In my life, (and I am not in the minority), I have experienced a lot of uncomfortable, inappropriate and abusive behavior from other girls and women, and I have met and spoken with many men who’ve experienced similar mistreatment from girls and women over the course of my 40 year life. This relentless, one sided focus on boys and men abusing girls and women is insanely sexist in nature. It is akin to spreading memes and articles that all focus on white people’s experiences being the victim of black criminals. Drawing attention to a problem is significantly different from focusing all of one’s negative blaming on one demographic of people.

Sexual abuse and rape, harassment and domestic violence are not gendered.

In case you missed that… I’ll say it again. Sexual abuse, rape, harassment and domestic violence are NOT gendered. Feminists routinely believe these things are gendered and tell the world that they are, but they clearly are not. If you opened your mind and spoke to the people around you about abuse by women and girls (sexual abuse, verbal abuse, harassment, pedophilia, violence) you’d quickly see that women are just as at fault as men, or at the very least, make up a solid 30-40% of the perpetrators of these crimes, but for some reason (possibly relentless, anti-male propaganda put out by feminist sources?) no one can acknowledge or focus on the abuse done by women and girls

If you look at the news, you’ll see countless stories of women violently attacking other people, murdering people, hiring men to murder others, murdering their babies, raping preteen boys and girls, committing domestic violence against their male and female spouses.

This article is not meant to villainize women. It is meant to draw much needed attention to the fact that crime isn’t gendered. Black people do not commit all violent crime and drug related crime. Men do not commit all sexual crime and domestic abuse. Feminism cannot continue to be allowed to create and promote a narrative in which men are put forth as the sole perpetrators of crimes against women. It isn’t right, it isn’t fair and its incredibly bigoted to do so.

If you are reading this, I would challenge you to speak out when you see memes and articles blaming one gender, one race or one ethnic group unilaterally for a negative action or behavior. Together we can stop this unfair characterization of men and boys by feminist writers and activists. Please help us in our cause.