It’s A Movement That,When I Dare To Disagree

I don’t need feminism because….,

It’s a movement that, when I dared to disagree, has called

me fat, ugly, brainwashed, and stupid. Has said that I deserve

 to be raped, even though I am a sexual

assault survivor. Has wished death on me,

and told me that the world would be better off without me.

Has threatened my children, harassed my mother

and even tried to get me fired.

It’s a movement that, when I share these terrible things, says, “we’re not all like that.”

“I’m sorry.” ‘It’s based on lies, and full of hypocrites that only care about furthering their own agenda.

I don’t need feminism because, I don’y want my sons to grow

up thinking they have to hate themselves, in order to respect

woman, and that making others that think differently is acceptable.