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  1. Fimisnism is the reason why Obama was elected. He literally PLAQUED the whole entire United States. Anybody who supports Obama is just a gay feminismo who should literally just die.

    • what is wrong with being gay, or feminist. All humans deserve equality no matter who they love or what sex they are.

      • The whole point is that feminism is no longer about equality, consider this, if they are for equality, why not call it the “equality movement” instead of feminism? the point of it being called “feminism” is to show that women are above men. Thats kinda the issue. Though the only problem with lgbt stuff is when it has to do with religion. it really depends on who the person is. Like, i love lgbt people, but i dont support their actions. i can still love someone and not support what they are doing. I hope i kind of helped explain a bit, have a great day <3

  2. Hate speech is ridiculous, what if someone told you that you should die because of the color of your skin or your sex and who you love?

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