30 Truths of My Anti- Feminism

Latest Supporter Submission:

  1. The moment men say it is in order for their women to be fornicating sluts they will become lower than sluts.
  2. Men are lower than sluts if they dare not criticise them.
  3. We know who is in power by those whom we dare not criticise.
  4. Even the US President dares not criticise sluts and he is supposed to be the world’s most powerful man.
  5. The current US President dares not criticise sluts because he knows Slut Single Mothers (SSMs) mostly vote Democrat.
  6. The failure of the Republican candidate Mitt Romney to be elected US President was because female voters realised he was referring to them in his 47% comment.
  7. Mitt Romney either did not read or decided not to take on board the advice I gave him.
  8. The patriarchy runs on marriage the way cars run on petrol.

  9. Properly supporting marriage – not just paying lip service to it – means you have to forbid extramarital sex officially and unambiguously by say proposing that Slut Single Mothers be lashed 100 times per bastard. As stated in the Koran.

  10. Proposing to lash Slut Single Mothers 100 times per bastard would of course make the Slut Single Mothers and their running dogs (MCSFs which are explained on my blog) have fits of the vapours, and this is what Mike Buchanan, leader of the West’s only antifeminist party is not prepared to do, because he is only a beta male, easily frightened.
  11. Failing to practice marriage means that the matriarchy establishes itself by peopling your society with sluts and bastards, who will be genetically, morally, culturally and economically inferior to married couples and their legitimate offspring.
  12. Feminism causes immigration because working mothers cause women to not have enough children, fail to parent them properly and probably deprive them of their fathers when they divorce their husbands.
  13. Feminism causes paedophilia because single mothers neglect and/or abandon their offspring to care homes.
  14. A patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity.
  15. A matriarchy is a society that condones and even rewards female promiscuity.
  16. It is easier to be a matriarchy than a patriarchy because it is easier for men to let women fuck whoever they like in the name of sexual liberation hoping one of the men these sluts fancy fucking will be them than to say there should be enforceable rules about who they get knocked up by or see to it that these rules are enforced by law or social disapproval.
  17. All patriarchies are advanced civilisations and all matriarchies are declining and primitive societies. It has been taboo to criticise the Slut Single Mother since 1974, as Keith Joseph discovered after he made his sp