects of American culture such as its visual art, music, and film history. In 2005, Paglia was ranked No. 20 on a Prospect/Foreign Policy poll of the world’s top 100 public intellectuals.



14 Comments on “How you can support us and help us grow.”

  1. I dont care who does what, but I support WAF to-date.

    As long as the WAF initiative doesn’t get reduced to profeminism on one hand, or to a retrograde Phyllis Schlafly stay-at-home moms cabal on the other, I’ll support it all the way. Nothing wrong with stay-at-home moms, I applaud that, but its only one choice among thousands.

    From what I can see, the thing that makes WAF a novel campaign is the emphasis on humans (humanism) rather than genders, along with its emphasis on egalitarianism.

    Anyways, it’s a women’s movement so I’ll stop there. Happy to support both WAF groups if you keep up the great work.

    PS. FWIW, I think its valid for the earlier group to take creadit for being founders, inauguraters, creators of the WAF initiative. Perhaps “Official” can be better termed “official founders” – that way it doesnt mean the ‘one and only’ group. And I would assume thats what the official founders probably meant by official – and that they have a distinct charter or vision.


    • Hi peter I’ve been literally torn to pieces by a minipulating women,they have tried to kill me with a frequency and in Hollywood off poinsettia there is apt designed to hurt so called men who have been lied on or need to be setup! I have bruises on my body been kicked out of 5apts and over million dollars in assets stolen pls help they’ve ruined my name and it’s sickening what some women will do for money!

  2. I think it is a good initiative but I wish that this did not cause trouble within the group. We can’t afford trouble like that. The thing about a website that is good is that it will allow better discussion. Photos are pretty and get the message across but this topic is deep and we need a platform for women to share their full thoughts in the form of articles, photos videos and more. So thanks for creating the site and good luck with it.

    • I wish we could work together as well. Unfortunately, at this point in time,it appears as though we can’t but I sincerely hope that can be rectified in the future.

      • American gender-feminists are going to keep pushing more and more perversions and manufactured statistics Alliances into our justice system ( and state and local police forces are going to keep illegally taking these DOJ bloating dollars to pervert the course of justice against hetero-males)…until American males are forced to go MGTOW….just to keep their basic civil rights. This ” forced re-gendering” by the DOJ, will not help women in the long run!!

  3. Why don’t you collaborate with the admin on the facebook page? it seems pretty petty that you two are not supporting each other.

    • We’ve attempted to work with them but unfortunately, they’re completely against working with anyone who limits their capacity to control the conversation.

  4. Not to try and generalize, but if this is something like ‘we are pro MRA and the other page is not’ why not identify yourselves as FeMRA against feminism?

    • Hi Jason, we’re not ‘Pro MRA’. We’re not against the MRA either. This isn’t about placing a stake in the ground and demanding that anyone who wants to participate has to agree with our point of view. This is about giving women who are against feminism a place to share their views – whatever they are.

      We’re not about trying to control the conversation or convince anyone of a particular ideology, we’re about giving people a chance to share their beliefs with the world.

  5. What exactly are your beliefs and opinions about the role of women in society?
    Are these tenants different from those of the other group? You spend a lot of text stating your defense of free speech and expression. If you defend free speech what is your position on hate speech? What is hate speech? Who defines what hate speech actually is? Is speech and expression derogatory to one group part of free speech and expression? What about speech that tramples someone else’s religion, someone else’s political positions? What about speech that is intended to “put somebody in their place”? What about speech that is intended to cause harm or destruction of property? Who decides if this speech is actually harmful? If they decide that it is, then is it their right to ban such speech? Is that censorship? Years ago the Supreme Court tried to define pornography verses art. They couldn’t do it. All they could say was, “well I know it when I see it”. Sounds arbitrary to me.

  6. Feminism has destroyed our society. Their movement has destroyed the family unit. Marriage has declined rapidly and Women are choosing to become mothers before settling & marrying a man. They would rather be single moms than focus on finding a husband & giving there child 2 parents. I’m old school I fully believe in the family unit Mother, father and child. Its nature. Feminism goes against nature feminists teach women they are 100% equal to men. I agree we are equal in the sense of Worth but we are different & have different places in life. Our bodies are different. Feminism is destroying ladies. Women don’t even act like women anymore! So many women act like men, dress like men, talk like men, spitting, swearing. No wonder why marriage is falling! Men are attracted to womens feminine nature the same way women are attracted to a mans masculine nature. It is NATURE. Men act like men & women act like women its Nature don’t fight it!!

    • Could not agree more. I have recently (since becoming a wife and stay-at-home-mother to my boy) opened my eyes and thrown off any feminist brainwashing I once had. Feminists absolutely go against Nature. It is appalling to watch what was once considered honourable and good become something that we cannot even discuss without being shunned. Nature rules us, she always will. Fighting her will only bring tears and blood. Even in an ad for tampons they say things like “Power over periods” while basically shaming any woman for wanting to rest during this time. The ad gives the message we should all be out para-gliding during our menstruation – a time when Mother Nature is clearly saying “Take a damn break!”. So glad I am not alone, and that I have found this site.

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