Frilly aprons beat burkhas!

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Historians in the UK have noted a recent trend (difficult to confirm) of women reassessing the feminist fulfillment narrative, and deciding that cozy domesticity is actually rather lovely. The Daily Mail reported the story, tagging in at the end the inevitable ‘men are lazy, lying assholes and women do all the work anyways’ addendum, which is of course thoroughly unsurprising.

A study carried out by market research firm ComRes recently suggested that women do twice as many roles around the home as men.

However, it was suggested that the divide in labour was probably even greater as men tended to over exaggerate their contribution to household chores.

The DM doesn’t reference any source for this claim, but I suspect it’s a study I obliterated in a previous post, which you can read here. The tl;dr is that housework studies tend to deliberately exclude all the traditional housework done by men. Picking up toys indoors counts as work, picking up toys outdoors (like bikes and skateboards) doesn’t. Guess which activity men are more likely to do? In actual fact, women do one extra hour of work than men in any given week when both paid and unpaid labor is accounted for, but feminists never let anything as trivial as facts in the way of their victimhood culture.


Yvonne Roberts has a nice whine over the housewife trend in the Guardian, sniffing that only rich bitches get to choose the luxury of staying home and they don’t even do the work, anyways, the lying whores.

Arguably, many of today’s domestic queens initially have left their careers involuntarily because of the intransigence of the workplace. Once they are signed up to pilates and sushi courses, all enjoyed outside the four walls of home, with the help of an underpaid au pair and female cleaner, then they can’t sing the praises of family life highly enough.

Ooh, somebody sounds jealous! No doubt, there are lots of rich housewives outsourcing domestic labor and leading lives of luxury (Hi Sophie Trudeau!), but there are just as many rich wives raising their own children without the assistance of paid help (Hello Melania Trump!). The rich are not the place to look. These new housewives aren’t pampered rich women. I suspect they’re actually overwhelmingly poor. They’re newcomers to the UK. They’re Muslims.